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  Vital Records - Deaths 1917-1921

Cass County 1917-1921

Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

The original index in PDF format may be viewed offsite at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Vital Records page. Scroll to the very bottom of the page under the heading "State Records Archives Indexes" and select "Cass County" from the drop down menu selection to view their PDF index.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Cass County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

If you identify what you believe to be an error in one of the entries below, please contact the
Cass County Coordinator so a notation can be added documenting the discrepancy.

Railsbach, J.W. (Mrs.)23 Feb. 1854Ireland04 Mar. 1920Unknown15-01810D2071
Rasmussen, Swan10 Aug. 1855Denmark04 Dec. 1918 15-01513D2071
Read, Howard Earnest20 Dec. 1881Iowa04 Mar. 1919Bibb15-01592D2071
Reed, Jennie Metler05 Jan. 1920Iowa14 Dec. 1920Sandham15-01956D2071
Reed, Jerry George17 Aug. 1857Kentucky03 Oct. 1917Hutchison15-01276D2070
Reeves, Peter25 Nov. 1829Ohio31 Oct. 1919 Unknown15-01703D2071
Reichardt, Julia C.01 Jan. 1878Iowa07 Nov. 1919 15-01723D2071
Renshaw, George20 Jan. 1847Illinois25 Apr. 1917Unknown15-01184D2070
Repass, Claude Jennings03 Apr. 1917Iowa26 Mar. 1919Jennings15-01593 D2071
Reyelt, Alfred B.09 Aug. 1893Iowa05 Nov. 1917Ebeson15-01286 D2070
Reynolds, Betty GeneFeb. 1921Iowa21 Mar. 1921Olson15-01996 D2071
Reynolds, Francis Zehna28 Feb. 1912Iowa11 Feb. 1917Olson15-01131D2070
Rhinehart (Baby Girl)28 Feb. 1920Iowa05 Mar. 1920Kringle15-01811D2071
Rhodes, Cora May09 Mar. 1919Iowa15 Mar. 1919Clanton15-01594D2071
Rich, Barbara Anna14 May 1835Pennsylvania04 Apr. 1919 15-01620D2071
Rickard, Eliza Augusta17 Mar. 1834Wisconsin02 May 1919 15-01643D2071
Rickel, Park Annias03 May 1848Ohio01 Apr. 1918Smith15-01372D2071
Ritz, Claus (Mrs.)13 Oct. 1850Germany31 Jan. 1917Law15-01108D2070
Ritz, Claus J.01 Dec. 1842Germany03 Feb. 1917Unknown15-01132 D2070
Roberts, Agnes E.22 Jan. 1845Michigan19 May 1920Davidson15-01852D2071
Roberts, Charles C.1839New Hampshire02 Oct. 1918Woodhouse15-01461D2071
Roberts, Walter (Mrs.)01 May 1860Illinois22 May 1917 15-01202D2070
Robinson, Abner14 Mar. 1834New York05 Aug. 1918Newcome15-01429D2071
Robinson, Amy A.11 May 1857Iowa29 Jan. 1918Caton15-01323D2071
Robinson, Homer Stratton27 Jan. 1843Ohio25 Apr. 1919Hill15-01621D2071
Robison, Hannan Robert14 Aug. 1853Illinois20 Mar. 1917 Mills15-01161D2070
Robison, John Franklin29 Oct. 1846Illinois09 June 1917Unknown15-01229D2070
Rodgers, Fay Arba16 Aug. 1920Iowa14 Feb. 1921Robinson15-01980D2071
Roe, Gretchen Elaine20 July 1916Iowa29 Jan. 1921 15-01961D2071
Rogers, Thomas Henry18 Oct. 1847England27 July 1918Collins15-01413D2071
Rogler, John17 Dec. 1846Germany21 July 1918Wunderlich15-01414 D2071
Rork, Ella M. 31 Jan. 1859Illinois02 Feb. 1919Newton15-01564D2071
Rose, Lida Z.13 June 1882Pennsylvania38 Mar. 1921Ziegler15-01995 D2071
Ross, George W.24 July 1848New York28 June 1919Forshee15-01649 D2071
Rossehl, Louis Frederick25 Jan. 1885Iowa11 Mar. 1919Mueler15-01595D2071
Rothe, Dorothy Wilamenia17 Apr. 1915Iowa10 June 1917Petz15-01230D2070
Rourick, Lois Fern22 Sept. 1920Iowa22 Sept. 1920Housman15-01910D2071
Rudig, Elanor E.15 Apr. 1868Illinois02 Jan. 1920Epplemun15-01766D2071
Ruggles, John Wesley05 Oct. 1843Indiana03 May 1921Thomas15-02033D2071
Ruhr, Emma Christena31 May 1883Iowa19 Sept. 1920Ruser15-01909D2071
Rundel, Flora Bell14 June 1865Iowa24 Jan. 1917Scott15-01109D2070
Rydl, Emma C.15 Mar. 1897Iowa07 Jan. 1919Tauber15-01534D2071
Sager, Marcus23 June 1840Germany25 Aug. 1917Unknown15-01254D2070
Salisbury, James Crandall07 May 1842Pennsylvania01 Apr. 1920Wheeler15-01837D2071
Samson, Berma May22 Sept. 1917Iowa30 July 1918Sprouse15-01415D2071
Samson, Henry L.28 Aug. 1840Michigan28 Sept. 19191 15-01686D2071
Samson, Maggie16 Sept. 1844Illinois04 June 1919Whery15-01650D2071
Saunders, Elma Evalina23 Jan. 1867Iowa23 June 1920White15-01872D2071
Schaaf, Dora Margett13 Dec. 1866Germany31 Mar. 1920 15-01812D2071
Schaake, John20 Sept. 1844Germany03 Sept. 1919Moller15-01687D2071
Scheede, Anna L.01 Jan. 1868Germany08 Feb. 1919 15-01565D2071
Schelm, Julia17 July 1878Illinois10 Mar. 1921Horst15-01994D2071
Scherdin, Bertha Ratzlaff08 Dec. 1850Germany07 Jan. 1919Rutzen15-01535D2071
Scherdin, Mary E.28 Oct. 1839Indiana18 July 1918Grulke15-01416D2071
Schiappaccassi, James27 Sept. 1855Italy10 May 1920Schiappaccassi15-01853D2071
Schmidt, Raymond16 Jan. 1903Iowa31 Ian. 1918Leuhring15-01324D2071
Schofield, John R.06 Sept.27 Feb. 1921Rhodes15-01979D2071
Scholl, Ester Irene19 Sept. 1900Iowa15 May 1917Brockman15-01201D2070
Schuler, Nellie R. H.02 Sept. 1894Iowa17 May 1920Eppelsheimer15-01854D2071
Schulz, John30 July 1848Germany21 July 1920Unknown15-01883D2071
Schwenke, David Reinhold21 Apr. 1917Iowa25 July 1919Wilson15-01661D2071
Schwenke, Reinhold08 Mar. 1842Germany07 Nov. 1919Unknown15-01724D2071
Scott, John W.05 Feb. 1843Ohio26 Dec. 1920Henderson15-01957D2071
Scribner, Thaddius06 Jan. 1840New York30 Dec. 1918 Leison15-01514D2071
Searle, Jennette H.16 Apr. 1841Illinois21 Jan. 1917Huff15-01107D2070
Selders, Walter A. (Mrs.)08 May 1892Iowa08 Dec. 1918Edwards15-01515D2071
Semour, Robert L.22 July 1919Iowa18 Nov. 1919Jones15-01725D2071
Seymour, Dale21 Apr. 1918Iowa14 June 1918Jones15-01399D2071
Seymour, Florence05 Nov. 1916Iowa08 Aug. 1918Jones15-01430D2071
Shafer, Loyal W.10 Feb. 1899Iowa08 May 1918Gillett15-01389D2071
Sharp, Edward Dale04 Dec. 1919Iowa10 Dec. 1919Woolsey15-01748D2071
Shaunessy, Margaret10 Mar. 1844Ireland20 Oct. 1917Daugherty15-01273D2070
Shellburg, Anna22 Mar. 1867Sweden04 May 1921Unknown15-02032D2071
Shelton, Odie L.01 Apr. 1893Iowa 06 Aug. 1920Unknown15-01895D2071
Shindley, Clara01 Aug. 1861Iowa08 Sept. 1918Eighmey15-01439D2071
Shirk, Amanda04 May 1835Ohio29 Sept. 1919 15-01688D2071
Shults, Pluma L.08 Dec. 1891Iowa11 Apr. 1919Folley15-01622D2071
Shultz, John A. B.01 June 1836Ohio26 May 1917Unknown15-01200D2070
Shultz, Margery Emma20 Nov. 1834Ohio20 June 1917Doak15-01227D2070
SillbirthOct. 1920   15-01928D2071
Simms, Julia Ann12 July 1847Ohio08 Feb. 1920 15-01793D2071
Simonsen, Glea LaVon10 Dec. 1919Iowa03 Feb. 1921Nelson15-01978D2071
Simonson (Baby Boy)07 Oct. 1918Iowa07 Oct. 1918Nelson15-01462D2071
Simonton, Clarissa Ann04 Nov. 1844Maryland13 Mar. 1920 15-01813D2071
Sisler, Helen Adel Van Slyke25 Mar. 1861Iowa31 Aug. 1920Courtney15-01896D2071
Sliter, Francis04 July 1842Pennsylvania10 Apr. 1918Unknown15-01373D2071
Slocum, Olga Merle07 Oct. 1902Iowa02 Apr. 1918Fairholm15-01374D2071
Smeltzer, Ursela Maria07 Nov. 1849New York01 July 1917Clark15-01243D2070
Smiley, Edwin29 May 1918Iowa30 May 1918Ingren15-01390D2071
Smith, ArtAbout 1873 14 Feb. 1918 15-01338D2071
Smith, Christena30 Nov. 1840Indiana06 Dec. 1919Whited15-01749D2071
Smith, Guy Orville03 Jan. 1898Iowa24 Nov. 1918Loyd15-01485D2071
Smith, Jacob Arthur28 Nov. 1857Indiana05 July 1920Spies15-01884D2071
Smith, Thomas24 Mar. 1848Indiana21 Apr. 1918Unknown15-01375D2071
Smith,Maria Agnes10 Nov. 1855Iowa11 Nov. 1919 15-01726D2071
Snyder, Frank18 Oct. 1847North Carolina14 Oct. 1919Unknown15-01704D2071
Snyder, Henry11 Apr. 1846Germany07 Oct. 1920Feilding15-01927D2071
Sockrider, Mettie E.29 Mar. 1867Iowa15 June 1920Nim15-01874D2071
Sonne, Peter J.20 Dec. 18138Denmark09 Sept. 1918Unknown15-01440D2071
Sorensen, Chris (Mrs.)01 Nov. 1849Indiana21 Jan. 1920Lily15-01767D2071
Sorensen, Christ01 Feb. 1886Denmark23 June 1920Dihn15-01873D2071
Sorensen, Mattie08 Dec. 1853Denmark04 May 1921 15-02031D2071
Sorenson, Chris09 June 1872Denmark06 Oct. 1919Peterson15-01705D2071
Sorenson, Michael10 Dec. 1842Denmark26 June 1917 15-01228D2070
Sothman, Hans Henry William10 Dec. 1884Iowa21 Dec. 1915Martens15-01516D2071
Spieker, Hellen Irene01 Aug. 1919Iowa03 Aug. 1919Pond15-01672D2071
Spies, Henry07 Sept. 1856Germany17 Nov. 1917Unknown15-01284D2070
Spies, Louis13 Nov. 1848Germany08 Nov. 1920Stallman15-01945D2071
Sprague, Betty Wayne31Aug. 1918Iowa29 Dec. 1918Toulouse15-01517D2071
Spry, Sarah Jane10 June 1840Ohio27 June 1918Shafer15-01400D2071
Stalmaker, Robert Franklin18 Mar. 1872Iowa22 Feb. 1918McMahan15-01339D2071
Stalnaker, Anna Eliza22 Aug. 1842West Virginia14 Mar. 1920Unknown15-01814D2071
Starlin, Anna Lavone1919Iowa26 Apr. 1921Eblen 15-02014 D2071
Startzer, Albert J.22 June 1881Iowa05 Feb. 1920Fich15-01794 D2071
Startzer, Ruene Maxiene05 Mar. 1918Iowa 15 Mar. 1918Laartz15-01356D2071
Steinmetz, John04 Aug. 1851Germany04 Dec. 1918Unknown15-01518D2071
Stender, Charles Henry03 Apr. 1850Denmark10 Mar. 1918Ott15-01357D2071
Stender, Julia28 Mar. 1874Illinois11 Feb. 1918Anderson15-01340D2071
Stennett, Josephine Minetta20 Aug. 1873Iowa13 Jan. 1919Lowe15-01536D2071
Stephenson, George R.23 Nov. 1843 Pennsylvania24 Nov. 1919 15-01727D2071
Sterling, Addelilne25 Aug. 1839New York26 Jan. 1918 Michabacher 15-01325 D2071
Stetler, Francis, Lifford20 Nov. 1843Virginia07 July 1920Bradley15-01885 D2071
Stevens, Dan13 Oct. 1849Wisconsin31 Mar. 1921Monk15-01993D2071
Stevens, Lenord10 June 1837Pennsylvania08 Oct. 1919Huntsburger15-01706D2071
Steward, Windslow L.03 Oct. 1839Ohio28 Feb. 1921Moore15-01977 D2071
Stolley, Margaretta C.11 Feb. 1842Germany31 Dec. 1919Unknown15-01750D2071
Stone, Edwin Adelbert13 May 1849New York17 Feb. 1921Chase15-01976 D2071
Stone, Etta E.27 Feb. 1866Iowa03 Feb. 1917Koonz15-01130D2070
Stotts, Sarah1852Ohio23 Apr. 1920McCammon15-01839D2071
Stringfellow, Ruth May03 Oct. 1916Iowa16 Sept. 1919Hanna15-01689D2071
Stringle, Maude Pearl25 May 1883Iowa17 Oct. 1917Wilson15-01275D2070
Sullivan, Albert11 Dec. 1853New Jersey 20 Oct. 1919Daniels15-01707D2071
Sullivan, Micahel John04 Nov. 1872Nebraska12 May 1918Lucey15-01391D2071
Sunderman, Charles12 July 1864Illinois26 June 1921Kluckam15-02045D2071
Swaim, Raymond25 June 1916Iowa21 July 1917 Olson15-01244D2070
Swain, Minnie26 Jan. 1852Germany26 Dec. 1918Luth15-01519D2071
Swan, William Henry05 Nov. 1838 Ohio21 Nov. 1917Knight15-01285D2070
Swart, Thomas Cascius31 May 1859Ohio18 Mar. 1918Unknown15-01358D2071
Swarts, William Hamlin26 June 1859Ohio 24 June 1920 Conrad15-01875D2071
Swartz, Eliza Jane16 June 1840Ohio08 Jan. 1918Unknown15-01327D2071
Swetzer, H.S.16 July 1848Pennsylvania29 June 1919Unknown15-01651D2071
Switzer, Frank O.21 June 1857Pennsylvania17 June 1918Davis15-01401D2071
Swolley, William C.04 Dec. 1909Iowa20 Dec. 1918Randalph15-01520D2071

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