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  Vital Records - Deaths 1917-1921

Cass County 1917-1921

Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

The original index in PDF format may be viewed offsite at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Vital Records page. Scroll to the very bottom of the page under the heading "State Records Archives Indexes" and select "Cass County" from the drop down menu selection to view their PDF index.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Cass County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

If you identify what you believe to be an error in one of the entries below, please contact the
Cass County Coordinator so a notation can be added documenting the discrepancy.

Nau, Matilda18 Jan. 1842Germany17 Sept. 1919Bartles15-01684D2071
Naylor, Fred Oswald10 Feb. 1858New York05 Feb. 1917Brown15-01135D2070
Neary, Charles A.31 July 1876Iowa21 Oct. 1917Pea15-01278D2070
Nebe, Franklin Brewster04 Feb. 1917Iowa06 Feb. 1917Brewster15-01136D2070
Neimyer, Henry09 Feb. 1840Ohio01 Dec. 1919Ortt15-01745D2071
Nelsen, Karen01 Dec. 1887Denmark18 Oct. 1918Anderson15-01455D2071
Nelson, Anna26 Apr. 1870Germany03 Apr. 1921Unknown15-02018D2071
Nelson, Johanna Marie14 July 1884Denmark31 Mar. 1919 15-01589D2071
Nelson, John20 July 1848Denmark02 May 1919 15-01642D2071
Nelson, Paul18 Nov. 1916Iowa31 Jan. 1917Rich15-01112D2070
Nelson, ThomasJ. 02 Apr. 1878Iowa26 Nov. 1918Darling15-01478D2071
Nelson, William Jackson15 Feb. 1918Iowa14 May 1920Gibson15-01851D2071
Nelson, William Morgan03 Dec. 1836Maryland7 Sept. 1920Mills15-01907D2071
Neth, Louisa28 Apr. 1841Ohio08 Apr. 1919Williams15-01615D2071
Nettz, Otho31 Oct. 1851Illinois24 Oct. 1918Lampin15-01456D2071
Newlin (Baby Boy)31 Oct. 1917Iowa04 Nov. 1917Peters15-01287D2070
Newlon, Jeanette22 Feb. 1826Indiana24 July 1919 15-01660D2071
Nichols, Elizabeth B.26 Apr. 1857Iowa01 July 1918Shaw15-01412D2071
Nichols, Eula Edmonds03 May 1886Missouri17 Feb. 1917Mayfield15-01137D2070
Nichols, Fletcher B.21 June 1842Nova Scotia24 Dec. 1918Patterson15-01506D2071
Nichols, Mary Makepace20 June 1831Massachusetts11 Apr. 1921 15-02016D2071
Nielsen, Sena M.23 Apr. 1893Iowa19 Mar. 1921Christopherson15-01998D2071
Nielson, Emily S.14 Apr. 1865Denmark20 May 1917 15-01208D2070
Nordman, Frank George26 Apr. 1827Germany16 Dec. 1918Germany15-01507D2071
Oakes, Dale Rushton17 Aug. 1905Iowa03 Dec. 1918Crissman15-01508D2071
Oakes, Mary Jane11 May 1842England09 Dec. 1918Hopley15-01509D2071
Oconnell, Francis Lauretta28 Jan. 1888Iowa09 June 1920Blake15-01871D2071
O'Connor, John08 May 1845Ireland30 Mar. 1919Brick15-01590D2071
Olney, Granville B.03 Nov. 1841Ohio18 Nov. 1918Whipple15-01479D2071
Orlgies, Jacob12 Oct. 1842Germany23 Mar. 1917Braums15-01164D2070
Osborne, Belle Tiffany02 Oct. 1852Illinois17 Nov. 1920White15-01944D2071
Owens, Irene Emma10 Oct. 1888Iowa18 Mar. 1917Weber15-01165D2070
Pallensen, Peter09 Aug. 1868Denmark27 Feb. 1919Unknown15-01562D2071
Palmer, Edward Calrence07 Dec. 1858Connecticut23 Oct. 1918 15-01457D2071
Palmer, Leah Mary05 Mar. 1913Iowa26 Oct. 1918Hunter15-01458D2071
Pangburn, Benjamin Richard29 July 1873Iowa09 Dec. 1918Robinson15-01510D2071
Parker, Genevie I.19 Apr. 1916Iowa12 May 1917Tobin15-01204D2070
Parker, James Roy15 Mar. 1916Iowa04 Apr. 1920Bray15-01835 D2071
Parkinson,Charles B.25 Aug. 1852Missouri29 May 1917Peyton15-01205D2070
Patch, Oscar M.04 Feb. 1902Ohio05 Oct. 1920Coleman15-01926D2071
Pawley, Marie Loraine26 Mar. 1916Nebraska08 Apr. 1921Lylte15-02017D2071
Pearce, Bird Leroy01 Oct. 1879Illinois25 Oct. 1918Barnhart15-01459D2071
Pearson, Rosa Wilson04 Mar. 1889Iowa10 Feb. 1917Unknown15-01134D2070
Pedersen, Hans Christian01 Apr. 1860Denmark03 Dec. 1917Friederickson15-01297D2070
Pederson, George29 May 1903Iowa01 Dec. 1917Nespe15-01296D2070
Pelser, Opal Fern13 Feb. 1904Iowa24 Apr. 1919Aldrich15-01616D2071
Peron, Angenettie19 Oct. 1873Michigan05 Mar. 1921Sager15-01997D2071
Petersen, Chris.02 Aug. 1844Denmark05 May 1917 15-01206D2070
Peterson, Alva27 Mar. 1891Nebraska23 Nov. 1918Lyme15-01481D2071
Peterson, Charlotte24 June 1850Sweden25 Dec. 1919Worson15-01746D2071
Peterson, Eda C.03 Dec. 1878Iowa18 Sept. 1918 15-01438D2071
Peterson, John26 Sept. 1830Sweden06 Nov. 1919 15-01722D2071
Peterson, Laverne22 Mar. 1882Iowa23 Dec. 1918 15-01511D2071
Peterson, Maria M.04 Jan. 1831Sweden28 Dec. 1920 15-01955D2071
Peterson, Nels05 Nov. 1845Sweden17 Jan. 1917Unknown15-01110D2070
Peterson, Peter Hansen30 Aug. 1900Denmark12 May 1921 Agaard15-02035D2071
Pettegrew, Ferne26 Apr. 1921Iowa28 Apr. 1921Warren15-02015D2071
Pettinger, Catherine Clara20 July 1851Iowa03 Sept. 1919 15-01685D2071
Phelps, Porter Increase13 May 1881Iowa14 May 1917Handenbrgh15-01207D2070
Phelps, Sarah Ann12 Feb. 1850Iowa13 Jan. 1918Simpson15-01322D2071
Pierce, Clarence Calveris25 May 1864Ohio01 Jan. l1917Kinton15-01111D2070
Pierce, Sarah22 Apr. 1832Ohio20 Aug. 1919Unknown15-01671D2071
Pierce, Sarah E.06 Sept. 1858Iowa13 Oct. 1919Hulick15-01702D2071
Pierson, Ida May21 May 1865Iowa 11 Apr. 1919Piles15-01617D2071
Pigg, Louise Susan18 Feb. 1852Indiana01 Apr. 1919 15-01618D2071
Pirson, Burl Devee16 Nov. 1921Iowa22 June 1921Bissell15-02046D2071
Ployhoft, Susue Anna24 July 1889Iowa28 Apr. 1917Burnett15-01185D2070
Poch, Emma Wells23 Oct. 1892Iowa16 Mar. 1919Darrow15-01591D2071
Polian, Margaret25 Dec. 1839Canada01 Oct. 1918Fitzpatrick 15-01460D2071
Polock, John15 Nov. 1851Pennsylvania30 Mar. 1917Zettle15-01163D2070
Pont, Frances Russell22 Aug. 1846England06 June 1921Unknown15-02047D2071
Pope, Harvey28 Oct. 1894Iowa18 Jan. 1919Drake15-01533D2071
Port, Edward Harry25 Sept. 1878Iowa24 Nov. 1918Smith15-01482D2071
Port, Wilber Clare05 July 1903Iowa18 Nov. 1918Callison15-01483D2071
Porter (Baby Girl)23 Dec. 1918Iowa24 Dec. 1918Schuler15-01512D2071
Porter, Labelle05 Nov. 1864Wisconsin20 Nov. 1918Hoover15-01484D2071
Porter, LaVian Marie12 Jan. 1919Iowa03 Apr. 1919Cannon15-01619D2071
Porter, Rose Black22 Oct. 1887South Dakota09 Feb. 1920Barton15-01792D2071
Potter, David18 July 1870Iowa05 May 1921McGuire15-02034D2071
Poulsen, Ginena Evelyn03 Nov. 1919Iowa17 Dec. 1919Christensen15-01747D2071
Poulsen, Jacob20 Sept. 1845Germany21 Feb. 1917Andresen15-01133D2070
Pray, Diannia16 Gfeb. 1845Pennsylvania30 Sept. 1920Coleman15-01908D2071
Pressnall, Ruth S.05 Feb. 1918Iowa06 Feb. 1918Bryant15-01337D2071
Pringey, John12 Feb. 1844Pennsylvania05 Apr. 1918 Yonken15-01371D2071
Proctor, Andrew E.27 Mar. 1843Ohio27 Oct. 1917Unknown15-01277D2070
Purvis, Katherine09 Aug. 1835Pennsylvania07 Apr. 1920Unknown15-01836D2071

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