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  Vital Records - Deaths 1917-1921

Cass County 1917-1921

Indexed by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

The original index in PDF format may be viewed offsite at the State Historical Society of Iowa, Vital Records page. Scroll to the very bottom of the page under the heading "State Records Archives Indexes" and select "Cass County" from the drop down menu selection to view their PDF index.

NOTE: The SHSI has done an admirable job of indexing these old handwritten records, but please keep in mind that deciphering old handwriting is a challenging task, even more difficult for someone unfamiliar with Cass County surnames. Surname spelling variations were common during this time period, even within families. Also, just as census takers often made mistakes in the recording of names, the person(s) filling out the death record sometimes made errors in spelling. The data on the form is only as good as the knowledge of the surviving family member who provided it and the care taken in recording it.

If you identify what you believe to be an error in one of the entries below, please contact the
Cass County Coordinator so a notation can be added documenting the discrepancy.

Karas, Maud Irene25 Feb. 1886Kansas18 Dec. 1918Gilmore15-01501D2071
Karns, Mary Elizabeth14 Nov. 1870Iowa12 June 1921Elliott15-02051D2071
Keffer, Bernard W.18 Feb. 1892Iowa31 Aug. 1919Olsen15-01669D2071
Keffer, Bruce08 May 1917Iowa23 Mar. 1919Wheeler15-01581D2071
Keffer, G.W.21 May 1850Indiana25 Feb. 1918Lauman15-01333D2071
Keffer, Helen23 Dec. 1919Iowa21 Jan. 1921Wheeler15-01964D2071
Keller, Sarah Annie10 Dec. 1868Illinois07 Mar. 1918McCarty15-01349 D2071
Kellesen, Vivian Larsen26 May 1918Iowa07 Jan. 1919Larsen15-01530 D2071
Kelley, Thomas05 Apr. 1848Canada26 July 1920Unknown15-01881 D2071
Kellogg, Annar23 Dec. 1838Pennsylvania11 Dec. 1918Lyons15-01502D2071
Kelly, Joseph Wayne13 June 1917Iowa15 Oct. 1919Stennett15-01698D2071
Kelly, Katherine14 Sept. 1847Ireland19 May 1918Marshall15-01384 D2071
Kelly, Margaret 22 Dec. 1835Canada04 Oct. 1919 Unknown15-01699D2071
Kessler, Christina06 Sept. 1837Germany19 Nov. 1918 15-01475D2071
Ketchum, Phebe C.24 July 1831Ohio06 Mar. 1918Unknown15-01350D2071
King, Phillip22 Feb. 1851New York09 Nov. 1917Unknown15-01288D2070
Kirchmen, Phillip08 Nov. 1862Illinois01 Apr. 1919Bickner15-01608 D2071
Kirk, Mary C.15 Dec. 1856Illinois15 Apr. 1919 15-01609D2071
Kirkham, Mary08 May 1842Canada18 Aug. 1918Unknown15-01426D2071
Klappenburg, Mary09 Feb. 1857Germany17 Feb. 1917Tobaw15-01142D2070
Klassy, Thomas09 Mar. 1844Switzerland22 July 1917 15-01246 D2070
Kleaver, Adolph26 Nov. 1842Germany30 Nov. 1920Unknown15-01942D2071
Klemish, Sophie04 Apr. 1858Iowa04 Jan. 1921Green15-01965 D2071
Kloppenburg, Ida10 Dec. 1902Iowa01 Aug. 1917Meunts15-01257 D2070
Knesel, Ernest29 Jan. 1888Iowa27 Nov. 1918Wills 15-01476 D2071
Knowlton, Edna Fay17 May 1918Iowa19 Feb. 1920Fickel15-01786D2071
Knowlton, Frank H.29 Aug. 1874Iowa03 Mar. 1919Gant15-01582D2071
Krauth, Margaret04 July 1868Iowa23 Jan. 1920Pierce15-01761 D2071
Kringel, Elaine Verella08 Apr. 1921Iowa09 May 1921Sorensen15-02037 D2071
Krohn, Della27 Feb. 1881Iowa18 Apr. 1918Petersen15-01369 D2071
Kuhl, Ralph Marion13 May 1909Iowa19 Nov. 1918Lillnke15-01477 D2071
Kunze, Albert28 Jan. 1870Missouri06 Apr. 1920Redharse15-01828 D2071
Kunzil (Baby Boy)13 Feb. 1919Iowa16 Feb. 1919Smith15-01559 D2071
Kurley, Kinzie B.19 Dec. 1853Illinois11 Oct. 1919Bally15-01700 D2071
Lamb, Margaret J.15 Mar. 1852Ohio13 Sept. 1918Neal15-01435D2071
Lambert, Rebecca M.17 Sept. 1829Pennsylvania03 July 1918 15-01409D2071
Lamereaux, Jameson W.17 Feb. 1847Pennsylvania15 Aug. 1920Darling15-01892D2071
Landon, Harold Leon28 Mar. 1917Iowa02 May 1918McLain15-01385D2071
Lang, Abraham Lincoln17 Dec. 1866Illinois13 Feb. 1917Kramer15-01140D2070
Lang, Jacob03 Aug. 1840New York22 May 1919Metz15-01639D2071
Langworthy, Mary Elizabeth01 Apr. 1843Ohio06 Mar. 1919White15-01583D2071
Lapham, Sarah J.05 Aug. 1854Indiana13 Jan. 1917Reddish15-01116D2070
Lassen (Baby Boy)15 July 1918Iowa05 Aug. 1918Worker15-01427D2071
Laurensen, Eliza27 May 1838New Jersey03 Nov. 1920Shintz15-01943 D2071
Laursen, Tora Maria07 Dec. 1893Iowa21 Oct. 1918Hansen15-01452D2071
Lawson, Carry24 Oct. 1839Sweden20 July 1920Unknown15-01882 D2071
Lawson, Ed Hilmer07 May 1885Iowa30 May 1917 15-01211D2070
Lawson, John Sr.14 Feb. 1836Sweden02 Apr. 1920 15-01829D2071
Lawson, Nathaniel26 Dec. 1840New York01 Mar. 1919Knapp15-01584D2071
Lawson, William16 Sept. 1855Kentucky28 Jan. 1920Unknown15-01762 D2071
Leaders, Irwin W.14 Sept. 1886Iowa02 Jan. 1921Mauer15-01963D2071
Ledgerwood, Hugh17 Feb. 1860Indiana30 Oct. 1919 15-01701D2071
Lee, Henry Roberts12 Sept. 1846Kentucky26 Apr. 1919Howe15-01610D2071
Lees, Carrie Bell30 July 1877Iowa07 Apr. 1917Parkis15-01188D2070
Lehinkuhl (Baby Boy)17 Jan. 1920Iowa22 Jan. 1920Wohlenhause15-01763D2071
Lembke, Henry Mitchell07 Mar. 1867Iowa24 June 1917Walters15-01232D2070
Lenhart, Clarance Logan 26 Oct. 1885Iowa02 Oct. 1920King15-01924D2071
Lenhart, Philip Daniel04 Jan. 1841Ohio27 Mar. 1919 15-01585D2071
Lester, Emma Alice10 Oct. 1857Iowa01 Mar. 1921 15-02000D2071
Lewis, Evelyn27 July 1918Iowa30 Oct. 1918Warme15-01453D2071
Lewis, Isaac23 Apr. 1882Michigan01 Apr. 1919Meek15-01611D2071
Lewis, Violet Dell15 Nov. 1913Iowa07 Mar. 1921Warner15-02001D2071
Lilienthal, Fred A.18 Nov. 1897Iowa30 May 1919Jess15-01640D2071
Lindaley, Alexander1837Ohio03 Feb. 1921Pollock15-01983D2071
Linehan, Johanna Adelaid17 Dec. 1869Pennsylvania18 Jan. 1918Hogan15-01319D2071
Linke (Baby Boy)29 Jan. 1920Iowa30 Jan. 1920Raffen15-01764D2071
Linn, Austin Leander12 Aug. 1859Illinois19 June 1918Ferguson15-01397D2071
Liter, Andrew15 Mar. 1836Illinois27 May 1918Padgett15-01386D2071
Lloyd, William Z.26 June 1840Ohio23 May 1920 15-01848D2071
Locke, Sadie Minerva17 Mar. 1863Pennsylvania20 Sept.1919Schoonover15-01681D2071
Logue, Danial Skipton22 Apr. 1853Illinois27 Jan. 1921Skipton15-01962D2071
Logue, Jacob Benton06 Apr. 1837Illinois07 June 1921Lane15-02050D2071
Logue, John Hardin25 Oct. 1850Illinois03 June 1920Skipton15-01865D2071
Lohse, Marie Dorthy21 Mar. 1843Germany29 May 1917Brunhover15-01213D2070
Longnecker, Alice R.22 Apr. 1862Iowa26 Oct. 1917 15-01279D2070
Loper, Sarah Elizebeth07 Apr. 1871Iowa06 Jan. 1917Cook15-01117D2070
Lorenzen, Rudolph09 Jan. 1839Germany15 Sept. 1917 15-01265D2070
Loy, Jessie Forrest22 Sept. 1910Missouri21 Feb. 1920Smith15-01787D2071
Lucwck, T. E.02 Aug. 1833Ohio07 Sept. 1917 15-01266D2070
Luehring, Catherine Dorothy25 Nov. 1846Germany22 Jan. 1919Kuehlman15-01531D2071
Luke, Caleb Porter17 May 1842Ohio03 Apr. 1919 15-01612D2071
Luman (Baby Girl)12 May 1917Iowa12 May 1917Williams15-01212D2070
Luna, Manuelc.1893Mexico04 Sept. 1920Unknown15-01906D2071
Lund, Leonard Clarence23 Oct. 1917Iowa02 Apr. 1918Knop15-01370D2071
Lykke, Lister Peter06 Mar. 1916Iowa31 Jan. 1918Juel15-01320D2071

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