Miscellaneous Birth Records

The following birth records submitted by various users. None of these records have sources. These records follow the policy of not including living people, and thus anyone born within the last 100 years is not included unless known to be deceased.

Name Date of Birth Location of Birth Contributor
Buttrick, Gertrude F. 19 Oct 1909 Lake City Cyndi Hailey
Gardner, Russell William 22 Jan 1911 Yetter Fred Gardner
Jordan, Charles William 2 Feb 1887 Rockwell City Mary Jordan
Korns, Maude Marie 11 Nov 1885 Rockwell City Ann Mullen
McCorkindale, Robert Allan 12 Jan 1904 Rockwell City Jo-Anne McDonald
Mosley, Fredrick R. 21 Sep 1889 Lake City Karon Velau
Pohl, Herman John 7 Aug 1880 Rockwell City Dale L. Pohl
Stevenson, Paul Andrew 3 Sept 1901 Manson Joy Stevenson Ramaley