The Ramthun and Schofield families

The Ramthun family came to Calhoun County in 1870s, first Fred Ramthun (full name Martin Frierich Gottlieb Hermann Ramthun) with the families that came from Ogle County, Illinois to found Trinity Lutheran Church outside of Rockwell City. His brother, August Ramthun (full name Johann August Wilhelm Ramthun) followed in the 1880s. The Ramthun brothers settled in Logan and Center townships, respectively. The Ramthuns originally came from Coldemanz, Greifenberg, Pommern, Prussia (modern Kołomąć in Poland, located up near the Baltic Sea about 40 miles from the German border).

(one of Fred's sons is also named August, as you'll see below; best to keep that in mind in order to not be confused)

One of August's daughters, Minnie Ramthun (full name Wilhelmine Carolina Ramthun) married Anton Schofield. Their son, Fred Schofield, married Fred Ramthun's granddaughter, Bertha Ramthun. Thus the two families were brought back together in the Schofield family.

The Brothers, August and Fred Ramthun

Minnie & August Ramthun

Minnie (Lembke) Ramthun 1854-1940
and August Ramthun 1834-1923

Fred Ramthun

Fred Ramthun 1832-1923
(wife, Caroline Broitzmann 1833-1911)

family of Fred Ramthun

Fred and Caroline Ramthun and their family around their 50th Anniversary (1906).

Front Row: August Ramthun (holding Walter), Bertha Ramthun, Marie Ramthun (with Mabel in front), Arthur Ramthun, Fred Ramthun, August Gleason, Caroline Ramthun, Wilhelmine Ramthun, Louise Gleason (holding Rose Gleason), and Frank Gleason (holding Gertrude Gleason)
Back Row: Harry Ramthun, Rose Ramthun, Alfred Gleason, Wilbur Gleason, Martha Gleason, John Gleason, Alma Ramthun, Frank Gleason, Rudolph Ramthun

Alma & Rosie Ramthun

Alma and Rosie Ramthun

Anton Schofield (1869-1955) and Minnie Ramthun (1873-1917)

Minnie was the daughter of August Ramthun and Minnie Lembke

Anton H. Schofield

Anton Schofield

Anton Schofield in front of his car

Anton Schofield

Anton's family in front of their house

Anton and Minnie Schofield and children in front of their house.

Left to Right: Bertha, Anton, Fred, Wilhelmine "Minnie" holding Wilhemina "Minnie"

Anton Schofield and his 6 daughters

Anton Schofield and his 6 daughters (his 2 sons not pictured).

Left to Right: Alvena (1913-2000), Ella (1910-2003), Emma (1907-1977), Anton, Ann (1902-1984), Minnie (1900-1984), Bertha (1897-1990)

August Ramthun (1861-1931) and Maria Ausborn (1870-1953)

August was the son of Fred Ramthun and Caroline Broitzmann

August Ramthun

August Ramthun

(zoom of picture on right)

4 generations: Fred, August, & Harry Ramthun holding Deloris

4 Generations of Ramthuns

Left to Right: Fred, August, and Harry Ramthun holding Deloris

Maria Ramthun

Maria Ramthun

Maria Ramthun

Maria Ramthun

August & Maria Ramthun

August and Maria Ramthun

August & Maria family farm

The Ramthun Family Farm

August & Maria Ramthun family

August and Maria Ramthun and Family

Back Row: Arthur (1901-1995), Alma (1892-1987), Harry (1894-1985), Rudolph (1896-1929), Rose (1893-1978), Bertha (1899-1996)
Front Row: Mabel (1905-1931), Marie (w/ Mildred 1914-1999), Hazel (1909-2006), August, Walter (1903-1974)

August & Maria Ramthun family in front of their house

August and Maria's House

Left to Right: August Ausborn, Rudolph, August Ramthun, Alma (with Mabel and Walter in front),
Maria (with Hazel on lap), Rose, Bertha, Harry, and Arthur

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