33 Portraits of county residents in 1902

from the Biographical Record of Calhoun County, Iowa,
by S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1902

Ole J. Arenson 1846-1931 [biography]
Alma Brock (wife of Benj. Brock)
Benjamin Brock 1827-1903 [biography]
Elliott S. Brooks 1832-1909 [biography]
Lydia E. Brooks (wife of E. S. Brooks)
Franklin L. Campbell 1878-1929 [biography]
Carl Carlson 1853-1941 [biography]
Kate Carlson (wife of Carl Carlson)
Walter J. Cooper 1853-1902 [biography]
Samuel G. Crawford 1852-1925 [biography]
Sarah E. Fitch (wife of Wm. H. Fitch)
William H. Fitch 1840-1907 [biography]
David H. French 1841-1920 [biography]
Otto L. Hedlund 1875-1946 [biography]
Robert A. Horton 1850-1928 [biography]
Samuel T. Hutchison 1840-1914 [biography]
Helen D. McCord (wife of Robt. McCord)
Robert L. McCord 1830-1909 [biography]
Hugh C. Moore 1874-1956 [biography]
Armeda Parsons (wife of Henry Parsons)
Henry Parsons 1857-1932 [biography]
Rosanna Radley (wife of Sam’l. Radley)
Samuel Radley 1823-1905 [biography]
Elizabeth Ramige (wife of Fred. Ramige)
Frederick B. Ramige 1848-1923 [biography]
Maturin M. Reading 1852-1922 [biography]
Sarah F. Reading (wife of M. M. Reading)
James W. Seay 1822-1919 [biography]
William L. Thompson 1834-1905 [biography]
Daniel J. Townsend 1856-1936 [biography]
John B. Wartchow 1857-1920 [biography]
George C. Wright 1869-1930 [biography]
Henry Young 1846-1927 [biography]