Rockwell City Advocate

The Ruins at Pomeroy

Transcriber's Note: The paper was torn and missing along the edge, and some names were missing letters. I've inserted Xxx for the missing first name and 'x' for missing letters. You will notice that many of the injured are among those who died and are also in the list published later.

Forty-Six Dead Now Reported

The story of the awful cyclone at 7'o clock Thursday (July 6) evening, which swept away three quarters of our neighboring town of Pomeroy out of existence was told in The Advocate extra of Saturday morning, and our readers are familiar with the general news of the disaster. Even at this date it seems to be impossible to secure a list of the dead that is known to be absolutely correct, but the very best information obtainable place the list up to last night at forty-six. Following is a list that is probably correct.