Lake City Graphic

Jan. 4, 1900

Christmas at the Churches

The Christmas exercises at Woodlawn were fine. The church was decorated with fire place and chimney. The whole platform was turned into an old fashioned parlor. Santa Claus came through the fire place and found a packed house but he brought no presents and he was in trouble until a fairy came and waved her wand over the chimney and caused the bricks to be filled with presents. Mr. Hawkins took pictures of the decorations.

A very enjoyable time was spent in the Baptist church on Christmas evening, the occasion being the usual Sunday school festival. A beautiful tree graced the platform and was well filled with presents and candies for scholars and friends. A cantata by the scholars was well rendered, and recitations and excellent music completed the program. The building was filled beyond the seating capacity, showing the interest taken by the parents and friends of the scholars. The efforts of those who gave time and energy in the conduct of the festival were much appreciated, and all bade Santa Claus good bye with regret.

A delightful Christmas entertainment and musical program was rendered Monday evening at the M. E. Church, under the auspices of the Sunday school patrons. An imitation log cabin and old-time fire place, with chimney, was built in one corner of the church for the reception of Old Santa Claus, who arrived on time with presents for everybody. Santa Claus did the chimney act gracefully, much to the ausement and delight of the little ones. The Christmas tree was there in all its glory. A royal good time was enjoyed and the audience departed for their homes feeling that the evening had been well passed and that Santa Claus never before came to town so fully equipped to do his share in the Christmas time edification of both old and young.

The First Christian church held it Christmas entertainment on Saturday night. The pulpit platform was occupied by a log cabin, 7 x 8 1/2 x 7 feet, built of log paper, and had the real appearance of an old round log cabin. In a side was fire place and chimney built of brick candy boxes, which together with sacks of candy were distributed indiscriminately to all children in the house. There were many and some very elegant presents, among which was a beautiful silk slumber robe containing nearly two hundred names nicely worked, presented to the pastor by the Ladies' Aid Society, which was highly appreciated. The U. B. church people attended and participated in the exercises, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. The house was packed and many who came could not find even standing room.

R. E. Moseley arrived home Sunday morning from a business visit in Chicago.

Geo. B. McCrary and wife left home Friday for a visit at Kamrar and Keota.

Miss Edna Townsend and Pearl Weir are visiting with Mrs. Syverson in Eldora.

Mrs. Taylor and children from Sac City visited the Denny home Christmas day.

J. P. Francisco was in town last week. He is with the Crescent bakery, Ft. Dodge.

Fred E. Johnston, of Wall Lake, has gone to Pensacola, Florida, for the winter.

Mrs. J. H. Sipe went to Marshalltown Sunday evening for a visit with her parents.

Miss Mira Roberts is passing her vacation at Rockwell City visiting the Greggs.

Thos. McPherson of Belle Plaine, passed Christmas day at the parental home in this city.

Arthur W. Barhart has arranged to take charge of the Austin Anderson farm next season.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Ashley have moved into the E. A. Litts cottage on Woodlawn avenue.

Mrs. Leona Odell, of Churdan, is to pass New Years with her mother, Mrs. P. M. Stewart.

Rolla Ross came Saturday from Ft. Dodge to pass the holidays wth is parents and friends.

Mrs. P. Smith leaves for Colorado Springs this afternoon for the winter, accompanying C. M. Smith.

Mrs. Mary Laughlin and Miss Julia Uchityl of Toledo, Ia. are guests at the Dr. H. M. Humphrey home.

Mrs. Geo. L. Gabriel and sister arrived Saturday from Moorhead, Iowa, to visit their relatives and friends.

Jesse Carlton and his sister, Miss Lela, are visitng at their old home in Griswold, Iowa, during the holidays.

Fred F. Moore has been elected to the chief office in the M. W. of A. lodge at his home, Big Stone City, S. D.

Mrs. Stella McCormick, a successful school teacher of Ames, arrived Monday to visit her father, J. H. McCormick.

Mrs. J. W. Jacobs and her sister, Miss Coe, went to Woodbine last week to pass Christmas at the paternal home.

Mr.and Mrs. Myron Hepstonstall, of Whittemore are here visiting the parents of Mrs. H., Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Fleece.

Geo. Strombeck returned Christmas day from Mitchellville and West Union having been away just one month.

Captain and Mrs. R. A. Smiith entertained C. S. Hopkins and wife and S. S. Field and wife at Christmas dinner.

R. F. Maxwell and wife have moved from Rockwell City to this place and are now comfortably settle in their own home.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Winegar, of Elkahart, Ind., are pasisng the holiday season with their son, John Winegar and family and the Fulkersons.

Harry Francisco arrived Wednesday for a visit with his parents and friends. He has been filling a substantial position in Alexandria, S. D.

Mrs. A. White, of Colorado, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. N. Bilney, went to Webster City last week for a visit before retuning to her home.

Wm. Brown and wife left for Macon, Missouri, Tuesday. They expect to return next spring and manage the boarding department of George Kepner's grading camp.

Mrs. L. J. Mighell is enjoying a visit from her brother, a very interesting gentleman, S. M. White, M. D. Dr. White holds a chair in a Minneapolis medical college.

Austin Anderson, one of the substantial Lake Creek farmers, has bought the Wm. Wick farm in the north western part of town and will make it the family home.

O. L. King and wife returned Dec. 16th from a trip to Marysville, Marion county, Iowa. This is the section where the veins of coal are nine feet thick and coal mining a profitable industry.

Mr. and Mrs. Carey Wilkin, of Ottumwa, arrived last Wednesday to pass the holiday season. Mr. Wilkin is the efficiet reporter of Judge Robert Sloan's court, in the 2d judicial district.

Omen Bishop and Miss L. Halloway were married at Grinnell, Iowa last evening. Mr. Bishop and wife will stop here on their way to Newman Grove, Neb., where Mr. B. is principal of the city school.

The families of W. H Gadbury, Geo. Childs, J. R. Gadbury, W. L. Jackson, and Mrs. Ida Smith and little daughter of Lake City, partook of Christmas turkey under the parental roof of J. R. Gadbury, Sr. in Tama.

Mrs. Lizzie S. Hutchison and Corrinne returned from Marshalltown last evening. They were in attendance upon the ceremonies connected with presentation of the flag ot the Soldier's Home from the Dept., of Iowa, W. R. C.

F. H. Lemon received a dissapointing letter from Pittsburg last week informing him that the party forming there were crowded off the "New England" which is to sail for the Orient Feb. 1, 1900. He is undecided what he will do in regard to his trip.

Frank P. Smith, of Pearen & Bain's clothing department, received a long Christmas letter from his nephew Walter Burke, who resides in Batavia, Ill. Master Walter is but six years of age but writes a very sensible and interesting letter in an entirely legible hand.

Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan, and daughter Inda, E. W. Townsend, L. F. Easterly, Carey Wilkin, John Dobie, C. E. Bain and John Zahner attended commandery at Sac City. The two latter were given the finishing touches of the order.