Lake City Graphic

Jan 4, 1894


While a special train, under the direction of Conductor Fred Struck, was coming south of Lake View, in Sac county, last Saturday about 5:30 p.m. an accident occurred which was all but fatal. When crossing a public highway, about two miles north of Wall Lake, the engine struck James WEBSTER, who was crossing the track with a team and buggy. Mr. WEBSTER was accompanied by Mrs. WEBSTER, and a sister of Mr. WEBSTER. Mr. WEBSTER escaped with a bad cut over the right eye and some slight bruises.

Mrs. WEBSTER was thrown a distance of 30 or 40 feet from the track, and was found unconscious; hemorrhage set in, and for some time no hopes were entertained of her recovery. Her face was bruised almost beyond recognition. She did not regain consciousness until the following day.

Miss WEBSTER suffered a dislocated knee and was badly bruised. Mr. J. H. McCORD, was enjoying pedestrian exercise on his way to catch a train at Wall Lake, having been unable to catch the regular passenger train south, and was near the accident when it occurred, and to him we are indebted for the facts here narrated.

All the trainmen hastened to the relief of the injured people, assisted Mr. McCORD and Hugh CHAMBERS, who was aboard the special. The unfortunates were removed to a neighboring farm house, and medical assistance and nurses summoned from Wall Lake and Lake View by speedy horseman.

No blame whatever is attached to the men in charge of the train, and their thoughtfulness and earnest desire to do all in their power to assist in the care of the injured has been highly commended by the eye witnesses of the disaster.

It is rumored that the team had become unmanageable and were running away, a line having broken. If this be, true there can be no responsibility for the distressing accident placed on anyone, but all were creatures of circumstances.


In the U. B. church Wednesday evening, Jan. 3, 1894, at 8 o’clock, Mr. Leo HARTMAN and Miss Ida WHITE, both of Lake City, rev. J. M. HARPER officiating. Mr. HARTMAN and Miss WHITE are both well known in and around Lake City. Mr. HARTMAN is a young farmer living near the city. Miss White has been engaged in teaching schools around Lake City where she now lives. Their many friends and the GRAPHIC extend congratulations and a happy and prosperous life.

J. A. BROWN has opened up a sewing machine department in connection with his restaurant, south side of square. He has on hand a complete line of the latest improved New Home Sewing Machines, Repairing done and work guaranteed.

G. A. WHITE, of Deansville, Wisconsin, is making a visit to his son Clarence, a GRAPHIC typo. Father and son have not met for seventeen years. Mr. WHITE says the improvements in Lake City and surrounding country are a great surprise to him.

Mrs. Hon. L. F. DANFORTH, a twelve year sufferer from consumption, died at her home last evening at 4:30. While her death has been expected for some time, it was, nevertheless, a shock to the community. The funeral services will be held at the South church Saturday at 11 o’clock.

At the meeting and installation exercises at the hall of Lake City Lodge, No. 30, I. O. O. F. last Saturday evening Ezra H. RUSHTON, W. H. WHEELER, Ora D. BECKARD, W. W. MILES, J. A. JOHNSTON, of Farnhamville, O. A. LEONARD of Norway, and A. N. SUMMER, of Rockwell City, were welcome guests.

THE SPECIAL SERVICES AT THE m. E. CHURCH CLOSED LAST Sunday evening . Great good has been accomplished. Rev. BENEDICT left on the afternoon train west on Monday, and was given a popular farewell at the depot.

John Davis has purchased a restaurant at Auburn and moved his family there last Monday. We wish him abundant success in his new location.


Mrs. A. CURTIS is making a visit with friends at Payton.

Dr. COOPER of Rockwell City, was visitor among friends on Tuesday.

Miss Bertha SELTZINGER, of Onawa, is spending her holiday vacation with Miss Lulu SHIDLER.

Emmet HAIN, of DeKalb, Ill., is making a pleasant visit among relatives and friends.

J. N. McVAY, of Fremont, an uncle of Dr. McVAY, is spending a few days visiting with his nephew.

Mr. A. GRANT has located in Battle Creek, Ida county, where he is engaged in the grain and live stock business.

Mr. A. GLINES, of the hardware firm of A. GLINES & SON, went to Lake City, Minn. , last Saturday to visit the old home.

Ed. OLMSTEAD, of Grand Junction, a son of W. E., came to make the parental home a visit last Saturday and will return next Saturday.

The family of Geo. RIDENOUR, who has been under quarantine since the death of their little son from scarlet fever, is improving, and nor further fatalities are likely.