Calhoun County Advocate

Miscellaneous Items.

Lincoln Items

Our School marms have gone to attend institute in Webster county, commencing on Friday last.

Miss McCormick closed her school, in district 7, on Thursday afternoon.

Roy Davidson wields the rod in district No. 7 spring term.

Miss Bermchoff, of Fort Dodge closed her school in No.9, over the line, on Thursday afternoon.

The size of the German church will be 32X56 feet, two story, 18-foot posts, with gallery on end and both sides of building. They have purchased one acre more of land from C. Feller. The fuilding will cost about $3000, not including altar nor pulpit.

Misses Bertha and Eva Hyde have closed their winter terms of school, in Greenfield, and are at home for the present.

Freer Carroll has taken possession of the A. Lichte farm for the year 1897.

Fourteen children will be confirmed at the German church next Sabbath.

John Mohler, of Muddy, was in our midst last week looking for jobs of tiling.

D.J. Skinner, of Moorland, was a visitor around the corners on Friday and Saturday.

Wm. Woods family are prostrated with the grip.

Harry Davidson and family have been under the treatment of Drs. Young and Seymour the past ten days, and are improving.


To whom it may concern: the county will not be responsible for any damages by steam threshers while crossing any county bridge in Logan, Center, Twin Lakes, and Lake Creek Township, but will hold owners of such machines responsible for all bridges damaged by them A.F. Stonebraker, Sup. 5th Dist.

March 1891 Calhoun County Advocate