Submitted by Merleen Gholdston, great-granddaughter of William, prior to 2012.

Family Journal of William Thompson Smith & his wife Nancy Amelia (Jack) Smith

Part IV: 1877 - 1878

January 1877

Monday 1: Feel so thankful for the blessings of the past year. Sickness or Death has not entered our dwelling. Alex's folks and Offenback here to dinner. A funeral today Mr Whites child
Tuesday 2: A very cold day. Mr John S... took dinner with us. The Board is in Session
Wednesday 3: Barney and James Wodsk went home today
Thursday 4: Anna Hutchison died of diphtheria today. Mr Stevenson old... girl is very low. Many are leaving town with their children.
Friday 5: We attended the funeral of Anna today. She was one of our sabbath school scholars a sweet girl.
Saturday 6: Tomp has entered on the duties of his new office has also been helping Mr Suggs make out his Settlement sheets has been working evenings for some time. Jennie is about down sick.
Monday 8: I did not go out yesterday. Tomp reports a very good attendance at the M. E. Sunday School they are using the Lesson L..., Teachers Journal. This is their first introduction In Lake City. They also have papers every Sabbath for distribution. The day Schools have closed for a month on account of diphtheria as many were taking their Children out of school. The boys are trying to study at home a little. Eugene is improving in his writing. Tommie is learning fast has commenced reading the Bible through.
Thursday 11: Stormy and cold. Rec'd two letters from Maggie Stonebraker and Minnie Johnston. they tell me that Aunt Eliza Jack is dead. She was a model woman in every respect a second Mother to me. Their house was my home when I was married Uncle has been dead six years. They were among the first settlers of Scott Co and have been zealous promoters of the Cause of Christ in Le Claire
Saturday 13: Eugene is 10 years old today We intended having a little party for him but concluded it was to cold. he rec'd a pare of mittens
Monday 15: very Stormy today We attended preaching and Sabbath School yesterday paid Jennie $30. (Thirty dollars) this evening
Tuesday 16: Tommie started for school today. Genie throat is a little sore
Wed 17: Jennie is having the sick headache very badly. Mrs. McCulloch called Tomp at Prayer meeting reports a good attendance
Thursday 18: Mr. Clay and Lester ...ler from Manson with us this evening. Cold
Saturday 20: Singing at Mrs. Sacriders this evening. Practicing for Sunday School Tomp and I called on Stemmons. Genie is getting better. I spent the evening with Mrs. J Hutchinson
Tuesday 25: Maggie Jack and I made some calls this afternoon on Mrs. Toliver Mrs ... Mrs. Loudon Bascom, Cook, Dayton
Thursday 26: Mrs Stevensons little daughter Nora was buried today. she died of diphtheria. Jennie attended the funeral. I am helping Mrs McCullock make a pair of pants for Harry
Saturday 27: I am making a coat for Eugene today. Bids for the building of the new Court house in Rockwell rec'd today . Davison and Moses got the contract
Monday 29: We have beautiful weather at present. Barney came down today brought some potatoes Flour. Alex and Tomp have rec'd a barrel of dried apples from Michigan paid at the rate of 6 cts a pound delivered Barney took home 25 pounds with him

February 1877

Thursday 1: Tomp is helping Mr Gregg today. Weather warm and pleasant but very muddy.
Saturday 3: Jennie Whitewashed the kitchen today. Eugene and h... attending singing at Mrs. Sacriders . Nellie Russell came home with them. Tomp is working on some of Mr. Gregg Lists
Monday 4: Tomp and Griswold of Manson called to Des Moines as witnesses on the Rail Road land suit Maggie Jack has also gone with them
Tuesday 5: Alex children with us today . Alex took dinner with us
Wednesday 6: Mrs. McCullock is here today making a dress. heard that our folks missed the train Monday and did not Glidden till ten at night.
Thursday 7: Tomp came home last night about nine oclock brought the boys a History, apples and. also some Stereoscopic views. Maggie brought Lillie a blue alpaca dress.
Friday 8: Weather still continues pleasant. Rec'd a letter from Father Tomp says he made fifty two tax receipts besides other work today.
Monday 11: Attended preaching and sabbath School yesterday, at the School house. Stormy in the morning but cleared of in the afternoon Merle and I called on Mrs. Fox Tomp sold Mr. Sheppard land today
Tuesday 12: Visiting at Mr. Purdys today. Elmer Fox drove Laura and dolly took us (Mr Fox Wilmot and I) on his way to school. Wilmots first ride. Eugene is helping his papa in the office last night and tonight rec'd a letter from Father who is visiting at in Washington Iowa
Wednesday 13: Quarterly meeting commences here today held by Rev Harbrough preaching this forenoon and evening Maggie McCrary and Mr. & Mrs. Fickle, and the Elders here to dinner
Thursday 15: We attended Love feast this afternoon. the sacrament was administered. we had a very good meeting. Elder Corbon is to preach on the sabbath
Monday 19: Barney came down with a load of coal for Alex preaching by Bro Bascom this evening
Tuesday 20: Bro Clow's and us were invited to dinner at Mr Sacriders today. Bro Clow's to tea here. Lillie is two years old today. dressed her new doll up she was very much pleased with it. she rocks it and sings "bye baby" too it
Wednesday 21: Father surprised us today by his unexpected appearnance among us. his wife is stopping with her daughter so he came out to make us a visit. he is looking quite well much better than I expected to see him. three years next July since he left here.
Thursday 22: Court is in session this week. Tomp is very busy in his office. he is also helping Mr Gregg.
Friday 23: Weather still continues pleasant. Barney down today says Uncle Walsh is not expected to live the boys started back this morning.
Saturday 24 : Jennie is helping clean the church. Maggie McCrary her Father and A. Pangborn here to dinner Monday 26" - Bro Bascom preached yesterday morning and evening. Mr. Addons came today to hold a series of meetings commenceing to night. Bought Viola Jack a Rocking Chair, a birthday present
Tuesday 27: Alexs started yesterday to attend court in Rocah... ... Jennie gone to Clark Smith this afternoon
Wednesday 28: Attended Church this evening Elder Adams preached from the text "He loved us with an everlasting love." We have enjoyed the most beautiful weather this month. There has not been a stormy day.

March 1877

Thursday 1: Rutherford B. Hayes is to be our next President. It has only been finally settled within the last few days. A drizzling rain this evening. attended services this evening The text was Gen 3.9 "Where art thou"
Saturday 3: Looks quite wintry again this morning. several inches of snow fell last night. The boys are busy making soap bubbles. Father went down to Scotts yesterday
Sunday 4: Preaching morning and evening by Mr. Adams. Children meetting in the afternoon.
Monday 5: Our new President inqugurated today
Tuesday 6: Attended church this evening . there was two persons professed faith in Christ. Eugene commenced attending writing school
Wednesday 7: Am making Tommie a school coat Granpa is having the Rheumatism.
Thursday 8: Mr. Adams visited us today. Very cold . Attended Church this evening Mr Adams talked from the tird Chapter of John. Called on Mrs Campbell
Sunday 11: Mr. Adams preached this evening from the text - in Hebs "How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation.
Monday 12: Jennie went up to McCrary's on a visit - with Maggie & Miss Kepnor
Thursday 15: Jennie came home today. Mr. & Mrs. Yates here to dinner
Friday 16: Stormy this morning. wrote a letter to Lavina. Father has gone down to church with Bro Bascom
Wednesday 21: Mrs. Earl called today. Tomp and father have gone to Haynes' School house to attend preaching this evening
Monday 26: A beautiful day. Jennie and Lillie gone to see Anna McCulloch. Heard a very interesting sermon last from a baptist minister on faith he expects to preach once a month in Lake City.
Tuesday 27: Miss Merchant came over to his to help me make a dress.
Wednesday 28: They have a short singing at the church this evening after pray meetting Father came not very well pleased.
Thursday 29: Father expected to go to Manson today was all ready but his company did not come.
Friday 30: Bid Father good bye about noon today. expects to go east next week.

April 1877

Monday 9: Mr and Mrs Yates came down today they are stoping at Alex's
Friday 13: Tomp and a number of others went up to Rockwell to select building lots two families already there
Sunday 15: Tomp birthday. I had a new pair of pants ready for him to put on. Jennie had a nice cake baked we had not forgotten as he thought we had.
Tuesday 17: We had a nice rain last night. The grass looks quite green today. The boys have gone down to the Creek fishing this evening.
Wednesday 18: Wrote a letter to Maggie Jack
Saturday 21: Made a pair of pants for Merle. Maggie McCray stayed all night Mr. Healy preaches this evening
Monday 23: I attended preaching last night. took Lillie she was not willing to stay so long so I had to come with her. Tomp stayed home with the children. His test was "What will this babbler say" Heb. ... Mrs. Fox here to tea Tomp is posting up his abstracts
Tuesday 24: Tomp bought a couple of pigs from Mr Gharles paid $9.00
Wednesday 25: The herd went out today
Thursday 26: Mr. & Mrs. Rollins called this evening. We must return the call soon. Merle acted very naughty while they were here. I helped clean the front yard yesterday.
Friday 27: Raining this morning quite hard. put in peas, lettuce, Radishes and Beans on Wed 25
Saturday 28: Has been snowing all day very cold.
Monday 30: Heard Mr. Corbon preach two Sermons today in the morning on The Lords Supper in the evening on the Divinity of Christ. The snow is most all gone very muddy

May 1877

Tuesday May 1: Sent Mrs. Smith of Glidden some Shrubbery
Wednesday 2: Cloudy and rainy today expect to go to pray meeting this Tommy is complaining some of sore throat.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 3: A pleasant day- the boys flying their kite and enjoying their vacation. Wilmot fell over with his high chair & hurt his nose. The boys & their Pa shot mark awhile this evening with Pa's revolver. Flour rose from $4 to $5 per cwt today. Sent for some books to Hazzard & Son Monongahela City Pa viz Shakespeare & Milton
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Friday 4: Made Wilmots first short dress yesterday. he begins to push himself off the bed. have had the sick head-ache all day.
Saturday 5: Bought the boys some new hats today. Jennie has gone up to Mrs. Bascoms after Lillie Hat Baby sitting alone on the floor playing and having a good time.
Monday 7: Raining all day yesterday. No Sabbath School or preaching Eugene very much disappointed because he not get to Sabbath School
Tuesday 8: We commenced cleaning house today. Cleaned the Bedroom & pantry took up the carpet in the front room. Mrs Odonohue and Mrs Mills called
Wednesday 9: Finished the room today. Tomp did the white washing very tired tonight
Thursday 10: Went for the kitchen today. Tomp and I did the white-washing Jennie the cleaning moved the stove into the shanty.
Friday 11: Cold and rainy. Tomp has put a swing up in the Barn for the boys. Our children as well as the neighbors enjoy it
Saturday 12: Still reining. Mr Purdy brought us some potatoes paid 76\5 cts a bushel
Sunday 13: Mr Corbin preached this morning. Mr Toliver here to dinner his wife is visiting in Kansas. Quarterly Meetting at Grante- Tomp did not
Monday 14: Tomp attended Henry Hutchinson child funeral. The second one they have lost from Diphth.
Tuesday 15: Pleasant. Sewing Carpet rags cutting up the boys old pants
Wednesday 16: Bought the boys some shirts and baby some dresses. Mr Birdsell called with his little boys.
Thursday 17: Sewing and cutting out the childrens clothes.
Friday 18: Jennie and I made two dreses and two aprons today except the button holes and Buttons. Raining all day. The boys went fishing this evening brought home a little Rabbit. Tomp and Mr J Hutchison sat up with Mr Morse he is gaining slowly
Saturday 19: Recev'd letters from Sister Brow and ... Leslie. Had Chicken for dinner, and ... plant off our own for the first
Sunday 20: Bro Bascom preached I taught the boys class in Sabbath school. Subject: Jonah preaching.
Monday 21: Mrs Bascom and Miss Moore called Mrs McCulloch here to supper. Jennie had a letter from home
Tuesday 22: Wrote three letters . making soap these days.
Wednesday 23: Thomp and Mr Hutchison have gone to sit with Mr Morse again. Jennie gone to a party a Mr. Topmkins. Making Lillie a bonnet
Thursday 24: Maggie and her children, Merle and I went down as far as the creek had a happy time gathering flowers each one brought home a large handfull. Tomp and I took the Baby up town and had him weighed his weight was 24 1/2 pounds almost seven months old. Eugene & Tommie were weighed the other day Eugene weighing 69 and Tommie 61 pounds.
Friday 25: Received a new Book today "The Prince of the house of David" Bro Bascom and Tomp sent each for a copy. The boys amusing themselves these days with some whistles their Pa made for them. Tomp Lillie and I called on Mr Rollins Mrs Sacrider Mrs Hutchison and Bro Bascoms
Saturday 26: Mr and Mrs. Birck made us a call today. also Mrs. Stevenson her Mother in law and Mrs Ford Mr Stevensons Sister.
Monday 28: We all attended Sabbath-School yesterday but Tommy and he had a sore toe. Wilmot's first day out behaved very well. Received a letter from Maggie with ugly news.
Tuesday 29: Wrote a letter to Father also Maggie Stonebraker

June 1877

Friday 1: Wilmot commencing to creep he enjoys it. Tomp thought some of going to Des Moines this week to attend the Sunday Schol Convention. He was appointed a delegate but concluded not to go as Mr Gregg wanted his help in making up the balance sheet. he would have been gone almost a week so I was glad too.
Saturday 2: Maggie Jack is sick Mina McCulloch is there
Monday 4: Lillie had her wrist sprained. bathed it with Liniment and bandaged it some better this evening. Maggie some better
Tuesday 5: The boys have a holiday. Their teacher has gone to attend a wedding.
Thursday 7: Jennie getting her white dress cut out she spent the afternoon at Mr Danforths. Barney brought the team home. Doll has a nice colt. The Boys are so pleased. Merle says the colt is his.
Friday 8: Eugene up early attending the team he takes those chorse [sic] upon him. Bro Bascom made us a call stayed to tea.
Saturday 9: I am making Merle a linen suit. Mrs Hulder made us a call today stayed to dinner she helped me draw a plan of our house oat Rockwell that we expect to build this summer. Mr McCrary and C. Read called this afternoon. Papa took the children out riding. then Maggie Jack and I went
Monday 11: The Kepnar Girls stayed here from preaching yesterday. they have lost two sisters from diphtheria in a week.
Wednesday 13: We start for Manson this afternoon. Rained last night. We stopped at Mr. Tubbs and rested a few minutes. Merle was sleeping Mrs. Tubbs gave him a couple of Radishes he carried them all the way to Cox's. We arrived at Flues in time for supper after a very warm ride found them well. Grandpa busy making butter tubbs. Heard that Marys have the Measles.
Thursday 14: Called on Mr Feaks Mrs Morris Mrs Yates. Mrs Yates kindly offered to take care of the baby while I went down to see Mary. Found Mary sick and her baby down with the measles glad to see us. I was obliged to go back to the baby. Tomp stayed to dinner. I went back in the afternoon while baby slept. had a dish of Strawberries and cream in the evening went over to Barneys did not find them at home rode over to Robt Glovers made a very pleasant Call stayed at Barneys all night
Friday 15: A heavy shower this morning. From Barneys we went up to our old place gathered Pri plant to bring home with us. I stayed at Tom Gregg till evening made several calls with Aunt Gregg took tea at James Smith's went from there to Jessie's stayed there all night. Tomp bought lumber in Manson from Barr & Tirtlath
Saturday 16: We stopped at Rockwell on our way home. selected our lot. Price $50
Sunday 17: Organized our Sabbath School again. Tomp is Superintendant.
Monday 18: Jennie and Sttella have gone up to Mr Birds visiting
Tuesday 19: Alex folks and all of us but Jennie and Gene went out to Mr Bishops this evening. had all the Strawberries we wanted to eat. Am making Lilly a white dress. Tomp is very busy this week.
Thursday 21: Tomp took our team up to Manson this afternoon for Barney's use in hauling lumber
Saturday 23: Convention met at Bacon School House. Tomp came home with the delegates bought some Strawberries of Mr Bishop ...alict up three case.
Sunday 24: Attended preaching at the School House. Lillie went with us dressed in her new white dress behaved very nicely.
Monday 25: Am making Lillie a White apron Wilmot fell out of his crib and hurt himself badly
Tuesday 26: Helped to make Harry a pair of Pants Mrs McCullock here to supper
Wednesday 27: Singing at Mrs Sacriders Practicing for the 4th. Am making a dress for Ada Van Horne.
Thursday 28: Mr Reads child buried today. Tomp attended the funeral
Friday 29: Mr Fickle here to dinner Miss Repnar brought in my switch.
Saturday 30: I am making Eugene a linen coat

July 1877

Monday 2: Mrs Knapp helping Jennie wash Jennie is hardly able to be around. Went up to see Mrs Bascom who is sick
Tuesday 3: Grandpa Smith brought the team home. he has not been here before since he came home from Penna Tomp and the boys went down to the creek for a bath.
Wednesday 4: The boys up bright and early shooting off their fire crackers. I did not want to attend the Picnic but Jennie and Tomp insisted on me going so she kept the baby and Merle they had dinner at Maggies. We had a very good time at the Picnic. the children had fire balls at night.
Thursday 5: Very warm. helping Maggie make Alexs' shirts Tomp reading Shakspeare to us. he took a load down to the creek the boys brought home some little ducks.
Saturday 7: Alex and faimly [sic] went up to Manson. Maggie starts for Penna the first of the week.
Monday 9: Corb...c preached yesterday. Misquitoes [sic] very plenty. Jennie sat up with Sister Bascom Saturday night. had a heavy rain Sabbath morning.
Tuesday 10: Alex came home today. Mary Van Horn is sick. Alex here to dinner. he goes to the Hotel to board. Tomp I called on Mr Tolivers Bro Bascom and Mrs Stevenson. She is very sick
Wednesday 11: Tomp Eugene and Tommy have gone to Manson today. I spent part of the afternoon with Mrs Stevenson.
Thursday 12: George Reed is to be buried this morning. one week ago today our boys and him were together at the Picnic. Sadie is not expected to live.
Friday 13: Am making up the dress Will Lowe gave me. Lillie weight 34 pounds mine 113 was weighed the other day.
Saturday 14: had a long ride this evening Mr and Mrs Tolive with us. Mr Offenbach came home this evening reports work on our new house progressing favorbly [sic].
Monday 16: Wilmot was very sick Saturday night and yesterday is some better today. he has not any teeth through yet. Jennie and Sl... drove our team up to Rockwell took Mr Offenbach up
Tuesday 17: James Smith Jun & wife stopped here for dinner on their way to Taylor Co to her parents
Wednesday 18: We had our Curiosity gratified this morning in seeing some animals from the West. They were being taken East and camped in the timber Tomp gathered up a load and we went down to see them. their [sic] was a young Buffalo two Elks a deer 4 Prairie dogs a Wolf Geese a pair of Grouse a Jack rabbit. they were very tame the Children enjoyed it.
Thursday 19: Cold his morning baby is getting better. Visited at Mrs McCulloch. Tomp took me up in Dr. McVays buggy
Saturday 21: Mr Rollins folks and Tomp Merle and I went up to Rockwell today they stopped to dinner
Monday 23: Tomp and Eugene went to Manson to bring a load down to Rockwell.
Tuesday 24: Maggie McCrary and Miss Reed and E... called also Mrs Bascom and Mrs Birdsell. Tomp came home quite late. Wilmot has his first tooth through.
Wednesday 25: Working at the horse - covers. Mr Freburgers child is dead.
Thursday 26: Tomp and I visited at Mr Hulsers today
Friday 27: Mrs Scott Mrs Fox and I went out to Mrs Days
Saturday 28: Tomp went with a load of brick to Rockwell today. I went up to Mrs Bairns had Wilmot picture taken
Monday 30: Tomp and Eugene went to Manson for a load of lumber for the house. We expect to move in September. I want to get my rag carpet finished by that time. Mrs Knapp helped Jennie Wash then Jennie sews on the Machine for her. Jennie is taking medicine for her head ache I have been working at my Scrap Books.
Tuesday 31: We had a hard rain this morning. Was quite late when Tomp and Genie came home. They were at Clays for dinner or Tomp rather. Eugene spent the time playing with Rich Root.

August 1877

Wednesday 1: Am thirty two years old today. was greatly surprised by many presents at noon a team drove up with a nice Beauro [sic] from Tomp. he seems to have found out just what Ive ... he had something for me in every drawer. a set of knifes & forks. button hole Scissors. a bottle of hair oil handkerchief. and a apron from Jennie. she had a nice supper a frosted cake trimmed with flowers. I have great reason to be happy. Tomp is so good and kind to us all. he never gives me a cross word. We have reason to thank the Lord for his many mercies to us.
Thursday 2: Bro Bascom received a card from Elder Hartsough saying quarterly meeting would be held here next Sabbath: so Tomp begins collecting quarterage I wonder who will do it when he goes away
Friday 3: The minister from Manson - Bro Gleason brought the Elder down. They are stopping here also Bro Bascom, S... McCrary buried today. Lotti a short time ago - Diphtheria.
Monday 6: Every one seemed to enjoy the Elders Sermons yesterday. raised sixteen dollars and thiry [sic] eight cts at the Collection. Tomp has taken him up as far as Rockwell on his road to Manson. Tomp has gone on to Manson. The boys went fishing caught two fish. they were so interested they forgot to come home Jennie and Mrs. Knapp went after them about three oClock
Tuesday 7: Tomp brought us home some Apples the first we have had. Baby enjoys them so much has two teeth through he is a great puffer.
Thursday 9: We enjoyed a ride to Pond Grove the boys had a little boat ride found some pond lillies. received a letter from Cliff thinks of getting married
Friday 10: Tomp and the boys gone to Manson again. he trying to do his own haulling. Mrs McCulloch here today. tried to have Lillies picture taken but failed. she would not sit still Saturday 11" - Jennie went out to Pond Grove today. Tomp ... and the boys came home about dark the carpenters are through
Monday 13: The nights are getting cool. I had the sick-head ache this morning. I called on Mrs Wood this evening.
Tuesday 14: Very warm today. Am making Merle some shirts
Wednesday 15: Tomp and the boys went chicken hunting
Thursday 16: I called on Mrs. Rollins this morning she has been quite sick bought carpet wasp
Friday 17: Cutting off corn for drying. Lillie taken with the sore throat gave her a sweat this afternoon refuses to drink her milk . Mrs Stevenson here this afternoon.
Saturday 18: Lillie is some better this morning. I was up most all night so as to attend carefully to her throat. The boys have gone up to the place alone quite an undertaking I think Papa thinks it will do them good. They came home all right about four Oclock. Lillie is sleeping quietly. Mr & Mrs. Smith from Glidden called yesterday. M McCrary called this evening. Jennie is better
Monday 20: Maggie McCrary was here today. Lillie is still getting better
Tuesday 21: Coloring carpet rags to day Jennie has gone to Mrs Fl...
Wednesday 22: Elliott Earle died today the third one in that family of Diphtheriaa.
Thursday 23: We attended Elliotts funeral this forenoon. Jimmy McCrary died this morning - is to be buried this evening. Tomp has taken up the coffin.
Saturday 25: The boys and I took our carpet rags to Mrs Hutchinson to weave. Stopped at Mary Russells the boys went fishing down to the mill caught a few little fish enough for dinner tomorrow. It is Tommy's birthday
Sunday 26: Tommie had a very nice treat Candy & nuts & apples he found a silver half dollar in one of his apples. Jennie made a nice cake and Pie frosted them and trimmed with flowers, is eight years old.
Tuesday 28: Rained very hard this morning and last night Eugene and I went up to the farm and set out some Strawberries plants stayed for supper with Mrs Tubbs. The Sunday School folks went here to practice for a picnic
Wednesday 29: Went up to Rockwell stopping at McCrarys for dinner
Thursday 30: The Picnic was held today in Liffords Grove. Eugene hauled most of the school down. had a swing, Lemonade, and a very good time.

September 1877

Saturday 1: Wrote a letter to Maggie Jack. Grand ma Butter visited us yesterday. Very cool Bro Bishop brought us a pail of Tomatoes. Elder McDaniel preaches tomorrow. Eugene and Tommie took a load of wood to our new home.
Monday 3: James Gregg here for dinner. Also Mrs Hocking. Court is in Session this week. Lilly said "She didn't like the Doctor." I asked her why, she said "he gave me somepin" she was thinking about her Medicine. Eugene & Merle went up to Rockwell with a load of wood. Mr and Mrs Sepnas stopped for dinner yesterday she borrowed a book to read "The Foot Prints of Satan" Tommy has been gathering Hazel nuts.
Tuesday 4: Mrs Hutchinson brought our carpet home 30 yards. Mrs Bain dried very suddenly this morning was taken sick last night. Mr Miller from Pomeroy here to tea. We attended Mrs Bain funeral today. Mrs Bispy visited me today.
Wednesday 5: Made some calls this afternoon had tea at Mr Danforth
Thursday 6: We are invited out most every day now and expect to move to Rockwell next week. Tomp I and Lilly called on Mrs Earl and Miss Flinn. had dinner at Mrs Scotts and tea at Mr S T Hutchinson. Mrs Bascom came home today
Friday 7: At Mrs Stevensons and Mrs Cooks . Am getting tired of going. Sister Bascom is sick. Jennie went home with M McCrary
Sunday 9: Cold and rainy Jennie sat up with Mrs Bascom.
Monday 10: Mr Knapp moved the Shanty to Rockwell. Tomp also went up with a load of house-hold goods. sent up for Jennie to go and clean the house or part of it . Mrs Knapp is washing for us. Mr & Mrs Hulsen called spent a pleasant hour gave them a lunch. Mrs Fox sent for me to take supper at her house after finishing up my work. I and the children went up there. Quite late when our folks came home. Tomp stayed there. The County Records were mo********************************************************************************************************************Also Mrs McCulloch. Set up the stove and got supper for Mr Miles who went home. Tomp and I worked till late unpacking. The Children seemed pleased with their new quarters except the Musquitoes Merle would like to go home to Lake City but Lilly says "We are at home" Very tired.
Thursday 13: Tomp went back for another load. Cleaned two bedrooms
Friday 14: Raining. Mrs Hotchkiss child is sick sent for me spent most of the day there.
Saturday 15: County convention met in the new Court house. Mr McCrary W Leland & Jesse Smith to dinner. Jennie expect to sit up with Hotchkiss's baby.
Monday 17: Tomp went up to Boltons School house to hear Bro Gleaso... preach his lat session before Con... The School trustees meet in Lake City to day Tomp met with them and I spent the day with Sister Bascom. Sister Bishop was there also Bro Bascom is expected home from Indiana.
Tuesday 18: ... the carpet and put it down in the front room.
Wednesday 19: Spent the afternoon at Mr H their baby died about 2 Oclock
Thursday 20: Tomp and I attended the funeral Tomp read ... and prayed at the house. Commence to wean Wilmot
Saturday 22: Tomp and I went to Lake City to sit up with Sister Bascom. Mrs Lumpkins sat up with me did not sleep any came home this morning brought some Tomatoes from our Garden. Jennie went in to Lake City with the team
Monday 24: Canning Tomatoes . Jennie home Mr Offenback brought a load of wood. Dr ... came to work on our new Barn
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Tuesday 25: Tomp has commenced building a Barn size 20 x 24' A very hard Hail storm today
Wednesday 28: I washed blankets this morning. McCrary here for dinner. Eugene & Tommy brought a load of Grain from the farm the boys have done a great deal of hauling this fall Eugene especially.
Thursday 27: Mr & Mrs Alder here to dinner. Alex brought a load of lumber from Manson for the barn.
Friday 28: Tomp and I have concluded to go to Conference to Webster City. Will take the train this evening at Manson. Will take Tommie with us. Trust that we will all get some good.

October 1877

Monday 1: Arrived home today about ten Oclock. We staid in Fort Dodge Friday night. Met Sister Whitfield from Sioux City on the train also other ladies from Manson all going to attend Conference. Met Mr Shipley did some trading at his store went out on the Morning train for Webster Con. was in session. Stopped at the Wilson House for Met with a number of old acquaintances went with Sister Brown & Mrs Mott... for tea. Several addresses this evening. Sabbath Morning Bishop Andrews preached an excellent sermon from the text "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing" ... subject: Speci... Providence. In the afternoon a sermon by Prof King of Cornell College. in the evening missionary addresses by Rev Jameson & Bishop Andrews. they were very interesting especially the Bishops he gave an account of the churches on the Continent that he has just returned from visiting. Returned on the morning train to Manson. At home found the children very glad to see
Thursday 4: Eugene has been bringing the ... from the farm. Maggie Jack is very sick. Tomp is helping Mr Gregg with his tax lists.
Friday 5: Jennie & Eugene went to M for a load of ... also to Mill had ten bushels of wheat ground
Saturday 6: the have gone today to Lake City for a load of ... Maggie came up with them
Monday 8: Had Sabbath School in the court house yesterday. Tomp & Alex and a number of Women & Children. Jennie was to L. C. again with Eugene. T Gregg to dinner. We bought a little Wagon ... the Fort for the boys they enjoy it hugely.
Tuesday 9: The boys gone to the farm for a load of ... Commenced making my dress today. bought at 7.20
Wednesday 10: Eugene and H... M went up to Jas Vanhorns for a load of Potatoes
Thursday 11: the boys came home today. Mr & Mrs Saterly here to dinner. Tommy and May very busy gathering and stringing rosebuds.
Friday 12: Tomp went to L.C. Harry & May went home with him they made a good visit - Bro Brown came this evening on his way to West Sides.
Saturday 13: Bro Brown started on his way this morning. Maggie J is getting some better. Jennie has gone to M. Burches to sit up with their child sent the baby's crib up.
Monday 15: Organized the Sabbath yesterday. Bro Whitfield preached his first sermon stayed all night with us. Eugene went to Manson did no till comenced to rain in the evening after supper Tomp started to meet Eugene he met him about two miles from town.
Tuesday 16: Jennie went to Lake City to day to sew for Ann raining
Saturday 20: Has been raining all week but cleared of to day
Sunday 21: Not feeling very well stayed at home all day.
Friday 26: Mary Vanhorn & Flue Cox and families visited me they stayed all night they had our team Pleas expects to keep it a while till he gets his corn husked.
Saturday 27: Granpa came down today. Wilmot is just commencing to walk has only three teeth.
Monday 29: Tax sale to day. Wilmots birthday may he have many happy returns of the same.
Wednesday 31: Jennie cleaning some Tompe and attended singing at Jolley's last night. I worked some in the office today copying

November 1877

Thursday 1: Tomp and Eugene went to Manson today
Friday 2nd: Jess brought down our new Bass Burner and Ten bushels of Apples the children are happy.
Monday 5: Jennie went to L. C. Saturday morning came home to day. very cold
Friday 9: Court closed today we have had a house full all week. Mrs. ... J. Gregg and others.
Monday 12: The Mail came here to day for the first
Wednesday 14: Grandpa went home this evening with Mr Hoffs
Thursday 15: Ida Odonaghue died this morning of Diphtheria. Tomp attended the funeral at Cottonwood we feel so sorry for her poor Widowed Mother
Monday 19: Tomp Alexk and Jennie attended quarterly meetting at Manson
Saturday 24: Mrs. Brook Dora and Hattie Gould went home to day been here for two days attending ... Elder Hortsough & Brother Whitfield went to L. C. yesterday to attend quarterly M. Bro. W stopped on his way home. Am helping Tomp these day
Thursday 29: Thanksgiving day. We have truly many Mricles [Miracles?] to be thankful for. Jennie went to Hotchkiss' for dinner. Tomp brought some books home for us to read. Commenced reading aloud to us this evening.

December 1877

Saturday 1: Jennie went to L. C. this morning the ... has moderated a little has been very cold all week rec'd a package of Mrs H. S. Hutchinson
Monday 3: Pleasant this morning but commenced to rain with afternoon am helping Tomp in the office
Tuesday 11: Merles birthday at breakfast he wanted to know if he was'nt to have something to pass around referring to our custom of baking a birthday cake and fixing up a little extra at supper. we had something for him to pass around his papa bought him some candy peanuts and raisons for a treat his first time spent at school part of a day school commenced Teacher Mrs Callihan from Fort Dodge. I am making a dress for Lillie. J. Crains butchered our hogs yesterday. Aleck folks and us prepared a surprise for the children in getting up a Christmas tree for the children. we prepared it over there. Tomp also had a greater surprise for me in a beautiful Organ. had it brought to Alecks and Stored away there a week before & keep it and in the secret from me. Am so well pleased with it.

January 1878

Jennie went down to make Ann a visit was taken sick. I am keep pretty busy. We are having a lovely winter a week or two of cold weather about Thanksgiving and about the same the first of the year.

February 1878

Jennie came home the sixth of this all very glad to see her. I bid goodbye to household work and am helping Tomp in the office he is helping Mr Gregg and has considerable work of his own to do. The weather is Spring like this month

March 1878

Eugene Tommy & Merle are going to school this is Merle's first winter. is learning fast. I'm spending most of my time I the office. Mrs Bascom made us a visit this month. Jennie is taking of going to Penna on as visit. her Sister is sick
18th: Made garden today. Maggie Jennie & I Peas Lettuce radishes Potatoes tomatoes & very warm. Miss and Mrs Rockwell called.
30th: had a small Snow Storm last night & today.

April 1878

7th: Jennie Merle & Lilly went to Lake City today. expect to go away next week.
11th: Mr Gregg & Tomp went to Fort Dodge today. I am working working in the office.
12th: Amanda Smith came to live with us to day. Jennie Starts for Penna tomorrow. We are all sorry to see her go.

May 1878

3rd: Tomp & Eugene brought down 13 head of our cattle today from Barneys.
4th: Eugene has gone up to Jesse' with the team to work a few days. Aleck folks went up to Manson today
12th: School commenced today. Mrs Jolley teacher. Eugene & Tommy are going and Merle occasionally. Amanda is going.

June 1878

Sunday 3r: Johnie McLaughlin died this morning of diphtheria. they sent for Tomp yesterday buried this evening.
Monday 10: Amanda went to Powers visiting this evening. Tomp came home from Barneys.
Saturday 15: James & Belle came down for Amanda she went home with them. Barney down today brought our pigs down.
Thursday 20: Eugene Tommy Merle and I went up to Manson called at Barneys. They gave each of the children a Hen, went to Mary's for dinner had Strawberries did some trading at Manson came home about dark.
Friday 21: Tomp & Mr Gregg went to Lake City today
Monday 24: Washed & White-washed the Kitchen. Henry making fences. Henry stayed with us about a month drained the cellar fenced our lots did some hauling filled up our yard. We are milking Seven cows ... ten little calves. I am doing my work alone now have a good deal to do. I help Tomp write occasionally when he is ... I have quite a number of house plants started . received some when Sister Whitfield was here visiting. she helped me plant them fave her a small call lily. Made a number of calls one afternoon with her. Willie and May was with her. Bro Whitfield always stop with us preaches for us here every two weeks. Wilmot and him are great friends climbs up on his lap when he comes in . we had Wilmots hair shingled he looks so odd. Aunt & Uncle Gregg made us quite a visit had a suit here held before Tomp. Maggie and I went up one afternoon with Aunt to hear the testimony.

July 1878

Our folks and Alex' Spent the 4th at Manson. I stayed at home with Lilly and Wilmot. had fireworks in the evening. Musquitoes very plentiful. Diphtheria is in Lake City again. Mrs Hutchison brought Nettie up to Mr Lewis' to stay awhile. Mrs H. here one afternoon. Mrs Stevenson also made us a visit. Mrs McCulloch and Annie came up to stay a few weeks she is quite a help to me she helped me wash the wool that I had bought for comforters & mattress'.

On the 12th we commenced sending our milk to Mr Hayes we sell for six cents a gallon. they are making cheese. butter is down to nine cts. a pd for the best and the weather is extremely warm for butter making so it is quite a relief to get rid of the milk. Eugene takes it every morning in a can. the children are most always on hand to have a ride as soon as Mottie sees them commence to get the team ready he gets into the buggy perhaps with his night dress still on.

The 12- 13th were the warmest days we had, extremely warm, we hear of many deaths from sun Stroke . on the nineteenth Tomp and I went up to Fort Dodge to attend District Conference on Sabbath morning we heard Bishop Peck preach from the words [line left blank] in the afternoon he addressed the Sabbath School in the evening Rev Gorham preached we were very much interested in the services of the day. Sister Brown and Jennie took took supper with us at the ... House had a good talk with her. We came home Monday morning found Mrs McCulloch washing and the children well and glad to see us brought a box of peaches home but they were most all spoiled. forgot to state that we attended a reception Saturday night where we were introduced to the Bishop. Grandpa was with us. Mary and Jim and family came down to see us rained hard on them going home.

August 1878

Thursday 1: Our folks, Tomp the boys and Mrs McCulloch made a very pleasant Surprise for me on my birthday. Tomp bought a new Couch and a nice sett of chairs and a sett of Teaspoons with my name or initials on them. Eugene gave me a fan. Tommy a sugar bowl. All tried to make it a very happy and pleasant day for me.
Tuesday 6: Commenced taking Music Lessons from Mrs Nelson. The boys. Eugene and Thomas take one lesson a week. Mrs McCulloch stayed about a month with me. am kept very busy since she left. Lilly McLaughlin made us a visit of about two weeks. Lilly Clark helped me a few days. Mrs Farrand made me a visit the first one since we left the farm.

September 1878

Tuesday 10: Court week. Alice Oxenford came today. We have a good many stopping with us this week. Mr Pebles Mr Hutchison. Court is in Session. We have made up our minds to take a trip to Des Moines business and pleasure combined. busy making Merle a blue suit a dress for Lillie
Monday 23: Stopped at Jim Greggs for supper took the evening train for Des Moines or Fort Dodge as we will have to stay there all night.
Tuesday 24: Made the trip to Des Moines today the children enjoyed the ride Tommy Lillie Merle & Wilmot did not intend at first to take Tommy but just before starting we told him to get ready as he would enjoy the trip so much. We made some purchases in Des Moines to day . Tomp went out to visit Mr Gardiners folks the children and I went out to Ruth's arrived about four o'clock. The children are tired.
Wednesday 25: Ruth and I are having a good visit. the children are enjoying themselves cracking hazelnuts. Tomp came out this evening. Tommy lost his knife and Will made him a present of a new one
Thursday 26: Went out to Uncle Sams Jack Wills took us out they live about ten miles from Dexter. we had a pleasant ride through a nice country. found Uncle & Aunt much changed since we seen them last about ten years ago. Maggie and Mattie are the only girls at home. Lyde came over with her children.
Friday 27: Started for home this morning had the childrens pictures taken in Des Moines visited the Exposition stayed too long & missed the train
Saturday 28: After a good many adventures arrived in Manson at about eleven o'clock. all very tired
Sunday 29: Found Eugene waiting for us Went down to Marys for dinner came home in the evening. Had to get home, do not think Alice kept house very well my house plants nearly all destroyed. Will be very busy helping Tomp write & canning tomatoes & bought a new cook stove cleaned the kitchen & put down the carpet. Expect Alice Gardner to stay with this winter.

October 1878

10th: Alice Oxenford went home to day. when I get through my work I spend my time copying. Made a visit to Lake City the boys & Lillian stayed at home very windy went down with Mr Jolley's brought up some the shrubbery from our old home. A little tornado visited Rockwell in our absence. debris scattered in all directions but no one hurt. An exciting election this fall. Tomp re elected for a second term. J. Brodt opposition.

November 1878

P. Cox sending us Apples cost in P Byron $1.75 bushel ... to us 7 to Aleck 26b in all. Pleas also sent me a barrel of Scouts. Miss Lucas here sewing for me a week made me two dresses Lillie a cloak Wilmot a apron a dress a peice for Mola & Cora partly made Lillie a dress. Court in Session again. Plenty of company as usual.

Alice Gardner came the fourth of this month. We all like her very much. She is very kind to the children. Eugene Tommy & Merle are going to school. Alice takes care of Lillie & Mott while I write in the office. Sent our Cattle up for Jess to winter. Eugene and Alice drove them up and came back in the evening.

Thoughts on home government ...
"I never fret about little faults of manner, not even about transient irritability in my children as they are growing up they pass through many temporary conditions which if apparently unnoticed pass away. In fact there are little mor al disturbances to be expected like whooping cough and measles in this physical life and of the gr...home a... ... ... and this trend right. I ... ... think it worth while to be too much disturbed over occasional naughtiness.
Remember that the period between childhood and youth like ... .. between periods is ... ...
Do not suffer yourself to too severely censure a sensitive child to when ... praise more and ... will be a ...
Let a child once grasp and keep the idea of a omniscient loving God to whom he must render a personal account and his ... ... ... over time frailties."

When to trust Jesus
O trust thyself to Jesus when conscious of thy sin, of its heavy weight upon thee, of its mighty power within. Then is the hour for pleading his finished work for thee; Then is the time for singing "His blood was shed for me."
O trust thyself to Jesus when faith is dim and weak. and the very one thou needest thou canst not rise to seek. Then is the hour for seeing that he hath come to thee, then is the time for singing "His love hath healed me."
O trust thyself to Jesus when dis... transgress by hasty word or angry look of thought of bitterness. Then is the hour for ... the Lord ... for thee; Then is the time for singing "The Lord ... ... me."
O trust thyself to Jesus when daily care perplex, and ... seem to join a power thy ... soul to vex. Thi is the time for grasping his hand who walked the ...; Then is the time for singing "He makes it calm for me."
O trust thyself to Jesus when thou are weary come, when heart or hand refuses to think or labor more. Then is the hour for leaning upon the Master's breat; then is the time for singing My Saviour gives me rest.
O trust thyself to Jesus when thou are tried with pain. no power for prayer the only thought how to endure the strain. Then is the hour for resting in his perfect love to thee; then is the time for singing "He ... he prays for me."
O trust thyself to Jesus when thou art full of care, for wanderers whom thou canst not ...oin our blessed hope to share. Then is the hour for trusting our Lord to bring them nigh; Then is the time for singing "He loves these more than I."
O trust thyself to Jesus when ... pass away. When very lonely seems thy life and very dark thy way. Then is the hour for yielding truly to his will. Then is the time for singing "I have one love one still.."
O trust thyself to Jesus when flesh and heart do fail, and thou art called to ... Death's dark and shadowed vale. Then is the hour for say, "I will no evil fear.: Then is the time for singing "Lord thou art with me here."
O trust thyself to Jesus when thy spirit takes it flight, from every earthly shadow to the land of perfect light. Then is the hour for shouting "Christ hath done all for me." Then is the time for singing "He gives the victory."