Submitted by Merleen Gholdston, great-granddaughter of William, prior to 2012.

Family Journal of William Thompson Smith & his wife Nancy Amelia (Jack) Smith

Part III: 1875 - 1876

March 1875

20th: Have not written any for a long time. This winter has been a very severe one. Old settlers say the hardest for 30 years. I collected taxes in January & February we were made glad by the addition to our happy little family of a bright little girl whom we have named Lily B. A. Smith - Lily for Grandma Smith Barbara for Grandma Jack & Amelia for her mother. Had a pretty hard snow storm here on the 14th & 15th of this month. Father Barney & Malvina here during Court which was held here 23d 7 26th . A good many of our old neighbors down on the Jury. had Messrs Bailey, Gregg, Glver & Starr to dine with us.
17th: Jennie Raymond our hired girl was taken sick today - sent for the Doctor this evening
24th: Jennie able to be about & do the work again
31st: A Snow storm today & tonight

April 1875

Thursday 1st: Storming until about noon
Friday 2nd: Received a letter from Geo Honeysett informing me I could have his claim to an 80 acre tract of land he had entered under the Timber Act for $50 - I concluded to take it as I could locate it under the Act of Congress giving discharged soldiers an additional 80 sent him the $50 by registered letter
Saturday 3rd: Busy on my Monthly Report
Sunday 4th: At Services at 11 A.M. Elder McDaniel preached. S. S. in the afternoon - School reorganized today. W. T. Smith was chosen Supt. Mrs. Offenback Asst Supt - D. F. Danforth Secy, Stella Offenback Treas and H. Morse chorister. Went out & saw Widow McCullock this evening
Monday 5th: Board of Supervisors met today
Tuesday 6th: Rained
Wednesday 7th: " Mrs McCullock moved into town today.
Thursday 8th: Worked awhile at Mrs. McCullocks house. went & looked at some timber of Mr Tompkins - think some of buying 3 acres of it. Drew my Warrant for per cent on collection in Jany Feby & March $758.00. Roads very muddy no prayer meeting tonight
Friday 9th: Mr Hotchkiss moved out of Mrs. Orrs house today- loaned my buggy to Lewis Fox & others to go to Twin Lakes fishing
Saturday 10th: Went and helped Mr. Tompkins measure off the 3 acres of timber I bought of him. I pay One Hundred Dollars for the 3 acres. Amelia and I called & had a friendly chat with Bro & Sister Brown
Sunday 11th: Attended S. S. this 9 1/2 AM after which preaching by bro Brown. & Class Meeting - Storming so that bro B did not go to his appointment No preaching tonight
Monday 12th: Snowing pretty hard all forenoon - at noon I took passage on the stage for Pomeroy - a very chilly disagreeable ride & the roads awful - took the train for Ft. Dodge. Met Elder Williams & wife on the train going home from a Q. M. at Manson - helped them carry their baggage up as far as the Occidental where I stopped tonight.
Tuesday 13th: Busy today in Ft Dodge - drew $8000.00 from the Bank to bring home of the County funds. Took supper & staid all night with Elder Williams
Wednesday 14th: Came out to Manson this 6 AM took breakfast at the Thomas home - Dinner at Aunt Greggs. 2 lawsuits in progress at Manson today. Stopped at Freeburgers tonight
Thursday 15th: Took train for Pomeroy at 6-18 -A.M. when I arrived there found that the stage had gone. hired Mr. Chase to bring me home where I arrived about 1 1/2 P.M found Bro & Sister Brown & Mr & Mrs Sacrider here taking in honor of my 30th birthday - had a very nice turkey roast. Received a pair of Sleeve buttons from Mrs. S & a pocket Handkerchief from Sister B. presents At prayer Meeting tonight
Friday 16th: Very busy in the Office - bot a Library case from Bro Rogan for $25.
Saturday 17th: Out most of the forenoon collecting quarterage. Elder Williams came in on the Stage at noon. Our Q M down at Cottonwood School House
Sunday 18th: A lovely day - attended the Meeting - today had a very good time - a splendid day took dinner at Harvey Russells. Elder Williams preached in town tonight
Monday 19th: Weather very fine
Tuesday 20th: " " " " Attended a lawsuit at the School House till after One Oclock at night
Wednesday 21st: In the Office took in about $10. fees & commission today. Father Butlers came home. Amelia out calling - glad to see it
Thursday 23rd: Amelia and I attended Elder Russells Sale . we bought a Prince Melodeon @$24.30 and a Map of the World @$1.90. Horace Farrend and Aleck were down & staid with us all night. At Prayer Meeting this evening - but few attend
Friday 23rd: Busy in the Office
Saturday 24th: Mr. Hakes & family passed through today en route for Kansas - sorry to see them leaving as they were among the first settlers in the northern part of the county & have seen pretty hard times. Pleasant Cox & his sister Carrie came down this afternoon. Carrie came to get a certificate of the County Superintendant as she intends teaching in the old Yatesville district. Staid with us all night
Sunday 25th: Bro Brown at Sac City attending Quarterly Meeting. Our Sabbath School determined today to try to raise a Library - appointed committee to solicit funds - Elder Burch preached morning & evening - Pleas & Carrie started home this afternoon
Monday 26th: Received some rose bushes & cuttings by mail from Mrs. Orr. Rented Mrs. Orrs lot to Mr. Purdy
Tuesday 27th: Elder Russell moved some of his furniture into Mrs. Orrs house today. Attended the Ladies Sociable at the Parsonage tonight. Made some garden today
Wednesday 28th: Bought a new set of double harness today paid $36 for it - Planted some early Potatoes. Raining a little this evening
Thursday 29th: Amelia Lily & I went up to Manson today - stopped at Barneys for supper - went from there to Van Hornes where we staid all night
Friday 30th: Went up to our place this morning - set out some Apple trees. took dinner at Alecks trimmed 4 rows of my maple trees this afternoon. up at Manson in the evening where we met Father, Jesse (who is suffering with a broken arm) & Uncle Greggs folks - took supper at Freeburgers after supper although very dark in company with P. F. Cox we started for his place missed the road got lost & wandered around on the prairie till about 11 Oclock when we discovered that we were just east of Father Jacks place. Made our way to Pleases were glad to get in out of the damp dark chilly night

May 1875

Saturday 1st: At Pleases till after dinner when we came home to Lake City. A very cold day - Amelia and the baby suffered a great deal - had to stop twice for them to get warm
Sunday 2nd: At S. S. & preaching in the morning by Elder McDaniel in the evening by Elder Burch
Monday 3rd: Busy in the Office making up for lost time
Tuesday 4th: Ditto
Wednesday 5th: In the Office till about 4 Oclock in the evening when I hitched to the buggy & took Mrs. McCullock Mrs Sacrider & my wife down to the graveyard where we spent about an hour sowing grass seed planting rose bushes etc at the grave of Bro McCulloch. Sister Shepard & Mr. Orr Amelia & I stoped at the Parsonage & took supper & spent the evening with Bro & sister Brown
Thursday 6th: Out with some men to look at land that Mr. Hutchison & I have for sale. Attended prayer Meeting in the evening
Friday 7th: A very warm day - 90 degrees above zero in the shade - Bro Brown & I out to clows & T J Smiths for some Shrubbery etc took supper at Mr. Smiths
Saturday 8th: Planted out my strawberries Rose bushes & 2 Transcendent Crab trees today
Sunday 9th: At S. S. this 9 1/2 A. M. Bro Brown preached at 11. Subject Satan - Text - And Satan came also - Elder Russell preached at night subject the church of God
Monday 10th: Received a box of goods from Chicago for our Grange - some of the goods not suiting were sent back
Tuesday 11th: Herd started on the 11th Busy in the Office, at the Sociable tonight
Wednesday 12th: In the office till noon - Went out this afternoon to Mr. Wm Siffords farm & got my buggy box full of small maple trees.
Thursday 13th: Hired Mr. Beardsley & team to go with me up to my farm on Lake Creek where we set out about an acre of maple trees - came home this evening pretty tired - Amelia and I at prayer meeting tonight
Friday 14th: Took the family & Sister Brown out in the country a short distance this evening called on Mrs. Gould & at Mr. McCrays
Saturday 15th: Busy in the Office part of today making Abstracts Tax Reports etc Bro Brown drove my mare with his to Grant City. Merle just beginning to talk pretty lively some of his attempts are amusing - for Tommy he says "Nommy" for Water "Fawtee" for Jennie "Ninny" for Shoe "Foo" for see "fee" etc etc
Sunday 16th: At S. S. Staid to hear Elder McDaniel preach at 11- Elder Calhoun preached at the same time at the School House. Elder Burch preached at night
Monday 17th: Busy in the Office
Tuesday 18th: " " " "
Wednesday 19th: This evening Bro Brown & I went & got some trees box elders & elms & set out
Thursday 20th: A good heavy shower about noon. At Prayer Meeting tonight
Friday 21st: Rev'd over $20 commission on land sales. wrote a letter to Bro Clifford – Mr. Shepard came into town this evening
Saturday 22nd: The Calhoun County Agricultural Society of which I am Secretary met today & arranged Premium List for Fair to be held this fall. Lake City Grange of which I am also Secretary met this afternoon took a ride with the family out to Bro Miles this evening
Sunday 23rd: On getting up this morning found my mare had a young colt - but she did not want to own it or to perform the part of a mother to it - had considerable trouble with her. Attended S. S. & Bro Browns & Elder Russells preaching
Monday 24th: Had a good heavy shower today in some parts of the county - not much here in town
Tuesday 25th: A very pleasant day - Amelia & I attended a Sociable at Mr. Sacriders this evening
Wednesday 26th: Went over & chopped some wood & made a pig pen for Mrs. McCulloch
Thursday 27th: Mr. H...field tenant on my farm on Lake Creek was to commence planting corn today. A shower commenced about 5 O'clock - rained pretty hard - No Prayer meeting tonight
Friday 28th: Mr. Reynolds came in today & informed me that my cow which he had herding & which I had bought of him this Spring was dead. This is the second cow I have bought since I came to Lake City & never saw - one from Wm Lowe for $30 & this one for $25. However "its and ill wind that blows nobody goodth - they needed the money at the time
Saturday 29th: A very pleasant day. Peter Smiths wife was buried today. They were among the first settlers in this county & their old neighbors took it very hard. The boys seemed to feel very bad on account of losing their Mother - Mother. Oh what a loss - about 4 yrs ago I tasted the bitter cup & I could easily weep with them
Sunday 30th: At Preaching in the morning after S. S. Spent the rest of the day reading etc Amelia not looking very well & I am really alarmed to see her so pale & thin - May God be pleased to spare this dearest of earthly ties for many many years for she is all in all (so far as the world is concerned ), to me
Monday 31st: Busy in the Office

June 1875

Tuesday 1st: June comes in cold & chilly - considerable corn to plant yet by the farmers
Wednesday 2nd also 3rd & 4th: Busy these days preparing Settlement Sheet
Saturday 5th: Bro Brown & I hitched our Mares up today - the first time since they had colts & they where troublesome at first. In the evening I thought to take the family out riding so hitched up again for that purpose. Amelia Jennie R & all the children being in the buggy I started, one of the horses kicked & became entangled which frightened both & they started to run with only one horses tugs hitched & the tongue down - very fortunately the tongue ran into the ground & two men ran to my assistance & we got them stopped. I shudder to think what the result might have been - and feel like thanking God again & again for sparing my dear ones
Sunday 6th: S. S. at 9 1/2 A.M. Preaching at the School House by Bro Brown - at the Church by Elder McDaniels. I went with Bro Brown to his appointment at Liberty this afternoon he organized a class there of 5 persons came home & attended preaching at night
Monday 7th: A pleasant day - made my semi annual settlement with the Board of Supervisors today
Wednesday 9th: Heard of the death of Rev A. V. House a congregational minister with whom we were acquainted - glad to know that the gospel which he had preached was his consolation in the last hours.
Thursday 10th: A very warm day - my mind somewhat divided & perplexed in regard to accepting or seeking a nomination for a third term to the Treasurers office - some of my friends urging me to run again while others think 2 terms are enough & that somebody else should have a chance Mr. T. P. Greeg is talked of as my successor - Amelia & I took tea at Bro Browns. Had a good prayer meeting tonight at the church
Friday 11th: A very cold day - Bro Brown finished painting the Parsonage today.
Saturday 12th: Sold a qr section of land to Dr. McVays Motherlow - rec'd as commission $25. Wrote a letter to Mrs. Orr this evening
Sunday 13th: Rained some during the night so that there was not the usual number at S. S. Elder Calhoun preached today
Monday 14th: Circuit Court convened today so that there are many strangers in town. Was surprised today to see Miles Nicholson come into the Office. Barney brought him down from Manson-
Tuesday 15th: Barney & Mr. Nicholson left for home about 1 O'clock. Court adjourned this afternoon . took the family out riding this evening
Wednesday 16th: A warm day - working in the office
Thursday 17th: Wrote a letter to Bro Curl this forenoon. In the afternoon took Amelia & the children & Knapps folks out for a ride but few out at prayer meeting tonight
Friday 18th: Jennie Raymond our hired girl suffering these days with the tooth ache.
Saturday 19th: A lively day in town today the Cedar Creek Martial Band here. Match game of Base Ball between Lake City & Eld Run Clubs. Mr. T. P. Greeg took dinner with us. Eugene recd a letter from his Grandpa Jack
Sunday 20th: S. S. at 9 1/2 preaching at 11 by Elder Burch Bro Brown out at Cedar this morning preached in the School House at night
Monday 21st: A very warm day - went out to sec 9 87-34- to show a gentleman a piece of land. could not find the corners
Tuesday 22nd: Went out with the same man today. Mr. Hutchison & Tommy along - found the land & the corners - attended the Sociable at F. E. Stevensons this evening
Wednesday 23rd: Closed up our sale of a qr section of land to Mr. Harshbarger. M. R. McCrary operated on a couple of corns on my foot this evening. Bro Brown brought us in a quart of Strawberries from Mr. Clows
Thursday 24th: A warm pleasant day - Bro Brown up at the Gregg settlement with the team. At prayer meeting this evening
Friday 25th: Bro Brown & I out on the prairie for Hay. at a meeting of the Sociable tonight where Committees were appointed to carry on a Stand at the celebration to be held July 3d
Saturday 26th: County Convention today at the Bacon School House. Sold 80 acres of land to a Mr. Fowler. Maggie McCrary at our house tonight
Sunday 27th: Rained this morning - S. S. at 9 1/2 A. M. Rev D. C. Worts held a Bible meeting at the Church tonight
Monday 28th: Recd a letter from John Anderson today. Mr. Worts here for supper
Tuesday 29th: Made arrangements to assist the Ladies Aid Society to give a dinner at the Union House on the 3d
Wednesday 30th: Bro Worts started away today - rained a little this evening. A N Jack & A D Moore in town on business

July 1875

Thursday 1st: A very heavy rain last night & this morning - wrote a letter to John Anderson enclosing him $5 [margin note:] paid Jenny ... commence Jenny ... a week until the last of September
Friday 2nd: Making preparations for the celebration
Saturday 3rd: Had our Celebration in the Court Yard. J D Springer orator the Ladies Aid Society had a Stand & Dinner at the Union House cleared about fifty three Dollars. came home pretty tired.
Sunday 4th: Bro Brown preached morning & evening
Monday 5th: Busy in the Office. Rained till about noon.
Tuesday 6th: A fair day
Wednesday 7th: " " Cleaning the Church this afternoon
Thursday 8th: Closed up a land sale of 240 acres that brought us $54 commission $27 apiece. Rained this evening so that we had no prayer meeting
Friday 9th: Attended the funeral of V N Swans child this afternoon
Saturday 10th: Quarterly Meeting today Elder Williams arrived at noon took dinner with us Not many of the official members at Quarterly Conference. Elder preached tonight
Sunday 11th: Had a good Meeting today We had our little Lillie Barbara baptized - May the Lord help us to train our children aright
Monday 12th: In company with Elder Williams & Bro Brown I went to Manson where we took the train - staid at Fort Dodge tonight at the Duncombe House
Tuesday 13th: Went to Grand Junction this morning. I took the freight train & went down to Moingona, called on Mr. Doran & took dinner with him. Saw some of my old acquaintances. Started for Cedar Rapids at 1 P.M. arrived at the Camp Ground in the evening in time for the evening service (or part of it)
Wednesday 14th: Went to Prayer Meeting this morning. Preaching at 10 A.M. & in the Afternoon & evening
Thursday 15th: Enjoyed the Meeting very well today. took the 8:30 train this evening & went to Fulton Ill
Friday 16th: Left Fulton at 5 this morning came to Rapid City & took breakfast with Father Jacks Staid there till after noon when I went up to Port Byron. Went out to Nicholsons in the evening with Thos McCall. Found the friends all well Clifford busy harvesting barley.
Saturday 17th: Miles & I went up to Shaws where we staid till after dinner came to Port Byron in the evening calling on Garnetts on my way down. I went over to Aunt Eliza & Andrew Jacks late in the evening staid at Andrews all night. Raining nearly all day
Sunday 18th: Attended Presbyterian S. S. with Andrews at Le Claire after which we all went to Methodist preaching. After dinner I went over to Stonebrakers where I staid tonight.
Monday 19th: Came over to Nicholsons about noon, calling & saying good bye to Aunt Eliza, Andrews folks & Mrs. Jane Jack on my way over. Minnie & Aunt sent some presents to Amelia & the children by me. After dinner Sister Nancy & I took the team & buggy & went over to Cleveland Henry County to Uncle Walches. Staid with them tonight.
Tuesday 20th: Out to Colona to visit cousin Melissa Howard this morning. drove home to Nicholsons this afternoon in the evening Miles took me to Port Byron where I staid all night with Lucian Gaylord an old school mate now a merchant of the place
Wednesday 21st: Went down to Moline on the train this morning at Sister Mary Janes for breakfast & remained there during the day. Visited the Paper Mill. Swede College now being erected & other points of interest. Mary Jane & I attended prayer Meeting in the evening after which I took the train for Fulton where I arrived about 12- Slept till 5 the next morning
Thursday 22nd: On the cars from 5 AM till 5.30 PM when I arrived at Glidden. took supper there came home in the night with John Haley found my family all well & as glad to see me as I was to see them. Thank God for Home & dear ones.
Friday 23rd: Busy in the Office today. Sorry to find Bro Brown sick
Saturday 24th: A warm day. Attended our Grange this evening.
Sunday 25th: At S. S. this morning & preaching by Elder Russell sat up with Bro Brown tonight
Monday 26th: Sold Wm Cook 2 Lots of Mrs. McCullocks today for $25 Wrote to Bro Clifford
Tuesday 27th: Bro Brown getting better. Wrote to Father Jack
Wednesday 28th: Very Warm & pleasant weather.
Thursday 29th: Attended Prayer Meeting this evening. Not very many out. but had a good meeting. Amelia there
Friday 30th: Visited the Upper School today. Mr. McCrary is the teacher & is just closing his 3d term in the School
Saturday 31st: In the Office - Amelia & I took supper at Bro Browns this evening - Bro B. Much better

August 1875

Sunday Aug 1st: A pleasant Morning at S. S. then listened to a sermon by bro Bishop & had Class Meeting. In the afternoon Bro Brown & I had a long talk with Offenbacks who are having difficulty with Sister Oxenford. Elder Burch filled Bro Browns appointment tonight
Monday 2nd: This Afternoon all our family in company with Bro Brown & wife went out to Bro Bishops the men folks hunting prairie chickens & the women visiting all afternoon. Took supper then & came home bringing 8 prairie chickens with us
Tuesday 3rd: Bro Brown went down to Oxenfords & rec'd of them charges of Falsehood against Sister Offenback which I suppose will necessitate a Church trial
Wednesday 4th: Put up a Swing for the boys which pleased them very much
Thursday 5th: Mr. Hutchison & I commenced posting our Abstracts Sold 40 acres of land to Mr. Stevenson Commission $6.25 each
Friday 6th: In the office working on our Abstracts
Saturday 7th: " " " " "
Sunday 8th: At S.S. at 9 1/2 preaching at 11 by Elder Calhoun
Monday 9th: Rained very hard this afternoon & the rain being accompanied by wind - it will be very injurious to the small grain of which there is not much over half harvested
Tuesday 10th: Another light Shower this evening
Wednesday 11th: Busy Abstracting
Thursday 12th: Our family in company with Mrs. McCulloch went down to the grave yard this evening - took tea at Mr. McCrarys - came home & Amelia & I attended prayer meeting.
Friday 13th: Finished posting our Abstracts. In the evening our family & Mrs. S T Hutchison & family went out riding called on Mr. Purdys
Saturday 14th: A good many people in town today - came 2 lawsuits Base ball etc Nettie Russell & Ella McCrary at our house for supper this evening
Sunday 15th: S. S. at 9 1/2 a good sermon at 11 by Bro Brown Accompanied Bro B to his afternoon appointment at Liberty. Maggie McCrary & Jennie Raymond went along Bro B. preached at night
Monday 16th: Rained a little this morning
Tuesday 17th: Brother Toliver Bro Brown Eugene Tommy & I went up to my Lake Creek farm - surveyed a half mile of road & hunted prairie chickens. brought home 17 chickens & a badger. The Sociable at our house tonight
Wednesday 18th: Busy in the Office making Delinquent tax list
Thursday 19th: " " " " " " "
Friday 20th: " " " " " " "
Saturday 21st: A very busy day. A church trial between Sister Offenbach & Sister Oxenford - resulting in the acquittal of Sister Offenbach. Our Township held their caucus today. Considerable interest manifested - Elder Russell & Elder Calhoun were presented as Candidates for the office of Co Superintendent - result the entire delegation from this Twp were instructed to favor Calhoun
Sunday 22nd: At S. S. in the morning - preaching at night by Elder Burch.
Monday 23rd: A cool pleasant day - In the office busy
Tuesday 24th: Intended to go to Glidden to day to meet Maggie Stonebraker who wrote that she was coming to pay us a visit but it rained very hard nearly all day so we did not go
Wednesday 25th: Maggie came up on the Stage today had her little boy Beaumont who is 5 1/2 years old with her. Amelia & all of us glad to see her
Thursday 26th: Lily cried nearly all last night with the ear ache rained some during the night. I got a new pair of boots today from Mr. Davis. had a long talk with Sister Offenback about the trial in which she was interested. Tommys 6th birthday - had a little party for supper - small boys
Friday 27th: Gave the delinquent tax list to the printer today
Saturday 28th: Republican County Convention meets today. I went up with S. T. Hutchison & J. M Toliver. Nominations made were for Treasurer T P Gregg Auditor A N Jack Sheriff Mr. Chase Co Superintendent A Calhoun Coroner T E Hosman Rained nearly all day
Sunday 29th: At S. S. this morning as usual. Bro Brown preached at 11 AM text - come over & help us. In the evening text What must I do to be saved
Monday 30th: Busy in the office most of today. Made a ball for the boys to play with (our boys & Beaumont (Maggies boy who is 6 years old ) get along very well together. Maggie seems to enjoy her visit with Amelia. I think it will do them both good
Tuesday 31st: Rained nearly all last night. I fear that farmers will lose some of their grain that is still in shock

September 1875

Wednesday 1st: Our folks preparing for our S.l S. Picnic which is to be held tomorrow. Jennie baked some very nice cakes
Thursday 2nd: Rained nearly all day so there was no Picnic
Friday 3rd: Amelia, Maggie & her boy & myself went up to Alecks. took dinner there & then went to Mary Van Hornes where we staid all night
Saturday 4th: Our crowd & Mary went over & visited at Barneys today. I went to the herd & saw my cattle
Sunday 5th: Started from Van Hornes this morning for church at Manson but the rain compelled us to stop at Alecks till it was too late for preaching. Took dinner at Jesses hotel in Manson. Went down to P. F. Coxes in the evening. Father went with us
Monday 6th: At Manson - Van Hornes & Alecks staid at Alecks tonight
Tuesday 7th: Came home today bringing Elder Williams & brother Owens who came to attend the District Conference Rev Ely preached this evening - bro Owens stopped with us
Wednesday 8th: Conference in session today - A Temperance lecture this evening by Rev Lozier which was largely attended
Thursday 9th: Conference adjourned today at noon & some of the brethren went home through the rain
Friday 10th: The Ministers all left for home this morning
Saturday 11th: Mr. Pocock & I went to Glidden today to see about our interest in the old Pioneer Press type etc
Sunday 12th: S. S. & preaching by bro Brown. Text "for I am ready to halt" In the evening bro B being unwell Elder Burch filled his appointment
Monday 13th: The Teachers Institute or Normal School commenced here today. Miss Bassett conductor
Tuesday 14th: A good many teachers coming in today
Wednesday 15th: Select reading tonight by Miss Bassett & Mr. Jolly
Thursday 16th: Busy in the office during the day attended the prayer Meeting tonight
Friday 17th: Women busy making grape butter. frost this morning
Saturday 18th: Prof Carpenter came to town today - gave a lecture & concert tonight
Sunday 19th: At S. S. & to hear Elder Russell preach. Miss Bassett talked to the S. S a short time. Bro Brown preached his last sermon for this year tonight
Monday 20th: Teachers Institute still in session this week. Prof Carpenter has engaged to teach a class for a week. I joined the class
Tuesday 21st: The town pretty lively with Institute & Singing exercises
Wednesday 22nd: Amelia Merle & I went out to Bro Chaffee's bought some potatoes & some corn took supper a bro Chaffees - called at Clows. I attended an entertainment at the School House this evening
Thursday 23rd: Miss Bassett gave a lecture at the church this evening
Friday 24th: Amelia went up to the Institute today & her & Eugene & I went to the concert tonight
Saturday 25th: A pretty busy day - meeting of the Agricultural society - singing etc our singing class closed tonight
Sunday 26th: S.S. at 9 1/2 Miss Bassett preached at 11 - from the text " He that loveth me keepeth my commandments & all things work together for good to them that love God" A Rev Boaz of the Christian church preached tonight
[margin note] 12 weeks at $1.25 week $16.50
Monday 27th: Very busy getting ready to go to Fort Dodge to attend the Annual Conference
Tuesday 28th: Started after dinner for Manson Amelia & Lily Sister Brown & her little girl & myself - had a tedious ride as it was quite warm & the mosquitoes troubled us - went to Manson Sister B went to Mr Griswolds. Amelia & I stopped all night at Thomas Greggs
Wednesday 29th: Went down to Jas Van Hornes stopped at Alecks for dinner took the freight train in the evening & went to Fort Dodge. Miss Bassett accompanied us from Manson. stopped at the Occidental Hotel - went to the church & heard a splendid Temperance lecture by a Mrs. DeGeer of Chicago
Thursday 30th: Attended Conference this forenoon - met with many of the Ministers with whom we are acquainted - In the afternoon went to the picture gallery & procured some pictures of my treasures Amelia & lily. At the request of bro Lozier moved ourselves to other quarters today viz to board at Mrs Minognes & to lodge at A. M. Dawley's - found very nice quarters. Centennial anniversary tonight at the church

October 1875

Friday 1st: Our Lay conference in session today. We elected as delegate to the General Conference I Garmoe. very interesting Missionary services tonight an address from Rev Ohlinger a returned missionary also some hyms [sic] sung by him in the Chineese [sic] language
Saturday 2nd: Up a 4 Oclock this morning & took train for Manson got breakfast at Alecks & then came home
Sunday 3rd: At S.S. at 9 1/2. No preaching today
Monday 4th: Very busy attending to my tax sale today several bidders present - sold about all the land offered except South Manson & would have sold it but that an Injunction was served on me restraining me from selling it
Tuesday 5th: Bro Brown came home today. he goes to Atta this conference year & we get Rev S. C. Bascom. Bro B. took tea with us
Wednesday 6th: Very busy these days in the office. We took tea at Sister McCullochs this evening
Thursday 7th: A cloudy chilly day. I staid at home tonight & Amelia went to prayer meeting
Friday 8th: Got some groceries from Chicago
Saturday 9th: Very busy in the office
Sunday 10th: Reorganized our S. S. this morning. Bro J M Toliver elected Sup[t & myself Ast expected Bro Bascom to be with us but he failed to come. Bro & Sister Brown stopping with us
Monday 11th: Busy
Tuesday 12th: Election day passed off with but little excitement
Wednesday 13th: Returns begin to come in from the other Townships - appearances are that Mrs. O Donoghue has defeated the regular nominee for Co Supt (A Calhoun) & been elected her self to fill the office. Aleck Jack elected county Auditor & T. P. Gregg Treasurer. Bro Bascom & family cam in this evening with 3 teams
Thursday 14th: Attended prayer meeting tonight. Bro Bascom met with us & took charge of the meeting
Friday 15th: Bro Offenback & Bascom working at the Parsonage getting it ready for plastering
Saturday 16th: Worked in the Office till 4 O'clock in the evening when I accompanied Bro Bascom to his appointment at Grant City. Stopped at Bro Deemess tonight
Sunday 17th: Attended the Sabbath School at Grant after which heard Bro bAscom preach from the text "Therefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses" etc took dinner at Bro D.s came to Cottonwood Bro B. preached there from the text "And now abideth Faith Hope Charity these three but the greatest of these is Charity" Lake City this evening to a large audience text "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ"
Monday 18th: Board of Supervisors in session
Tuesday 19th: Busy in the Office
Wednesday 20th: do do do do [‘ditto']
Thursday 21st: Went out past bro Days to look at some land. At prayer meeting tonight. Bro B. preached. from the text Therefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses etc
Friday 22nd: Got some potatoes & wood today attended a concert at the School House tonight given by the Andrews family
Saturday 23rd: Had the old Pioneer printing press (on which the firm of Pocock Hutchison & Smith have a mortgage) brought up from Glidden today preparatory to foreclosing the Mortgage
Sunday 24th: A very nice day attended S. S. & was appointed teacher of the bible class brother Bascom preached at 11 - in the forenoon had a very good class meeting after preaching. A Mr. Townsend preached tonight
Monday 25th: Raining this morning. Sold my mare Jenny today to Mr. Ellis for One Hundred & fifty Dollars
Tuesday 26th: Cold this morning Bro B. just moved into the parsonage today. Sent letters to Clifford & Mary Jane today
Wednesday 27th: A chilly day. commenced circulating my subscription for the ministers salary for this year.
Thursday 28th: Amelia & I took supper at Mr. Danforths this evening. Attended prayer meeting tonight
Friday 29th: Cool chilly weather
Saturday 30th: Mr. Fox & the Sherman boys having a lawsuit
Sunday 31st: A beautiful sabbath day. Mr. Townsend preached this morning from the text "for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ" etc Bro Bascom preached in the evening - text "Who hath despised the day of small things"

November 1875

Monday 1st: Taxes for 1875 due today. M.r Revely aganet of Messrs Slevins who own a large tract of land here called on us today
Tuesday 2nd: Very busy making my monthly report. finished up a sale of 120 acres of land to J W Bull of Cedar Rapids for $300 Our commission $15
Wednesday 3rd: Made my final payment to the State Treasurer today. also rec'd deed for Geo Weed for 80 acres of land we sold him. Went out this evening & saw Chancey Sherman. Attended a Meeting of the church trustees this evening. Jennie Raymond whitewashing & cleaning house these days.
Thursday 11th: Sent Mr. Townsend up north to look up John Sherman who I feared had gone away with a horse on which I had a mortgage. Sherman however returned & gave the horse into my charge. Amelia the children & I went down to Mary Russells where we spent the afternoon
Friday 12th: o o o
Saturday 13th: [o o o lined out] Elder Fuller commenced preaching at the church
Sunday 14th: Bro Bascom gave his appointment to Elder Fuller who is holding a series of meetings. Bro Bascom preached the funeral of Mr. Atons child at 4 this afternoon. Text "arise for the Master calleth for thee"
Monday 15: Gave the Sherman Morgage into the hands of the Sheriff this morning as I had waited for Mr. S to either pay the debt or have it secured.
Tuesday 16th: Busy sending out Statements of taxes due
Wednesday 17th: do do do do do do [ditto]
Thursday 18th: The old Pioneer printing press type etc sold by the Sheriff today to satisfy a Mortgage in favor of Pocock Hutchison & Smith who became the purchasers of it at the Sale there being no other cash bidders. A. N. Jack came down this evening with potatoes corn etc informed us of the death of Mr. J L Knox
Friday 19th: Aleck went home today. I sent my white cow up with him to Barneys also the colt to Jas Van Hornes. Bought a colt from Aleck for $40 which he is also to leave at Van Hornes Bro Bascom preached tonight text Behold I stand at the door etc
Saturday 20th: Commenced making my Report to the State Secretary of the Agricultural Society. Grange met this afternoon but no quorum present
Sunday 21st: Bro Bascoms appointment but Elder Fuller wishing to preach Bro B gave way to him. S. S. at 3 PM Elder McDaniel preached tonight
Monday 22nd: Bought a pair of Mittens today for $4.00 The meetings still going on but a strange spirit shown by Elder Fuller who sent for Bro Bascom today & challenged him to a debate which bro B very wisely refused to do
Tuesday 23rd: Rec'd a letter from Sister Brown today also one from Jas Van Horne. Meeting still in progress. Mrs. Aton Joined the Christian Church tonight
Wednesday 24th: Very busy in the office giving Statements & making tax receipts
Thursday 25th: Thanksgiving day - Bro Bascom preached the sermon test "Oh Lord of Host blessed is the man that trusteth in thee" After church & dinner at Bro Offenbacks: Bro Bascoms. & Bro Tolivers also there: Attended a lawsuit tonight
Friday 26th: A pleasant day. Miss Terrill Maggie McCrary and the misses Rueeell her to tea. Attended church tonight Amelia and I going to take turns in posting this journal. Amelia commences tomorrow. My little Lillie is getting so attached to me - creeps to me as soon as I come into the house - She put my keys down through a hole in the Kitchen floor this evening - may the Lord make her a great comfort to us
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Saturday 27th: Tomp thinks I had better take turns with him writing. I dont think that I can make it interesting as I have so little for writing but I will try an write occasionly of the sayings and doings of the little folks. And of the big folks too. Tomp bought a team today at sheriff's sale paid $135.00 I finished Merle a suit of Opera flannel. Mrs. J Hutchison called Tomp and I went to Sister Bascoms for my Hat
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Sunday 28th: A very cold day. Elder Fuller preached this fornenoon & gave all denominations (except his own) a severe lecture. Attended S. S. at 3 P.M. Spent the rest of the day & evening at home
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Monday 29th: Well the children are settled at last to sleep. I read to them the ‘Old Arm Chair' by Eliza Cook. Tomp is up to Bro Bascoms making arrangements for a Christmas tree for the Sunday School. Jennie washed today. very cold fifteen degrees below zero last night
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Tuesday 30th: S. T. Hutchisons made glad by the birth of another daughter. Busy in the office - hired Mr. Davis to oil my harness. Eugene & Jennie R. gone up to bro Bascoms this evening

December 1875

[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Wednesday 1st: Mr. Purday butchered for us today. Mrs. Danforth & Mrs. Lewis called this afternoon.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 2nd: The women busy with the butchering. Bro Offengach working at my stable fixing it up for winter. Went to the prayer meeting tonight - only 3 church members out viz Mrs. Fox Mrs. Offengbach & myself
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Friday 3rd: Finished up our work today we have 16 gallons of Lard. we made sausage and have a nice lot of meat.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Saturday 4th: Finished up 2 land sales today total commission $36.00 The weather warm & mild - been threatening rain all day. I went up to the Parsonage this evening & sang awhile. Jennie gone to set up with Miss Terrill who is very sick
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Sunday 5th: Bro Bascom preached this morning. Tomp and the children have all gone to Sabbath School and Merle went to sleep with his Pa's hat on
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Monday 6th: Sold 120 acres of land today total commission $12. Bro Offenbackcommenced to build me a coal house. Amelia & I at the Parsonage this evening
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Tuesday 7th: I made s...l calls today. Commenced knitting merle a pair of blue mittens. weather colder.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Wednesday 8th: Mrs. Garrettson State lecturer of the Grange in town & gave a lecture at the church. Mr. & Mrs. T P Gregg here for dinner
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Thursday 9th: Mrs. M Carriston started for Chicago today
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Friday 10th: Charley Offenback had my team today - storming a little
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Saturday 11th: Quarterly meeting is held at Grant City - commencing today. Bro Williams took dinner with ... Jennie is going to meeting with Sister Bascom Tom and Elder Williams - working on the boys coats. I received a letter from Minnie Johnston an old friend. Merle three years old today. the boys treated him
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Sunday 12th: Elder Williams & I at Mrs. Lees for breakfast - Had a good meeting Elder Williams preached - text "What meanest thou oh sleeper" etc. took dinner at bro Deemers. Hennie sister Bascom & I came home this evening
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Monday 13th: A beautiful day. Tomp expected to go to Manson this morning but gave it up as Court begins tomorrow
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Tuesday 14th: Circuit Court in session. Judge Zuver presiding. P. F. Cox brought me a load of coal today. Barney also down with a load of Alecks goods - who moved down today. A very pleasant day
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Wednesday 15th: Did some shopping to-day - called on Mrs. Huff a nice day for Aleck's to get settled - pleasant to have them so near us.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 16th: About an inch of snow on the ground this morning but the wind rising soon scattered it growing colder all afternoon - tonight it is pretty severe - A picture car came to town this evening
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Friday 17th: Tomp and I attended the sociable at Mrs. Fox's quite a number of young people out. Electec new officers decided to have an oyster supper Christmas eve.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Saturday 18th: Still pretty cold – Mr. Gregg A N Jack & I went out to T. J. Smiths sale but did not stay very long - attended a meeting of the Grange this afternoon. F. E. Stevenson was elected master H W Sprague was elected Secretary & I was chosen Treasurer - Alecks folks spent the evening with us. Recd a letter from Father Jack today
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Sunday 19th: Bro Bascom is stil holding meetting at Grant. Bro Bishop preached in his place this morning. Lilly is not feelling very well she is cutting her upper teeth. The little darling is so dear to us all.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Monday 20th: Busy in the office Mr. Gregg who is to succeed me as county Treasurer came in & commenced to post himself on the duties of the office. Aleck also doing the same thing in the Auditors office
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Tuesday 21st: We have beautiful weather now. We are all busy these days getting ready for Christmas. I have been sewing on Cora and Neola dresses to-day.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Wednesday 22nd: Went with my team up to my Lake Creek farm today. Mr. Haverfield only raised 150 bu Oats 65 of Wheat & 15 of 20 bu corn. I brought home a load of Oats.
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Thursday 23rd: Jennie staying with Sister Bascom this evening. Tomp found his harness this morning badly cut up by some unknown person. Dr McVays also cut.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Friday 24th: All busy getting ready for Christmas Eve. had a Christmas tree at the church and afterward an oyster supper at Owens hall. I received a very nice Scarf on the tree. Amelia rec'd some vases & a pair of gloves Jennie a Bible & an ornamental basket. the boys each had a pocket book & some money in it. Had a very pleasant time at the supper
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Saturday 25th: Jennie got ready this morning to up to Mrs. Owens' but her Company failed to come We had oysters for dinner Mrs. Fox sent for me to go up there but as Jennie had gone out I could not go
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Sunday 26th Bro Bascom preached this evening from "God will help those that help themselves"
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Monday 27th: Washing as usual - Vacation this week the boys very busy playing ball. they found their rubber ball which they lost last summer. Tomp sent for the "youth's Companion" for the Boys a Christmas present.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Tuesday 28th: Very busy getting books etc in shape for final settlement. Attended the Sociable at Mr. Stevensons this evening
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Wednesday 29th: Warm pleasant weather. very I'm making a dress for my-self.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 30th: No prayer Meeting tonight. Busy Making tax Receipts as my time for that business will soon be over Mr. Gregg in the office with me these days.
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Friday 31st: Jennie and Sister McCullouch having their pictures taken this morning. cold today. Tomp working in the office these evenings

January 1876

[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Saturday 1st: Snowing briskly nearly all day - Amelia & I had an invitation to take supper at Mrs. Townsends but could not go
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Sunday 2nd: Bro Bascom preached this morning. I left Lillie with Jennie she thinks as much of her as she does of her momma.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Monday 3rd: The Board of Supervisors met today & the new county officers entered upon their official duties - I feel very thankful to God who has brought me safely through my 4 years as Treasurer - to him be all the praise
Tuesday 4th: Had my final settlement with the Board today & turned over the funds to Mr. Gregg
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Wednesday 5th: Jennie gone this week visiting. The Boys having a good time this pleasant weather they are trying very hard to be on the roll of honor
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 6th: A warm pleasant day - but getting very muddy. No prayer meeting tonight
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Friday 7th: Lillie has a very bad cold. crept up the kitchen steps into the room today. follows me in every time now.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Saturday 8th: Olin Looker from Ill came in today. Barney went home he having brought Aleck a load of coal
Sunday 9th: A very rough blustery morning. Olin Looker & I sang a good part of the day - attended S.S. at 3 in the afternoon. Bros Morse Offenback McCrary & I staid after school awhile to talk over controverted points. No preaching tonight
Monday 10th: Olin went down to Scotts today
Tuesday 11th: A nice warm day
Wednesday 12th: Jennie came home today about noon. Attended the Literary Society this evening & took part in discussing the question of "Are modern Amusements pernicious to good society" I of course was on the affirmative
Thursday 13th: Closed up 2 sales of land one of 160 acres & one of 40 acres. My share of the commission amounts to $31 25/100. Eugene had a birthday supper. No prayer meeting tonight
Friday 14th: A pleasant day - Father came down to see us today - he is still suffering from his broken arm - glad to see him for I have not had the privilege since July last
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Saturday 15th: Tomp and the boys had their pictures taken to-day - beautiful weather but very mudy. I made a dress for Merle today.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Sunday 16th: A very bright warm day - bro Bascom preached this morning from the text - "therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." I went up to Liberty appointment with him where he preached from the words "which hope we have as an answer to the soul both sure & steadfast etc"
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Monday 17th: Barney brought down some flour for us today also a fresh cow he takes up our old one
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Tuesday 18th: Storming a little this morning but cleared off before noon. Barney went home taking with him our red cow. Counted up my assets & find I have cash & Notes amounting to about $2000.
Wednesday 19th: Pretty busy in the office these days
Thursday 20th: Amelia not feeling very well this evening No prayer meeting tonight
Friday 21th: A pretty good day for fees & commissions received about $25 .00 for my share Rec'd a letter from Mary Jane & Cliff today
Saturday 22nd: Busy in the office till evening took Mr. Gregg part way home in the evening. Mary Russell & Mrs Russell here for supper
Sunday 23rd: Heard Rev Ellis preach this morning - Ella McCrary died about 6 O'clock this morning. went & did what we could to comfort the friends
Monday 24th: The funeral took place this afternoon Bro Bascom officiating
Tuesday 25th: Our little Lillie not very well. Considerable sickness about the county just now
Wednesday 26th: Jas Van Horne & family came down from Manson today also bro Barney & one of his boys. Mr. A. M East died this evening about 11 O'clock.
Thursday 27th: Attended the funeral today - had a very sudden change in he weather - turned very cold. called at McCrarys on our way home found Maggie & Brown some better
Friday 28th: Pleasant day again
Saturday 29th: Mr. Lesters sale brought a good many people to town - Our Lillie not getting any better I call Dr McVay this evening - Father also sick - Bro Bascom getting ready to go back to Indiana to see his father who is not expected to live - Amelia & Jennie both very near on the sick list
Sunday 30th: A child buried today. Jas Van Hornes went home today
Monday 31st: Bro Bascom started for Indiana this morning

February 1876

1st to 4th: Weather cold which is something unusual
Saturday 5th: Rev Adams an evangelist came in this evening & is getting ready to hold a meeting
Sunday 6th: Large congregation out to hear the evangelist who preached twice today
Monday 7th: Meetings increase in interest
Tuesday 8th: Many backslidden professors are getting to work & things look favorable for a revival
Wednesday 9th: Several have started to lead a new life. Father went home today with Barney
Thursday 10th: quite a company of us took dinner at Bro Morses today
Friday 11th: Meetings still growing better - some persons resolving every day to become Christians. rec'd a card from Bro Bascom today
Saturday 12th: Mr. Yates & wife down today & took donner with us - they went up to Mr. Greggs this evening
Sunday 13th: Meetings were full of interest today. many rose for prayers & spoke for Christ
13th to 20th: During this week meetings were held each day & evening. all professors jouned together in working for the salvation of the people over one hundred persons have professed a determination to live hereafter for the Lord. Bro Bascom came home Thursday a sister in law Mrs. Brown came with him from Indiana
Monday 21st: Elder Adams closed his labors here this evening. A very large congregation out
Tuesday 22nd: Bro Bascom is continuing the Meetings
22nd to 29th: Meetings still going on & the Spirit of the Lord still striving with & convincing the people. several have risen for prayers since Bro Bascom commenced viz Mrs. Hutchison A. N. Jack & wife T. J. Smith & wife Thos Callicott & Ira Knapp & Mr. Saulsbury

March 1876

Saturday 4th: Our Second Quarterly Meeting commenced today. Elder Williams failed to come so Bro Bascom had to carry on the Meeting himself
Sunday 5th: A disagreeable day - roads very bad etc but a fair congregation out to church
Monday 6th: A stormy day raining & freezing
Tuesday 7th: Had our first Sleigh ride for this winter today & the roads very icy & smooth
Wednesday 8th: Still working in the office for Mr. Gregg
Thursday 9th: A heavy rain fell & froze on the ground making it all a sheet of ice: boys skating on the sidewalks & on the streets Sleighing good if horses are sharp shod
Friday 10th: Pretty cold today - Bro John (Barney) came down today - bringing me a grist from the Fort Dodge Mill & some oats from my farm.
Saturday 11th: I am very busy in the office helping Mr. Gregg. Just finished our monthly report. Barney started home this afternoon. had a little talk with him this morning on the importance of living a Christian life. oh how I wish that all my friends would give themselves to the service of the Lord. Preaching tonight by Rev. Bradfield
Sunday 12th: Bro Bascom gave way this morning to Bro Bradfield - Five persons baptized by immersion in the creek near here this afternoon the water very cold as the ice is still in the creek & this is a very cold day. for my part I dont believe that the good Lord whose "yoke is easy & whose burden is light" ever instituted such a mode of baptism & commanded all men everywhere to observe it. Preaching tonight by Rev Bradfield.
Monday 13th: Finished up the most pressing of our work in the office today so that I think I will not have so much to do hereafter Received a new pocket book from Des Moines which I had ordered some time ago made of red calfskin & my name printed on it. Tommy took a great fancy to it so I promised it to him when I died - he said he did not want me to die for a long time & wanted the pocket book to be pretty old before he got it. What a loving family I have. May God bless & preserve them & save us all from sin is my daily prayer. Jennie Raymond sick this evening.

[new page: appears to be small scrap]
Leather Dressings
1 pint linseed oil
2 ounces beeswax
1 ounce Burgundy Pitch
1 table spoon campblack
Melt together over a slow fire stirring frequently. 3 or 4 successive coats of this mixture should be applied to new calfskin shoes and boots and a day allowed ... each.

Tuesday 14th: Dissolved the contract that I had with Mr. Saml Haverfield on account of his failure to plow as much as he agreed to last fall. Aleck & Maggie went to Des Moines today. All their children staying with us.
Wednesday 15th: Finished posting the books etc for Mr. Gregg having quite a snow storm this evening
Thursday 16th: Aleck came home today through a severe storm of snow
Friday 17th: The storm has subsided but the ground is covered with snow & ice.
Saturday 18th: A pleasant spring like day
Sunday 19th: Witnessed the baptism by immersion of 5 or 6 persons in Lake Creek today a hole having been cut through the ice for that purpose looked pretty hard to me.
Monday 20th: Mr. Gregg away to Fort Dodge so I am running the office
Tuesday 21st: Mr. Gregg returned today. Mr. Yates with him who has come down to attend court thawing considerable today
[following in Amelia's handwriting; margin note "Amelia says"]
Wednesday 22nd: This is the anniversary of our wedding day. ten years of happy wedded life. I thank the Lord for such a good kind loving husband. he surprised me with quite a number of presents at the breakfast table - a new dress a Fruit dish and a Gold pin wrapped in a twenty dollar bill and a number of other things with a treat for the children.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 23rd: Court convened today. I was on the Petit Jury for the first time in a good many years - The weather warm & pleasant
Friday 24th: Attending Court all day & till 10 oclock tonight
Saturday 25th: Made our last decision this morning & were discharged - Court adjourned about noon
Sunday 26th: Attended preaching this forenoon by Bro Bascom S.S. at 3 & preaching at night by Elder Burch. More immersions at the creek today in the icy water.
Monday 27th: Got up this morning feeling unwell went to the office but was obliged to come home in a little while. Went to bed & took a sweat & some of Dr. McVays medicine
Tuesday 28th: A beautiful Spring day although we had a very hard freeze last night. Still on the sick list. Amelia also having a sever head ache. May the Lord help us to so live that we gain that home "where sickness sorrow pain & death are felt & feared no more"
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Wednesday 29th: Very glad to write that Tomp is better today, went to the office this morning. he is looking very pale after his short sickness. the longest he has been sick since our marriage. I'm so thankfull for his good health. We rec'd a letter from Ruth today. Franklin Yates to dinner with brought us down potatoes. [sic]
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 30th: I worked in the office all day today
Friday 31st: The ground covered with snow

April 1876

Saturday 1st: A pleasant day. helping Mr. Gregg to make out his monthly report. Eugene sick tonight
Sunday 2nd: Attended preaching this forenoon by Elder Townsend S. S. at 3. P. M & preaching at night by bro Bascom. Snowing some today. Eugene some better
Monday 3rd: Sold 80 acres of land this morning. The snow melting very fast. Sent W T Condron $25
Tuesday 4th: Sold 40 acres of land today - one of my horses sick for a day or two
Wednesday 5th: Sorry to hear of Elder Russell being overcome by the demon strong drink today. Amelia & I went to the prayer meeting tonight. Lily cried a good part of the night with the ear ache as we supposed
Thursday 6th: A nice Spring like day. Eugene started to school again after an illness of 3 or 4 days. Nettie Russell & Mary Bishop took tea with us this evening. Settle with Richardson & Colicott for stove wood chopped by them for me during the winter. paid them $30 for 30 cords
Friday 7th: Working in the office. The Board of Supervisors has been in session this week & have hired me to correct the plat book Worked at it today.
Saturday 8th: folks all got a kind of epizootic I worked at the plat book about 1 hour recorded some for S. T. H this afternoon for which I rec'd $1.25
Sunday 9th: Preaching this morning by Bro Bascom from the words "What is man that thou at mindful of him & the son of man that thou visitest him" had class meeting after preaching. Reorganized our S. S. this afternoon H Morse elected Supt Mrs. Sacrider Asst. Darius Parker Secy. Minnie Russell Librarian. W. T. Smith chorister. raind this evening
Monday 10th: Worked on plat book this forenoon about 2 hours. H Morse & son A. N. Jack & I went on a fishing expedition today - Charles Morse & I stopped & fished at Mr. Bacons this evening H. Morse & Alex went on to Twin Lakes. Stormed tonight so that we were all obliged to seek shelter & went to bed.
Tuesday 11th: Went up to the Lakes this morning. Saw Brother Jesse & E. L. Hobbs fishing having no success fishing we drove down to Mr. Bacons again & helped him to make & put in a fish trap in his ditch which is in the edge of the creek. Bro Morse & I went back to the Lake but had no better success than before so went to bed at Mr Babcocks. Rained very hard this afternoon
Wednesday 12th: Came down to Bacons before breakfast found that the trap had caught during the night about 3 bushels of fish. Came home about noon - awful glad to get home found that S. T. H. my partner had sold 80 acres of land while I was away my commission over $12
Thursday 13th: Helped M.r Gregg this forenoon. Commenced snowing about 10 oclock & snowed all the rest of the day
Friday 14th: Miss Flinns School closed today the boys have learned very fast expecially Tommy who could not read when he started to School but now reads well in the bible and in his reader. I recorded awhile for Mr. Hutchison
Saturday 15th: Still recording some for Mr. H. made over $5 in this way the past two days Issued 2 marriage licenses. This is my 31st birthday that is I am thirty one years old today - how swiftly time flies. Am I growing in grace & knowledge as I grow in years? May the Lord grant that I may. Commenced reading a book tonight called "Tell it All" written by a Mormon woman.
Sunday 16th: At preaching this morning. Elder Bradfield preached - At S. S. at 3 was chosen Bible class teacher at preaching again tonight
Monday 17th: Recorded most of this day sent brother John $20 as a loan till Jany 1st Loaned Mr. Purdy $10 bought a $50 order given by Mr. Hotchkiss on the County printing due next fall of Clark Smith for $40.
Tuesday 18th: Finished the recording that Mr. H wanted me to do
Wednesday 19th: Working on the plat book today about all day
Thursday 20th: " " " " " " " Aleck & I sent $.60 to Olin Looker for apples
Friday 21st: Jennie went to the mill with some grain & had it chopped for feed - A warm day. H T. Curl came in from Glidden let him and bro Bascom have one of my horses to go up to Grant City. I worked about half a day on the plat book.
Saturday 22nd: A very nice day. A good many people in town attending Rail Road Meeting & School meeting finished up a Sale of 40 acres of land to F. Hueks. I worked only about 1/4 of a day at the Plat book. Bought me a pair of pantaloon at $7.00. Attended a R R meeting tonight
Sunday 23rd: Raining all morning Bro H T Curl agent of the American Bible Society is here the only persons at the 11 oclock service was Revs Curl & Bascom, Bros Morse & Williams & Tommy and myself. Had a small S. S. this afternoon Meeting tonight conducted by Bro Curl the Society reorganized & I was chosen Secretary
Monday 24th: A nice day. Attended the business meeting of the Bible Society this morning. Helped to make some abstracts till noon. Worked about 1 hour on the Plat book Recorded awhile for S T H this afternoon. Bro John came down today & took my team home with him to work awhile. Aleck & I rec'd a barrel of apples each which Olin Looker bought for us in Ill & sent us the barrels held about 3 1/2 bu & cost us $5.75 per bbl
Tuesday 25th: Recorded a Will & Mortgage for S T H rec'd $2.50 Sold (or rather gave returns on Haska sale) rec'd 7.00. Amelia got some roots & cuttings from Scott County
Wednesday 26th: Worked on the Plat Books today. Attended prayer meeting tonight. Thos & Maggie McCrary took dinner with us. S. T gone to Jefferson to attend a Railroad meeting. This is a very warm day.
Thursday 27th: Busy today in the Land business & Recording . Finished up an 80 acre sale to Mr. Shull. My commission $10 also got another sale under way - thought I was doing pretty well if I was late for dinner.
Friday 28th: Recorded awhile & answered some letters this forenoon. Worked all afternoon on the Plat Book. Called on Mr. Rollins this evening
Saturday 29th: Busy in the office & recording. Planted out in our lot 4 evergreens - six cherry trees 6 grape vines and a Dozen currant bushes
Sunday 30th: A chilly day - Amelia Eugene & I attended preaching of Elder Townsend this forenoon at S. S this afternoon. Preaching at night by Bro Bascom. Text Not by works that we have done but by his mercy he saved us by the washing of regeneration & the renewing of the Holy Ghost.

May 1876

Monday May 1st: Snowing this morning & continued to do so pretty near all day. I copied some papers for my Bishop. Had some sport with the boys this evening snowballing
Tuesday 2nd: A chilly day Worked on the Plat books this afternoon. Jennie sick today. Rec'd a letter from Bro Brown who is at Alta
Wed 3rd: Weather still chilly - worked about 3/4 of a day on the Plat Book. - answered Bro Browns letter Set out some pie plants near the Smoke house this evening. Amelia and I attended prayer meeting tonight
Thurs 4th: Snowing for an hour or so this morning. Worked on the Plat Book today. Our little Lillie did her first walking today - A wedding at Mr. Offenbacks this evening
Friday 5th: Wrote to Jesse & N L Root this morning. Helped Mr. Gregg about 1/2 day - J M Toliver & I went up & surveyed a Lot for Mrs. McCulloch. Miss Terrell here this evening
Saturday 6th: Worked on the Plat Book this forenoon. In the afternoon attended the Republican caucus which met to select delegates to the county convention to be held next Saturday. I was chosen one of said delegates. Raining nearly all day
Sunday 7th: Rained this morning till about 9 o'clock when it cleared off & Amelia & the boys and I went to church - Elder Burch preached at S. S. this afternoon
Monday 8th: Circuit Court convened today - A number of citizens in town on the Jury. The Herd started out today. Amelia hired Jennie for the season at $2 per week.
[margin note:] 31 weeks at $1.50 ... week ...arned to the present time $46.50
Tuesday 9th: Hired Ira Knapp & him & myself tore down my old stable & commence building another one.
Wednesday 10th: Working at the Barn
Thursday 11th: " " " " & helping to paper the house.
Friday 12th: Finished the Barn & made some side walks about the house
Saturday 13th: A warm day I attended the county convention at ... School House Was appointed one of the Delegates to attend the State Convention at Des Moines. A N Jack & I went up to Manson. I staid all night at Bro Jesses. Met Jas Smith there who I had not seen for 7 years - very glad to find Jesse & Celina earnest active christians - did not get to bed till after midnight
Sunday May 14th: In company with Jesse & E. L Hobb & wife I attended Quarterly Meeting at Greenfield Twp. Bro Greaton preached. Roads very bad stopped at P. F. Cox's where we all took supper had quite a shower this evening
Monday May 15th: Father, Al Drew, John & I rode around with the buggy today hunting maple trees found some at Uncle Greggs. I went over to Jas Van Hornes to night found Wm Lowe & family there who are on their way to Oregon.
Tuesday 16th: Will Lowe Aleck John & I went over to Uncle Greggs & dug & trimmed about 160 maple trees. Went back & staid at Van Hornes tonight. Amelia & Jennie made garden this evening over in Mrs. Orr's lots - (so they said)
Wednesday 17th: Will Aleck & John & I came down to my Lake Creek farm with my trees. Set out or rather pl...d in about ...60 maples & 50 plum trees. Came home this evening. Amelia & I at prayer meeting
Thursday 18th: Plowed some garden. planted some potatoes etc
Friday 19th: Will Lowe took my team up to Manson today. A very warm day - I worked in the office awhile.
Saturday 20th: Busy this forenoon collecting quarterage. Went to Quarterly Meeting at ... in the afternoon. Elder Williams preached after quarterly conference - we stopped at Mr. Earls & took supper
Sunday 21st: Amelia & I went to the meeting this morning. Had a very good Love feast. Elder Williams preached in town tonight & baptized Mrs. S... & Thos McCrary. Several joined the church today
Monday 22nd: Elder Williams with us for dinner today I worked on the plat Book this afternoon
Tuesday 23rd: Worked on the plat Book today. Will Lowe & family came down from Manson this evening
Wednesday 24th: Worked about 1/2 day on the Plat Book. Attended prayer meeting this evening
Thursday 25th: Will & Aleck & the boys & I all went a.. fishing in Com river and Oxenfords Mill. Eugene caught 2 pickerel & Tommie 4 cat fish or bullheads which wonderfully pleased them - We caught about 80 fish in all came home pretty tired. My receipts in the office today amounted to $5.50
Friday 26th: A very warm day. Cornelius (Will's oldest boy) sick today. called in Dr McVay Amelia rec'd some house & ornamental plants today by mail. Worked on the Plat book this afternoon
Saturday 27th: Worked on the Plat Book about 3 hours this forenoon In the afternoon I went out & measured some breaking for Mr. Twining. Amelia & the children ... along as far as brother Bishops when I came back there we all stopped there for supper. Came home & plowed the balance of our garden. Amelia set out some tomato plants that we got at Bishops.
Sunday 28th: Attended preaching this forenoon by Elder Townsend - S. S. at 3 - the hour of meeting of S. S. was changed by vote till 10 am had a light shower this evening
Monday 29th: Getting ready most of today to go to State Convention - Worked on the plat book about 3 hours this afternoon. Took a test vote in town today for President of the U. S. J. G. Blaine rec'd a majority
Tuesday 30th: Will & Angus Lowe went down with me to G...den today took dinner at the Dedrick House. Took the train at 12:00 & went down to A... where I got aboard the narrow guage - & rode to Des Moines where I arrived about sundown. Stopped at the Jones House
Wednesday 31st: A very warm day. Went and looked at the new State House which is only partly built - bought some things for the folks at home. attended the convention nearly all day and started for home at 7 oclock. came to Grand Junction where I staid till 3 1/2 oclock next morning

June 1876

Thursday 1st: Came to Glidden where I took breakfast at the Glidden House. Will & Angus came down about noon. Angus went on east. Will and I came home this evening
Friday 2nd: A very chilly cool day. Working in the office today. Helping Mr. Gregg with his settlement sheet in the afternoon. Went to see Mr. McKean this evening
Saturday 3rd: Helping Mr. Gregg today. still very cool. Will Lowe who has be ailing for some time took sick today & sent for Dr McVay. He is stopping at Alecks - Bro John down today with a load of corn for me
Sunday 4th: A very nice pleasant day - Bro Bascom preached four times today - a funeral & 3 regular appointments. Bro & Sister Deemer with us for dinner today.
Monday 5th: Helping Mr. Gregg all day - Amelia taking care of Lavina's children as Will is still sick. Jennie washing as usual - Tommie & Eugene at school & teasing me at noon to go with them to the creek this evening so that they can go swimming. Merle as usual claiming a ride on Pa's back to the ditch - Lilly running around everywhere & into all sorts of mischief- We ought to be a happy family
Tuesday 6th: Worked about 3/4 of a day on the Plat Book. Had a heavy wind & a light shower this forenoon. Loaned Mr. McKeen my single harness
Wednesday 7th: Finished up the Plat Book today. Settled with Mr. Gregg & received the balance due me for help since Jan 1st viz for Jany & Feby $200.00 for work done since $40.00 Bought 2 pigs from Thom McCrary for $9.00
Thursday 8th: Will Lowe well enough to walk over from Alecks to our house. Received of the county for work done on the Plat Book $30. Bro & Sister Clay came down from Manson & paid us a visit. In company with them we had a nice buggy ride this evening
Friday 9th: Clays folks started home this morning. Jennie & Sister McCullock took my team & went up to ... today. Mr. Knapps stable & sheds took fire & burned down
Saturday 10th: A nice shower this morning about daylight and a heavy rain in the afternoon. Wills folks stopping with us their children sick
Sunday 11th: At S. S. at 10 o'clock preaching morning and evening by Rev Bradfield Had a very pleasant sabbath afternoon at home. Rained more tonight
Monday 12th: Mr. Hutchison & I posting our Abstract books finished up 3 sales of land today My commission $23. Bought the first Strawberries I have seen this spring at 25 cts per qt
Tuesday 13th: Busy in the abstract business - Jennie went after gooseberries this afternoon got about 2 gallons. We all had a hand in picking them over
Wednesday 14th: A very warm day. Attended prayer meeting this evening-
Thursday 15th: Very warm till towards evening when we had a small shower. Mr. H & I finished up a sale of 80 acres of land my commission $12.50. Very cold tonight
Friday 16th: Continued cold so that we have to keep fires in the offices. Busy on our abstract books
Saturday 17th: Still so cold that are [sic] wearing their overcoats. Attended a lawsuit awhile this afternoon. Went up to Bro Bascom this evening & had a short "sing" bought a $1.00 Hymnbook & made a present of it to Lavina Lowe, Amelia's sister who is to start for Oregon next Monday
Sunday 18th: At S. S. this morning then preaching by Elder Adams. Bro Clow had a horse killed while going home by a board which blew from the roof of Wm Siffords stable striking him on the head & stunning the boy who was riding him. Elder Adams preached tonight.
Monday 19th: Still very cold. May God bless & protect my dear ones while I shall be away.
[following in Amelia's handwriting] A cloudy gloomy day. Will and lavina ... left today. It seems very lonely picking gooseberries this afternoon
Tuesday 20th: ... this ... . Mr. Adams called on me he ... today ... ... Bro & Sister Bascom called this evening
Wednesday 21st: The Boys are at school. Jennie is ironing and I am helping make a dress for her. We all miss Papa so much. my daily prayer is that the Lord may pr... and keep him and all our dear ones safely.
Thursday 22nd: Rec'd a letter from Tomp written in Chicago enroute for Pittsburgh - glad to hear from him.
Friday 23rd: ...y write these days - dre'c a letter from Mary Jane Chisholm working on my dinner dress
Saturday 24th: Merle asks often why papa don't come home and Lillie says "papa papa" and looks out at the door. Jennie and Maggie have gone for Gooseberries. I am keeping Maggies children
Sunday 25th: Jennie and the boys attended Sabbath School this morning. I attended preaching this evening by Bro Bascom.
Monday 26th: Jennie washing this morning. We have not been able to take any of our proposed rides. Dolly has been very lame. Doctor McVay is doctoring it. received letter from Tomp written from his Brothers
Tuesday 27th: Working in the Garden today sent a letter to Tomp hope he may get it promptly. The second one I have directed to Philadelphia.
Wednesday 28th: We think some of going to Manson on the fourth. Maggie is here sewing today. also Mrs McCullough - Jennie is sewing for her. Maggie and ... ... Mrs. ... also attended pray metting very late commencing led by Elder Townsend
Thursday 29th: Busy sewing for Lillie and Merle. Jennie and Mrs. McCullough went for Gooseberries cards to Tomp this morning
Friday 30th: Jennie canning gooseberrries. The children have vacation for a week or two - they are glad of a rest as it is very warm. Took dinner at Maggie's today very glad to receive two letter from Tomp. One written from Saltsburgh one from Altona expected to be in Philla on ... Hope he may have a pleasant time and enjoy himself and be brought safely ... ...

July 1876

Saturday 1st: Has rained hard all day. Jennie and I b... sewing. expected to send my last letter to Tomp. Genie had written one but it rained to hard for him to take it to the office.
Sunday 2nd: Stayed at home all day no preaching this evening
Monday 3rd: Alexs and all of us started for Manson this afternoon to spend the fourth and visit Mary. the rain came on us at the County Fair when we stopped for about two hours till it was over when we started again it was late when we got to Mary's.
Tuesday 4th: Dawned wet and Cheerless. Showers all the forenoon in the afternoon the sun shone out bright and pleasant we started for Manson where we found quite a crowd. I found most all our friends at Freburgers. had a pleasant time until we wanted to return home as a rain was coming on. Tommy was not to be found anywhere after quite a hunt. Lillie Cox brought him round he had lost track of us and supposed we had returned home he started to find us but gave that up and at last made his way through the mud back to town. Feeling thankfull for the protecting care that has been over us, we returned home. Raining all the evening.
Wednesday 5th: Pleasant today. had a good time in Mary's strawberry b... feeding the Children. Lillie had all she wanted for once. returned home in the afternoon. found that our house on the prairie had been struck by lightning on the ... fourth. the family occupying it being absent the cat and dog under the floor was killed.
Thursday 6th: Warm today. received a card from Tomp last night. worked in the yard this morning
Friday 7th: The mail has not come in since the fourth on account of the damage done to the railroad. Tomp has been so Good to write at least every other day since he went ... but we will all b... God to ... him safely home again.
Saturday 8th: No mail yet. very warm. hope "papa" is enjoying himself these warm days. ... ... he went an ‘awful long ways'
Sunday 9th: An Elder Logan a Diciple Minister commenced a series of meettings here today to continue a week or two
Monday 10th: Wrote a letter to T this, and received one from Tomp - very glad to hear that he is well. it was dated June 30. he is in company with Mr. Porock. sent us some m... haven't seen any since I used to gather on the hills of Penna. when a little girl
Tuesday 11th: Alk brought me two letters from Tomp one dated Philada one Washington so he is on his road home. I shall expect him in a few days. Merle was asking again when he would be at home. I told him by another Sunday he would be at home. he says "if we go to church now will he come home?"
Wednesday 12th: Sewing on the childrens clothes. Called on Mrs. Fox also cut a dress for Mrs. McCullocch received a letter from Tomp dated Moline
Thursday 13th: Mrs. Fox Mrs. Danforth and I visited at Mrs. Days. her Father and Mother visiting them from the eat a fine shower this afternoon. Jennie serving for Mrs. McCullock.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Friday 14th: Thank God for a safe return home. Arrived here by the stage today find my family all well and was met at the gate by Lille, Merle & Amelia. Spent the afternoon at the office answering questions about the centennial. Well it is a grand show & any one who goes will not regret it. Rained this evening
Saturday 15th: Spent the day in the office but did not get to do much.
Sunday 16th: At S. S. there heard Bro Bascom preach at 11 o'clock. Aleck & Maggie, Jennie Raymond W. Lewis Jas Owens Mina McCulloch Lewis Clow Mr. Wm Cook & Mrs. Sacrider were taken into the church. Maggie & Jennie & Lewis Clow were baptized by sprinkling & Mrs. Cook was immersed the Disciple minister baptized Mrs. Dr Stewart
Monday 17th: A very warm day. Worked some in the office. Some excitement over a challenge that the Disciple minister gave last night to the M E church but we think peace is preferable & so wish our minister to decline.
Tuesday 18th: Had a notice published in the Lake City Journal giving our reasons for not wishing to have a debate. Still very warm.
Wednesday 19th: Went out to Lake Creek with Eugene & Tommie who wanted to go swimming. No prayer meeting tonight
Thursday 20th: Went to Father Jack.
Friday 21st: Bro John & Jas Smith came down to day. John brought me a load of corn - Uriah & Jas Walsh also passed through on their way to Taylor County. I was out with Mr. Lewis to Thos Corr...
Saturday 22nd: John & Jas went home today. Family & I went out to Bro Clous this evening
Sunday 23rd: Raining this morning so that there was no Sabbath school. Elder Townsend preached at 11 - had sacrament after the sermon. We had a class meeting this afternoon but few were out still it was interesting Aleck Jack was out for the first time & took part in the meeting. Bro Bascom preached tonight
Monday 24th: A very nice day. took in on land sales as my share of the commission $30.50
Tuesday 25th: Aleck and I went out on cedar to see a piece of land - the E 1/2 S E 1/2 30-87-31 This evening with the whole family attended Prof Hayes great Expose of Spiritualism showed us how rope tying changing of clothes & a great many other tricks were done.
Wednesday 26th: Rec'd a letter from Will & Lavina from Oregon. At Prayer Meeting tonight but few out but had a good meeting.
Thursday 27th: Recorded some for Mr. Hutchison rec'd $3.50 for it
Friday 28th: Went out with a man to see some land. In the evning Jas & Uriah Walsh stopped with us they are on their way from Adams County
Saturday 29th: A very warm day. A vote taken today on the question of Incorporating this t... - the proposition was defeated as it deserved to be
Sunday 30th: At S. S. then preaching by Bro Bascom after which a short class meetings. Bro Bascom also preached this evening.
Monday 31st: Mr. Hutchison & I finished up a land sale today that gave us a commission of $29.50 each. it was a qr section of the Slevin land sol to Geo La... In the afternoon I took Bro Toliver out chicken hunting with my team. he shot 10 chickens & ... quail

August 1876

Tuesday 1st: This is Amelias 31st birthday or rather she is just 31 years old. Well she does not grow old in my heart. May God bless her & spare her to see many more birthdays.
Wednesday 2th: Went out this evening with Bro Toliver who shot us each a mess of prairie chickens. Busy in the office posting our Abstracts
Thursday 3rd: Eugene Tommie & I went up to Jesses this forenoon. After dinner Mr E. L. Hobbs & I went up to Manson - then we drove out beyond Twin Lakes to see my yearling colts which are there in the pasture. Staid at Jesse's all night
Friday 4th: Stopped at Bro Clays a short time also at my farm - then went over to Barneys where we staid for dinner- then to Pleases for supper came to Van Hornes in the evening Jas & I went up to Manson - staid at Van Hornes all night.
Saturday 5th: Drove to Manson for Father who is going down home with us - stopped at Jesses long enough to allow Mr. Leruhouts to prove up on his Homestead. this made it so late that we did not get to Lake City till after 3 o'clock. I then attended our 4th quarterly conference at the School House. Bro & Sister Hulses & Bro & sister here for supper. Rained pretty hard this evening. Sister Deemer remained with us all night.
Sunday 6th: Love feast in the church at 10 after this a good sermon from Elder Williams from the text "God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ". Our collection for the Elder was $17.00. Had the sacrament & another sermon by the Elder in the afternoon. Text "How can I curse where God hath not cursed". Elder McDaniel preached at the church this evening. Ruth Condron & family came up from Glidden this morning they having arrived there late last night. Elder Bascom went away to Warren County
Monday 7th: Mr. Hutchison went to Fort Dodge, so I am in charge of the Recorders Office in his absence
Tuesday 8th: A pretty warm day - I hunted up a payment of $10 that Robert had made to Mr. Sifford & never received any credit for it & got the money back and sent it to Robert
Wednesday 9th: Mr. H. came home this morning. Father is out cutting some hoop poles. Mr. Neirmeyer the blind man took supper with us - Attended prayer meeting this evening.
Thursday 10th: Quite a cool day - Ruth Amelia & the children and I took a buggy ride this evening. Rec'd a letter from Bro Clifford also some papers from Saltsburg
Friday 11th: Almost cool enough for frost this morning but became very warm about noon - Begin to hear of the grasshoppers being pretty close to us. Out riding again this evening
Saturday 12th: Father & Eugene & Mr. Stevenson took my team and went down to the Mill & river to fish. came home however without having caught any
Sunday 13th: Attended S. S. & preaching by Elder Burch in the afternoon I went out to Science Ridge S. S. & had a very pleasant time - gave them a little talk & ended by requesting them to set a time for the S. S. Picnic which they did viz Aug 31st. Rained a little this evening.
Monday 14th: Bought some ammunition for Hiram Scott & him & Bro. Toliver & I went out chicken hunting. hunted till after noon & only got 7 chickens. came home & found Bro Jesse & E. L. Hobbs here they having come down on business. Mr. Hobbs & Mr. Gregg took my team & went down to Mr. Jacobs this evening
Tuesday 15th: Father Jesse & Mr. Hobbs went home today Ruth & family stopping with us
Wednesday 16th: Very warm till about 5 o'clock when we had a pretty hard rain – Mr. Offenback & Charley, away with my team brought us 4 prime chickens
Thursday 17th: Still very warm. I recorded awhile for S. T. this evening Rained nearly all night
Friday 18th: Ruth and family stopping with us. I had to whip Tommie this morning for tearing Eugenes sock on purpose. It grieves me to do it but Solomon say chasten thy son while there is hope and let not thy soul spare for his crying. May the Lord give us wisdom to train up our dear children. Paid Jennie Raymond $20 which squared this account till Aug 14th The great army of grasshoppers made their appearance today about noon - the air up as high as the eye can reach is full of them thick as swarming bees - a great many passed over but enough stopped with us to destroy the garden & corn crops if they stay long enough. They have made a very ravenous commencement. Ruth & Maggie took my team & with their children went up to Manson
Saturday 19th: Grasshoppers are making sad work on the corn fields & gardens No wonder that farmers are looking blue. Today I filed my bond to act as Deputy Recorder while Mr. Hutchison goes to the Centennial. Had 4 instruments come in for record this afternoon
Sunday 20th: At S. S. and preaching by Elder Townsend. Met at 4 PM to make arrangements for Singing exercises for the Picnic.
Monday 21st: Mr. Hutchison left this morning. Mrs. J J Hutchison & family accompanied him to Ohio. Rained his afternoon & evening
Tuesday 22th: A great hunt today in which most of our citizens took part. some men shot over ...0 birds (chickens & ducks) each the whole party took supper at the American House. Ruth & Maggie came home from Manson. I am kept very busy in the Office. Mrs. Orr & Peter Smith married tonight
Wednesday 23rd: The Grasshoppers are still here and are busy depositing their eggs in the ground. The air is full of them today passing over. Mr. Neirmeyer the blind man here for supper & gave us some very nice music on the Melodeon. Hennie & the boys out after plums with the team got nearly a bushel. Our boys Tommy & Eugene are tired going to school and we hardly know whether it is best to compel them to go or not.
Thursday 24th: Made $8 worth of Abstracts today. A great mony of the grasshoppers went away today. so that people begin to breathe easier. A great many of their eggs in the ground. Mr. Neimeyer had a concert at the church tonight which we all attended.
Friday 25th: Mr. Wise down from Lincoln today. I loaned him $150.00 A Match game of base ball between the Lake City & Sac city clubs today. I worked in the office awhile tonight recording
Saturday 26th: A very nice day - the Delegates met at the School House to make arrangements for the S. S Picnic
Sunday 27th: S. S in the church - Preaching at the School House by Bro Bascom. Albert Pangborn Thos & John McCrady were baptized & taken into full connection also H. J Sturges was taken in.
Monday 28th: Very busy in the Office Recording
Tuesday 29th: " " " " " Meet every evening now to practice for the Picnic
Wednesday 30th: Attending to Mr. Greggs duties as he is away to the Congressional Committee at Fort Dodge
Thursday 31th: Rained this morning a little while then cleared off & we had a nice day for the Picnic - Ruth out with us. Amelia Merle & Lily did not go. Bro & Sister Brown with us this evening to tea.

September 1876

Friday 1st: Called this morning about daylight to see Mr. Greeg who is very sick. Had to take his place in the office. Therefore very full of business
Saturday 2nd: Our little Lillie not very well these days. She is such a sweet little girl - blue eyes golden curly hair & a fair complexion. is just beginning to talk some can say Papa Mama Merle, Gene, Catty, pig, cow
Sunday 3rd: At S.S. this morning Preaching by Elder McDaniel. his farewell sermon he said at 11 Bro Brown preached this evening They staid with us tonight
Monday 4th: The Board of Supervisors met today. Had a long talk with Bro Miller this morning about political matters in the county. Had a heavy rain this evening
Tuesday 5th: Received my commission as Notary Public. Made 6 abstracts this evening for W Lewis
Wednesday 6th: W. Lewis called away today by the death of a relative so I went over and visited Mr. J. H. Lumpkin in the Post Office - Bro Brown spent the evening here
Thursday 7th: Rained a good part of today. Bro Brown started home this morning.
Friday 8th: Raining nearly all day. the Board of Supervisors adjourned today. I received my Notarial Seal today Loaned Bro Miller $100 for a short time. J D Saggin $30 & had to refuse Mr. Stevenson who wanted $60 as I did not have it to spare.
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Saturday 9th: Raining most of the day Ruth is here with her children
Sunday 10th: Bro Bascom preached this morning and evening at the School house
Monday 11th: Washing to day as usual in the afternoon Jennie and Ruth went out to Mr. L... after Butter I am making a picture of ... for the mottot Mrs. Orr gave me
Tuesday 12th: raining again today a hard storm last night
Saturday 16th: Has been raining nearly every day this week. Ruth is still here is looking for Will Tomp is very busy these days in the office Recording. Had several callers today Vera Birdwell Mina Hinkley Mrs. Rollins ... Mrs. McVay.
Monday 18th: Arrived yesterday and today Will Condron and Cousin Maggie Jack came last night. the rain and bad roads had detained them
Tuesday 19th: Still raining some ... day. Tomp brought home some beautiful g... quite a treat to us all. School closed last Friday the boys are trying to raise the potatoes out of the mud. they was rotting very badly. PaPa gives them 5 cts a bushel for digging them. Jennie made plum butter today
Wednesday 20th: A bright clear morning Ruth & Will here last night
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 21th: Wills went up to Manson today to visit Van Horne.
Friday 22th: A clear day very busy in the office. This week I have finished up 2 or 3 small land sales - my com. over $20
Saturday 23rd: A busy day in town. Will & Ruth came back this evening - Had a little Sing at Bro Bascoms tonight
Sunday 24th: At S. S. at 10- Preaching in the School House at 11- by Bro Bascom - Missionary collection today Amelia & I gave $15 which is no more than we ought to give for the cause is a good one and the Lord has abundantly blessed us. Preaching tonight
Monday 25th: Weather still fine - Political pot which has been simmering for some time time begins to boil. Rollins & Toliver formally went into partnership today. Ruth busy getting ready to start home tomorrow
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Tuesday 26th: A beautiful morning for them to start home they expect to arrive home tomorrow evening
Wednesday 27th: ... McGiver and Maggie here to tea Jennie making h... butt...
Friday 29th: Mr. Hutchinson came home to day Tomp will now be relieved of the care of his office
Saturday 30th: Has been cold for two days. Tomp is helping Mr. Gregg compare his tax lists today did not get through till late to night. Stella Offenback started for Chicago yesterday with Mr. Birdsells who go to the Centennial.

October 1876

Sabbath 1st: We had our first frost last night a heavy one. no preaching today. Sunday School attended by Tomp and the children. Moody and ... commenced their services in Chicago today
Monday 2rd: Tomp is bidding off the tax sales today. Jennie and I invested a small amount. Lillie is not very well I went over to see Cora this afternoon who has an attack of pneumonia
Tuesday 3th: Commenced cleaning house today painted the Kitchen floor. Eugene and Tommy picking Walnuts at Mr. Harris's.
Wednesday 4th: Tomp very busy these days. Lille is not very well. The children are enjoying plenty of apples now. Tomp brought some of ... at one dollar a bushel the cheapest we have ever had them here. Tomp and I went to the store. Barney came at about bedtime to see Tomp
Thursday 5th: Cold and Cloudy today has been cold all week
Saturday 7th: An exciting day in town at least for Office Candidates. The township Congress was held this afternoon the two competing candidates for Recorder was Tomp and J Bradt. Bradt had 38 votes Tomp 47. Ja...k... i...ated for him. So we feel almost certain he will be nominated.
Sunday 8th: Bro Bascom preached this morning. A ... preacher this afternoon and evening.
Tuesday 10th: papering the bedroom. Tomp and the boys digging Potatoes.
Wednesday 11th: Finished cleaning. Tomp went out into the country and brought home a load of Pumpkins and squashes
Thursday 12th: Tomp Eugene Jennie and Mrs. McCrdlock have gone down in the ... for Grapes. We are having beautiful weather.
Friday 13th: Tomp and Eugene started for Conference this morning. It is held at L...more We thought it would do Eugene good to attend. I am making a hu...k bed for the boys with Tommys help. Jennie is grapes, and Lillie helps eat them.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Saturday 14th: (Tomp says) We started from Van Hornes this morning and about noon the train arrived at Le Marr. Stopped at Bro Rogans where we found Bro Bascom & wife & Bro & Sister Brown - Attended the Session of Conference this afternoon - at night J. T. Walker & J. H. Lozier lectured on Temperance in a large Hall. Eugene is highly pleased with his visit & is enjoying himself very well. Met Bro & Sister Whitfield Bro Curl & a great many of my old acquaintances. I was nominated for Recorder today at the county Convention (Republican)
Sunday 15th: Bishop Forster preached at 10 1/2. Text for without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness. J. A. Potter preached in the afternoon. Missionary lecture tonight by Bishop Foster
Monday 16th: Came down to Manson. Staid at Thos Greggs
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Tuesday 17th: Papa and Eugene and Grandpa came home this afternoon. all glad to see them. Bro Bascom came home with them. ... who are returned another year May the blessing of the Lord rest upon them and their work. Sister Bascom received the sad news on her arrival of the death of another Sister Miss Ella Brown. The second within three weeks.
Wednesday 18th: Court in session this week. Ples Cox stopping with us come Monday morning Tomp is working very busily in the office
Thursday 19th: Mrs. A. D. Moon ... called this morning finished making very nice ... today
Saturday 21th: Grandpa went home today with Barney and James Walsh who brought down a load of ... last night. Jennie sick with a sore Throat and fever and not very well myself
Sunday 22th: Jennie is not very better sent for Dr McVay. Mrs. Foxx called on her way down to Williams whose children are very sick with Diptheria. Bro Bascom preached today.
Monday 23th: Monday. Jennie is some better today. Tomp went out with some men this morning to look at some land which they think of buying has been gone all day.
Tuesday 24th: Tomp sold some land today. Commission $6.00 I am knitting on a pair of stockings for Merle who is going to do a great many things for Mama when he gets a little bigger he is very willing to help now. I hope he may always be as loving and affectionate as he is now.
Wednesday 25th: Mrs. McCullogh washed for us today. Our little Lillie is learning to talk very fast tries to say most every word we tell her too said ... all the letters after her papa she thinks so much of him as they all do for that matter . as they have much reason too for they have such a good kind father
Thursday 26th: Tomp and the boys went down to the timber to chop wood this afternoon. Merle tried to drink off of a log that was in the water and fell in the water was not deep but he bore it bravely his papa picked him up wrapped him in blankets and drove Rapidly home with him he was thoroughly chilled when he got home.
Friday 27th: Both of Mr. Williamses children lying dead.
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Mr. Williams 2 children buried this afternoon. Rev Logan preached the funeral sermon. Rec'd 2 Barrels of Apples from Bro Clifford & bought one of Mr. Sprague
Sunday 29th: A very pleasant day- About 6 oclock P.M. a little stranger our 4th son was born - Dr. McVay & Mrs. Fox were here as Assistants. Presiding Elder Mitchell preached at the School House this evening & Logan (Disciple) at the church
Monday 30th: A very fine day
Tuesday 31st: This morning we were made sad to hear that Miss Mattie Purdy was brought home dead. She had been living at Rogans in LeMarr & was sick but a few days - Her friends take it very hard - Bro Bascom preached the funeral sermon A very affecting time.

November 1876

Wednesday 1st Another funeral today this time it is a man over a hundred years old. Commenced raining about noon & in the afternoon turned to snow snowed about an inch Bro & Sister Rogan here for dinner.
Thursday 2nd: Roads wet & muddy as the snow that fell has melted. I commenced sending out Statements of 1876 tax to land owners today. Amelia seems to be getting along very well. I brought Eugene & Tommie each a pair of boots this evening.
Friday 3rd: A Disciple preacher (Mr. Logan) holding meetings every evening at the church this week.
Saturday 4th: Banking up my house today. In the evening a couple of men came down to inform me of the death of Jesses "Willard Thompson" who died this morning of Diptheria.
Sunday 5th: Started pretty early this morning & arrived at Jesses about half past 10 A.M. Rev Gleason preached the funeral discourse at the house. After the funeral I went over to see Chss L. Jones who is not expected to live - received his injuries by falling from a wagon. Took dinner at Barneys. Pleas & Florinda also there. Barney then brought me over to Jesses where I staid all night.
Monday 6th: Very cold & disagreeable today - came home about 3 oclock found Amelia & the children all well.
Tuesday 7th: General Election day. Everything passed off quietly here some little excitement over the question of the removal of the county seat. Attended a Lecture this evening at the school House by a Mr. Favour Subject Light & Heat - very interesting
Wednesday 8th: Election return begin to come in from other parts of the county. The county seat is to be moved to Rockwell. I was elected Recorder. I went to the timber this morning with Mr. Knapp - In the afternoon I went out to Mr Jacobs & to mill. Maggie McCrary here today
Thursday 9th: Great excitement & anxiety to hear the Election News the reports thus far are very conflicting one day we hear that Hayes is elected President & the next that it is Tilden. Maggie Jacks brothers came in on a visit
Friday 10th: Such splendid weather as we are having. Working in the Office. Jennie took Maggie McCrary home with my team this afternoon.
Saturday 11th: Hauled some wood that Jack Knapp chopped for me. Ira Knapp plastered some broken places in the kitchen. Alecks folks & Maggie brothers here for supper.
Sunday 12th: Cold today. Bro Bascom preached at the School House this evening. Rev Logan Disciple Minister preached at the church & closed his meetings. Dr Stewart T P Gregg & others joined their church
Monday 13th: Busy in the Office Board of Supervisors in session
Tuesday 14th: Hired Mr. Dempsey to go up to the place for a load of corn
Wednesday 15th: Mr. Griswold & I out surveying today on sec 18-87-33. Mr. Knapp butchered our 2 hogs today
Thursday 16th: A pleasant day. This evening we held a prayer meeting at the School House but few out
Friday 17th: Made our sausage this forenoon
Saturday 18th: Snowing some & blowing pretty cold Bro Bascom & I went to Grant City this afternoon. Stopped at Bro Deemers where we found our new Presiding Elder. L. Hartrough Attended the Quarterly Conference & preaching afternoon & evening
Sunday 19th: A very pleasant day - had a very good Quarterly Meeting. Came home this afternoon & expected Elder H. to preach this evening but there being an appointment for a Baptist minister at the church we all attended there.
Monday 20th: Amelia Merle & I took dinner at Bro Bascoms today. Bro B. the Elder & Bro J M Toliver all went in the Stage to Fort Dodge to attend the Dist. Conference
Tuesday 21st: Our little baby growing finely. we have named him Wilmot Thompson. Our Lillie is a very sweet little blue eyed golden haired (curls) girl & Merle is one of the fattest jolliest boys that can be found. Eugen & Tommie go to School & are good boys
Wednesday 22th: Bro John down with a load of coal for Aleck
Thursday 23rd: Bro Bascom & Toliver came home today. I gave a Note into the Attorneys hands for collection. the first in my life. I offered to give the parties time on it if they would secure me but they refused to do it finding it in the Attorneys hands they confessed . Judgment & had a Stay bond filed which gives them six months. At prayer meeting tonight but few out
Friday 24th: Busy writing letters today Rec'd a letter from Bro Clifford
Saturday 25th: A very pleasant day. Amelia Merle Lillie & I took a buggy ride out to Pond Grove. Nothing definite known yet as to the result of the Presidential Election - it all seems to hinge on the vote of Lousiana and that is so close that they have to wait until the vote is canvassed before they know how the vote stands. Had a nice ride this morning.
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Sunday 26th: Tomp and the boys and Jennie attended Sunday School this morning. Mr. Parker has been elected superintendant. Tomp has charge of the Bible Class. Bro Bascom preached in the evening at the School house on "Politics in the pulpit"
Monday 27th: James Smith and Mr. Putnam here for dinner returned to Manson in the evening
Tuesday 28th: Mrs. S T Hutchison called this morning to invite us over to take Thanksgiving dinner with them but we had previously been asked over to Alex's. Eugene has commenced to study History. his Papa ... him in the evening also Tommie Arithmetic to encourage them he give them five cts for every perfect lesson
Wednesday 29th: Has been snowing all day
[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Thursday 30th: Thanksgiving day. the first real cold day we have had this season. Elder Townsend preached at the church. Bro Bascom is away marrying a couple. By invitation we took dinner at A. N. Jacks had a very fine turkey for dinner. T P Gregg dined with us. Prayer Meeting night. Nobody out to the meeting but Jennie and I. Very cold tonight

December 1876

Friday 1st: Bro Barney down today with a load of coal for me
Saturday 2nd: Barney went home today. Times are getting very hard. I have today had 4 or 5 applications for small loans - but I have accommodated men who are needy until I have my money all out. So few men that are living within their income
Sunday 3rd: Bro Bascom preached at the School House at 11. After preaching he organized the first M E Sabbath School ever held in Lake City. E S Clow was elected Superintendent Mrs. Sacrider Asst Supt. Albert Pangborn chorister & W T Smith Sec'y & Librarian
Monday 4th: Weather pleasant - busy sending out tax statements
Tuesday 6th: Rec'd a letter from Byron Ellis informing me that he had left the country & desiring me to come up to his place & get what he owed me. Drove to Pomeroy this evening stopped at the Morrell House
Wednesday 6th: Went over to Mr. Ellis. found Mr. Miller & Mrs. Ellis there & I was told to go into the yard & take cows enough to satisfy my claim. I took 9 cows at $22.45 per head. Went over to Jesses & James this evening staid at Jesses all night
Thursday 7th: Jesse & I went out to Ellis's for the cows. found a purchaser for them however at $22.78 per head on time. Took dinner at E. L Hobbs & came home in the evening
Friday 8th: The coldest day of the season thus far
Saturday 9th: Weather moderated a little but still pretty cold
Sunday 10th: Our Sabbath School met today at 1 oclock. 52 persons present. organized our classes & appointed committees to prepare for a Christmas Tree. Bro Bascom preached tonight
Monday 11th: Worked in the office today. Bro Offenback fixed up my Stable today & is to have a Stall therein for his cow. Heard some Bell ringers at the School House this evening
Tuesday 12th: I went out with an Irishman by the name of Quinn to look up some land. broke the Spring of my buggy - found land to suit him. came home & found that my partner Mr. Hutchison had taken in $18.00 for Abstracts I rec'd $9.25
Wednesday 13th: A very pleasant day. got my buggy fixed & worked in the office. In the evening worked on some of Aleck's Assessors books
Thursday 14th: Amelia & I went to prayer meeting together tonight. the first time for a long time
Friday 15th: Working in the Office. Had a very severe wind storm tonight - very cold
Saturday 16th: Still very cold
Sunday 17th: Bro B. preached at 11- Had our S. S. immediately after Mrs. Sacrider acting as Asst Supt
Monday 18th: Court convened today so there are a great many people in town. Mr. Yates here for supper. Music committee to make preparation for Christmas Festival met at our House tonight. A Committee from the Union S. S. called on us and talked over the matter of having the Schools unite in their Supper & Tree but failed to come to any agreement.
Tuesday 19th: A pleasant day - Court adjourned at noon. Bro Thos Miller took dinner with us today. Bought some presents to send to Bro Clifford. A pair of gloves also a Bible for him & one for Bro Jesse & one for Bro John
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
Wednesday 20th: Commenced working on my dress today that Tomp bought me in Philadelphia. Tomp is practicing Christmas pieces at Mr. Campbells. Mrs. Campbell is to play for us at the Christmas tree. Jennie and Maggie McCrary stringing popcorn at Mr. Scotts
Thursday 21st: I had a nice ride today with Tomp we went out to Mr. Roders after some wheat I made a call on Mrs. Overacher
Friday 22nd: Jennie and Maggie busy making ornamental trees for the supper table they ... at Dr McVays
Saturday 23rd: Tomp is very busy these days in helping Alex with hsi Assesssor Books we are up our baking today for the oyster supper to be given for the benefits of the sabbath school.
Monday 25th: A pleasant winter day. The ground is covered with snow . The childrens presents that we sent for did not come in the mail today. so we must get them something else. The death of Mr. Lewis's child this morning throws a gloom over us all. So many children have died lately with diphtheria. We feel so thankful that it has not entered in our family yet. our prayers and sympathy went for the bereaved and suffering. The children hung up their stockings last night as usual we put some nice candies in reserving their presents for the Christmas tree.
Tuesday 26th: We all went last night took all the children baby Wilmot behaved very nicely at his first Christmas. Lilly was a little lady she rec'd a picture book a doll and a table sett. knife fork and spoon. Tommie a Stereoscope and pen knife Merle a sled, one book Eugene a pair of skates also a knife. Tomp a pair of slippers. Slipper Case from Sister Bascom and ...islets. I rec'd a Spice hanging basket from Jennie which is very nice and a glass dish and skirt Jennie a dish scissors and pin Barney came down with a load of coal this evening.