Submitted by Merleen Gholdston, great-granddaughter of William, prior to 2012.

Family Journal of William Thompson Smith & his wife Nancy Amelia (Jack) Smith

Part II: 1870 - 1874

January 1870

30th: Staying at Fathers yet D... ... taxes $...1 and settled up my ..., ... ... bills which amounted to $15. also paid $20 to Fluharty and M... on my stock bill

March 1870

7th: Came home from School this evening. Mother still pretty low and weak so Amelia remains with her. Had a lot of emigrants stay with me to night. Awful cold night
8th 9th 10th and 11th: at home every evening
12th: A cold stormy day. Made warm biscuit for my breakfast. Posted up the Town Record and wrote to E. C. Allen and Co. Went down to fathers and staid all night
13th: Came home with my team today. Snowed tonight
14th: Waded through the snow to school this morning. About 3 o'clock the wind commenced blowing very hard from the Northwest. Snow flying very thick so that it was with great difficulty that Farends boys and I got home. My cow came in this evening. such a storm night that I brought the calf into the house.
15th: Storm still continues. Snow flying so thick all day that a person could not see any distance. My fuel gave out so I had to go to Mr. Farends and borrow. Mr. Crocker came over with me and staid all night. The hardest storm today I ever saw
16th: Still storming some but not near as hard as yesterday. I staid at home today. Wrote to ...
17th: Had School today. Weather warm but snow pretty deep.
18th and 19th: School. went down to see Mother and Amelia Saturday evening staid all night Mother very restless
20th: Snowing & blowing today. I came home this evening
21st: The last day of my School a good many of the parents out today to visit the School. All seemed very well pleased and the scholars read their Compositions and spoke their pieces very well. How thankful I am to God that he has given me such success in my labors. A very heavy fall of snow this afternoon. A widow woman and little girl & ... staid with me all night
22nd: At home today cleaning out Stables & doing chores. Went and borrowed some coal from Wm Root. A young man with me all night
23rd: Wind in the South thawing a little. Father came over this evening to tell me they were out of coal & to get me to go for a load for them. I went home with him left my Register at Mr. Goulds
24th: Borrowed J. Van Hornes sleds and started for the coal bank. very poor sleighing. arrived at the bank at night
25th: Ebenezer Cooper here for coal so I concluded to go home by his road found the sleighing much better. got to Will Lowes by 3 o'clock so I concluded to make another trip from here tomorrow. staid all night at Wills
26th: Raining a little this morning but we pulled out about six o'clock two other teams joined us on the road but on getting to the bank found no coal for me had to wait about four hours and in consequence did not get back to Wills till dark so I was compelled to stay all night again much as I disliked to drive home Sunday morning
27th: Sunday. Froze some last night so that the Sloughs are awful after about four hours hard work I reached fathers. Mal coming to take care of Mother for a few days we all came home this evening. Very glad to have my dear little family home once more
28th: Recd a draft from Uncle Jas for $75.00 to put up a house for father Jack
28th: At home today. getting a grist ready for Mill
29th: Went to Fort Dodge today. Mr. Farend and I witnesses on a contest between the Swamp land Co and Aleck they claiming the N 1/2 of his 80. Snowed till about 2 o'clock very disagreeable. after transacting our business at the Land Office I went and settled up with Furlong and Mulroney paying them what I owed. bought Eugene a new pair of boots and myself a hat. Went from the Fort to the Coal bank where I staid all night
30th: Loaded up and started for home. the roads getting pretty bad in places at noon Mr Yates overtook me so we came along together. our wagons cut through the ice in a big Slough about six miles from home I got mine out but Mr Yates breaking the tongue of his we had to leave it sticking there. We had to wade around in the cold ice water for nearly half an hour which was not very pleasant. I arrived at home again dark. horses and myself very tired.
31st: About home fixing up stable etc. etc.

April 1870

1st: Weather dull and cloudy. moving some of my corn
2nd: Thawing very fast. Will and Lavina came to make us a visit this evening staid all night
3rd: Sloughs all full of water so I did not go to the School house to meeting. Will and Lavina staid with us till evening.
4th: Sold some Corn to Bro John today. took Amelia down to Mothers again and brought Mal home
5th: At home oiling my harness. Clifford over after some corn with him Jas Gregg and John McConnell who came from Illinois a day or two ago. I wrote a letter to uncle Jas Jack
6th: Went up to our new town today. it consists at present of two small grocery stores one blacksmith shop and the Rail Road Depot. The Yatesville Post Office moved there a few days since. Mr. Glover P.M.
7th: Commenced sowing Oats today the high land in pretty good order
8th: Sowed oats a short time harrowing the rest of the day rather lonesome without my dear Amelia and the boys
9th: harrowing at my oats. Amelia came home this morning. I planted three rows of Onion seed this evening
10th: I went down to see Mother who is still very poorly but gaining a little from there to preaching bro Preston came home with me and staid all night. Robt and Ellen over to see us today.
11th: Attended a Trustees Meeting at the School house today. Bro John here this evening for seed wheat
12th: Sowing and harrowing in wheat. wind blowing hard
13th: Harrowing till afternoon. Plowed the garden and set out some Beets Parsnips Turnips etc for seed
14th: Amelia and I drilling Onion seed this forenoon I took bro Harveys wheat home Amelia went with me to fathers turned in very cold and disagreeable this evening did not get home till after dark lost my hat on the way home
15th: My 25th birthday. May the Lord give me wisdom that as the years glide away I may continually be laying up my treasure where the saints never grow old but are forever with the Lord. The first thing this morning
15th (continued): went and looked up my hat then up to the Station awhile. At home this evening.making out a Road Tax List today very cold the ground froze some last night
16th: Snowing & blowing I went over to Uncle Greggs and traded some grain 8 Bu Corn & 4 Bu Oats for a pig. Met Robert who had been to my house and got eight bushels of wheat.
17th: Sunday. Went to the School house to hear Bro House the Congregationalist Minister but he failing to come Bro LeDue preached I took dinner with Bro Radley & staid for Union S. S. then went to see Mother
18th: Uncle Gregg brought my pig home & got his grain. I finished sowing wheat. Father Jack & Maggie arrived today.
19th: Finished harrowing wheat then I went up to the Station & bought a new plow garden rake, Hoe, etc
20th: Finished sowing Onion seed, Father Jack came to see us staid with us all night. tried my Plow
21st: Amelia, her Father and I went to see Mother this morning, found her but little better helped Father to make some garden. after dinner came home and worked in our own garden. planted onion sets, Lettuce, Beans etc
22nd: Went over to Bro Prestons today got some Pie plant roots, Strawberries, Currants slips. Gooseberries Willows etc
23rd: Set out some of my shrubbery this morning. Attended a meeting of the Trustees in the afternoon
24th: Attended Union S. S. Went down & saw Mother
25th: Had Geo Peak helping me set out willow cuttings etc
27th: Plowing for Oats
28th: Sowed my oats today
29th: Finished harrowing Oats. Clifford came over and informed us that Mother was aworse. I went up to the Station & got some ... trees and shrubbery came home & set them out rained a litttle this evening
30th: Planted some early Potatoes some cuttings of balm of gilead & Poplars beet seed etc. Aleck & wife here this evening.

May 1870

1st: Amelia and I went down to see Mother. I went to preaching had a short class meeting after the sermon
2nd: Mr. Crocker came here to board Plowing for corn. Amelia planted some flowers went down to see Mother and staid all night
3rd: Up this morning a 4 went down to Wm Lowes for some seed corn came home by Mr. Jones's where I bought five bushels of Potatoes. This evening planted some Sugar Cane and Sweet Corn
4th: Went to Lake City today on town business Came home this evening. Bro Clay plowing for me
5th: Plowing for corn, commenced raining about 10 o'clock A. M. a very heavy shower
6th: Drizzling nearly all forenoon. I built a Pen for my Pig. Planted a few Potatoes Plowing & harrowing the rest of the day
7th: Plowing for corn
8th: Heard bro House preach. Amelia and all of us down at fathers went from there to Mr Closes to prayer and Class Meeting
9th: Sister Florinda arrived today from Ill. came to take care of Mother. very glad to see her
10th: Marking out my corn ground
11th: Planting. Seymo.. Farend plowing for me
12th: Planting corn
13th: Clifford helping me to harrow & mark our corn ground. Attended a Trustee meeting the evening
14th: Planting corn till noon. then went ot Preaching & Quarterly Conference
15th: A beautiful Sabbath. bro Todd the P. E. preached two splendid sermons. had our little Tommy baptized this evening
16th: Finished planting corn & Potatoes
17th: One of my horses very sick this morning
18th: Cleaned out the well. Plowing ground for beans etc. Sister Mary Jack here this evening
19th: Planted my beans today
20th: helping Amelia to fix up the yard etc etc
21st: Raining went to town. Shot at the blackbirds which were taking up my corn.
22nd: Sunday Heard Bro Preston preach. then visited Mother where we staid the rest of the day. Jesse there
23rd: Harrowing corn for bro John
24th: Went to Fort Dodge Father Jack along. I staid at Mr. Blains all night. Very warm day
25th: Came home today. Weather very cold

June 1870

Sometime in the fore part of the month Sisters Nancy and Mary Jane were sent for & came out to see Mother die. Oh the long weary nights and days so full of pain & anguish, pain & affliction to her and anguish & sorrow to us who were so soon to lose sight of that truest of earthly friends a mother. I visited her on Sabbath the 26th found her calmly suffering & waiting for her release at her request we gathered round & sung several hyms, one of them "O come Angel band" etc on the 28th about noon she fell asleep in Jesus. buried on Wednesday, funeral sermon by bro Preston, on the same day the second of Mr. Brooks boys was buried The sorrowing girls started home on Friday. I taking them to Fort Dodge with my team

During the summer I farmed about 30 acres. part of the time we had almost a drought so that crops were poor I raised 72 bushels of Wheat 105 of Oats about 125 of corn and 60 of Potatoes. After Mothers death father and Clifford came to live with us. Clifford worked as section hand on the Rail Road awhile.

In the fall I lined my house with flooring, papered it etc. At the election on the 11th of Oct I was again elected Township Clerk. In Nov after finishing my Plowing getting my Thrashing done etc I procured a Certificate from E. L. Hoble Co Supt and again engaged to teach the Yatesville School. Sister Mary Jack married to Jas Van Horne sometime this month. Father Jack got up several Singing Classes this fall one at Yatesville one at Greenfield and one on the Lizzard. Commenced my school on the 29th of Nov. taught four months at a salary of $30 per month. had the satisfaction of getting through my second term without using a rod. Parents seemed all well pleased with the progress of their children. My School closed the second week in March. I made one trip to Fort Dodge to the Mill, got my wagon wheels from the shop & timber to make a drag etc then commenced making preparations for my Spring work

About the 1st of March Ruth Condron came out intending to wait her till Will came along going West, her little girl Frankie very sick Aleck went for Doctor Cramer who came and attended her untill she was better.

Bro Clifford about this time started for Illinois I commenced sowing Wheat the 17th of March. Sowed 3 bushels of the famous Norway Oats

I sowed about 10 acres of Wheat and about 8 acres of Oats

I planted out this Spring nearly an acre of forest trees, soft Maples Poplars and balm of Gileads. Also planted about 80 Rods of willow cuttings for a hedge and eight apple trees & one Transcendent Crab tree

On the 13th of April Ruth recd a dispatch from home stating that Wm was very sick and ordering her to come home immediately Accordingly she started the next morning for Davenport. M. P. Davidson married this month

May 1871

1st: A meeting of the Trustees at my house today. raining in the afternoon
2nd: Making out and mailing Road tax lists & marking out corn ground. Raining nearly all night
3rd: A cold rainy disagreeable day, Recd 2 letters one from Mr. Doran with bad news about my money. the other from bro Clifford . Answered Dorans
4th: Still raining a little this morning. Nance presented me with a fine colt this morning, Father Jack and I went over to Roots this forenoon, Father Smith and bro Horswell here for dinner, set out 24 Cabbage plants and hauled some rock in the evening, Attended prayer Meeting at night. Paid Mr. Radley $5 that I owed him.
5th: Marking off corn ground. Bros H...ll and Clay spent the evening with us
6th: Planting corn. Aleck helping me in the afternoon
7th: Attended the Preaching of bro Horswell held Class and Eugene and I staid for Sabbath School
8th: Planting corn. Aleck and I went up to town in the evening to establish boundary line of Road Dist
9th: Finished my field of Corn Planted some Peach Blow Potatoes. Wrote to bro Clifford
10th: Had Mr Fluhartys roller and rolled my corn field. Wrote a letter to bro Preston
11th: Helping Father Jack plant corn today. Amelia visited Mrs. Yates, Thomp went up and took supper with them. at Prayer meeting tonight
12th: Plowing a wet piece of land & planted some sweet corn
13th: finished planting my low ground, Helped Amelia fix up some flower beds.
14th: Attended Congregational preaching did not stay for S. S. but hearing that Eleanor (Robs wife) was sick Amelia and I went down to see her, found her some better came home in the evening
15th: Went up to town this morning recd a letter from Ruth, also circular from Land Office, came home and planted Potatoes rained a little this evening
16th: Went down to Hakes's before breakfast Stirring some low ground this afternoon
17th: Mr Farrend and I bought a breaking Plow in partnership and commenced breaking on his land.
18th: Still breaking left Mr Farrends at noon and came over to my place went around 1 1/2 acres, Recd a letter from bro Preston
19th: Finished said piece this forenoon after noon I planted, Squashes, Melons & beans on the sod
20th: Plowing my hedge, Maples, Potatoes etc, broke my shovel plow, Father Jack went out to Marvin to quarterly Meeting
21st: No preaching at the School house today I went to S. S. Will Lowes and Moore Condrons here for dinner
22nd: Hoeing Onions, Planting beans etc
23rd: Helped Mr House move his barn etc today Moore Condrons came and staid all night with us. Father came home today B. Freeburger sent to Moline for a shovel for me
24th: More started for Sioux Co this morning about an hour after he started Will and Ruth drove up having staid at Marys all night. Mary V Will and Ruth here for dinner & supper. Commenced working my
25th: Plowing very hard at my corn. rained a little this evening so I set out some cabbage plants & planted some California Corn
26th: Plowing corn
27th: Plowing Corn
28th: Attended Congregational preaching & S.S.
29th: Finished plowing my corn the first time and commenced breaking prairie
30th: Breaking at home
31st: Went to Fort Dodge to the Mill bought lumber to fence Mothers grave also had a tooth extracted, came out to Mr Blains where I staid all night

June 1871

1st: Came home today. very hot weather
2nd & 3rd: Plowing
4th: Preaching by bro Brown I staid for Class meeting & S. S. Amelia came home and prepared dinner for the preacher
5th: A very hot forenoon. A refreshing shower about 1 o'clock something we were beginning to need badly. Set out some cabbage plants
6th: Recd a letter from bro Clifford. Plowing Corn
7th: Hoeing my sugar cane this forenoon, Another small shower came on about noon. Set out some cabbage
8th: Plowing corn. Wrote to bro Clifford
9th and 10th: Breaking prairie east of the house
11th: Preaching by Mr. House. I did not stay for S. S.
12th: Breaking Prairie today. Wrote to Mr. Doran
13th: Putting in some Buckwheat & Rutabagas
14th: Plowing corn In the evening Amelia and the children and I took a buggy ride over to Barneys
15th: Plowing corn. Mr. E G Hobbs here and visited with us
16th and 17th: Plowing corn. Weather very hot & dry
18th: Attended preaching & class Meeting & S. S. stopped at father Jacks for supper. a pretty heavy shower this evening. hard wind
19th: Hoeing willows Potatoes etc. Ruth C. confined
20th: Working on the road today
21st: Plowing corn
22nd: Helping the Trustees to survey Sec 16 T.89 R21
23rd: " " " " " " "
24th: Surveying till noon. Came home cleaned out my well & went to Singing
25th: S. Attended preaching at the new school house. Father Smith came home with us
26th: Hoeing among my trees. Wm. Condron helped me
27th: Plowing corn
28th: Plowing corn. Jerry a yearling steer take sick
29th: Plowing corn. very hot & dry
30th: Plowing corn. Jesse & Lina her to visit us

July 1871

1st: Pulling weeds etc bro Horswell came and staid with us tonight. him and I attended a Singing at the School house
2nd: Sunday. Preaching by bro Horswell then Class Meeting after which we went out to Twin Lakes to preaching
3rd: Hunting Jerry which had strayed away yesterday. & helping Amelia get ready for the 4th also bought Will Condrons calf for $5.00
4th: Independence day. A beautiful day. the people generally turned out & went to Twin Lakes to a Picnic. Had a very good time
5th: Spent this morning in writing an account of yesterdays proceedings to the Calhoun Co Pioneer. Hoed a while in the evening a rain came on this evening Ruth Condron here today. Measured ourselves tonight Eugene 3 ft 6 3/4 inches Thomas 2 ft 10 1/2 inches Franky Condron 2 ft 11 in Ruth 5 ft 2 1/2 in Amelia 5 ft 6 1/2 in Tomp 5 ft 9 1/2 in
6th: Jesse brought the mower over and I mowed 1/2 day I bought Robts shared of the Reaper & Mower
7th: Recd a letter from bro Clifford Jesse helped me put up my hay
8th: Breaking prairie this forenoon went to town in the evening with some Peas and beets
9th: Went to hear Mr. House preach. but was disappointed as he did not come. his members voted him an intermission of Six weeks. had Prayer Meeting & S. S.
10th: Took the mower over to Jesses & Plowed a little in the evening very hot
11th: Mowed for Mr. Knox today
12th: Stacked my hay. Mr. Farrend & father Jack helping me
13th: Pulling weeds in the forennon. cut my surprise Oats in the evening Mr. Huff here helping
14th: Cutting Wheat at Hollenbecks
15th: At DeGroats & Brennans
16th: S. at Preaching had an interesting class meeting
17th: Finished cutting at Brennans and went to Jesses
18th: Cutting at Mr. Roses
19th: Cutting for brother Rob & a small piece for father Jack
20th: Cut my own wheat & 5 acres of oats
21st: At Mr. De Groats today
22nd: Cut for Jesse all day
23rd: S. Went to S. S. stopped at father Jacks awhile
24th: Cutting wheat for Mr. Netherhan & DeGroat
25th: Finished Mr. N. De Groat & Mr. Roses grain
26th: Finished cutting my own grain, Jesse went to Smiths
27th: Father Jack & I finished binding & shocking. went down to Robs this evening
28th: Father J. Ruth Condron , Amelia all the children and myself went over to Jesses. rained nearly all day had a pleasant visit came home & wrote some town business etc etc
[following written by Amelia]
29th: Tomp finishing over at Jesse's today; Eugene went with him. Tommy has had a very busy day playing. he would go to the door and call "Genie come" don't try to talk much yet. he likes to say "Jimmy Jack" he can say that so pat last night he got quite a fit on him for talking . tried to say all we told him to
I guess Tomp thought I never would get breakfast ready this morning. the fire wouldn't burn. the stove smoked and nothing boiled I put the breakfast on while it was stewing away. I skimed the milk and churned . Breakfast over at length and Tomp gone. I went at the stove pipe took it all down cleaned it. then came the tug of war putting it together again, after working and sweating over it for some time Aleck came in and helped me finish it. I baked scrubbed and cleaned the usual routine of Saturday's work. Father Smith here for dinner rec'd a letter from Florinda telling him that they would be out here this fall. wrote a letter to Sister Maggie this evening.
30th: Mr. Brown preached this morning. I went home with Ruth. Tomp stayed till after Sunday School
31st: Tomp is stacking over at Jesse's Washing day for me. A trying morning to my patience. The cow got in the corn and the pigs broke out of the pen quite a time getting them up.

August 1871

1st: Father Clay Jesse stacking today my birthday
2nd: Tomp and Genie over to Jesse's I miss ... and seen Mrs. Huff. Rain tonight
[following written by Thomp]
3rd: Jesse and I took some wheat & oats down to Robs today. another heavy shower tonight
4th: At a Convention held at the Bacon School house to appoint delegates to the Senatorial & Representatives Conventions. took dinner at Mr. Bacons
5th: Helping Rob thrash today. Will Condron came home this evening
6th: At Prayer Meeting & S. S. Willie Glover run over by their wagon
7th: Ruth & Will here visiting. I went to town & got some boards recd $2.00 from Barney
8th: Robt & Jesse here stacking finished mine then went over to Jesses & ditto his
9th: Stacked some hay for father Jack this forenoon. Commenced Plowing my stubble
10th: Plowing in the forenoon killing weeds. In the garden & pulling peas after noon. Father Jack recd notice that his homestead was all right; awfully tickled
11th: Plowing my hedge row etc Will Condron Started for Maple Valley. Will Lowe takes a load out for him. Father Jack also went along
12th: Jesse and I helping Mr. De Groat thrash
13th: Sunday. Bro Brown sick so we had no preaching. held Class Meeting at the new School house
14th: Finished thrashing at noon. came home and thrashed out some Peas
15th: built a pig pen, Robt & Ellen visited us today
16th: Mowing for John Smith
17th: Mowing for Mr. Know
18th: Mowing for Aleck
19th: Helping Aleck put up his hay, Plowed my Maples etc
20th: Sunday. At Congregationalist preaching Robt & family stopped to bid us good bye.
21st: Jesse took Robs to the Fort where they took the train for Pennsylvania I mowed for Mr Hogeboom. Amelia over at Jesses. Alecks baby very sick tonight.
22nd: Pulling beans this forenoon mowing weed etc
23rd: Raking hay for Mr. Rose and plowing
24th: Mowed in the forenoon for myself. Jesse came over & helped to put it up
25th: Thrashed about 2 bushels of beans Went to fathers & J Van Hornes in the evening
26th: Helping Mr. Whittlesey thrash father Jack and I attended the Republican caucus this ...ning, this is Tommies second birthday he is a very hard boy to manage, has a strong will & high temper, may God give us grace to train him aright.
27th: J B Closes child buried. Mr. House preached the funeral sermon. after the funeral we stopped at Barneys for dinner . Barney and I went to see father who is sick. found him some better
28th: A rainy morning. this is the day of the election to vote on the tax for the Rail Road. the tax defeated by a large majority
29th: Went out to see Mr. Hobbs, built a pig-pen went to the Station etc
30th: Helping Mr. Whittlesey thresh
31st: Stacking hay. father Jack helping me

September 1871

1st: Bought two pigs of father Jack. Helped father Jack thrash his grain this evening
2nd: Attended the Republican County Convention at the Bacon School houise. had the honor to be nominated for Co Treasurer. A. N. Jack nominated for Co Surveyor
3rd: Heard a good sermon by Rev House. Staid for S. S.
4th: The Board of Trustees met at my house this forenoon. had Mr. Farrend mow for me
5th: A windy day. a heavy shower in the evening. Mr. Lowes house burned down
6th: Helping to prepare the ground for our S. S. Picnic making hay etc
7th: Had a very interesting time at our Picnic which was held at the Yatesville School house, bro Horswell staid with us tonight
8th: Putting up my seed corn, making hay etc
9th: Down at Fathers putting up some of Pleases hay
10th: Sunday Bro Brown preached his farewell sermon. had a very good class meeting after preaching
11th: Hauling hay for myself & Edward Borne with two teams
12th: Father Jack and I finished stacking Ed Bornes hay
13th: A rainy disagreeable day
14th: Still raining - a little trying to collect
15th: some ...qu...age
15th: Cut my buckwheat this forenoon went down to put up Pleas's Hay this afternoon.
16th: Father Jack and I went to St...y Lake to attend quarterly Meetting. Storm Lake a very beautiful location for a town. Staid all night at Mr Rouths. Quarterly conference lasted till 10 O'Clock at night
17th: Heard a splendid sermon by Elder Todd after dinner we started for home came as far as the Marvin Settlement where we staid all night
18th: Came to Pomeroy where I took the train for home where I arrived at noon
19th: Mowing for Jas Gregg today
20th: " " " Mr. Willey recd from him an order for 40 bushels of coal for my days work
21st: Took Amelia down to Jas Van Hornes where she staid all day while I went down to fathers place & finished cutting hay for Pleasant Cox
22nd: Stacking Pleases had got done about 4 O'clock then went to Barneys & helped him to thrash
23rd: Finished thrashing at Barneys this morning then helped Jesse top out a hay stack etc came & oiled my harness.
24th: At S.S.
25th: Jesse and I started for the timber to get wood to make up our Sorghum, camped in the woods near the river tonight along with Greggs
26th: Gathered some walnuts & grapes got our wood and came home leaving our loads at Mrs Coopers
27th: Father Jack and I went over to Youngs grove for crab apples got about 4 bushels and a load of wood.
28th: Pulling and thrashing some beans, digging a few Potatoes & bought some lumber this evening at the Station to build an Oat bin
29th: Keeping Batch today as Amelia has gone to Jesses to pick berries (night shades) and Eugene and I are at home building a bin
31st: Went to Lake City today on horseback got some election tickets & drew some town money ($13.11) came home this evening and found that the prairie fire had made sad work in our community brother Jesse having lost all his grain, hay, stables Reaper & mower, Plow etc Thos Greggs hay all burnt Mr Tibbetts house, grain, hay & stables also burnt

October 1871

1st: At Congregational preaching & remained for S. S.
2nd: Clerking for Bd of Trustees
3rd: On Board of Registry came home this evening and was agreeably surprised to find here Austin Stonebraker and David Condron and his father
4th: Thrashing today. had 94 bushels of wheat 240 of oats and Six of Buckwheat
5th: Helped Aleck thrash today
6th: Our visitors started this morning for Maple Valley Father Jack and I digging Potatoes
7th: Bro Beams our new Minister took dinner with us Eugene and I digging Potatoes, worked on non-resident tax list at night till pretty late
8th: A very windy day, bro Beams preached at the Manson School house after which I took him out to Twin Lakes where he preached again, came home and staid with us all night
9th: Digging Potatoes etc
10th: Clerking at the General Election. Lincoln Tp gave me 45 votes for Co Treasurer while Danforth only received 18, got home about midnight
11th: Helping Aleck to kill a hog etc
12th: Digging Potatoes Aleck went to Mill for me
13th: A Rainy disagreeable day, Bro Beams and family came in the evening from Rolfe
14th: Raining nearly all day. Pleas and Florinda Cox arrived this evening in the midst of a snow strom snowed pretty hard for about two hrs. Bro Beams moved into Father Jacks house this evening
15th: A very bright pleasant day. Father Smith came over today to see Pleas and Flor
16th: At a Plowing bee at Jesses today
17th: Digging Potatoes
18th: Not very well this morning. Dug a pit and put some Potatoes in it. 50 bushels
19th: Taking care of Potatoes also went down to Coopers to see about the cane mill
20th: Amelia and I made flying calls at Mr. Houses Mr. Knoxes and Mr. Freeburgers took dinner at the latter place Helped Father Jack bury his Potatoes
21st: Amelia the children and I went to Fort Dodge sold 16 1/2 bushels of Potatoes at 22 1/2 cts per bushel bought myself and the family some clothes came home late at night
22nd: At Congregational preaching in the forenoon at Methodist in the afternoon and at baptist preaching at night
23rd: Getting my crib ready for corn
24th: Aleck and I husking today
25th: Raining nearly all day
26th: Husking corn today.
27th: Father Jack and I went down to Lake City to see about renting a house The Teachers Institute in session. I attended a Sociable at Mr Swanns in the evening
28th: Came home today
29th: At Congregational preaching this forenoon our Sabbath School closed today. Brother Chas Knox took dinner with us
30th: Husking corn, Pulling cabbage Beets etc
31st: Husking Corn. Spent the evening at J Van Hornes

November 1871

1st: Husking corn. Spent the evening at P F Coxes
2nd: Went to Lake City today with some Potatoes cabbage, Onions, Beets and Crab Apples. Rented a room of Mr. Fox for six months @$4 per month paid him the rent in advance
3rd: Came home today. Recd a letter from A F Stonebraker We all went down to Will Lowes where we staid all night
4th: Brought home a load of wood, husked one load of corn wrote a letter to A F Stonebraker giving my note for Three Hundred Dollars
5th: At Preaching twice today Mr. Moses and Mrs. Jones took dinner with us ...
6th: Mailed a letter with $12.00 to Rev. H Brown Aleck, Father and Seymour Farrend helping to husk corn
7th: Finished my corn and commenced on Father Jacks
8th: Raining today. We made a barrel of Krout, got a letter from Clifford & answered it
9th: Still raining. went to town, read some law etc etc
10th: Helping Father Jack to pick his corn wrote a letter to Bro Robert this evening
11th: Picking corn for father Jack
12th: Attended the preaching of Mr House in the morning and that of Mr. Phillips of Fort Dodge in the evening. Raining tonight
13th: A stormy disagreeable day. some snow with ice out today with my official bond getting sureties Messrs. Gould, Jones, Moses, E. L. Hobbs, Whittlesey Wise and Jas Glover signed with me. Amelia quilting a comfort
14th: Miss Shore paid us a visit. also sister Florinda & family called on us this evening
15th: Got a grist ready and with Amelia and the children started for Fort Dodge Went as far as Mr. Blains where we staid all night. had a very pleasant visit
16th: In Fort Dodge nearly all day done trading to the amt of $75.00 got our grist etc and came home in the night. raining a little tonight
17th and 18th: Raining pretty hard both days
19th: A stormy day. No preaching at the Manson School house. Bro Beams preached at the Yatesville School house in the afternoon
20th: Visiting at Thomas Greggs today, cold
21st: Visiting at P F Coxes turned very cold this evening and tonight
22nd: A very cold day at home
23rd: Brother Jesse and I went into Fort Dodge where I found Mr. Yates and him and Jesse appearing as witnesses for me I made proof and applied for a Patent for my Homestead Jesse and I went to Mr. Lathrops coal bank where we staid all night
24th: Came home today with a load of coal
Saturday Bought a yearling heifer for $13.50 Visiting at Mr. Jones ‘s. A Pleasant day but turned cold tonight
26th: A very cold day. Amelia and I went and heard Mr. House preach
27th: Bitter cold. Butchered 3 pigs today
28th: Aleck and I went to the coal bank
29th: Came home with a load of coal
30th: Thanksgiving day. A large company of us took dinner at Mr Freeburgers

December 1871

1st: Went to the coal bank
2nd: A very pleasant day. broke my wagon and was obliged to leave my load. borrowed Mr. Gregorys' wagon to bring my wheel home
3rd: Commenced snowing and blowing this morning continued to grow fiercer all day. this evening very cold and the storm about as severe as I have ever witnessed in N W Iowa. Blow Blow Blow
4th: The storm abated but the cold intense went up to Manson and got my wheel repaired hauled a load of coal from the Station to Mr. Houses. took dinner with him 18 deg below zero
5th: Went down to the Lizzard and got my wagon
6th: To the coal bank again. had considerable trouble getting a load as there is such a rush for coal A very warm Pleasant day
7th: Turned cold again this morning. Had to face the wind coming home : pretty cold
8th: Fixing up things at home preparatory to moving
9th: Jas Van Horne and Mary Will Lowe and Lavina Barney and Mal and Aleck and Maggie all visiting us today. Lavina scalded her foot Barney and I took my young cattle over to Jesses
10th: A very pleasant day. Attended Mr. Houses preaching. Father Pleas and Flue here tod...
11th: Packing up and loading our wagon started and came as far as Jesses where we staid all night
12th: A pretty cold day. came through to Lake City where we arrived at sundown. Set up our beds, Stove etc took supp... with Mr. Foxes
13th: I went back up to the prairie today staid at Alecks all night
14th: Getting things ready for the teams which are going down tomorrow I staid at Pleasant Coxes tonight
15th: Six teams viz: Jas Van Horn Jesses Aleck's James Greggs Wm Lowes and P F Coxes came down with loads arrived at Lake City about dark found Amelia and the turkey tired waiting for us
16th: The boys all started for home Father Jack went along with them
17th: At home all day ... as there is no preaching
18th: In the Office with S. T. Hutch... looking up matters connected with the duties of Treasurer
19th: In the Office
20th: " " "
21st: In the Office Spent most of the time in the Office until Friday Dec 29th when I went up to Twin Lakes in company with some School Teachers going to an Association. Went from there down to Lincoln. Stayed among the folks untill Monday Morning when Mr. Yates Mr. Fluharty Mr. Jack Mr. Gould and myself came down to Lake City arriving a little after noon With the New Year begins new duties and responsibilities Oh May I find My Heavenly Father a "help in every time of need"

January 1872

2nd: My bond approved and I sworn into office. Commenced receiving Taxes paying Co Warrants etc. Busy in the office all the rest of the week.
7th: Went and heard Elder Burch preach
8th: Amelia agrees to keep my diary posted hereafter. (we will see.) Good Bye for the present W. T. Smith
[following in Amelia's handwriting]
29th: We are now having the coldest weather we have had this winter. Sunday was very stormy last night was the coldest night we have had.

February 1872

1st: We were at a dinner party at Mr Sorriders today, a very nice dinner. Met with Mrs Wood, Mrs Olmstead, and numbers of others for the first time. Mr Peake, and J. Mclaughlin brought a load of coal, and corn for Tmp. Eugene has the chicken pox, is not able to attend school.
28th: The weather is very warm, and pleasant. ... number came from Manson today to attend court. Freburger and Seth Thomas spent the evening here.
29: Visited the school this afternoon with a number of other ladies. Some People from Ma... staying with us.

March 1872

6th: visited at Mr Stevensons today went over to Mrs Hutchinsons this evening to sing.
7th: Storming this evening to bad to attend singing school
8th: been snowing and storming all day
9th: pleasant day went sleighriding this afternoon. Mr and Mrs St...son Mrs Fox and Mrs Hutchison
10th: Tommy was attacted with the croup last night he has been very bad all day. the Doctor has been in to see him twice seems better this evening
11th: Aleck ... Root brought a load of corn down to day. Tommy has had a high fever all day.
13th: Tommy is better to day, poor little fellow he had a hard time taking "nasty medis" he was first getting over the "chitten fox" as he called it. he was quite sick with it. It came out very badly.
16th: Tomp went up to Manson today. Time seems long when he is away.
19th: Tomp and Mr Stevenson came home today. Tommy expressed the feellings of us all when he said "me glad to see you Papa" We were all glad to see him come back.
22nd: This is the anniversary of our wedding day. Six years of happy wedded life has flown. The last day of Genes first term of school, was treated to candy.
25th: Thompson and Lewis Fox started this morning for Pomeroy. Lewis to bring down a load of Lumber for our new house that we propose building. Tomp intends going to Fort Dodge tomorrow with J Van Horne to make a draw on the Bank. Also to get Doors and Windows Lime etc
27th: Tomp came home today with five teams loaded with Lumber. Lewis broke his wagon just as he had started from Pomeroy. had to go back for it today. Mr. Morse is to bring down the remaining load. The cost of hauling $36.00

April 1872

9th: Miss Shore went home today down on business. Mr. Alder commenced cor... work on our house
11th: Pleasant today. but very windy Mrs. Hanson called this morning. Mrs. Olmstead and Miss ... here this afternoon, went down to our lot to help choose a building place. Tomp commenced digging a cellar.
Thurs 2...: Mr. Freburger stopping with over night. I am getting ready to go to Manson. the first chance I can get to ride ...

May 1872

[following in WT Smith handwriting]
Memorandum by W. T. Smith
4th: Amelia and the children gone to the north part of county with Mr. Joslyn. I painted awhile, in the afternoon planted some Early Rose Potatoes Peas & Lettuce Loafed in the stores till bed time Cause why -- Amelia not at home
5th: attended S S at half past 10. had to take charge of A E Stevensons class. S. S. better attended than usual sung awhile after dismission L F Danforth came home & took dinner with us Alzina gave us a very good dinner. Went & heard a Rev Bradshire preach at 4 PM came home read, done chores etc seems as though something was missing about the house
6th: Alzina started the fire this morning. Set out a bed of Onions, sowed some seed, planted two maple trees in front of the [page torn] Commenced lathing my house, worked awhile in [page torn] attended preaching tonight. Our heifer had a fine calf this morning
7th: Quite a time milking "Pet" today had to tie her legs together to keep her from kicking. busy in my house today nailing on lath Mr. Pick from Webster Co here this evening to buy a piece of School land situated in Greenfield Tp
8th Mr. Peck having to stay in town helped me in lathing also L Fox helped awhile Rained very hard this afternoon. Mr. Peck slept with me tonight
9th: Lathing today
10th: Raining nearly all day
11th: Worked in the Office awhile finished lathing my house. bought a new hat today attended preaching tonight wrote a letter Stonebraker
12th: At S. S. A very good attendance. Preaching at 11 by Elder Russell at 3 PM by Elder Bunch. F. E Stevenson with us for dinner. I begin to long for Amelia Eugene and Tommie to come home
13th: Running around this morning trying to find a horse to go up North with found a 4 yr old colt this evening which I intend to hitch in with one of Mr Stevensons and go up to Manson tomorrow the Lord willing Mr Snyders house burned down today
14th: Started for Manson about 8 Oclock. got to Mr. Greggs about noon it raining pretty hard [page torn] to P F Coxs where I found Amelia & the boys who were as glad to see me as I was to see them
[page torn] 15th Went up to Alecks where I took dinner Amelia & the children visiting at Mr Clays Went to Manson with some Wheat & Potatoes recd $18.40 for my load. Came to Jesses this evening
16th: Rained very hard this morning so we visited at Mr Greggs staid at Jesses all night
17th: Came home to Lake City today Very glad to get back again
18th: In the Office
19th: At S. S. and preaching by Revs McDaniels and Gee A Singing Association formed today
20th: Took my colt to pasture this morning
21th: R Baldwin plastering my house. I mixed and carried all the mortar which was pretty hard work
22th: Plastering
23th: Working in the Office part of the day
24th: " " " " Planted some sweet corn, Beets , Beans etc this evening
25th: Louis Fox Eugene Tommy and I went down to Oxenfords Mill this morning Planted some Potatoes in the evening
W. T. Smith

Presented by Fl...
Des Moines Iowa
Aug 21st 1872

Made my first Semi Annual Settlement as County Treasurer with the Board of Supervisors at their meeting this 1st week in June. Finished my new house and moved into it this month. The children very loth to leave Mr. and Mrs. Fox

July 1872

The 4th appropriately celebrated here at Lake City. A large table set in Court House square. Speeches by Messers Fitch, Russell, Hutchinson, Danforth and others, Father, Sister Florinda & others here from Manson. I made a trip up to Fort Dodge stopping over night at brother Jesses, Father Jack went out to Maple Valley to visit Will and Ruth Condron

August 1872

Spent most of this month in the Office making out delinquent Tax list etc. The weather part of the time extremely hot. On the 21st of this month I made my first visit to Des Moines, Capt Fitch and I representing our county in the State Convention. Had a very pleasant time visited Capital Hill. the new State House now being built, County Court House, New water fountain etc. Also saw many of the public men of the State. Ex Govs Merrill and Gue, M M Walden, Col Trunbull, Jno A Kassoro and a host of Senators Representatvies etc

Came home via D. V. R. R. to Grand Junction and E and N W RR to Glidden where Mr Fitches team met us.

Brought home some nice Peaches and Apples. Amelia and the children spent several days up in the North part of the County this month.

September 1872

Brother and Siter Hamilton stopped with us the night of the 1st. Board of Supervisors in session the 1st week of the month. Quite a number of men here from the North part of County

5th: At prayer meeting this evening only three persons present. My prayer is that God may so work upon the hearts of his people that we may see his work revived even here in Lake City
6th: In the Office today
7th: Went out to Mr. McCullochs for some Tomatoes. Mr. Morse brought home 4 tons of hay today. A Show in town tonight. Not a great many attended it (so I heard) Rained this evening
8th: S.S. this morning. Our school attended a Concert at the Haynon School House at 3 PM. A large crowd in attendance and a very pleasant time
8th: Shut up my pigs this morning. In the Office posting my books in the afternoon
10th: F. E. Stevenson County Auditor and S. T Hutchison P M both gone to Cedar Rapids to attend the State Fair so I am kept pretty close at the Office
11th: Father Jack came in this morning from Maple Valley
12th: Attended Prayer Meeting this evening. Nine persons present which was very encouraging - a good meeting. Mr Judge rose and asked the prayers of the Church
13th: Brought my colt home from the pasture today. one of its legs badly swollen
14th: Mr. Stevenson came home this morning
15th: At S. S. in the morning Elder Burch preached a funeral sermon on the death of a child of Wm Clark. Rev Clifton a Methodist preacher filled the afternoon appointment.
16th: Dug my early Rose potatoes today
17th: Working in the office
18th: Mr. Jackson Orr and John F Duncombe candidates for Congress from this Dist met this afternoon joint discussion here in Lake City. A large crowd in attendance & very good speaking
19th: Frost this morning County Fair 18th 19th and 20th
19th: In company with Mr. C H Clark I left this morning for Fort Dodge to attend the first session of the North West Conference of the M. E. Church. took the train at Pomeroy arrived at Ft. Dodge at noon Dinner at the Fort Dodge house. Spent the afternoon in talking with ministers with whom I had been acquainted and getting acquainted with others. Moved my boarding place to Bro Evans's. A Mr. Button of Vermont preached this evening. his text was "this Man shall be blessed in his deed"
20th: Attended the session of Conference in the forenoon. Bishop Andrews presiding. In the afternoon made the acquaintance of Messrs Meseney Thos Sargent Head & Bashring Mr. Hudson G R Pearsons W E Sawyer and Wilson Lumpkin who are nearly all Real Estate Agents. Mrs. Ward gave an eloquent lecture this evening in behalf of the Womans foreign Missionary Society of the M E. Church.
21st: Spent the day attending Conference, Business etc Dr. Reed of Upper Iowa Conference preached in the evening Text "I am the vine ye are the branches"
22nd: Visited old Mr. Platte this morning 85 yrs of age. Attended the Love feast at 9 1/2 AM . Preaching by the Bishop at 10 1/2. Text "He saved others himself he cannot save" The Bishop preached a splendid sermon to a large audience after the sermon a class of Ministers were ordained as deacons. Brother Hamilton Bro Winters, Brown and Clifton were of the number. Took dinner with Mr. Fre... Father Jack and I Preaching at 3 PM by Dr Reed after which the ordination of Elders was attended to Bros Beems and Corswell were of the number. Dr Eddy gave a lecture this evening representing the Missionary cause. It was a very eloquent address and was well received. the house filled to overflowing The Bishop made some remarks to the Ministers after which the appointments were read. the hymn commencing " and let our bodies part to different climes repair" was sung and Conference adjourned.
23rd: Having to stay in town all day I went out to Mr. Blains & took dinner with them. very glad to see me. came in and took the train for Manson where we (Brother Whitefield who is appointed to our Circuit this year) and I arrived at 5 1/2 PM took supper with Mr. Freeburger. went to Bro Clays where we staid all night
24th: Came out to Pomeroy where we had to remain all day and night. This evening very cold & stormy
25th: Hired Mr. Mowry to take us and a load of lumber down to Lake City where we arrived about noon. Found a loving wife and two boys awful glad to see me. Thank God for Home & family. Brother Whitfield stopped with us. I spent the afternoon attending to business in the Office.
26th: Pretty busy today. At Prayer Meeting this evening Had a good meeting eight persons present.
27th: Brother Whitfield went out to visit some of the brethren this morning. Our prayer is that he may be useful among us and that God may build up his church
28th: Raining a little this morning. Our caucus to send delegates to County Convention held this afternoon. Delegates H W Sprague J D McVay Geo Sacrider ...F Hobbs T B Hotchkiss. Township Ticket Clerk H W Sprague Assessor J M Toliver. Trustees S T Davison J H Bradt and Geo Sacrider Constables Wm E Olmstead and D M Brown Justices W C Sheppard and J Mc Clure. very busy in the Office this evening.
29th: S. S this morning Elder Russell preached at 11 AM Bro Whitfield preached at 3 PM to a large audience text "for I will not put on hold my peace til Aions righteousness appear etc
30th: At home most of today. building a Cow stall Henry Sprague met with an accident by the running away of his horse while hitched to a Sulky rake throwing Henry off & breaking his knee cap. The Official Members of the Church met this evening

October 1872

1st: Working about home today - a very pleasant day
2nd: Making my September Report and answering letters. An old gentleman lectures tonight on "Babylon"
3rd: A Campbellite preacher by name of Roach preached tonight
4th and 5th: In the Office.
6th: At S. S and preaching by Bro Roach
7th: Sale of lands for taxes today the bidding very spirited and brisk sold all advertised except the land owned by American Emigrant Co (as an Injunction was served forbidding the sale of those.
8th: John Scotts child died this morning
9th: Attended the funeral of Scotts child today very cold
10th 11th and 12th: Busy making Certificates of Tax purchases
13th: Bro Whitfield preached this morning. Elder Roach afternoon & evening Miss Mary Bishop rose for the prayers of the church today
14th: Mr. Yates down to make some arrangements for counsel in the suit pending between the County and American Emigrant Company
15th 16th 17th 18th and 19th: Busy in the Office this week except one day which I spent helping Bro Whitfield fix up the Parsonage. Bro & Sister W stopping with us
20th: At S. S No preaching in town today. Singing at 2 PM. A very warm day
21st: This morning I butchered a pig about noon. the Teachers began to come in to attend the Institute which is in session this week
22nd: Bro Whitfield took charge or became Conductor of the Institute untill noon today Prof Scilly of Des Moines arrived where he took charge
23rd: Very busy in the Office Most of the time. tonight Bro Whitfield lectured to the Institute Subject the Darwin Theory versus the Bible theory
24th: Lecture by the Proffessor tonight also Essays by Miss Davison and Miss Shove
25th: Attended the Institute this afternoon to hear the examination of teachers A Sociable tonight
26th: The Institute adjourned at noon today . Elder McDaniels preached in town tonight
27th: But few out to S. S. today Elder Russell preached at 11 O'Clock AM
28th: Brother Whitfield and wife gone to housekeeping today at the Parsonage
29th: Raining nearly all day
30th: A cold disagreeable day
31st: Sent my two calves and colt up to Bro Jesses today. Not feeling very well today. Attended Prayer Meeting tonight only six persons present.

November 1872

1st: Busy in the Office most of the day
2nd: Recd a letter from Ruth and Will Condron
3rd: Closed our Sabbath School today to meet the 1st Sunday in April. Preaching by Elder McDaniel this forenoon, at night by Bro Whitfield subject Baptism
4th: In the office
5th 6th 7th 8th and 9th: Working around home some this week fixing up Stable Corn Crib etc
10th: Preaching by Bro W this forenoon. Barney father Jack and other Jurymen came down today to attend court. Mary Davis came this evening to work for us. Bro and Sister Whitfield and Mr. Hakes here this eveing had a sociable sing.
11th: A good many strangers here as the Board meets, Court in session etc.
12th: The Judge failing to come Barney and I at work banking up my house. Mr. Jack had a singing at the School house thes evening
13th: The Judge on hands Court adjourned this evening. A very cold day some of the Jurors went home this afternoon
14th: Snowing this morning, storming nearly all day. A Small prayer Meeting tonight. Mr. Jack pretty sick tonight
15th: Very Cold this morning
16th: In the Office
17th: No preaching untill evening when Bro W preached subject Baptism - a cold night
18th 19th and 20th: Weather very cold and stromy
21st: Carried One Hundred weight of flour from Dr Stewarts over to the Parsonage (to apply on D... quarterage)
22nd: Working in the Office
23rd: Our 1st Quarterly Meeting commenced today. Elder Williams presiding, had to hold our Meeting today in the Court House. held Quarterly Conference immediately after preaching. Estimated Bro Whitfields salary at $500 for the year. Prayer Meeting tonight at the School House
24th: Love Feast, Preaching & Sacrament today. Collection for the Elder amt $14.25 Miss Mary Bishop Joined on probation Mrs. Sibley by letter. Preaching tonight.
25th: Father Jack started for Maple Valley today. I in company with E H Knox and Elder Williams started for Manson. Bro Williams lectured at the Manson School House this evening. I went home with Father where I staid all night
26th: Visited Alecks Barneys & Clays Came from Manson out to Pomeroy this evening. Staid at Lackies all night
27th: Came Home on the Stage today - a very cold ride
28th: Thanksgiving services at the School House. Bros Whitfield and Russell officiating. After preaching our family and bro Clows repaired to the Parsonage where we enjoyed a very fine Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey etc Prayer Meeting tonight
29th: A very cold morning. Worked in the Office today
30th: In the Office

December 1872

1st: Elder McDaniel preached at 11 O'Clock AM Bro Whitfield at night
2nd: Commenced a Union Prayer Meeting evenings to continue during the week.
3rd: Butchered three hogs today myself as hands were scarce pretty hard work
4th: Making Sausage & finishing up butchering
5th: Made my monthly Report etc
6th: Working in the Office etc attended Prayer meeting at the School House after which I went to the Sociable at Mrs. Tabors
7th: Busy in the Office most of the day
8th: Bro Whitfield preached a very good sermon today. I went with him down to Haynon School House. staid with him to Class Meeting - very Cold -
9th: Had prayer meeting at M.r Townsends this evening
10th: " " " F. E. Stevenson " "
11th: This evening about 9 o'clock Amelia presented me with a fine large boy weighing 12 lbs. Had quite a time getting a Doctor finally got Mrs. Whitfield and Mrs. Tubbs
12th: At Prayer Meeting only four persons present viz Bro and Sister Whitfield Father Bosley and myself
13th and 14th: In the Office
15th: At preaching tonight - a cold day
16th: A Meeting tonight to take measures to have a Supper on Christmas. Decided to have an Oyster Supper & festival appointed committees etc Late when I got home wife said so I should say it was late
17th: Heavy Mail today. Singing tonight
18th: Mr. Clark & Mr. Bacon here for dinner
18th to 25th: Busy in the Office most of the time. Christmas - Making preparations for the Festival tonight. About Noon Alzina Fox who had been sick for some time died.
At the Festival the Christmas tree the Supper and everything connected with the affair was splendid. About 10 O'clock Dr Stewart & Mr. Tomlinson got into a fight and threw the whole thing into confusion

January 1873

1st to 25th: This month thus far and the latter part of Dec has been very cold. the thermometer once or twice more than 30 Deg below zero Bro Whitfield has been holding a meeting in town for a few weeks. There seems to have been a general seriousness produced some few started publicly to live Christian lives. Elder Williams of Fr Dodge came down to preach for us he and Bro Miles was lost in the fearful storm of Jan 7th and came near perishing but finally found shelter at Mr. Thurstons. Father Smith came down on the 6th ins... and visited with us till the 20th . Miss Mary J. Davis has been living with us for a couple of months. She is a splendid girl and for some time past has been trying to live the life of a Christian. May God help her to perservere to the end. Eugene has been going to School all winter.

Tommy grows very fast & is a good boy. Merle Negley our new boy is a first rate baby enjoys good health and is getting to know some things already. My wife as usual is ever busy trying to do something for the comfort of the rest of us. I have been very busy in the Office beside doing the ordinary Office work acting as agent for a great many Non Resident land owners. Sometimes having from 15 to 20 letters in a single mail & all requiring answers. My Heavenly Father has wonderfully sustained me through the 1st year of my duties as Treasurer and my prayer is that he may still lead & guide me.

Amelia has promised to keep the Journal for awhile. I hope she will try & do so

[following in Amelia's handwriting]
27th: Well I will try for awhile. Mary is with me is washing to day. The wind is blowing to hard to hang out the clothes is growing very cold. Called on Mrs. Alden this evening
28th: Spent the afternoon at Mrs. Cr...s
29th: Busy sewing. making Tommie a overcoat still very cold, one of the coldest days of the season
30th: Had a pleasant visit from Mrs. Toliver today. The Sociable was to have met at our house this evening, but it was so very stormy but few came out

February 1873

Spent the afternoon at Mrs. To...s. Mary's last day with us. I expect we shall miss her very much. Mrs. Fox has been doing some stitching on the machine. Jennie is getting quite well again.
2nd: We all went to hear Mr. Bradfield preach this morning a very cold South wind. Elder Bradfield is to continue his meettings during the week.
3rd: Brother Whitfields have got out of fuel so they put up with us last night. and today. Sister Whitfield is making me a paper holder
4th: Called on Mrs. Hutchinson Mrs. Swan and others. Mr. Hobbs and Bolton here to dinner.
5th: Mrs. Miles visiting here today. Mr. Peak stopping with us to night Tomp has gone to meetting.
6th: Visiting at Mrs. S. Hutchinsons. The weather has continued very pleasant during the week.
8th: A very busy day. baby Merle not very well had a hard time getting my baking done think I shall try and establish Friday as Baking day after this.
9th: Mr. Denforth here for dinner Rev Whitfield Lectured at night Subject: "Alcohol its uses and abuses"
10th: The weather continues pleasant. the snow most all gone. Tomp gathered up a tubfull for washing to morrow, he don't want me to attempt washing yet. but I think I can do it if the baby is as good as he generally is. Sister Whitfield and Mrs. Orr called today. Tomp says this has been a good day in the office so he has made considerable ... ... so thankful that he has a position where he can get a so much better start than he ever could have attained on a farm. Genie has not been very well for several days has cough and fever.
11th: Washing, and wrote a letter to Mary ...
12th: Tommie has been taken quite sick today. has a very high fever has had a cough for several days. quite a number in have the same symptoms; seems like an epidemic that is going throug [sic] the crountry [sic]
13th: Tommie no better. The baby coughing today Tomp has gone to pray meeting tonigh [sic]. Sisters Whitfield and Offenbach called this afternoon. Sister Whitfield is coughing too. I have just been bathing Tommie put d...ts on his feet and put him to bed.
14th: Dont get very much done these days but take care of the children. Rec'd a Valentine today from W. T. S. very nice Tomp attended the Sociable at Rev Whitfield I was appointed "Treasurer" There forty six turned over to me.
16th: Elder Russell did not arrive at his appointment this morning. Mr Chaffee's came in to attend preaching. stopped till after dinner. Tommie is better today.
18th: Baby has been very sick yesterday and to day. Tommie has the ear ache tonight he is not willing to have anything done for it. Mary in this evening
19th: Tomp has been collecting "quarterage" - presume all Methodists know what that is - today. I think that if all stewards were as diligent in raising money for their ministers as his is, there would not be such a deficiency as there generally is - in their salaries at the close of the year. Baby Merle is better today. the dear little fellow was real good, while I washed. Felt very thankful that the children are all better. Tomp at singing school tonight.
20th: The weather has turned very cold today
22nd: Quarterly Meeting commences at Grant City today although extremely cold. Elder Williams came down from Pomeroy on the stage stopped at our house for dinner. Tomp went with Rev Whitfield and the Elder to Grant It is storming very hard this evening
23rd: This day has seemed long; as the days always seem to do when Tomp is away. he says, they suffered a good deal with the cold yesterday evening quarterly meeting at S... city next Sabbath.
24th: How quickly this month is passing The days how soon their are gone [sic] I though it was to cold to wash today so in the afternoon I made several calls - on Mrs. Orr, B...ers and ...ogans. Tomp is working in the office this evening very busy these days.
25th: Tomp was kept awake last night with the toothache. I washed today. Genie helps me take care of baby when I am busy. Mary tells us she is to me [sic] married Thursday at Mr. S...ers we are invited over . Harvey will take her to Illinois. Tomp has just gone out to see if Mr Harris has taken leave and left him in the lurch (as the saying is)
26th: Storming very hard today.
27th: Attended Mary Davis's wedding, very cold. bought carpet from Mrs. Harris today. Tomp is at pray metting this evening
28th: We all attended the Sociable at Mr. Davis. Mr. Olmstead brought us home

March 1873

2nd: Attended preaching this morning. Rev Whitfield preached from the text - "Why persecutest thou me" stayed to class. Mary and her husband came home with us they leave for Illinois tomorrow. Jennie down this afternoon. Tomp and I had a good long talk this evening not that our talks are anything unusual but they always do me good
3th: Still cold concluded not to wash as the baby has a cold
4th: Had Rabbit for dinner, which pleased the children, never having any before. Brother Whitfields spent the evening
5th: I have been sitting here holding the baby and watching the beautiful sunset. the weather has moderated today. I do hope for Spring and pleasant weather am inclined to be morbid or melancholy these days. I think it is because I stay in the house so closely the baby is almost sure to take cold when I take it out. Tommy has a very high fever today. I ought to be very thankfull for all the blessings that I enjoy for kind and loving husband, and dear children. surely our lives are filled with blessings.
6th: I washed today. I put it off waiting for the baby to get better. both he and Tommie are better today. Tomp has been to pray metting. but few in attendance very muddy.
9th: Sister Whitfield with us today, she dont like to stay at home alone when her husband is gone
10th: Will and Lavina came down to see us last night. They want to start for Maple Valley Wednesday they started back to Manson today. Lavina dont look very well she is troubled a good deal with the toothache
13th: Mrs. Hutchinson Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Moore visiting here today. I attended prayer meetting in the evening there was but few out. but we had a good meetting. Jennie Fox said "she wants to be a Christian asked the prayers of the church"
14th: Attended the sociable at Mr. Olmstead. We rode out with Mr. Tolivers folks we found the roads very muddy which were not improved by a shower while there. There were quite a number there all seemed to enjoy themselves. while I am under a cloud
16th: Elder Russells day to preach but he did not come. we all went up expecting preaching Bro and Sister Whitfield called this evening also Jennie and Lewis there is to be a lecture this evening at the school house by Mr. Ford subject - Creation. I did not attend.
17th: Tomp and I are going to review our grammer "Clarks practical" one we never studied; probably we shall find something new. he is not crowed with his work at present, but still finds enough to do to keep him employed. Eugene spend considable [sic] of his time at the office writing he says. Tommy always enjoys playing alone.
21st: Called on Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Will... Mr. Wood here for dinner. Tomp Mr. Hutchinson and Mr. Po... have bought the "Pioneer" of Wodd paid $120.00 apiece.
22nd: The anniversary of our wedding day. Seven years; pleasant and Happy ones to us; God has been very good to us during that time we have been prospered. And above all death hath not visited us. I think we can truly say: That Goodness & Mercy hath followed us all the days of our lives.
29th: This is the first pleasant day we have had this week it has been very cold. I took the children up to get their pictures taken this afternoon, succeeded in getting one of the baby's a very poor place to take pictures. Called on Mrs. McVay Gro Whitfields here this evening

April 1873

1st: The ground is white with snow this morning.
4th: Tomp started for Fort Dodge this morning. will stop at Manson over Sabbath, always very lonely when he is gone.
5th: Called on Mrs. Fox, and Mrs. Whitfield had the boys pictures taken not very good Jennie Fox is staying with me at night.
6th: Very cold and rainy today. They organized the sabbath school for the Summer this has been a long day to me.
7th: Tomp arrived about noon today in company with Mr Yates they had a cold ride down. Tomp brought home a new clock.
9th: Spent this evening at Bro Whitfields. received our new Commen tu... [tulips?] We shall prize them very highly.
11th: Pleasant today. The Sociable to meet at our house thie evening.
12th: We had a very pleasant time last night - at the Sociable to meet at Mr. ... in two weeks.
13th: Had the toothache very badly last night sat up most of the night by the stove being unable to sleep. Attended Sunday School and preaching this morning. Elder Russell preached. Sister Whitfield came home with us
19th: I called on Mrs. Frome, and Mrs. Hartman this afternoon Mrs. Mc...called
20th: Sister Whitfield quite sick today I stayed with her this afternoon. Tomp rode over to Camp Creek for Bro Whitfield. attended preaching this evening
21st: Stayed with Sister Whitfield to day. Tomp finished painting the house to day.
24th: the weather still cold snowing today. Tomp cleaned the cellar to day sent some wood over to Whitfields attended pray meetting in the evening.
25th: Attended the Sociable at Mrs. Orrs
28th: Tomp is making garden today the first that we have made . very pleasant
29th: Tomp is in office this morning talks of going north this week to set out trees. John Gregg came down today.
30th: Very windy today. Tomp set out some evergreens expected to go north but it commenced to rain in the afternoon

May 1873

1st: Still cold and raining this morning Tomp started for Manson with his trees
3rd: Very pleasant today. papa came home this morning. all very glad to see him
4th: Attended Sabbath School. preaching in the evening by Rev Forbes
5th: Baby sitting here by me in the high chair pulling at the book laughing and crowing. I guess he would like to help Mama write. Bro Whitfield stopping with us this week. Sister Whitfield went over to her school this morning but is not able ride home evenings yet. Tomp is making out his monthly report today.
8th: We have had a drizzling rain yesterday and today. Tomp made up my flower beds this afternoon but did the rain prevented me getting in any seeds. Mrs. ... Hutchinson taken quite sick today called over to ... this evening. Tomp has gone to praymeetting. School commenced last Monday. Eugene is as ...sted so ... in his school. We had bad news from Alecks that they had lost their child and that Maggie had been very sick.
11th: Mr. Fox brought home our flour today. five hundred weight. We had a nice shower of rain this evening. I have most of my flower seeds in.
13th: It has been raining all day. We are reading the Cotta Family evenings. Tomp reads to me while I sew. I have today and mending the clothes. I do not accomplish very much these days as the Baby is restless
Thursday 1... Father arrived today from Maple Valley not felling very well.
Thursday 2... Father and Tomp at praymetting has been raining most of the time during the past week the water has raised in our cellar the ground is fairly soaked. Mrs. Orr visited me today. Tomp put up a swing for the boys yesterday. which pleased them greatly.
26th: [margin note:] Merle baptized
Quarterly Meetting was held at Haya... School house on last Saturday and Sunday. We went down with the Elder on Saturday we only got as far as Bro Miles's where it commenced to rain very hard we stayed till evening. It rained also on the Sabbath the Elder preached a good sermon after sermon we had our Baby Baptized. May we have Grace to train our little ones for God Service, that they may grow up to fear and love him is our daily prayer. Bro Whitfield and the Elder went up to Manson today.
29th: The weather still continues wet. there is scarcely any corn in yet. what has been planted has rotted in the ground. Tommy spend a good part of his time out gathering flowers. he thinks they are so pretty. he was telling me today that they were "Gods Flowers" My best friend made me a present of a very nicely bound book the other day. From which I hope to gain much knowledge. Bro Whitfield and Tomp papered our room last week. which improves it very much.
31st: Has been a very busy day Sister McCullough spent the afternoon here Baby first tooth came through yesterday another one today

June 1873

2nd: I was greatly pleased today to see Sister Mary and her children and Mrs. Yates. They have come down to spend the week with me. It is a very warm day.
3rd: Has been raining hard all day
4th: Thomp got Mr. Yates team this afternoon and we went riding went as far as Correl Co
6th: Mary went home today I have had a very pleasant visit with her. Received the news this week of Grand Mother Negleys death in her 91st year of age. I always thought so much of her when I was a child. She was always so good and kind. I was always glad to be permitted go and visit her she had a very pleasant place she had lived on the same place since she was fourteen years of age. she was from Philadelphia Pa died near Tarentum she was a Christian a member of the Presbyterian Church
16th: We all attended Sabbath School yesterday as we usually do. Bro Whitfield preached in the evening from the subject: The Creation, from a Bible standpoint. a very interesting discourse. this has been a very warm day. Father is working on the road.
19th: Tom Gregg with his family came down today to make us a visit. Unwelcome visitors are also arriving viz Grasshoppers do not think that there are enough of them alighting to do much damage to the crops. They are doing a good deal of damage in some localities.
23th: We have had one of the hardest rains this evening I ever saw

July 1873

5th: We spent the fourth at a celebration ... the coon river. the day was extremely warm although the atmosphere was cooled off in the afternoon by a heavy rain that passed us
11th: We spent yesterday at Mr. Clows when we arrived home we found Wm Lowe here taking a couple of load out to Maple Valley. his crops were destroyed on the 4th by a heavy hailstorm or very nearly so. He started for home this morning.
18th: We were surprised yesterday eve by two wagon loads of friends driving up they were Jesses family John Andersons John Walshes Father Smith Father Jack Barney etc. John Andersons are looking for land would like to settle here if he can sell his farm in Missouri as they do not injoy [sic] good health there. We took a drive down on the river today. a four horse load of us twenty in all.
19th: They left for Manson this morning. Andersons expect to stop here on there way home.
26th: We had company to tea this evening Hutchinson Doctor m...oags
31th: John Andersons left here for home this morning they come here last Tuesday evening. they had four little boys with them and left three at home they have a long ride before them for this warm weather 360 miles.

August 1873

1st: My birthday. Twenty eight - Tomp presented me with a glass fruit dish always so thoughtful
15th: I do not keep my diary ... very well. We ... quarterly ... here ...had a very good meetting Bro and Sister Clay of Manson brought the Elder down I was very glad to see them. we have a picnic tomorrow at Camp creek the Elder expects to stay and attend. Last Friday evening we had a little surprise party at Bro Whitfields. we had supper all ready when she came from school took her completely by surprise made her a present of a ... ready to put on some presents also for Bro Whitfield.
Tuesday ...6: We had a very nice picnic we took tea at Mrs. Orrs with Bro Whitfields Tommie birthday He is not near as fleshy this summer as he has always been Saturday 30 - Court meets this week. Will ... boarding with us we expect to go up north next week.
Minnie Alden helping me today

September 1873

1st: Very busy today working and ironing getting ready to go away tomorrow.
8th: We made a very pleasant trip and am back again. we arrived in Manson just in time for the train Tuesday evening. The boys enjoyed their first ride very much. They had a great many questions to ask- Eugene called the Engine the Hooter. We spent Wednesday came out to Manson in the evening Aleck met us at the depot. we attended a picnic the next day at Mrs Coppers. ... had a pleasant time ... old acquaintances, and forming some new ones. ... brought us down ... ... as far as the Bacon school house where the county convention was being held. I rode down to Lake City with .. .. it was quite cold riding here. The baby and I took a very hard cold we are both feeling very poorly. Tomp was renominated ...
16th: Tomp and Father building a stable today. Elder Roach is holding meettings here now. Jennie Fox was immersed on Sunday - im sorry that the Camplites [Campbellites?] have got such an influence over here. perhaps we have failed in our duty to her, but we have tried to help her along in her religious life. But, have we done all we could and are we doing all we can for those around us.
Tomp and Father have gone to meeting. I stayed at home with the children, as I was very tired. been and baking. baby Merle is so very heavy. I get very tired taking care of him, he is a good though- is creeping every where - has six teeth.
20th: Elder Roach and Mr. Gregg took tea with us this evening. Mr. Foxes invited us to dinner yesterday also Bro Whitfield. Jennie and I spent the afternoon at ...helia Davis
22nd: M.r Baileys from Manson where here yesterday. they came down to attend the meetting. The Elder preached in the morning. Bro Whitfield in the evening. ... sermon for this year he goes to Conference next Tuesday. a number joined our Church list ...night, we had a good meeting.
26th: Mrs. S. Hutchinson is quite sick with a fever. Tomp has had a letter from Joseph ... ... about the Cattle - Tomp talks of going up Baby standing at my knee
29th: ... and Tomp went up north today. ... to bring down the colt some c... Genie and I picked Grapes all the afternoon. We Rec'd a short time ago the sad news that Ruth's little baby boy was dead of Cholera Infection aged eleven months.

October 1873

Father Smith has been visiting us; and helping Tomp in putting up a kitchen. he is going to spend the winter in Illinois.
[following in WT Smith's handwriting]
[margin note] W. T. S. Sketch of events from Oct 1873 till Nov 1874

Father Jack spent the winter with us. Prof Carpenter held a Singing Convention or class for 2 weeks nearly everybody attended - we closed with a concert. S. T. Hutchinson & myself formed a partnership as Real Estate Agents, firm name to be Hutchison & Smith. Bro Curl our Minister this conference year is a fine young man - we did not have any special revival this winter.

In the Spring of 1874 I built a house on my Lake Creek farm size of house is 16 x 20 - 12 ft high - cost about $320.00 I rented my farm to the Tubbs boys. I furnishing seed & paying 1/2 of the thrashing bill & receive half the crop - crops very poor - I recd 139 bu wheat 32 bu Oats & 50 or 60 bu Corn.

Father Smith came back from Illinois in the Spring - seems dissatisfied ever since - about the 4th 0f July he went to Jas Smiths where he now is.

We spent our 4th of July at Manson - a number of our Lake City singers went up & sang for the occasion. Our neighbor Mr. Orr died on the 2nd of July.

In the month of September we made a visit out to Maple Valley - had a very pleasant trip & the children all enjoyed it very much. Will Lowe & the Condron boys & families all seem delighted with the country & we dont wonder at it - We came home & found a very dear brother (Wm McCullick) had died in our absence. at sister McCullocks request I took charge of his affaire & have been settling up matters for them. A Sister of Mrs. McCulloch came out from Cedar Co. Came to live with us Oct 21st we like her very much - Jennie Raymond by name. During the year two churches have been built in our county - one here a Christian or New Light & one at Manson a Congregationalist. Father Jack is back in Scott County on a visit. A sister of Mrs. McCullocks Miss Jennie Raymond is living with us - came Oct 21st.

In the Spring of 1874 our children Eugene Tommy & Merle had the Measles on the 4th of July they were exposed to & took the whooping cough - have come through both trials safely for which we feel thankful. At the Conference this fall our Bro Curl was sent away up to Pembina - we received bro Brown from Manson - concluded it was but to build a parsonage & have commenced one in the meantime bro B. occupies Mrs. Orrs house

November 1874

A very pleasant Month. Weather generally mild & not very cold - Had my house on Lake Creek farm plastered this month. Eugene & Tommy going to School to a Miss Flinn a very good teacher. Attended Quarterly Meeting the 28th & 29th at Grant City. Elder Williams preached here Sunday Night. Rec'd a letter from Clifford saying he would start for Iowa on Monday the 23rd

December 1874

Bro Clifford here to see us from the 8th to the 11th of Dec - At a corn husking on the 11th at Sister McCullocks