Submitted by Merleen Gholdston, great-granddaughter of William, prior to 2012.

Family Journal of William Thompson Smith & his wife Nancy Amelia (Jack) Smith

Part I: 1866 - 1869

You will find birth dates, death dates and anniversary dates and quite a bit of other information in this journal for the community of Lake City, Rockwell City, and nearby.

William Thompson Smith b.12 Apr 1845 in Saltsburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. He died 12 Sep 1904 in Blanket, Brown County, Texas, and is buried in Rosehill Cemetery, Calhoun County, Iowa.
Nancy Amelia Jack Smith b.1 Aug 1845 in Tarentum, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She died 1 Aug 1890 in Rockwell City, Calhoun County, Iowa and is buried in Rosehill Cemetery, Calhoun County, Iowa.

Amelia Jack Smith is the sister of Mary Jack. Several other siblings were living in the area and are mentioned in the journals:

You can find the Smith family tree on Rootsweb.


In left margin: I did not feel much like commencing to keep a diary but Amelia insists on it so I suppose I will have to yield. What woman is there that will not have her way. I rather expect though ...t will ... ... ... years to refer to this poorly kept journal.
Sept 24: We have started ... [two illegible lines] our destination is Fort Dodge Iowa. We started from Port Byron this afternoon stayed at Br...l ... tonight.
Sept 25: Did not get further than Condren's this evening stayed there all night.
Dec 23: It has been a long time since I have written in my old journal. Tomp & the girls are at Sabbath school we are staying in Fort Dodge this winter. We intend going out to the country in the spring.

January 1867

13th: Was born unto us this Sabbath about 4 O'clock one of the sweetest loveliest smartest prettiest and best Boys that ever was born in this town. May God spare him to us and give us grace and wisdom to train him for eternity.

April 1867

3rd to 5th (mostly illegible): ...This day we moved...Calhoun Co into Mr. Van Horns ...
6th: Came home today. Broke the tires of ... at Powers Grove.
7th: My first Sunday out at Yatesville went to Prayer meeting [page torn] none. Wrote two letters one to Robert the other to James Smith [page torn] fall of two or three inches of snow this evening.
8th: Recd three letters today from J. Newton Wm... [page torn] and Hattie Wilcox. How very slow and tardy Spring a...[page torn] the farmers getting very impatient about getting [page torn]
9th: A. N. Jack and I went with the team to Mr. Van Horns [page torn] for oats, from there to Mr. Blains where we staid all night Borrowed seven dollars from Mr. Blain.
11th: Went to Ft. Dodge today. Snow going off very fast
12th: Sowed some wheat today. took supper at Mr. B... had to go around 8 or 10 miles to get across a ... Could not ... at Des Moines as the bridge was ...
13th: Came home today found my dear wife and baby well. How thankful to God I should be for these treasures
15th: My 22nd Birthday, the past year has been a rather eventful one with me for ... I have changed my residence from Illinois to North Western Iowa have left the home of my childhood & with my wife came to seek a home of my own also have been blessed with a very fine boy Homer Eugene. May God's blessing rest on us another year. Aleck and I went down to Leneham to finish sowing. Camped out the 15th 16th 17th and 18th came home the 19th.
20th: Mr. Van Horn came here today great destitution prevailing in Ft. Dodge & vicinity owing to the high water. Flour selling at $11 per cwt, corn meal $6 and $7.
21st: Had a big wild goose dinner today the first I remember of eating went very well. Wrote to Brother John this morning.
23rd: Commenced sewing wheat on the Van Horn place today. Harrowed on 10 acres the 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th. Received a letter on the 26th from Brother John.
28th: Wrote to John Clifford and P. F. Cox today.
29th: The wind blowing a perfect gale so that we done nothing all day. This prairie is famous for high winds.
30th: Commenced sowing Oats on the Van Horn place today. ...the old adage "May comes laughing o-er the plain" does not hold good in this instance for she comes whistling such tunes over these prairies as renders an overcoat and mittens very agreeable companions. Whew how cold!

May 1867

2nd: A little warmer today. Vegetation just beginning to start up a little. Hauled some hay from Fluharty's today.
3rd: Mrs. Smith alias my wife my angel etc. and my Boy paid Mrs. Yates a visit today. I myself shot a duck this afternoon went over and took supper at Mr. Yates.
5th: Went over to Mr. Hakes to prayer meeting this afternoon only a half dozen or so there but had a good meeting. Baby boy ... well today.
6th: Went into L..nehnan... place to prepare ground for corn. Had quite a time finding a place to board finally hailed at Mr. Platts and was taken in.
7th: Plowing with two teams part of today. Amelia got a letter for me from Father today. Plowed in there the ...
10th: Finished plowing and marking one way the evening of the 10th
11th: Came home today. Vina came out with us. Found Melia and the baby not very well. Mrs. Brooks & Mrs. Davidson here visiting. Mary Jack had a kind of fit this evening.
12th: Raining this morning pretty hard. Wrote to Father today
14th: Went out to Twin Lakes with Vina to see her claim had to wade several sloughs but found it at last
15th: Started this morning for Ft. Dodge. Bot a bushel of seed corn from Mr. Merritt paid $2.00 for it. Vina & I planted about an acre of corn this evening went and stayed with Mrs. Platt all night.
16th: Maggie dropping corn for me today. Worked very hard and only covered about 4 acres.
17th: Finished the piece today about 4 O'Clock. Went over to Ft. Dodge attended a church trial between Mr. Garsnoe & Mr. Cheney lasted till about 11 O'clock.
18th: Commenced raining this morning had a very bad storm of rain and wind so that we could not come home.
19th: Sunday Came home today found the roads in an awful condition very glad after a week of toil to get home to see wife and Boy. Wife and Boy Ditto. Found a letter here for me from Clifford.
20th: Raining today an agent of Dr. Jaynes stopped here all night. Aleck charged him three dollars for himself and team.
21st and 22nd: Working in the garden a little planted some potatoes Peas etc.
23rd: Aleck and I went over to Coles blacksmith shop to get the breaking plow sharped the Lizzard high enough to swim the wagon...
24: At home today wrote a letter to J. ... Had a very heavy rain and hail storm this evening
25th: Commenced breaking prairie on Mr. Jack's claim today broke about one and a half acres.
26th: Wrote a letter to Mother today Amelia enclosed a collar in it. Amelia and I attended prayer ... ... this afternoon
27th: ... starting to Lake City this morning was prevented by the rain.
28th: Still raining this evening a very disagreeable time ... farmers cold d... rain about half the time.
29th: Started for Lake City this morning in company with Mr. Yates Mr. Farrand & Mr. Root saw a drove of seventeen elk. Mr. Peter Smith caught one about 2 weeks old which I hauled home for him. Got to Mr. Lawrences about 5 O'clock in the evening.
30th: Went to the Mill this morning took 10 Bu Wheat & 4 bu corn. Came to Mr. Lawrences took dinner loaded up went to Mr. Smiths where I took supper & staid all night.
31st: Started for home about 11 O'clock the sloughs very miry stalled with my load four or five times. Old S...t gave out so I have to leave my load at Mr. Glovers and come home horseback came pretty near losing my way on the prairie.

June 1867

1st: The first day of the first summer month more like February of March cold & rainy all day went and brought my load home from Mr. Glovers.
2nd: Cleared off this morning, and looks more like fair weather. Attended meeting at Mr. Hakes & here we organized a Sabbath School. Mr. Clay elected Supt Mr. Gould Asst Mr. Brooks Lib and Mrs. Brooks Secretary.
3rd: Went to breaking prairie this morning. J. Van Horn & Aleck went to ... to fish.
4th: The boys got home with their fish did not get very many.
5th: Finished a ... on father's claim and struck out one on mine and Alecks. Turtle soup for dinner today. [Left margin] I must say that I have really got interested in my journal it looks so much like my life. Blots, freaks of fancy, foolishness, mistakes in short a bundle of imperfections wonder if I could not amend it echo answers mend it.
6th: Quite a heavy shower this morning but cleared off about 9 O'clock went to Mr. Fluharty's and bought a bushel of Potatoes @ $1.25 planted a few of them this afternoon. How beautiful and fresh the face of Mother Earth appears after the rain. The vegetables and grain growing finely. how should we chide ourselves for distrusting Providence when he gives us so many tokens of his goodwill to us. had a general measurement this afternoon Amelia is 5 ft 7 1/2 inches high. Eugene 26 inches. Mary Jack 5 ft 4 in and myself 5 ft. 10 1/2
7th: Started for town today got into the field about noon replanted corn an hour or two then went to town to get the plow sharpened. found Platts Vina Maggie etc. all in a row. Father feeling very badly over it staid at Platts all night.
8th: Finished replanting the corn this forenoon came home this evening. brought a letter home with me fro Amelia from Martha Jack.
9th: An awful heavy rain last night. the ground covered with water this morning. Mosquitos getting plenty in the lasts day or two did not go to Sabbath School as the roads were very muddy.
10th: Done a very good days breaking today about an acre and a half
11th: Aleck went to town to work the corn. I plowed a piece of ground and Amelia and I planted it with Potatoes. Recd a letter from Mal stating they were going to start the 30th of May for Ft. Dodge
12th: Hired one of Mr. Brooks horses to break with. Mr. and Mrs. Farr and Mrs. Root and Mrs. Starr took supper with us this evening.
13th: Looked like rain this morning but cleared off. eight emigrant wagons passed in a drove
14th: Breaking today planted squashes & pumpkins rained this evening pretty hard. Father and Maggie came out this evening from town. Father has not been at home for two or three months so is quite ...
15th: finished a land on our claims this forenoon. Took a stroll over our land today like mine better every time I see it. Amelia started to go up to it but met us on way & turned back.
16th: Sunday. Went to Mr. Radleys expecting to hear preaching but d...appointed had prayer meeting and Sabbath School rained v... hard this evening.
17th: This morning cold enough to make a person shiver in the house. have written some in my Diary before breakfast have been trying to search my heart and feel more like str... to live more consistent with my profession. May God help me. Father Aleck and I mowing weeds off the wheat tod... Amelia & I went up this evening and planted some maple seeds on our claim.
18th: Went to town today to work the corn. on arriving there heard of the death of Patrick Lyon who was struck by lightning. took our bed and board to Mr. Rouleys
19th: Raining this forenoon went and heard a trial in the Court house.
20th: Pleasant weather all day. plowed about 8 acres of co...
21st: Finished plowing this morning after a heavy show... came home found a letter here from Barney ...
22nd: Mowing weeds today. In the evening tried to burn the old grass off Barneys claim but found it ...
23rd: Sunday. Went to Sabbath School & Prayer meeting one of the heaviest rains of the season ... this evening the face of the earth all covered over with water.
24th: Morning still raining. Enough to make any... look down in the mouth so much wet but supp... it cant be helped rather dull prospect for Amelia's school which was to commence today. Mowing weeds today
Noon: Amelia reports 7 scholars to begin with. I wrote a letter to T. E. Cook this evening.
25th: Commenced breaking again this morning raining this evening
26th: Breaking alone today. an addition to Amelia's family today of two new scholars. raining this evening.
27th: At home not "doing very much of nothing" this forenoon the weather looks more like being fair hope it may Wondering what has become of Barney and Mal as they should be here by this time.
28th: Breaking Prairie today the Plow did not run very well only went 10 rounds on the piece
29th: Wrote letter to Maria Nicholson this morning. Mary Jack had another fit this morning had very hard work to get her restored to consciousness
30th: Went to Sabbath School this morning heard there that Barney had shot his hand in Fr. Dodge. Started in right away hunted all over for him but failed to find. staid at Mr. Rowleys all night.

July 1867

1st: Came home today found Barney here all right.
2nd: Went and looked over our claims today. Barney very much pleased with his.
3rd: Barny and I started for Lake City today with the oxen. Camped at night in the edge of town
4th: Independence Day. Our Nations holiday. What man is there whose heart does not swell with the emotions of gratitude and joy as he reviews the history of our country and feels that in spite of foreign foes or Rebels at home we have an undivided Nation. May Heavens choicest blessings rest on our beloved land. Barney and I took dinner at Lake City where they had a very nice celebration.
5th: Arrived home this evening about 5 O'clock brought some cake along for the women.
6th: Went to the Black Smith shop with the Plow. attended Sabbath School and Prayer Meeting. Wrote to Clifford this evening. Breaking prairie the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th
12th: Had my land Surveyed today by the County Surveyor
13th: Went to see about a Reaper today o... to Radleys and Joneses.
14th: Attended Sabbath School and prayer Meet...
15th: Ploughing this forenoon Went to a funeral of a boy of Mr. Carls.
16th: Broke Mr. Roots plough today
17th: Went to town to work the corn today. Stopped at Mr. Blains all night
18th: Ploughing Corn very hard quite a show... in the evening. Father and I took refuge in Mr. Beebees house where we were treat.. like gentlemen (which we are)
19th: Father and I ploughed like whitehead... today got done about 6 O'clock in the evening.
20th: Up at a quarter past two this mor... visited Jerry Leneh..ns fish trap got a few. Went to town and got my adorable a new dress the first one Long may it wear! Came home in the evening found three letters for me from F... Clifford and P. F. Cox.
21st: Sunday Went to S. S. had to take the lead in prayer meeting.
22nd: Harrowing ground for Turnips sowed about 3 acres of them this evening 23rd. Finished sowing Turnips this morning. Went and staked off my 80
24th: Trying to break a little today. Went and saw Mr. Radley this morning. Kept a traveling agent all night. Had a very hard rain
25th: Went to town to see our grain get wood and engage a Reaper I did it all in one day
26th: Came home today. very warm. found a letter from W T. Condron wrote one to P. F. Cox this evening
27th: Trying to break. Plough would not work so quit the business.
28th: Preaching this morning by Rev. King who organized a Methodist Class. who seen fit to elect me Leader. I fell my unworthiness and un fitness for the position. May God give grace that I may discharge my duty with humility. J. Van Horn went aw.. today.
29th and 30th: Not very busy these two days. Mowed some grass and made preparations to go to town
31st: Amelia Father Baby and I went in to Mr. Beebees this forenoon. I went to town and over to Mr. Coffins disappointed in getting a Reaper there went to Mr. Laughlin who agreed to cut our grain.

August 1867

1st: Commenced harvesting today
2nd: Finished our wheat on Jerrys this evening
3rd: Helped Mr. B harvest this forenoon and came home in the evening. found a letter here from Father
4th: At Sabbath School & Prayer meeting in the morning. Met the class at 5 O'clock at our house had a very good meeting. Our Dear Eugene very sick. had Dr. Olney in to see him passed a very restless night
5th: Commenced mowing grass. Eugene still very sick.
6th: Mowing away
7th: Went and seen Mr. Radley about coming to reap
8th: Wrote a big letter to Father this morning. Mr. Radley commenced cutting this day. ... Barney and I binding
9th: Finished our piece of Wheat this evening
10th: Stacking hay today.
11th: Sabbath. At S. S. this morning. Mr. Hakes appointed Leader of the Union Prayer Meeting. held Class Meeting at Bro Jones a very good Meeting Alvah Cooper joined the ...
12th: Put a patch on my fine Boot today. how my genius is called out by my poverty. Barney and Father went to Ft. Dodge. Preaching this evening by Bro. King.
13th: Bro. King and lady spent the night with us paid Bro King 1.20 this morning. Barney and I stacking Wheat today.
14th: Binding this forenoon for Mr. Radley. came home and rested this evening.
15th: Commenced cutting Oats this morning. Barney and I kept up with the Reaper all day bound about six acres. Bully
16th: Amelia sitting up with Mrs. Yates last night who getting worse I was sent for about 1 O'clock and went to Ft. Dodge for the Doctor, came home felling a little unwell, binding this afternoon.
17th: Binding this forenoon. A N. J. and C. Ton... came out and took Dinner with us. Recd a letter from Bro. Jesse and Sister Celina
18th: A very warm day. quite an animated discussion in S. S. on baptism. Held our class meeting at Bro Hakes, a refreshing time
19th: Wrote a letter to Jesse today
20th: Went into town to make preparations for Thrashing. Advertised Old Ereicksons Homestead claim in The Iowa North West to give father a chance to enter it for himself.
21st: Hunting an Irishman who had my Hay Rack all forenoon. Stacked some of our grain this evening
22nd: Finished stacking today. Expecting a Thrashing Machine every hour but none came bad luck to the Dutch
23rd: Still looking longing and hunting for a Machine myself pretty near sick from eating green corn but some of Mrs. Beebees Blackberry Balsam helped me
24th: Went and engaged a Thrasher for Monday then came home to my dear Wife and Boy. As I write this on the side of the bed they are lying here looking so sweet that I must bid my journal good night and join them in the land of Nod. Mrs. Root and Mrs. Starr here for supper.
25th: Sabbath. Attended S. S. in the morning. held Class meeting at Bro . Glovers in the evening
26th: Went into Mr. Beebees to get our thrashing done took Amelia and Eugene along.
27th: Commenced thrashing this afternoon
28th: Finished today our grain turned out very poor only had 744 Bu Wheat and 185 of Oats. took a load of Oats to town received 40 cts per Bushel
29th: Came home today found a letter here from P. F. Cox
30th: Aleck and I stacking Oats today had a very heavy shower tonight.
31st: Barney and I riding around this forenoon. went to the funeral of Mrs. Skinner this evening.

September 1867

1st: At Meeting this forenoon. while eating dinner who should appear but Robt, Jesse, Clifford and Jas Gregg having left home only last Monday noon. very much surprised and very glad to see them held class here at home
2nd: Riding around with the boys to find them a claim as they think of moving here.
3rd: Went to Ft. Dodge and contested Ole Ericksons Homestead claim for father. proof of abandonment filed
4th: Went and hired Mr. French to go with us to find some land at last found some th...suited them very well
5th: Went as far as Ft. Dodge with the boys on their way home. Robt and Jesse took Homesteads and left for home about 2 O'Clock. I had to be a witness in reference to fathers land.
6th: Engaged Mr. Yates to mow our hat for us. Barney Aleck & I helping him stack hay today
7th: Doodled up our hay today. Got my team down in a ditch and had quite a time with them
8th: Sunday at S. S. and Prayer Meeting. Rained this evening
9th: Hauling hay this afternoon
10th and 11th: Haying away.
12th: Haying. Almond and Henry Palmer here today.
13th: Aleck went to town today. Barney and I hauling hay
14th: Commenced raining this morning. I wrote a letter to Wm. Condron
15th: Sunday. Had Class at Bro Clays house this evening
16th: Working the Roads today. Barney and Mal started for Adair Co
17th: Hauled one load of Hay. when it commenced raining. Came in and wrote a letter to Father. Picked some corn at ...
18th: Ladies Prayer Meeting at our house this afternoon. Father Aleck and ... went and picked what corn the cattle had left on the break...
19th: Went to Ft. Dodge today. Mary & Aleck picked grapes and walnuts at Powers Grove rained some this evening
20th: Ploughed for Mr. Yates this afternoon
21st: Amelia got a letter from Hattie Wilcox . Ploughed for Mr. Yates in the forenoon hauled hay this afternoon
22nd: Sunday at S. S. did not stay for Prayer meeting. Had class at Mr. Farends
23rd: Mr. Yates cutting hay for us. Aleck and I ploughed for him in the forenoon and one of us Aleck in the afternoon
24th: Hauled Hay from the mounds
25th: Finished working our Road Tax this forenoon. Cass Yates mowed some for us worked at putting it up till after dark
26th: Went to town today got a little corn staid at Mr. Long's all night
27th: Came home by Mr. Blairs for father got a big load of cabbage tomatoes etc.
28th: Attended the County Convention at Twin Lakes had the misfortune to be nominated for County Superintendent
29th: Amelia and I went with Bro Jones and staid to class meeting. Mr. Coffin preached to us today
30th: Started for Boone this morning in company with Mr. Radley Mr. Hakes & Mr. Griffith

October 1867

1st: On the Road. Camped for dinner at Boone River. Went and staid at Uncle Samuel's all night
2nd: Drove into Montana loaded up and drove about five miles where we camped for the night
3rd: On the Road. reached Brush Creek this evening. one of my horses pretty sick tonight
4th: Commenced raining this morning and continued to rain till 1 or 2 O'clock. we came to Ft. Dodge and attended the fair. staid all night in town
5th: Came home this evening very glad to see my family
6th: quite a frost this morning went to S. S. and Prayer meeting Bro & Sister Jones came and staid to class
7th: Aleck and I went to town for wood and corn
8th: Election day held at Mr. Yates. helped Mr. French to Clerk at the Polls. rained some this afternoon got through about 9 o'clock counting votes. fifty-three votes Polled in all. only 8 Democratic votes cats. Recd a letter from Father with a check for $45.00
9th: Lavinas claim contested today Mr. Yates French ... Father and I went to town. Aleck and I from there to To...
10th: Came home this evening with a lot of rails
11th: Aleck and I working at an Oats Bin Uncle Jas Jack came here evening
12th: Uncle Jas went to Ft. Dodge. I staid at home & hauled 4 loads ...
13th: Sunday at S. S. went home and took supper with Mr. Glover. had Class Meeting there. The threshers came this evening
14th: Uncle Jas started for Sioux City . Done our thrashing today. had 78 Bu. Wheat & 355 of Oa...
15th: Aleck and I went and helped Jones & Radley to thrash
16th: Putting a roof on our Stable and Granary
17th: Helping Mr. Yates to thrash
18th: Finished thrashing at Yates this forenoon. Eugene stop jerking my arm you good for nothing little Darling, always in mischief. Commenced thrashing at Closes
19th: Came home from Closes today at noon. Digging Potatoes in the afternoon
20th: Sunday not feeling very well so did not go to S. S. Rained in the evening Barney and Mal got home today
21st: Hauling Sod and building a stable
22nd: Amelia Eugene and I went into Mr. Blains got our Dinners and from there to Mr. Beebees where we staid all night had a very pleasant time cracking ...
23rd: Went into town this morning to get Eugenes picture taken. got a kind of one of him & his Ma took Dinner with Mr. Hollihan. Came home this evening
24th: Finished Sodding our Stable. a cold rainy disagreeable d...
25th: Commenced Plowing on J Van Horns Place today
26th: Still Plowing
27th: Sunday at Sunday School the question of closing the School came up but was unanimously opposed class at our house Jno Hakes led the class
28th: Barney went to town to Mill I plowed for Mr. Yates
29th: Plowing at home today a very cold day. Snowed a little this evening
30th: Broke Mr. Yates Plow took it to the shop while there the BlackSmith son brought home in his coffin. Amelia went with me as far as Mr. Clays where we took supper
31st: Attended two funerals today. Davidsons child and Peter Olenbacks

November 1867

1st: Plowing. Amelia went and finished digging our Potatoes. Mr. Yates & Mrs Brooks here for supper
2nd: Plowing this forenoon
3rd: Sunday. A cold disagreeable day had class at Bro Hakes
4th: Plowing a little today. got my horses shoed this evening. Our little Eugene pretty sick
5th: Went into J. Lenehans to husk corn. Commenced this evening
6th: Husking all day camped out & done our own cooking
7th: Still at work on the corn
8th: Finished our corn this forenoon. Jerry Lenehan and us had some words about the division of the corn. Came home with a load this evening
9th: Finished hauling our corn today. had three loads to my share about 75 or 80 bushels
10th: Another cold Sunday. had Preaching to day by Bro. Hamilton. Class at Bro Clays
11th: Not feeling in a very good humor. What can the matter be guess this is a blue Monday. Plowing
12th: Plowing today
13th: Barney and I went to Ft Dodge to Mill. Staid at Mr. Platts all night
14th: Dug up some Walnut Maple quaking asp trees we came home plowed this afternoon
15th: Set out some trees on my claim this forenoon, plowed this afternoon
16th: Haad old Nances Life insured. Plowing Recd two letters from Jesse and Robt. Smith
17th: S. S. Class at Mr. Yates this evening
18th: Plowing finished my own and commenced on J...
19th: Plowing. Barney started for Tods Mill for po...
20th: Finished Plowing on the Van Horn place went up and commenced on my breaking. came home at night and found Mr. Geo Spade here also the Mrs. Davidsons were here visiting.
21st: Still plowing some on my own land. Bar... came home and him & Geo Spade hunting for a cla...
22nd: Barney and family took my team and went with Mr. Spade. I went to Ft Dodge. up to Mr. Havilands to see J. Vanhorn & to the Land Office. took Walkers line as far as to Mrs. Lenehans wading the Des Moines river on my trip. Rather cool!
23rd: At home. Our fair weather which has lasted three or four weeks has given way to a drizzly foggy disagreeable day. We fixed up our Stable roof. I ... some Walnuts commenced building a Coal hou... hooped Amelia's water barrel. & paid Mr. Brooks some co... I owed him. Recd a letter from Nancy & Maria Nichol...
24th: A pretty cool morning went to S. S. and preaching Bro Hamilton the minister came home with me & staid all night. Mr. Carro... came this evening and took Barneys oxen & my wagon
25th: Went and helped Mr. Starr to pick corn. Barney and Mal got home this evening with a load of coal
26th: Mr. Starr Mr. Sohn and myself went to Tods Mill for Mr. Boyce. Starr and I staid all night in Mr. Van ...olkenburgs barn
27th: A pleasant day. arrived at home a little after dar... Work commenced on the D. and S. C. R. R. at Ft Dodge
28th: Cold and snowing a little
29th: Aleck and I butchered one of my hogs weighed 1.40 the other 1.06
30th: Still pretty cold. Wrote to Maria Nicholson. The last of another month. How swift time flies "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom"

December 1867

[new page very light copy]
3rd: Jesse ... ... family in our wagon and started for Mongona. Stopped at Ft Dodge for dinner ... ... ... all night
4th: S... today. ... ... pretty hard ... ... This evening found Lina and Maggie glad to see us.
5th: Went to work this morning sawing wood for Mr. ... at $... per Day. Very ...
6th: Jesses old Mare strayed away so I started this morning to look for her. rode across the prairie to C... a pretty cold day. did not find the old mare
7th: Sawing wood for Mr. Jones a... ...
8th: ... Jesse Lina and I went over to Roberts and ... dinner ... Wrote a letter to Amelia...
9th: ... wood for Mr. Loyd
10th: Sawing wood for Mr. Fletcher. A very ... day
11th: Raining this morning the coal miners on a strike for ... pay. Snowed above two inches this evening. Bro. ... brought me a pair of boots at $5.50
12th: A very pleasant day Sawed wood for Mr. ... A ... Class Meeting in the evening ...
13th: Snowing very hard all day. Had a very strange feeling after I went to bed tonight my flesh ... ... ... very itchy and I was very sick ... stomach
14th 15th 16th 17th and 18th: Working away sawing ... ... ... and wishing and hoping for a letter from home.
19th: ... had ... sleigh and sent another ... after the old mare. I went out to C...
[new page very light copy]
20th: ... wood for Mr. Perkins in the ... and I commenced ...
21st: Still working on our sled.
22nd: Sunday ... ...
23rd: ...
24th: ...
25th: Christmas. The weather warm and pleasant Jesse Lina and I had our Christmas ... pleasant but would be more so if ... were with me. May God grant them a happy Christmas
26th: Sawing wood for Mr. Perkins. Attended Class Meeting at ... a good meeting notwithstanding there was a dance in the house adjoining.
27th: ...
28th: ... Fluharty's today again
29th: Sabbath Attended Presbyterian preaching this evening. ...
30th: ...

January 1868

[new page very light copy]
... stopped at Geo Spades all night ..
Oh ... the loving Kindness of my Heavenly Father ... extended ... ... pleasant day ...... stopped at Spades
3rd: ... rained til ...
5th: At S. S. ...
6th: ... working ... cold
[new page light copy]
chopping wood for Mr. Ca...
14th: ...ting a ...and ...
16th: Chopping wood
Finished at Mr. Ca... and...
18th: Hauling ... and coal for ...
19th: ... ... this morning so I did not get to Sabbath School. Mr and Mrs Fluharty here this evening
20th: Chopping wood for Mr. Brigham. Amelia Eugene and ... over at Roberts. Came home when dark ... getting across the river
21st: Hauling wood for Mr. Brigham today
22nd: Commenced working on the Saw Mill again ... ... at night
23rd: ... in the Saw Mill weather warm and ...
25th: ... today ...for want of cars I only worked ... the saw mill... ... very fast this evening
26th: ... ... Lina Amelia and I at preaching tonight
27th: Worked in the Saw Mill this forenoon. Jesse commenced ... at midnight
28th: Both of us to work till noon I went over to .... put in an extra 1/2 day Sawing wood. So cold this ... the ... stopped till morning.
29th: ...
30th: ...
31st: ...

February 1868

[new page light copy]
1st: In the mill working ...
2nd: Sunday Amelia Eugene and I at Sabbath School Mr. Edwards a ... preached ...
3rd: In the mill Jesse traded horses today.
4th: Working in the mill
5th: A cold stormy day put in the forenoon at the mill and the afternoon at L... So cold that Jesse ...
21st: I have not written any in my journal for a good while but today my father arrived here ... All very glad to see him
22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th and 29th: Working in the saw mill

March 1868

1st: comes in like a lamb this time at S.S. this morning. One of the miners fell ... bridge and was instantly killed
2nd: S.. in the mill. a big boil on my ...
3rd: ...
4th: A warm pleasant day. Father and Jesse ... ... today
5th: The reads very muddy. weather warm
6th: Commenced raining this ... about 2 O'clock rained ... and drizzled till noon. Worked for ...
7th: At the mill ...
[new page half light copy]
... ... warm and pleasant
10th: .. Jesse and ... ... prairie very well
11th and 12th: The roads very muddy.
13th: This afternoon I went to haul a load of lumber ... when we came to cross found the Ice running so fast that ... so we were obliged to camp in the woods ... blanket to sleep on . There was several ... came same fix with ... ... argued politics awhile then laid down ...
14th: Mr. ... and I walked home to ... breakfast and horses ... had a ... miles to cross the R R bridge got over the river about 8 O'clock
15th: Sunday. Most likely my last in Moingona. Attended S. S. in the morning Amelia and I took dinner at Mr. Browns. Jesse and Lina at Roberts
16th: Made a start for Yatesville found the roads in an awful condition only traveled about 8 miles camped in a school house near Bluff Creek
17th: On the road got as far as Mr. Harveys where we staid all night. Father bought a cow here.
18th: Came to George Spades staid with him all night
19th: Driving hard to day to reach home which we did but Jesse and Barney had to stop for the night at Strattons
20th: Resting today went to a debate tonight
21st: Showed Father my 80 today he was well pleased with it. Attended the Yatesville Lyceum this evening.
22nd: Sabbath at my home again among my brethren and sisters very glad to meet with them at prayer meeting this evening
23rd: Commenced sowing Wheat today. weather warm and pleasant.
24th: Aleck and I went over to Mr. Lowes to draw our money for hauling material for the School house. left father to harrow while I was gone. Al Drew came today
25th: A big storm of rain and hail turned into snow this evening snowed about two inches
26th: Barneys moved in the house with Jesses for a day or two
27th: Thawing today
28th: Hunting today Mr. Coffin preached to us at the School house this evening. Mr. and Mrs Blain paid us a visit
29th: Sabbath A beautiful day Spring appears to be smiling at the victory she has gained over the wintery elements. Had plenty of preaching two sermons from Bro Coffin and one from Bro Hamilton
30th: Aleck Al Drew and Barney went to town
31st: A very pleasant day sowing Wheat

April 1868

1st: All fools day saw several of them here finished sowing Wheat on the Van Horn place
2nd: The wind blowing a perfect gale. Father, John, Mr. Jack Mr. F....cke and myself went all over Father's claim. I stopped at Barneys for prayer meeting. had a good meeting. Mr. & Mr Tony & Mr. Beebee at our house.
3rd: The ground froze up this morning Aleck and I out hunting stopped at Jesses for dinner came home and found Robt here.
4th: Helping Mary Jack fix up the paper for the Lyceum, quite a debate tonight on the merits of horses and cattle. The paper caused considerable lang...
5th: A beautiful day at S. S. Class Meeting & Prayer Meeting
6th: The ground froze up this forenoon Aleck and I over at Barneys helping to put in his wheat
7th: Wrote a letter for father to Mother Heard that Robts claim had been sold so Jesse Barney Aleck and I went into town to see about it Barney and I staid at Beebees all night Aleck & Jesse at To...ys
8th: Went to the Land Office and straitened the matter out. Jesse and Barney bought a breaking plow came home this evening
9th: Hauled a load of hay for Mr. Fleck took dinner with Barney & Mal At Prayer Meeting tonight
10th: Father Mr. Jack, Jas Van Horn Jesse D Fluharty Aleck took a trip out to Twin Lakes
11th: Aleck and I harrowing at Barneys
12th: Reorganized our S. S. Mr. Clay reelected Supt. Mr. Glover Asst Supt and Cas.... Yates Librarian. Snow on the ground Barney & Mal over here Eugene commenced to walk
13th: A cold disagreeable drizzly day. Mr. Spade and Uncle Gregg arrived here this evening from Illinois.
14th: Another rainy day. Uncle Father and Jesse went out to view the country. Aleck and I went and set out some cutting on our land. I planted a little when the rain commenced to come so hard I was obliged to quit.
15th: My 23rd birthday. Uncle Gregg Mr. & Mrs. Fluharty Jesse & Lina here for dinner. I was plowing some for oats. sowed some Wheat on my own.
19th: At Sabbath School and Class Meeting
20th: Sowing oats and harrowing it in rec'd a letter from Mrs Andrew Jack.
21st: Went to town to mill Mr. Jack Father Mr. Brooks & two other gentlemen went in with. When we got to town saw Mr. Coffin who told us of Aleck getting his foot cut went to the doctor's office and saw him came back to Coffins where we staid all night.
22nd: Came home today
23rd: Sowing oats and harrowing them in, pretty cold
24th: About an inch and a half of Snow on the ground this morning. I wrote a letter to P Cox rec'd one from W. N. The sun came out ... warm and soon melted the snow all off. ... and I greased our H...
25th: A pleasant day. attended Singing School ...
26th: At Sabbath School preaching by Bro Hom... then class meeting had an excellent Meeting Prayer meetting at night.
27th: Monday the weather warm and pleasant. I finished harrowing in my oats. and prepared a piece of ground for onions.
28th: Raining most all day. Uncle Gregg and Mr. Tony here for dinner.
29th: Uncle Gregg started for home. Mr. Brooks M.r Hokes and several others with myself sta... for Lake City to attend court as jurors. Camp... out near Mr. Siffords 1/2 mile from town.
30th: I done the cooking for our mess. I had the misfortune this morning to cut Mr. M... hands. Court called at 11 O'clock but Judge failing to be present the court was adjounred till the first Thursday after the second Monday in August. About 1 O'clock Mr. Gould and I started for home afoot. I stopped at the School house for prayer meetting. got home about 9 O'clock

May 1868

1st: Amelia and I making some garden on our own place. Sowed Some Onions. Planted early Potatoes. took dinner with Mrs. Farren...
2nd: Plowing for Father and Barney. went to Singing School at night. the grasshoppers becoming very numerous.
3rd: Sabbath at Sabbath School Class & pray meeting
4th: Amelia and I up at the farm planted some Peas & Beets and prepared the ground for sorghum. A shower drove us home in the afternoon
5th: Went and borrowed Mr. Roots plow. plowed a little and planted sorghum rained in the evening
6th: Plowing some today but on account of a shower was obliged to take shelter at Mr. Farends awhile then put for home
7th: Plowing. Amelia and I at prayer meeting
8th: David Fluharty and I helping Jesse to survey the Section he lives on. had to do some tall wading hunting witness corners came to Barneys where I staid all night
9th: Plowing in the forenoon. Attended preaching and quarterly conference afternoon only three official members present. Bro Williams Bro Gould and myself. Singing school tonight
10th: Sabbath. Bro Hamilton the only minister with us. a very good Love feast this morning
17th: Our Congregationalist brethren organized a society at the school house five persons joined. Made arrangements to have preaching regularly

June 1868

2nd: People are getting fearful that the grasshoppers are going to ruin our crops but like the children of Israel our only hope is in God.. Commenced breaking on father Jacks claim. An Indignation Meeting at the School house last night to give expression to the feelings of the people in regard to the Impeachment of A. Johnson Pres of the U. S.
3rd: Father Mary and Cass out at Twin Lakes fishing. Father Jack and I breaking
4th: Another heavy rain last night.
7th: Bro Hamilton baptized Eugene today. May the Lord give us grace to perform our vows unto him
8th: Had the pleasure today of seeing my dear mother and bro Clifford who arrived here after a long and tedious journey
9th: Mother and Mary went over to Barneys and Jesses
12th: All of us out at Twin Lakes on a fishing excursion caught about one hundred and fifty
15th: Moved up on our claim today
29th: Have been breaking some on Father and Mr Jacks ... my own claims and viewing with no small amount of anxiety and distress the destruction of Wheat Corn Oats and vegetables by the hungry grasshoppers. have been off all day hunting a cow to buy found one at $30 at Mr Welches staid with him all night
30th: Came home with my cow today

July 1868

1st: Mother and I went to town today
2nd: Amelia and I visited Jesses this evening. Made up our minds to go back East for harvest along with Bros John and Clifford
3rd: Getting ready for our trip
4th: Helping father awhile today at his shanty Jesses Johns and George Spades here to eat with us
5th: Attended quarterly meeting over at the Lizzard
6th: Bro John Clifford Aleck Mal and babies Amelia Eugene and I pulled out for Ill got about Seven Miles east of Ft. Dodge
7th to 12th: passed through Webster City from there to Lakins grove through Illinois grove Whiskey Bottom Redman Marshall town Marietta Indian Town Cedar Rapids. Tipton Round grove and Hickory grove to Le Claire
13th: Arrived at Mr. Condrons about 5 O'clock this evening met Will and Ruth here visited Maggie and Austin Stonebraker in the evening.
14th: Went to Uncle James Jacks took dinner with them then went over the river to see the friends there found them all well and busy harvesting. occupied the same room tonight that we did the first summer after our marriage. A very warm day
15th: To see Uncle Greggs then back to Nicholsons where we took dinner. then over the river to Uncle Jameses. P. F. Cox here tonight on his way home
16th: Commenced harvesting today for Wm Wilson @$3.00 per day. very hot
17th: Still working for Mr. Wilson find them to be very kind people. thermometer at 106 degrees today
18th: At Mr. Wilsons
19th: Sabbath. at S. S. with Uncle Jas to S. R...
20th: Harvesting for Andrew Jack. hot
21st and 22nd: "" for Andrew Jack very hot
23rd: With Mr Wilson again
24th and 25th: At A Jacks. Amelia and I went over to Austin Stonebrakers this evening (25... went over to Condrons for dinner
26th: Sunday at Austins all day
27th: Commenced stacking today grain very hard to stack
28th: Stacking
29th: Stacking . A Mr. Russell came this evening to get me to go with him to Durant to run with a Threshing Machine
30th: Finished stacking at noon then Mr. Russel and I started for Durant traveled till after midnight. stopped at Capt Shrys slept on the haystack
31st: Fixing up the Machine stopping at Mr. Washburnes

August 1868

1st: Commenced Threshing at Mr. Nesbits
2nd: At Congregationalist preaching. Wrote to Amelia and bro Jess
3rd 4th and 5th 6th: At Mr. Nesbits
7th: Doing nothing today. Mr. Russel and I went to the country this evening
8th: Finished at Mr. Nesbits went to Mr. Gillespies
9th: Sunday at Congregationalist preaching in the morning. Wrote a letter to Father Jack Oh how lonesome I felt today at Episcopalian meeting tonight
10th: Raining very hard this morning so I saddled up old Nance and started for Pleases who lived about 12 miles from here arrived there at noon in the evening Miles and Nancy Nicholson and Bro John came here John going to run with the machine
11th: John and I went to Durant this forenoon found Mr. Russel ready to go to go to threshing. Recd a letter from Amelia
12th 13th and 14th: Threshing at Gillespies
15th: Moved before sunrise this morning to Mr. Cunningham
16th: At Cong and Methodist preaching wrote to Amelia
17th 18th and 19th: At Mr. Cunninghams
20th: Left this noon and came to Capt Shrys
21st: At Shrys lots of melons
22nd: At noon today took the cars for Davenport met with Davey Condron rode home with them from Davenport. Had a big hunt for Amelia found her about midnight at Stonbrakers
23rd: At Austins all day
24th: Took the cars this morning at Pt Byron stopped at Moline to see cousin Anna Freeburger then at Rock Island to see Mother Jack over to Davenport took the train there for Durant found the Machine at Mr. Shoemakers
25th: Finished here today and moved to Mr. Smiths
26th: Got through here and moved to the dutchmans
27th: Still in germany
28th: Raining Bro John went home
29th: Threshing
30th: Went to Cong preaching got wet by the rain. Wrote to Amelia and Father.
31st: Still raining. Mr. Russels horse sick so he started with her to Ill left Walter and I to plow

September 1868

1st: Plowing at Capt Shrys
2nd: Commenced Threshing
3rd: Threshed a little while had a fuss with the Dutch and quit the business and went to plowing
4th: Plowing and looking for Mr. Russel
5th: Mr. Russel came this evening John and I quit got our money and came up to Pleases through the rain. I recd in all $73.00
6th: Sunday. Pleas and I at preaching today
7th: Started for Le Claire met Uncle Gregg and Bro Clifford on the road today got to Austins this evening.
8th: Raining this morning visited Wm Condrons this evening
9th: Ruth Condron Amelia and I went to Princeton today stopped at Ruth and Amelias mothers grave went to Mr. Huines in Princeton I went over the river to Cordova saw Jas Torpin & lady also Aaron Smith and Brewer Stout. Came back to Condrons where we staid all night
10th: Went with Austins to the Scott Co fair at Davenport a very large crowd in attendance came home this evening with Austins
11th: At Uncle James for dinner then went over the river stopped at Port Byron and had pictures taken of Genie and ourselves. Mother Jack along with us came to Nicholsons tonight
12th: Called at Mr. Sigsworths and Mr. McCutchens stopped and took dinner with Mr. Garnetts saw Eliza. Came back to Wills where we staid all night
13th: At preaching today heard Mr. Irwin preach met with a great many of our old acquaintances and friends at church today
14th: Went up to Mr. Coes today left Amelia at Mr. McRoberts till I came back then went to Pt Byron where we done some trading at Metzgers then over the river to Uncle Jameses
15th: Went over to Stonebrakers this morning the Threshers there raining nearly all day fixed my wagon bows and made preparations to start for Ft Dodge
16th: Started this morning about 9 O'clock drove very hard and arrived at Pleases this evening A very heavy frost tonight
17th: Left Pleases this morning and came to Uncle McCools at Clarence where we staid all night
18th to 26th: Snow storm on the 23rd of Sept Passed through Mechanicsville ... Mt Vernon Cedar Rapids, Vinton, Buckingham. El Dora near Grundy, Ceuter, Iowa Falls Alden Webster City and Ft. Dodge and arrived at home safe and sound the evening of the 26th. Thanks to God for his preserving care over us found the folks all well and very glad to see us

October 1868

1st to 31st: Busy for a while making sorghum molasses digging potatoes butchering etc etc had the promise of the Yatesville school so I went to Lake City and procured a Certificate from the Supt but was disappointed in getting the school so hearing from Bro Robert who was up to make some improvement on his claim that there was a vacant school near Moingona I immediately started for that place and succeeded in engaging it at a salary of $40.00 per month for four months. I cannot but acknowledge the hand of God in leading me by a way which I knew not.

November 1868

3rd: Election day. A President and Vice President of the U. S. elected today. I had the honor of casting my vote for Grant and Colfax considerable excitement in our neighborhood over some of the Township offices. No blood shed.
5th: Started for Moingona this morning in company with Father and Mother who are also moving there for the winter. found an empty house tonight into which we put a stove and camped for the night
6th: Arrived at Moingona about dark staid at Roberts all night
7th: I rented a small house not far from where I am to teach, moved into it today.
16th: Commenced my school today.
26th: Thanksgiving day. I had no school so Amelia and I went an visited Uncle Saml Jacks who live 4 1/2 miles from Boone came home this evening

December 1868

1st to 25th: Teaching getting wood for School house and for my own use. getting hay and corn out in the country for which purpose I had to borrow money from Bros Jesse and Robert and Cousin Thos C Gregg
25th: Christmas. had all our friends that live in Moingona here for dinner 23 in all had a very pleasant time the day warm and pleasant
27th: Amelia and I to church stopped at Mothers for dinner had some stuffed geese very nice

January 1869

1st: Chopping wood and staying at home all day Some foolish fellows out running around the houses tonight to scare people scared us considerably especially Amelia
23rd: Came with Uncles down to Booneboro to church. Aunt, Amelia and I went to Methodist preaching. Came home this afternoon
26th: Father Jack and Uncle Gregg came this evening from Yatesville. Father came home with me tonight from preaching.
27th: Staid with us today. we all went down to Moingona to meeting. Father staid down to start for home in the morning
31st: Sabbath. at Speaking Meeting this morning. their preaching by bro Martin Mr. Doran wife Amelia and I at Fathers for dinner. At preaching tonight

February 1869

2nd: A Snow storm all day today.
3rd: Snowing and blowing very hard today about the worst storm of this winter
4th 5th and 6th: Teaching every day except Saturdays and Sundays. Eugene goes to School once or twice a week has learned to behave himself very nicely. got my better half to teach for me several evenings after Recess while I hauled wood for Mr. Doran

March 1869

5th: Four months have passed away and I am teaching my last day of school for this term thanks to a kind Providence I have not missed a single day since school began. Lewis Doran took the prize for having made the most improvement in the term gave the scholars all nice cards, shook hands with them and said Good Bye
7th: Attended Sabbath School where I have a class of young ladies to teach. Se have such a splendid S. S.
8th and 9th: Went to Mr. Phelans with my Register to Mr. Cases for an order on the treasury for my school money. there to the Treasurer Mr. Elsey and presented the order but no money on hand
10th: Borrowed Sixty dollars @ 10 perct int from S. S Rogers for which I gave my note for thirty five days with Messrs Blair & Couch as security
11th and 12th: Hauling Wood for Mr. Doran snowing
13th: Pleasanter today than it has been for several days We went to town this evening. Father and Mother came home with us and stayed all night.
14th: Stormy and cold did not go to preaching but Spent a pleasant Sabbath at home.
15th: Tomp is chopping today
16th: Wrote a letter to father. Thomp has gone to town this evening - Hauling wood. Amelia visited Barneys. I came and took dinner with them
18th: Mal & Barney here for supper hauling wood
19th: Bro Clifford came over this morning and informed us that the ice was giving way very fast. he helped me haul wood and pack up so we moved over to fathers this evening My cow ran back to our old quarter I went after her Mother along to Roberts. came back and helped father to haul wood.
21st: Sunday. Amelia Eugene & Clifford and I went over to Robts I staid all night
22nd: Mr. Doran and I out in the country about two miles to the Township Treasurer. got the money for the wood I chopped for the School house. Amount $17.50. came back and hauled wood till noon for father. Mr. Blair measured their wood this evening. Mr Doran and I also straitened up our wood business. found I had made enough by my hauling & chopping to pay my store bill of about $45.00 and a little over
23rd: Packed up and got ready to start for Yatesville by two o'clock in the afternoon. Mud pretty deep only made about eight miles found a good place to stop. plenty of room, good stables etc
24th: This morning came to Bluff Creek which we found very high. had to load the calves (one of them a yearling) on the wagons & tie the cows behind the wagon. got to within 4 miles of West Dayton good stopping place tonight.
25th: On the way the roads very bad about Dayton only got as far as Oth put up with Mr. Hart
26th: Making great calculation on getting to father Jacks tonight but on coming to Prairie Creek and attempting to ford it found it too deep so were obliged to go around to the South Lizzard bridge. stopped with Bro Tonys tonight who treated us first rate
27th: Came across Aleck and Mr. Yates at Powers grove Mother and Amelia came out with them . I arrived at father Jacks about sundown
28th: At Class Meeting heard a sermon by bro Ladue
29th 30th and 31st: Stopping at father Jacks

April 1869

1st: A very stormy day Aleck and I visited Jesses and fathers folks
2nd: Aleck and I tried to tramp out Oats. Too wet. so I built a shed for my horses shoveled the coal out of my house etc
3rd: Moved up this morning Mary and father along and helped us to fix up
4th: Sunday. Went to Meeting with the team Bro Henry preached. then a meeting held to talk over Sunday School plans. oh what a storm of words! Meeting adjourned without accomplishing anything
5th: Aleck father and I finished thrashing oats
6th: Went down after my seed Wheat. Harrow Etc by invitation Amelia and I over at Mr. Ferands for dinner wild goose for dinner
7th: Commenced sowing Wheat Set out some cottonwood trees
8th: Rained today wrote a letter to P. F. Cox
9th: Plowing for wheat with Mr. Ferands plow it would not scour so I went down to get Alecks Amelia went along and got her chickens. staid all night Mr. and Mrs. Ferand & family and Mrs. Root here for supper
10th: Lavina came home with us this morning & staid today & tonight
11th: Sunday Went to church with Bro Clay heard a good sermon by Bro Preston organized a M. E. S. S today the following officers appointed L. Jack Supt. E. B. Clay asst Supt. J. B. Close Librarian and T. Smith Treas & Secy. Bros Gould Moses & Radley offered the office of Treasurer & successively declined. Father and Mother joined our class by letter Jas Smith here today
12th: went out to Twin Lakes today for Potatoes got them at 50 cts per bushel
13th: Plowing
14th: Sowing wheat the wind very high
15th: My 24th birthday Oh may I as I grow in years grow in grace and in the knowledge of God. A blustery rainy disagreeable day Bro Jones took dinner with us
16th: Harrowing in Wheat. Father here for dinner
17th: Sowed some Wheat on very low ground had to mud it in
18th: Attended preaching to day after the sermon bro Preston organized a M. E. Sabbath School in this place the following officers were chosen L Jack for Supt E. B. Clay Asst Supt J. B. Close Librarian and T Smith Secy and Treasurer
19th: Bro Clifford and I put in Barneys wheat today
20th: Cleaning up my ... Clifford here and took dinner whth us
21st: Sowing and harrowing in oats.
22nd: Went over to Jesses to help him put in Robts Wheat too late as Jesse had just finished. Staid over there nearly all day.
23rd: I went to Mr Closes to get Alecks plow sharped. Amelia went along and visited Mrs. Close. brought Mary Jack home from her school which closed today
24th: Sowing some more oats finished
25th: Sunday. Went to hear Bro Harvey preach at 11 o'clock then Bro H Amelia & I went down to fathers for dinner then back to hear Bro Preston Bro Clay and Bro Gould met and settled a difference that had existed between them
26th: I had the sick headache this morning Sat out some cuttings on the ... between Aleck & I Mrs Farend Jesse Lina & John Gregg here for dinner
27th: Hauled some rocks for a found... for house. In the afternoon went fishing out to Twin Lakes caught 25 fish Came home found Mary Jacks Emma ... & Fanny Tony here
28th: Plowing for corn. Aleck here for dinner. gave me some ...llo... cuttings which I set out on my South line E of Farends house. Amelia and I took supper at Bro Clays this evening
29th: Plowing corn ground Set out some more willows
30th: Plowing This day (Friday before quarterly meeting) being fast day we abstained from eating any supper Pray the Lord help us bring our bodies under subjection and May our hearts feast upon the riches of his grace. "oh for a lowly contrite heart a heart from sin set free"

May 1869

1st: Started this morning for quarterly meeting down at father Jacks met Robt & Ellen & family who arrived from Moingona the night before. father Jack and I went on over to the Leumpkins School house took dinner at Mr Broadstones. Attended preaching by Bro Robinson and quarterly conf took supper at Isaac Willson at his fathers all night
2nd: A lovely morning. Love feast preaching & communion took dinner at Bro Youngs came home this evening
3rd: Plowing untill 3 or 4 O'clock. Aleck and I tried to dig out some foxes. I got ready to go to mill to Lake City left Amelia at her fathers I went down to fathers and staid all night
4th: Brother Clifford and I started early this morning got down to the river about 5 o'clock got the promise of some corn from Mrs Lawrence. Went to the Mill where we staid all night. Slept on the Millers porch
5th: Up this morning got our grists dug up a few trees came to Lawrences loaded up our corn and came home. I staid at Father Jacks all night
6th: Came home and went to plowing set out a few trees
7th and 8th: Plowing for corn
9th: At S. S. Preaching by bro Harvey. took dinner at Barneys in the afternoon. Preaching by bro Preston. Class meeting immediately after
10th: Mr Ferands team plowing for me today. I was harrowing
11th: Furrowing out corn ground this forenoon. Aleck planting with a hand planter for me in the afternoon.
12th: Planted awhile this morning. rain came on so I sat in the house the rest of the day wrote to Uncle Walsh
13th: Ploughing for corn. cold & chilly. got some brooms at Mr Glovers
14th: Planted corn awhile today
15th: Ploughing and planting potatoes
16th: Went to our S. S. this morning took dinner with us heard Bro Harvey preach staid for Union S. S. and Cong. preaching by bro La ...ue
17th: Made a had bridge on the road this morning. plowing
18th: Planted some melons this morning. Marking for corn in the evening
19th: Father Jack here last night staid till noon helped me plant corn. Mrs Clay & Mrs Hoad here
20th: Went over to fathers and helped him to plant corn. Amelia visted at Mothers stopped ... prayer meeting
21st: Planted Potatoes in the morning. commenced planting corn after dinner but the rain came on & stopped me got two bushels of Potatoes of ... Nalley
22nd: Working on the cattle yard today took dinner at father Jacks
23rd: Attended S.S. and held class meeting.
24th: Raining this morning. [following four words crossed out] Planting so.. this morning father and I out to Twin Lakes fishing
25th: Amelia and I cleaned the well out today
26th 27th and 28th: Hoeing planting Sitting in the house on account of the rain etc
29th: Went to Twin Lakes fishing caught about seventy
30th: Amelia Eugene and I walked to S. S. this morning rode home with Bro Preston who took dinner with us
31st: After Maple seed over to the Lizzard. planted some this evening

June 1869

1st: Finished planting Maple seed took some over to Barneys & fathers
2nd: Clifford came this morning & commenced braking. commenced replanting my corn cause blackbirds
3rd: Mal had a young son this evening Helping Aleck make fence till noon planting corn afternnon
4th: Finished my corn
5th: Planting melons, citrons etc on the breaking Tom Gregg here for dinner
30th: Aleck and I went to Ft Dodge bought some groceries and dry goods at Mr. Furlongs came out to Blains where I staid all night

July 1869

1st: Came home today
2nd: Barney & Cliff here breaking my hedgerow
3rd: Amelia and I attended a picnic at the School house
4th: Sunday at S. S. Father Jack and I took dinner at Bro Jones
6th and 7th: Plowing corn
8th: Plowing corn for David Fluharty Amnelia visited Mrs. F
9th: Still plowing for Mr. F. stopped at Mr. Radleys
10th: Plowing corn etc Barney and Mal here for supper
11th: Bro Preston preached I staid for Union S.S.
12th: Rained hard this morning. Commenced making a milk house
13th: Finished the Milk house. took supper at Mrs. Farends
14th: Went and watched the men working on the Rail Road awhile
15th: Amelia Mrs. F and I visited at Jesses today I sowed some turnips
16th and 17th: Plowing corn and pulling weeds
18th: Amelia visited at her fathers. I went to Preaching
19th: Plowing corn.
20th: Helping Aleck to stack Barley
21st: Plowing corn. Father and Mother visited us today
22nd: Finished plowing my corn. Sowed some turnips. at prayer meeting tonight
23rd: Plowing turnip ground for Barney Amelia visited Mal
24th: Hoeing cabbage picking Potato bugs etc. Bought a bolt of mosquito bar
25th: Sunday. The Union S.S. met with ours today had a pleasant time singing talking etc
26th 27th and 28th: Cutting and putting up some hay and Making preparations for harvesting
29th: Commenced cutting wheat for father Jack but concluded at noon that it was too green so quit for today. Mr. Yates doing the cutting for us with his reaper
30th: Helping Bro Clay cut and shocked about 10 acres
31st: The harvesters at my house this forenoon cut some wheat and Oats. Attended Preaching and quarterly Conf in the afternoon at the School house.

August 1869

1st: Had a glorious love feast this morning. preaching by the P. E. Bro Todd also in the afternoon by Bro House a Cong Minister. Bro Toneys came home with us for dinner
2nd: Harvesting for Aleck and Mr. Yates
3rd to 13th: Harvesting for Mr. Yates and E B Clay Wm Root Aleck and myself. the weather splendid. crops pretty good. Put up a small stack of Oats on the 13th . On the 7th witnessed a glorious yet terrible sighting a total eclipse of the Sun. Commenced coming on in the afternoon, and about 4 O'clock for a few minutes the earth was enveloped in darkness. Chickens went to roost, birds came fluttering to the ground and a light dew fell when all at once the Sun burst forth in all his splendor. "Oh Lord how wonderful are they works. In goodness hast thou made them all"
14th: Raining
15th: Attended a grove meeting over on the Lizzard
16th: Father and I stacking Wheat till noon when it commenced raining
17th: Part of my stack to tear down as I had only commenced
18th: Stacking today. Rained very hard tonight again
22nd: At S. S.
23rd: Father and Mother here. Finished Stacking this evening
24th: Father and I helping father Jack with his stacking today
25th: Mowing for father, with Mr. Clarks mover. Mother came home with me tonight
26th: Today about 3 O'clock Amelia gave birth to Thomas Clifford a bouncing boy, Mother Mrs Jones and Lavina Jack here.
27th: At a Republican Convention at Mr Yates this afternoon
28th: Working at my sod stable
29th: At S. S. preaching by bro Harvey also had Class
30th: Making a mange in my stable. pulling beans etc
31st: Mowing for Barney

September 1869

1st: Mowing for myself. Broke the and had to go to the blacksmith shop. Barney and Cliff here this afternoon
2nd: Raked and put up my hay. rained this evening
3rd: Lavina gone home so I am chief cook at our house
Memorandum Lavina Married to Wm Lowe. I attended the wedding
Haying a good while as the weather was very uncertain and a great deal of rain. Father Jack and I made some Sorghum Molasses down at Mr Blains who kindly furnished us Mill and everything free, I sold my colt for 40 dollars I'd not got all my plowing done on account of so much wet weather. Sometime during the first week in Oct we were favored with a visit from Sisters Nancy and Mary Jane Wm Nicholson and Maria who staid with us a few weeks

October 1869

11th: At the Election held in our Township I had the fortune (or Misfortune) to be elected Township Clerk

Winter 1869

Owing to disappointment in getting my money from Boone Co for teaching last winter I couldn't build as I intended. Cold weather came on and found us in a very uncomfortable shanty but thanks to God I found some money to borrow, bought some lumber, got Father Bro Clay and Mr. Farend to help put up a house and Moved into it Nov 29th 1869 Mr. Farend kindly giving us shelter while we were building it also while I was getting ... threshing done. I had 104 bushels of wheat and 54 of Oats. Stacked my corn of which there was over 150 bushels I attended the Teachers Institute at Lake City from the 23rd of Oct to the 30th. Procured a Certificate and engaged to teach the Yatesville School 4 months at $30 per month. Commenced teaching Nov 29th In Dec Mother was taken sick and Amelia and I came down to help take care of her. We sent for Dr Nicholson of Fort Dodge who pronounced the disease to be enlargement of the spleen
We spent our Christmas at Father Jacks and took dinner on New Years at Wm Lowes
James Van Horne and Mr. Yates became bondsmen for me in the sum of $2,000 for the faithful performance of My duties as Town Clerk. Was sworn in by G. ... Stars and entered on the duties of the office Jan 18th 1870