Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1887 - 1888.

Transcribed by Anonymous prior to 2012.

1887 - 1888 Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory

Calhoun County Extraction

FARNHAM [p.498]. Calhoun county, See Farnhamville.

FARNHAMVILLE [p.498].On the C. & N. W. Ry, in Calhoun county, 20 miles southeast of Rockwell City, the county seat, and 6 west of Gowrie, the nearest banking point. Population, 80. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. J. C. Crissinger, postmaster.

JOLLEY [p.610-611]. On the W., St. L. & P. ry, in Calhoun county, 8 miles northwest of Rockwell City, the county seat. It contains a bank. Population, 100. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. F. C. Mallory, postmaster.

LAKE CITY [p.637-638]. A flourishing town, located on the N. I. div. of the C. & N.W. Ry, in Calhoun county, 14 miles southwest of Rockwell City, the county seat, and 90 northwest of Des Moines. It has Methodist, Baptist, Christian and Disciple churches, a public school, 2 banks, 2 elevators, 8 hotels and a weekly newspaper, the Lake City Blade. Ships grain, live stock and produce. Stages daily to Glidden and Rockwell City. Population 700. Telephone connection. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. Dr. Hiram H. Baldwin, postmaster.

LOHRVILLE [p.666]. [Text illegible] ...Union township, Calhoun county, 10 miles southeast of Rockwell City, the seat of justice. It contains Baptist and Presbyterian churches, a public school, a creamery, and a bank. Ships grain, live stock and produce. Population 400. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. and Am. Mail, daily. Joseph M. Arnett, postmaster.

MANSON [p.692-694]. A incorporated town on the I. Div. I. C. R. R., in Calhoun county, 92 miles east of Le Mars, 104 north of Des Moines, and 14 northeast of Rockwell City, the seat of justice. It contains Methodist, Catholic, Congregational, German and Swedish Lutheran churches, a public school, 2 banks, a public hall,2 grain elevators, a flour mill and a weekly newspaper, the Manson Journal. Ships grain and live stock. Telephone connection. Stages daily to Rockwell City; fare, 75 cents. Population, 800. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. Miss Nettie, postmaster.

[p. 693 Advertisement]:

MANSON, Calhoun County, IOWA
CAPITAL - - $50,000
Banking Business, in all its Various Branches, Carefully Transacted.
The President of this Bank has been in the Farm Loan and Land Business in Manson since 1872, and is well acquainted with all lands in this vicinity. We have a large list of lands for purchasers to select from.
H. J. GRISWOLD, Pres. - M. W. FITZ, Cashier - F.M. FRAZIER, Attorney for Bank of Manson

[p. 693 Advertisement]:

CAPITAL, $100,000
G. L. RICHARDS, President - L. H. PLUMB, Vice Pres. - E. A. RICHARDS, Sec'y and Treas.
REFERENCES BY PERMISSION - Union National Bank, Streator, Ill.; First National Bank, Aurora, Ill.; Union National Bank, LaCrosse, Wis.; Judge Austin Adams, Supreme Court of Iowa, Dubuque, Iowa; Commercial National Bank, Dubuque, Iowa; Ralph Plumb, M. D., Streator, Ill.

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[p. 693 Advertisement]:

Collections Given Prompt and Vigorous Attention.
MANSON, - - - - - - IOWA

POMEROY [unavailable].

ROCKWELL CITY [p.885-886]. The judicial seat of Calhoun county, is pleasantly located on the W., St. L. & P. Ry, in Twin Lakes township, 98 miles northwest of Des Moines. It contains a Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, a good public school, 2 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Leader and the Republican. Ships grain and live stock. Stages daily to Lake City and Manson. Tel., W. U. Exp. U. S. Population, 600. Mail, daily. Judson Meade, postmaster.

  • Allison George R, county treasurer.
  • Axline C O, principal of school.
  • Baker Eugene D, furniture mnfr.
  • Ballagh James H, Lawyer, Real Estate, Abstracter, Insurance and Notary (See adv, p 887).
  • Benton Linsoln E, nurseryman.
  • Boyle Patrick, billiards.
  • Brower George L, Land, Loan, Abstracter, Insurance and Lumber. (See adv, p 887).
  • Calhoun County Republican, Byron Mattison propr.
  • Carrier A E, horse breeder.
  • Cook Rev W W (Methodist).
  • Cooper James M, physician.
  • Cooper Lizzie, dressmaker.
  • Council Bluffs Insurance Co, Smith, Jack & Bradt Agent. (See front cover.)
  • Dixon Bros (James and Seth), hardware.
  • Dixon James H, sheriff
  • Donaker Homer, painter.
  • Dubois Walter S, grain and coal.
  • Dukes David W, carpenter.
  • Dukes W F, wagonmaker.
  • Farmers' Bank, Wash Lewis pres, Frank P Huff cash.
  • Frick Maxwell W, Lawyer, Real Estate, Abstracter, Loans Insurance and Notary. (See adv, p 887).
  • Fuller W E, county auditor.
  • Gose & Jordan (Thomas J Gose, Wm L Jordan), general store.
  • Gray W E, lawyer.
  • Gregg Thomas C, clerk district court.
  • Hamilton Bros (Frank and John R), livery.
  • Hickox Wm H, barber.
  • Hoff Charles, mason.
  • Huff Elisha C, wagonmaker.
  • Hutchinson & Gregg (Henry J Hutchinson, James H Gregg ), general store.
  • Jackson A W, propr Rockwell City Leader.
  • Johnston Daniel M, Drugs, Books, Coroner and Physcian.
  • Jolley Oscar J, lawyer.
  • Kerr Joseph C, lawyer.
  • Korns & Holland, blacksmiths.
  • Lavender J T, supt of schools.
  • McClure James, county surveyor.
  • Mattison Byron, propr Calhoun Co Republican.
  • Mattison & Rice (Byron Mattison, Frank S Rice), lawyers.
  • Maxwell John S, lawyer.
  • Meade Judson, postmaster.
  • Meade S K, general store.
  • Meade Mrs S K, music teacher.
  • Meath Rev P G (Baptist).
  • Medd Fred C, carpenter.
  • Middledorf & Walters (Frank J Middledorf, Melchoir Walters), general store.
  • Offenbach Charles E, county recorder.
  • Owens Frank, carpenter.
  • Park House, Mrs M Donaker propr.
  • Patty Mrs L R, music teacher.
  • Plaeger Gustav, shoemaker.
  • Price Edward J, live stock.
  • Price Robert J, harnessmaker.
  • Raaz Mrs A E, milliner.
  • Raaz Herrman, druggist and books.
  • Rice Frank, lawyer.
  • Risley A, bridge builder.
  • Rockwell City Bank, Joseph G. Palmer pres, John F Searight cash.
  • Rockwell City Band, L R Patty leader.
  • Rockwell City Leader, A W Jackson propr.
  • Rolph & Morrow, ditchers.
  • Schaub Solomon, brick mnfr.
  • Schultz Benjamin F, carpenter.
  • Schultz Hervey C, painter.
  • Secord Elijah G, blacksmith.
  • Shew Leander A, billards.
  • Smith, Jack & Bradt (Wm T Smith, A N Jack, J H Bradt), Real Estate, Loans, Notaries, Abstracters and Insurance.
  • Souder C H L, physician.
  • Souder Mrs Ellen A, physician.
  • Squibb John W, general store.
  • Stevenson Evan C, lawyer.
  • Stevenson Samuel M, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Good Rigs Always on Hand.
  • Stonebraker Austin F, furniture.
  • Stophlit Rev S W (Presbyterian).
  • Strong & Price, D W Noel mngr, grain, lumber and coal.
  • Summy Martin, hotel.
  • Tuttle W F, hay presser.
  • Toliver James C, harnessmaker.
  • Waldron Sherman T, jeweler.
  • Whittaker & Mathews (Wm B Whittaker, Miles E Mathews), meat market.
  • Williams George W, coal.
  • Wilson G W & Co (G W Wilson, M Donaker), grocers.
  • Wilson Thomas, railroad and express agt.

[Advertisement, p.887]:

Real Estate, Loans & Insurance
Abstracts of all Lands and Town Lots in Calhoun County. Wild and Improved Lands for Sale. Taxes Paid for Non-Residents.

[Advertisement, p.887]:

Land, Loan, Abstract and Insurance,
ROCKWELL CITY, Calhoun County, IOWA.
Have a complete Abstract of the Records showing Title and all Liens and other matters of record affecting Real Estate in Calhoun County. Titles Perfected. Taxes Paid and Personal Securities. First Mortgage Loans Negotiated on Improved Farms. Land for sale. Best of references.