Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory, 1880 - 1881.

Transcribed by Anonymous prior to 2012.

1880 - 1881 Iowa State Gazetteer & Business Directory

Calhoun County Extraction

LAKE CITY [p.343]. The former county seat of Calhoun Co., is located 12 miles s w of Rockwell City (c h), and 16 n of Glidden, its shipping point and nearest bank location. It has a church building and free school. Population, 500. Tri-weekly mail stages through here between Glidden and Pomeroy; fares $1.25 and $1.50. F. E. Stevenson, postmaster.

MANSON [p.371-372]. A station on the Iowa div. I. C. R. R. in Calhoun Co., 210 miles w of Dubuque, and 12 n e of Rockwell City (c H), to which a mail stage runs daily. Two churches and a free school are sustained. Grain and stock are shipped. Population about 500. Mail daily. James Glover, postmaster.

POMEROY [p.461]. On the Iowa div. I. C. R. R., in Calhoun Co., 12 miles n of Rockwell City (c h), 218 w of Dubuque, and 114 n w of Des Moines. Two churches and a graded school are sustained. Shipments, stock, grain and butter. Population, 300. Express, Am. Mail daily. J. H. Lowrey, postmaster.

ROCKWELL CITY. Situated in the center of Calhoun Co., of which it is the county seat, 12 miles s of Manson, its shipping point, on the Iowa div. I.C.R.R. The population is only about 100, but the acquisition of the county business from Lake City points to a rapid increase. Shipments, corn, wheat and oats. Mail stage to Manson daily; tri-weekly to Jefferson and Glidden; fare 75 [cents] and $1.50 to the two latter. Mail daily. J. M. Rockwell, postmaster.