St. John's Lutheran Church, ELCA

History from the Pomeroy Centennial 1870 - 1970

St. John Lutheran Church was founded on June 2, 1889 with the Rev. C. Dagafoerde of Manson conducting services in the public school house of Pomeroy. Charter members were F. Mathis, Wm. Goetke, C. C. Holtorf, J. Breiholz, Wm. Knoke, H. Becker, C. H. Meyer, Herman Voss, W. Baumgart, J. Holst and H. Dillemuth. The congregation called candidate Henry Meyer, who was installed Dec. 22, 1889 by Pastor Dagafoerde.

On Nov. 8, 1891 the new church was dedicated. The church was 48 feet long, 30 feet wide with a 60 foot steeple at a cost of $1600.00. In 1892 a school house was added to the church at a cost of $200.00.

This first church was destroyed by the Pomeroy Cyclone July 1893. Twenty-three days later the congregation voted to build another church with the steeple increased in height 5 feet. A bell was purchased in 1898 and on the 17th of April tolled for the first time from the tower of St. John's.

The church celebrated it's Golden Anniversary in 1939 with 5 sons of the congregation preaching the services; Pastor R. J. Voss, Eric C. Meyer, Herman Buenting, Peter Buenting and A. Bretthauer.

Early in 1936 Pastor Meyer resigned because of a heart ailment. He passed away January 20, 1937. Other pastors serving the congregation were E. Schlachtenhaufen, E. Groth, C. A. Brauer and Glen Woodrich.