Immanuel Lutheran Church, LCMS

History from the Pomeroy Centennial 1870 - 1970

In 1871 Rev. Theo. Mattfeld, missionary in Fort Dodge, was asked to come to Pomeroy to preach in various homes. He frequently stopped at the log cabin of Fred Gutz on the west shore of north Twin Lake.

After doing this for some time, the homes at Pomeroy became too small for such worship services, and it was in January of 1879 that Immanuel Lutheran Church was organized.

The organization took place in the foundry then owned and operated by the late M. F. Stadtmueller, who at one time served as mayor of the town.

The 10 charter members of the church at this time were; Christ Meyer, Lewis Gutz, F. H. Meyer, John Nieting, Fred Gutz, Charles Gutz, Henry Stahlbock, Fred Behrends, August Schnell, and Fred Jahnke.

In 1888 the first pastor, Rev. J. G. Schliepsiek, of Muskegon, Michigan, was installed.

In 1889, 5 lots were purchased to build the church. In 1891, the new church building was built for the sum of $5000.00, and dedicated in 1892.

On July 6, 1892, the Pomeroy Cyclone swept through the Pomeroy area, destroying Immanuel and half the town. Pastor Schliepsiek and family were rescued in the basement of the parsonage after part of the church roof fell over them.

Members of Immanuel Lutheran church killed in the cyclone were Mr. and Mrs. John Nieting, August Forche and Mrs. C. R. George.

Immanuel was rebuilt immediately after the storm. Pastor Schliepsiek taught school and gave religious instructions with the help of his wife, Ida. After an increase in enrollment of the school by 1894, a teacher, L. J. Richter, was called.

A new church building was built in 1952 and dedicated May 3, 1953. During the destruction of the old church, some of the members thought the old steeple should be saved, but no one wanted to venture to the height to retrieve it, and in the wrecking of the building the cross was driven into the ground from 6 to 10 feet deep just in front of the present church.

During these years, the following pastors served Immanuel: Rev. Theo. Mattfield, Rev. J. G. Schliepsiek, Rev. Traugott Meyer, Rev. J. Theo. Destinon, Rev. P.L. Bornhoeft, Rev. P. E. Ross, Rev. E. C. Tolch, Rev. V. H. Mesenbring, Rev. Chas. F. Bell, Rev. Luther Herman.

The teachers who served Immanuel were: Mrs. Ida Schliepsiek, L. J. Richter, Martin Hild, C. E. Kasten, Paul Wendler, O.G. Roschke, E. M. Lueders, H. L. Franzen, Teacher Wiebel, Harold Krueger, E. M. Lueders, Paul Bachman, Vern D. Hinz, Walter Haas, Gordon Licht, Mrs. Edwin Baedke, Helen Ries, Darlene Holst, Elaine Kinne, Miss E. Goehring, Carol Blume, Betty Gertz, Mrs. Edmund Lichtsinn, Miss Julie Wiemers, Mrs. Edw. Volk and A. C. Krallmann.