Elfsborg Lutheran Church, ELCA

History from the Pomeroy Centennial 1870 - 1970

Five young men from Ft. Dodge, Iowa came to Calhoun County March 19, 1869, each selecting a homestead in section 12 Colfax Township. These men were John A. Johnson, Carl P. Peterson, Gustaf Johnson, and August Nelson. They were instrumental in organizing the Elfsborg Church. A meeting was held March 13, 1873, in the home of John Soder and the church was organized and called "The Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Elfsborg Church." The name was chosen due to the fact most of the charter members came from a place called "Elsborg" in Sweden. There were 46 communicants and 37 children who became charter members. They represented 19 families.

The Cemetery site was bought in 1874, and the parsonage was built in 1876 on so-called railroad land, one half mile east from the present location.

The first church building was built in 1884. The dimensions were 30 by 40 feet, the walls 14 feet high, and the steeple was 69 feet. The cost of building was approximately $1500.00.

The first regular pastor of the parish was Pastor M. Broleen. He began his ministry in 1884. Before this date, a Manson minister had charge of the Elfsborg congregation. The names of the pastors serving the church and their years of ministry are as follows: