Evangelical Covenant Church

History from the Pomeroy Centennial 1870 - 1970

A group of Swedish families organized the Swedish Mission Church in 1889. It was built five miles north of Pomeroy where the many Swedish pioneer families had settled. It cost about $400.00. The Swedish Mission church was built in town about 1893, to accommodate several families living in town. When it was finished, the ladies met and scrubbed and cleaned it up, preparing for the first meeting. However, that evening, July 6, the Pomeroy Cyclone demolished the church.

In 1897 they built another church. The pastor of the country church came in every Sunday evening and held services in the town church. The town church was closed in about 1946, as most of the families now had cars and could drive out to the country church.

Pastors serving this church were Rev. Lars Larson, Rev. Blomstrand, Rev. A. F. Youngdale, Rev. J. H. Hanson, Rev. August Johnson, Rev. Edmund Carlson, Rev. Francis Grantz, and the present pastor is Rev. Quentin Larson.

Families living here at this time were: