Surname First
Age Occupation Date Marital
Nativity Place of
Cause Burial
Ross Mrs Hannah 77y 9m   25 Jan 1898 W Ireland Davenport Senility St. Marguerite's
Reilly Mrs Mary 65y   09 Feb 1898 W Ireland Davenport Paralysis St. Marguerite's
Riedy Mrs Ellen 69y Housewife 08 Feb 1904 M Ireland Davenport Tuberculosis City
Rush Michael 58y Retired 28 Feb 1904 S Ireland Davenport Pneumonia City
Ready Julia 77y 11m 1d   11 Apr 1908 W Ireland Davenport Acute Pleurisy St. Marguerite's
Sutter Ann 74y 17d   23 Nov 1897 M Ireland Davenport Pneumonia St. Marguerite's
Stoekas Mrs. Thos. 69y 4m 19d Housewife 28 Mar 1898 ? Waterford Davenport Influenza Minneapolis, Minn.
Stretch Mrs. Anna 59y   15 Feb 1899 W Ireland 1826 W 3d Vascular Heart Disease St. Marguerite's
Smith John L 61y 24m 10d Retired 30 Dec 1899 M Ireland 225 Perry Cirrhosis of Liver St. Marguerite's
Stewart Nancy 89y 13d Farming 12 Mar 1899 W Ireland Lincoln Township Old Age Butler Twp
Smythe Mrs. Isabella 82y   17 June 1900 M Ireland 1918 LeClaire Sub acute Meningitis Oakdale
Summers Patrick 84y 1m 2d   2 Feb 1901 M Sligo 1026 Farnam Old Age St. Marguerite's
Smith Marie 81y 8m 11d Retired 5 Apr 1902 W Limerick Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Shields Edward 78y Retired 27 Oct 1902 M Ireland Davenport Debility Catholic , Rock Island
Stewart Mrs. James 69y 4m 4d   19 Dec 1902 M Ireland Davenport Tuberculosis St. Marguerite's
Smith Patrick 78y 9m 20d Retired Farmer 4 Sep 1903 W Ireland Davenport Delirium Tremens/Old Age Long Grove
Sullivan Mrs. F.M. 79y Retired 22 Mar 1904 W Ireland Davenport Senility City
Snyder Mary 49y Housewife 28 Apr 1908   Ireland Davenport Pneumonia Holy Family
Shahan Margaret Ellen 67y Housewife 22 Aug 1908 M Ireland Davenport Inflammation of bowels St. Marguerite's
Shannon John 73y Laborer 11 Sep 1908 W Ireland LeClaire Old Age LeClaire
Trainor Mrs. John 74y 5m 4d   13 Nov 1900 M Down 1215 3rd Ave Apoplexia St. Marguerite's
Tyrell Richard 76y 23d Laborer 30 Jul 1900 M Ireland 425 E 6th Accident St. Marguerite's
Timothy Bridget 65y 8m   08 Oct 1902 M Ireland Davenport Senility Holy Family
Toher Patrick 66y 4m 23d Moulder 23 Mar 1903   Hills, Co. Meath LeClaire Asthma & Bronchitis Davenport, Iowa
Tynex John 89y 10m Farmer 14 Feb 1904 W Ireland Winfield Pneumonia Long Grove
Wheeler Sarah J 80y Housewife 28 July 1900 M Ireland 1925 LeClaire Old Age Oakdale
Walsh Mrs. Mary 65y 8m 1d   9 Nov 1900 W Ireland 412 E 9th Paralysis St. Marguerite's
Walsh Mrs. Elizabeth 63y 8m Housekeeper 20 Dec 1901 W Ireland 914 Rock Island St Asthma St. Marguerite's
Wilson Sarah     8 May 1901 W Ireland LeClaire Township Old Age Jack's , LeClaire
Wilson James C 56y Farmer 03 Apr 1901 M Ireland LeClaire Township Catarrh of throat Jack's , LeClaire
Walsh Mrs. Mary 82y 7m 26d   11 Dec 1903 W Ireland Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Webb Francis 80y Broommaker 01 June 1904 M Ireland Davenport Chronic Bronchitis Davenport, Iowa
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