Surname First Name Age Occupation Death Marital
Nativity Place of Death Cause Burial
Higgins Bridget 72y   28 July 1897 W Ireland Davenport Heart Trouble St. Marguerite's
Halligan Ellen 70y Housewife 25 Oct 1897 W Ireland Davenport Heart Trouble St. Marguerite's
Hirl Susinna 70y Farming 14 Jan 1897 M Ireland Lincoln Twp Old Age Walnut Grove
Hogan Patrick 94y 3m 10d   13 Sep 1898 W Ireland Davenport Old Age Cleveland, Ohio
Hickey Mrs. Hanora 79y 4m 10d   06 Mar 1899 ? Ireland Mercy Hospital Old Age St. Mary's
Haney Patrick M 18y 4m   14 Oct 1899 S Ireland 417 W 8th Typhoid St. Marguerite's
Hall Mrs. Jane 70y Housekeeper 16 Nov 1899 W Ireland Mercy Hospital Senility Rock Island, Il
Hart Mrs. Mary 65y Housewife 25 Apr 1900 W Ireland 412 E 8th Cystitis St. Marguerite's
Hirl Neil 78y Farming 12 June 1900 W Ireland Lincoln Twp Old Age St. Anne's
Hagarty Mary De Paix 80y 3d   9 Jan 1901 M Ireland 921 Grand Ave Lagrippe Holy Family
Hare James O. 81y   23 Jan 1901 M Ireland 1811 Gaines Lagrippe Holy Family
Harrigan William 80y 1m 18d Laborer 23 Apr 1901 M Cork, Ireland Mercy Hospital Senility St. Marguerite's
Hennessy Martin 63y Laborer 12 Dec 1901 M Clare, Ireland 1849 W 4th Pulmonary Abscess Holy Family
Harrington Ellen 71y   26 Jan 1902 M Athlone, Ireland Davenport Chronic Rheumatism St. Marguerite's
Hopper Michael 79y 7m 20d Retired 12 May 1902 M Ireland Davenport Aortic insufficiency St. Marguerite's
Hagarty Patrick Joseph 74y 3m Retired 17 May 1902 W Ireland Davenport Congestion of Brain St. Marguerite's
Hartley Miss Bridget 77y 11m 3d   25 May 1902 W Ireland Davenport Senility St. Mary's
Hoeffernon Michael 93y   11 Sep 1902 ? Ireland Davenport Senility St. Mary's
Horan Patrick 67y   17 Oct 1902 S Ireland Davenport Pneumonia St. Mary's
Honar Mrs. Mary 59y 8m 26d   28 Dec 1902 W Ireland Davenport Heart Disease Holy Family
Hynes Mrs. Anne ? Retired 21 June 1903 W Ireland   Septic Infection of Foot St. Marguerite's
Hourigan Mrs Mary 72y 11m 13d Housewife 29 Feb 1904 M Ireland Davenport Cirrhosis of Liver Davenport Twp
Hennessy Mrs. Patrick 65y 3d Housewife 1 Sep 1904 M Ireland Davenport Senility Davenport Twp
Hughs Margareta 64y   30 Apr 1904 W Ireland Allen's Grove Heart trouble St. Mary's
Hines Faley 46y 8m 14d   15 Mar 1907 M Ireland ? Heart failure Edyville, Iowa
Harrington John 83y 19d   14 Jan 1907 W Ireland Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Hasset Patrick 76y 3m 14d Laborer 5 Sep 1908 W Ireland Davenport Accident fall St. Marguerite's
Jones Mrs Catherine 70y 1m 7d   11 Apr 1899 W Ireland Mercy Hospital Old Age St. Marguerite's
Killian Patrick 65y Drayman 1 Jul 1897 M Ireland Davenport Bright's Disease St. Mary's
Kaur Mrs Mary 73y   09 Sep 1898 ? Clare, Ireland Davenport Angina Pectoris St. Marguerite's
Kalcher Daniel 65y 11m Contractor 05 May 1899 M Ireland 116 W 6th Endocarditis St. Marguerite's
Kelley Catherine 46y Housewife 22 June 1899 M Ireland Mercy Hospital Gall stone Rock Island, Il
Kehoe Thomas 72y 7m Floorwalker 15 Oct 1899 M Carlow, Ireland 112 W 13th Cystitis St .Marguerite's
Kilpatrick Margaret Ann 68y Farming 21 May 1899 M Ireland Lincoln Twp Lung disease Mt.Union,
Butler Twp
Kennedy Michael 80y Laborer 14 Feb 1900 W Ireland Mercy Hospital Senility St. Marguerite's
Kane James 80y Laborer 17 Feb 1900 W Ireland Big Rock, Liberty Twp Chronic constipation & old age Davenport
Kinnavey Mrs. Catherine 73y 7m 7d   2 March 1901 W Sligo, Ireland 926 Judson St Hemiplegia St. Marguerite's
Kane Owen 88y   03 June 1903 S Ireland Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Kennedy Mrs. Mary 81y 6m 22d Housewife 24 Aug 1903 M Ireland Davenport Old Age, Heart Weakness Calvary,
Rock Island
Kelly Mrs. Mary 76y 3m 22d Retired 07 Dec 1904 W Ireland Davenport Senility Davenport
Killeen Anna 72y   12 Apr 1908 W Ireland Davenport Heart trouble Holy Family
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