Surname First
Age Occupation Date Marital
Nativity Place of
Cause Burial
Nagle Michael 87y 2m 7d   03 Dec 1897 W Ireland 2020 Main Old Age St. Marguerite's
Naven James 51y 11m 1d   02 Dec 1898 M Co. Sligo Davenport Fatty degen of heart St. Marguerite's
Naven Mrs. Sarah     27 Apr 1903 M Ireland Princeton Twp Abdominal Cancer St. Marguerite's
Nagle Mrs. Mary 68y Milliner 16 July 1903 W West Meath Princeton Twp Rheumatism St. Marguerite's
Nolan Mrs Mary 73y 1m 19d Housewife 11 Feb 1904 W Ireland Davenport Chronic Bronchitis Davenport
Naven John   Grocer 12 March 1904 W Ireland Davenport Old Age Davenport
Noonan Michael 85y   12 Sep 1904   Ireland Davenport Old Age Davenport
O'Donnell Bridget 85y   18 Apr 1898 W Clare Davenport Senility St. Mary's
O'Conner Catherine 62y   09 June 1898   Co. Clare Davenport Apoplexy St. Marguerite's
O'Conner Susan 74y   07 Aug 1899 S Co. Roscommon 1214 Scott Consumption St. Marguerite's
O'Loughlin Annie 55y 11m 29d Retired 07 June 1900 S Ireland Mercy Hospital Chronic Insanity St. Mary's
O'Leary Mrs. Mary 80y 10m 12d   07 Feb 1901   Ireland 1729 W 5th Paralysis Holy Family
O'Meara Thomas 62y 1m   01 Mar 1901 W Ireland 622 E 4th Acute ? St. Marguerite's
O'Dea Patrick 83y Retired Farmer 12 Apr 1901 M Ireland 1333 Prairie Heart failure St. Mary's
Oakes Wm 70y Laborer 09 Nov 1901 W Ireland 330 E Locust Emphysema of Lungs Oakdale
O'Dea Mary 73y 1m 19d   19 Dec 1901 W Ireland 1428 Marquette Pneumonia St. Mary's
O'Dea Bridget 77y 10m 20d   22 Dec 1901 W Co. Kilarney 1333 Prairie Pneumonia St. Mary's
O'Connor Mrs. Mary 70y 12d   06 Jan 1903 W Ireland Davenport Old Age Long Grove
O'Brien Mrs. Christopher 61y 11m 19d Housewife 03 Mar 1903 M Ireland Davenport Dilated Heart
Chronic Bronchitis
St. Marguerite's
O'Connor Mrs. Hanora 70y   09 Apr 1903 W Co. Kilkenny Davenport Pneumonia St. Marguerite's
O'Keefe Catherine 57y Housekeeper 06 Oct 1903 W Ireland Davenport Cancer of Stomach St. Marguerite's
O'Brien Peter 73y 1m 19d   09 May 1907 W Ireland Davenport Senility St. Marguerite's
O'Brien Cornelius 62y Engineer 29 Nov 1907   Ireland Davenport Accident on
Holy Family
Powers John 63y   15 Feb 1898 W Co. Waterford Davenport ? Holy Family
Phelan Mrs. John 76y   24 Mar 1898 M Ireland Davenport Bronchitis Gastritis St. Marguerite's
Powers John 68y Laborer 16 June 1899   Co. Cork 1120 Gaston St Old Age Holy Family
Paul Andrew 92y Farmer 05 Mar 1901 W Ireland Princeton Twp Peritonitis Lost Grove
Phelan John 87y 5d   09 Nov 1902 W Ireland Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Porter James 79y Retired Farmer 21 May 1903 M Ireland Davenport Chronic Bronchitis Rock Island, Ill.
Porter Mrs. Rebecca 84y 1m 27d Housewife 02 June 1904 W Co. Donegal Davenport Senile Debility Davenport
Plummer Mrs. Jane 81y 8m 4d Housewife 09 Feb 1904   Ireland Davenport Gastritis Davenport
Platt Joseph 93y 7m 3d Retired 11 Jan 1904   Ireland Davenport General debility Davenport
Quinn R.S. 68y Housewife Bf 1898   Ireland Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Quinn Joseph H 73y 1m 19d Carpenter 15 Dec 1898 M Ireland Davenport Stomach Cancer St. Marguerite's
Quinn John 76y   25 July 1901 W Ireland Mercy Hospital Heart failure St. Marguerite's
Quinn Wm M 40y Laborer 03 Oct 1903 D Ireland Davenport Peritonitis Clinton, Ia
Quinn James 70y 4m 9d   19 Oct 1907 W Ireland Davenport Pneumonia St. Mary's
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