Surname First
Age Occupation Date Marital
Nativity Place of
Cause Burial
Ahrens Mrs. Guy 46y 9m 2d   16 Apr 1903 M Limerick Davenport Pulmonary Congestion Fairmount
Buck Edward 75y 8m 2d   20 Jan 1898 M Ireland Davenport Chronic Cystitis St. Marguerite's
Brophy Bridget 82y Retired 07 Jan 1898 W Ireland Winfield Twp Bronchitis St. Anne's
Burke Mrs. Thos. 53y Housewife 20 Aug 1899 M Galway 1410 Prairie St. Sarcoma Holy Family
Butter Mrs. Edward 44y Housewife 22 Oct 1899 M Cork Mercy Hospital Peritonitis Williamsburg
Bradshaw Mrs. Mary 65y   02 July 1900 W Ireland Mercy Hospital Senility Ottawa, Il
Bernes John 47y   24 Sep 1900 S Ireland Mercy Hospital Cystitis St. Marguerite's
Bowland Mrs. Grace 80y   24 Apr 1901 W Ireland 1235 W. 7th Old Age St. Mary's
Boyle Mary J 90y   16 May 1902 W Ireland Davenport Heart failure Pine Hill
Burke Michael 72y   12 July 1902 W Ireland   Apoplexy St. Marguerite's
Barron Mrs. Mary 70y 3d   26 Aug 1902   Ireland Davenport Melancholia St. Marguerite's
Burke Michael 64y 1m 24d Laborer 25 Mar 1902 M Ireland Davenport Twp Heart failure St. Marguerite's
Buckley Mrs. Carmeles 88y Housewife 25 Mar 1902 M Ireland   Typhoid fever St. Marguerite's
Brady Susan 73y Domestic 25 Dec 1903 W Ireland Davenport Chronic Rheumatism Holy Family
Burns Murta 77y 1m RR/td> 24 Dec 1903 M Dublin Davenport Chronic diarrhea St. Marguerite's
Bagley John 79y teamster 09 May 1903   Ireland LeClaire Senility LeClaire
Barron Mrs. Ellen 87y 11m 3d   14 Mar 1904 W Ireland Davenport Twp Heart disease St. Mary's
Britt Thomas 83y 10m 16d Retired 06 Nov 1904 W Ireland Davenport Senility St. Marguerite's
Burns John 79y   23 Sep 1907 W Ireland Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Buckley Catherine 65y Housewife 27 Oct 1908 M Ireland Davenport Heart disease St. Marguerite's
Brown George 77y 4m 17d Retired farmer 09 July 1907 W Ireland LeClaire, IA Arterial Sclerosis LeClaire, IA
Collins Anthony 63y Machine Hand 03 Oct 1897 M Clare 1811 w 3d Paralysis Holy Family
Cahill Catherine 70y 3d Housekeeper 03 Nov 1897 M Ireland Davenport Old Age St. Marguerite's
Cloude S.M. 67y   13 Feb 1898 S Ireland Davenport Capillary Bronch St. Marguerite's
Crowley Mrs. Mary 53y   14 Oct 1898 M Cork Davenport Gastritis St. Marguerite's
Carlin Bridget 77y   05 Dec 1898 S Meath Davenport Pneumonia St. Mary's
Crowley Mrs. Hannah 74y Housekeeper 27 Dec 1898   Ireland Winfield Grippe St. Marguerite's
Cavanaugh Mrs. June B ?   22 Mar 1899 ? Wicklow 988 LePage St Chronic Bronchitis St. Marguerite's
Carlin Jane 81y 3m 23d   21 Aug 1899 W Tyrone 1533 Leonard Old Age St. Marguerite's
Code Michael 76y Laborer 10 Dec 1900 W Ireland 1229 Farnam Pneumonia St. Marguerite's
Cogan William L 67y 7m 8d Retired 07 Feb 1900 M Sligo 810 Surtz St. Apoplexy St. Marguerite's
Case John 70y 3d   09 Feb 1900 M Kilkenny Mercy Hospital   St. Marguerite's
Curry James 57y Laborer 15 Aug 1900 W Ireland St. Luke's Hospital Fracture of thigh St. Mary's
Curran Michael 65y Laborer 28 Aug 1900 S Ireland 750 Lease St. Paralysis St. Mary's
Cunningham Margaret 88y 3d   23 June 1901 W Waterford 613 Farnam Old Age St. Marguerite's
Carville Michael 82y 11m 26d   25 Aug 1901 W Down 514 E 9th Hemiplegia St. Marguerite's
Crowley James 81y 8m 11d   14 Sep 1901 W Ireland 720 W 3rd Heart disease St. Marguerite's
Crowley Maurice 68y 11m 3d   21 Sep 1901 W Cork 1824 W 6th Bronchitis St. Marguerite's
Cass Mrs. Hanora 75y 1m   14 Mar 1902 W Ireland Davenport Paralysis St. Marguerite's
Cavenaugh Mrs. Mary 80y   02 May 1902 M Ireland Davenport Cerebral Hemorrhage Calvary
Coffey Michael 68y 10m 16d Retired 14 Aug 1903 M Ireland   Heart failure Holy Family Cemetery
Chambers Marguerette 81y 4m 27d Retired Housekeeper 03 Sep 1904 W Ireland Davenport Cerebral Hemorrhage Stuart Guthrie
Carr Henry 47y 4m Laborer 24 Oct 1904 S Ireland Davenport Suicide by drowning City Cemetery
Collins Eliza 82y 10m 5d   03 Aug 1907 M Ireland 1052 W 3rd Apoplexy St. Mary's
Clency James 66y Arsenal 23 Dec 1908 M Ireland Davenport Cancer St. Mary's
Cahill James 80y 9m 7d Retired 14 Dec 1909 w Ireland Davenport Old Age Davenport Cemetery
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