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Descendants of James Bell Elaine Rathmann
Brown Genealogy Theresa Lankford
Descendants of Wilhelm Buergel Cathy Joynt Labath
Descendants of Johann Christian Clasen Paul Frost
Letter to Martha Crippen from Mary E. Hughes, 1903 Michelle Wiggins
Descendants of Aegidius Eggers Paul Frost
Ancestors of John Dietrick Frost and Notes Paul Frost
Gertz, Plambeck, Wiese, Arp, Keppy, Schneckloth, Kuhl Bill Gertz
Descendants of Peter Hans Hansen Elaine Rathmann
Hoffbauer Family Kathy (Johnson) Price
Hoffbauer Letters Part 1 * ~ * Part 2 Kathy (Johnson) Price
Houghton Ancestors Lorraine Weis Houghton
Irwin Scrapbook; Stories of Eastern Iowa Gloria Irwin
Henry Kuehl Family History Brent Hemphill
Descendants of Georg Kurt Paul Frost
Descendants of David Lesslie Elaine Rathmann
Descendants of Patrick McGovern Michael Kearney
Descendants of Nehemiah and Minor Melton Judy Brown Rasmussen
Descendants of William Micklewright Bev Micklewright Hannigan
Noel Family of Scott Co Bev Micklewright Hannigan
Descendants of Hans M. Petersen Cathy Joynt Labath
Descendants of Lutge Petersen Lynnea Dickinson
Descendants of Percy Ru Pruden Paul Pruden
Descendants of Martin Raffensperger Elaine Rathmann
Descendants of John C. Ramm Kelly Haverkamp
Descendants of John Sanders Elaine Rathmann
Descendants of Bezaleel Sanford Elaine Rathmann
Descendants of Johann Heinrich Schultz William & Kathy Pitts
Letter to Louisa Steinhiber from Johannes Eyser, 1859 Marianne Ruppersberger
Descendants of Henning Stoertebeker Paul Frost
History of Stoltenberg Family Dave Stoltenberg
Descendants of Francis Joseph Von Ach Dennis Adams
Descendants of James Kearney and Bridget Walsh Michael Kearney
Descendants of Heinrich Westendorf & Gertrude Sandker Cathy Joynt Labath & Jo Banks
Amandus Woeber Family Dave Conrad
Descendants of Nicholas Worthington Elaine Rathmann

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