Submitted and researched by Theresa Lankford


George W. Brown Sr.                m.                          Mary Ann Norton

    Born:  abt. 1837             ? in Pottsville, PA                Born:  1-3-1831 Pottsville, PA
    Died:   07-13-1902                                                    Died:  02-08-1913    Davenport, IA
                Davenport, IA                                               Cause:    Arteriosolerosis, Exhaustion
   Cause: suicide                                                          Buried:    St. Marguerite's Cemetery
                Thought to have been                                       grave only says mother
   brought on by sufferings of Bright's                              Parents:  John Norton
    Disease.                                                                                Bridget Norton
    Buried:    St. Marguerite's cemetery - grave only says Father
Employment:   janitor Davenport High School 
1.  George W. Brown Jr.                  m.                                  Ann Kelly
    Born:  5-14-1860                 7-12-1886                              Born:  6-26-1864 Peoria, IL
Schuylkill County, PA         Davenport, IA                              Died:  3-27-1940 Davenport, IA
    Died:    12-9-1918                                                            Buried: St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Davenport, IA                            `                                            Davenport, IA
    Buried:  St. Marguerite's Cemetery
Employment:  Express and Transfer Business
William K. Brown D.D.S. Morriss, OK
Mary Aileen Brown                                m.                            Chester Bird
    Born: abt. 1888 Davenport, IA            10-4-1913                    Born:  abt. 1880 Davenport, IA
     Died:  5-12-1860                                    Davenport, IA           Died:  10-1972 Davenport, IA
Davenport, IA  
Buried:  Oakdale Cemetery
Davenport, IA
2.  William J. Brown                                      m.                         Anna Ellen Murphy
    Born:  05-20-1864                                05-25-1887                    Born:    10-14-1864
    Death:    01-10-1905                        Davenport, IA                     Death:    11-15-1945
Omaha, NE                                                                                 Omaha, NE
    Cause:  Congestion of lungs                                                     Cause: cerebral hemorrhage
Buried:  Holy Sepulcher,    Omaha,   NE                                         hypertension                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                   Buried: Holy Sepulcher
Several children, if you would like them please let me know.  One of these children was my great grandmother Marie Brown, mother of my grandfather William F. Brungardt, father of my mother Patricia Ann Shew.  (Just so you know how I fit in)
3.  Infant Brown
     3-26-1900  do not know if this is a birth/death or both date.  Davenport, IA