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Descendants of Henning Stoertebeker

This family tree submitted by Paul Frost

 Generation No. 1


1.  HENNING1 STOERTEBEKER died April 04, 1727 in Neustadt/Holstein.  He married TRINKE RODE May 22, 1682 in Paluegg, Oldenburg/Holstein. 



2.                i.       JUERGEN2 STOERTENBECKER, b. 1689, Paluegg, Oldenburg/Holstein; d. May 31, 1765, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.


Generation No. 2


2.  JUERGEN2 STOERTENBECKER (HENNING1 STOERTEBEKER) was born 1689 in Paluegg, Oldenburg/Holstein, and died May 31, 1765 in Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.  He married (1) GERTRUD SCHEEL.    He married (2) GARDRUTH HUELS November 14, 1718 in Landkirchen, Fehmarn, Holstein, daughter of ALBRECHT GRUETZMANN and ANCKE HUELSCH.  She was born August 1695 in Schlagsdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein, and died January 25, 1777 in Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.



Baptised 22 december 1689, godparents were Peter Radde of Paluegg, Claus Schroers of Quals and Grete Wohlers of Quals.

 Occupation: Dienstknecht


Gertrud must have died by 1718 when Juergen married Gardruth Huels


Her parents were unmarried.  She was raised by her mother's brother Michael.



                   i.       CARSTEN3 STOERTENBECKER.

                  ii.       HANS STOERTENBECKER, b. Schlagsdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. December 24, 1813, Schlagsdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; m. WIEBCKE LOOSE, October 22, 1760, Schlagsdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; b. Abt. 1737, Westmarkelsdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. January 30, 1782, Schlagsdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.


Occupation: Dienstknecht und Arbeitsmann in Schlagsdorf


                 iii.       MARX STOERTENBECKER, m. GERTRUD BUSCH, November 08, 1768, Petersdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; b. Abt. 1738, Strukkamp, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. July 25, 1774, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.


Occupation: Dienstknecht


                 iv.       ALBRECHT STOERTENBECKER, b. November 19, 1719; d. Bef. 1798; m. ELSCHE LAFRENZ, August 11, 1754; b. August 05, 1719, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. February 14, 1759, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.

3.               v.       JUERGEN STOERTENBECKER, b. May 01, 1729, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. September 19, 1811, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.


Generation No. 3


3.  JUERGEN3 STOERTENBECKER (JUERGEN2, HENNING1 STOERTEBEKER) was born May 01, 1729 in Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein, and died September 19, 1811 in Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.  He married CATHARINA STENDER November 04, 1754 in Petersdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein, daughter of CLAUS STENDER and ENGEL GANT.  She was born August 02, 1733 in Landkirchen, Fehmarn, Holstein, and died April 21, 1798 in Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.


Occupation: Dienstknecht und Arbeitsmann



                   i.       JUERGEN4 STOERTENBECKER, b. August 12, 1755, Petersdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. July 07, 1810, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; m. DORTHE GIEBELSTEIN, November 17, 1784, Petersdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; b. January 29, 1758, Albertsdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. November 02, 1824, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.


Occupation: Diensknecht


                  ii.       ELSABE STOERTENBECKER, b. April 03, 1758, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.

                 iii.       HANS STOERTENBECKER, b. September 15, 1762, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.

                 iv.       MARX STOERTENBECKER, b. December 19, 1766, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.

4.               v.       CARSTEN STOERTENBECKER, b. March 20, 1770, Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. January 04, 1805, Klausdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.


Generation No. 4


4.  CARSTEN4 STOERTENBECKER (JUERGEN3, JUERGEN2, HENNING1 STOERTEBEKER) was born March 20, 1770 in Daenschendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein, and died January 04, 1805 in Klausdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.  He married GERTRUD MARGARETHA WEILAND November 25, 1794 in Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein, daughter of JACOB WEILAND and GERTRUD SCHMIDT.  She was born October 29, 1766 in Presen, Fehmarn, Holstein, and died August 26, 1830 in Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.



                   i.       CATHARINA5 STOERTENBECKER, b. January 04, 1796, Todendorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. April 14, 1826, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.

                  ii.       JACOB STOERTENBECKER, b. November 22, 1798, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. October 24, 1853, Presen, Fehmarn, Holstein; m. ANNA CAROLINA SCHEEL, May 07, 1828, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; b. Abt. 1810, Heiligenhafen, Holstein.

                 iii.       JUERGEN STOERTENBECKER, b. August 13, 1802, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. Bet. 1870 - 1873, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa; m. CATHARINA EVERS, May 19, 1835, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; b. November 23, 1812, Sahrensdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein; d. Bet. 1870 - 1873, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.



The Bannesdorf Kirchenbuech shows Juergen Stoertenbecker was a "hausmann und tischler"


The obituary of Juergen's daughter, Amelia Stoertenbecker Eggers, says she came to America with her parents at age 9 (putting the year of immigration at about 1851-1852). The obituary does not say if the family came directly to Davenport, Iowa or not.  They do not appear in the 1856 State census of Iowa.

 Germans To America Family Archives CD#355 (Passenger and Immigration Lists 1850-1874) shows the Stoertenbecker family as follows:

 J. Stoertenbecker, age 54, occupation joiner

Cath. Stoertenbecker, age 44, wife

Gertrude Stoertenbecker, age 20, daughter

Fritz Stoertenbecker, age 16, son

Wilhelmine Stoertenbecker, age 13, daughter

 The CD indicates they traveled steerage on the ship Hammonia, arriving in America (port of arrival not noted) on 16 May 1857, master J.A. Heydtmann.  Port of embarkation is listed as Marseilles (which is suspected to be in error).  According to "Palmers List of merchant Vessels" ( the Hamburg-Amerika Line steamship Hammonia was built by Caird & Co., Greenock and was launched 5 May 1855.  It was 2,026 tons, 301 feet x 37 feet 11 inches x 24 feet 9 inches (length x breadth x depth of hold) had a clipper bow, 1 funnel, 3 masts, iron construction, screw propulsion, geared oscillating, engine, service speed 10 knots and accomodation for 54 passengers in 1st cabin, 146 in second cabin and 310 in steerage and a crew of 77.  It was chartered by the French government as a Crimean War transport.  She made her first Hamburg to New York voyage 1 July 1856 and made a total of 36 round trip voyages.  She is shown as having made 5 voyages to New York in 1857.  Her captain in 1856-57 was F.A. Heydtmann.

 The earliest reference in Iowa records that has been found is a nearly illegible entry in the 1860 Federal census showing Jurgen Stortenbecker, age 58, a laborer, born in Holstein and his wife (name illegible), age 48 also born in Holstein (City of Davenport, page 60, dwelling 606, family 535).  Davenport city directories show that in 1868-69 a Jurgen Stueltenbecker lived on the west side of Warren Street, two doors south of 5th street and in 1870-71 a Jurgen Stultenbecker groceries was at the same address.  Jurgen does not appear in subsequent directories or in the 1870 Federal census.

 A search of Davenport death and cemetery records has been done but Juergen and Catharina have not been found.  Family tradition (related by Leona Claussen Kurth to Paul Frost) says Amelia's parents died of cholera and were buried in a common grave with other victims at City Cemetery in Davenport.  Local newspapers of the time as well as Downer's HISTORY OF SCOTT COUNTY, Vol. I, 1910) indicate there were some cholera outbreaks in the 1870's, a particularly bad one occurring in the fall of 1873.  During one of these outbreaks so many died that records apparently were not kept of the deaths.  The September 16, 1973 Times Democrat Newspaper, Focus Section had an article about a mound at the western edge of City Cemetery where some cholera victims were buried.  It is believed, based on the lack of other records as well as the family tradition, that Juergen and Catharina were among them.


                 iv.       CARSTEN STOERTENBECKER, b. April 19, 1805, Bannesdorf, Fehmarn, Holstein.