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1940 Delphos High School Yearkbook



We, the Senior Class of 1939-40 wish to dedicate the Senior Memories to the people of the Community, who has given us the opportunity to attend High School at Delphos Consolidated School.

School Building

Delphos School Building

school bus


Lee MINNICK and his "school bus"


Earl Coulson Earl COULSON, Supt,

Ag., Commercial, Industrial Arts
B. S. Degree - Teachers College,
Maryville, Missouri
Graduate work at Drake University
12 years of experience
Clarence HART, Prin.

English, Mathematics, Typing
World History
B. A. Degree - Grinnell College
Grinnell, Iowa
Graduate work- Iowa State University
Iowa City, Ia.
9 years of experience
Clarence Hart
Elizabeth McMullen Mrs. Elizabeth McMULLEN

Home Economics, Economics,
Grade work
B. S. Degree - Iowa State College,
Ames, Iowa
9 years of experience

6,7,8, grades
Iowa State Teachers College
Cedar Falls
10 years of experience
Emma Johnston
Gerta Moon Miss Gerta MOON

3,4,5, grades
Iowa State Teachers College
Cedar Falls, Ia.
Teachers College,
Maryville Mo.
7 years of experience
Miss Jewell HAMMER

Primer; 1,2, grades
60 hours degree certificate from
Teachers College, Maryville, Mo.
5 years of experience
Jewell Hammer


Grace Hill Grace HILL, President

Class Plays-4
Robert SEFRIT, Vice-Pres.

Class Plays-2
Robert Sefrit
Howard Jackson Howard JACKSON, Sec-Treas.

Class Plays-2
Donella DEIBERT, Editor-in-chief

Music-2 1/4
Class Plays-3
Donella Deibert
Senior Class Arda HARTMAN, Reporter

Class Plays-2

Class Plays-1
Kenneth Wendell


Junior class

Class Officers: President - Hale JACKSON
Secretary and Treasurer---Kathleen GARRETT
Class Roll: reading from left to right;

Juniors one by one:

The president of this class is 16 years of age. Was born March 1, 1924. He started to school here when he was a sophomore. He was a basketball reserve every year he has been here. Hale is five feet five inches in height, weighs 150 pounds, has sandy red hair with that certain little wave in it, and very blue eyes. His ambition is to graduate from high school. He likes to dance, and his hobby is to be a food farmer.

Marie GARITY is 16 years of age. She was born December 27, 1923. She is five feet three inches in stature, weighs 110 pounds. Her eyes are brown (they turn black when angry), she has black hair. Marie likes to play basketball and volley ball, and she certainly is good at the job. She is attracted by a certain twin who attends school at Mount Ayr. Her ambition is to become a Mrs. Her hobby is using the telephone.

Kathleen GARRETT is 16 years of age. She is five feet seven inches tall, weighs 130 pounds. Her eyes are green, and her hair is blonde. She is fond of zipper dresses. Her favorite sport is basketball. Her ambition is to reduce. We wonder why she is frequently called "Eight Acres"???? She also seems to be fond of certain bugs who have recently made their home in this community - or is it the hired man?

Marvin CAVENDAR has brown eyes, dark brown hair, is five foot eight inches tall weighs 128 pounds. He was born December 1, 1924. His ambition is to be a millionaire, and his hobby is telling stories. He has strings on a certain Carnival Queen living south of Delphos.


Class Officers: President - Doris TRIMBLE
Secretary and Treasurer - Georgia LIVESAY
Class Roll: reading from left to right; back row, Joe SEATON, Rosella COCHRAN, Georgia LIVESAY, Ellen McMULLIN, front row, Madelyn VAUGHN, Robert HARTMAN, Doris TRIMBLE.

Sophomores one by one:

Doris TRIMBLE is five feet three inches tall, has green eyes, blond hair. Her ambition (one of her good friends told me) is to be a fan dancer. When she does, Sally RAND will have some competition. She has a big moment living in Fort Madison, formerly from Delphos, he isn't in the pen either.

Georgia has wavy brown hair, brown eyes, weighs 120 pounds, she stands five feet nine inches tall, she has a Virginian accent. Basketball is her favorite sport, therefore she doesn't like the idea of the members of the school board taking that privilege away from her. Doris T. says Georgia's ambition is to be a bubble dancer, now I'm sure I wouldn't know.

Rosella COCHRAN is an "A" student. She is five feet nine inches tall, has green eyes, dark brown hair. "News Flash" she would rather walk up the railroad track with Ralph than come around the road. It has been said she even wears bells so he can find her in the dark. Her highest ambition is to grow tall.

Madelyn VAUGHN has dark brown hair green eyes. She lives in the village of Delphos. Her ambition is to get home at a reasonable time of the night. She is interested in one, or is it two, basketball players. Of the four subjects she is taking she likes world history the best. Her hobby is clowning.

Joe SEATON lives across the road west of the school house, and he can hardly get to school on time at that. He has more fun teasing Sadie and she really gets angry. His hair is blond, and his eyes are gray, his highest ambition is to pick a fight with his sisters. It might be well to add that Joe is only half a man without his Union Leader.

Ellen McMULLIN is a new comer to this school. She has red heir and green eyes. Her ambition is to be a good secretary, her favorite sports are swimming, and horse back riding. We are very glad to have Ellen as a member of our High School. She takes part in our glee club and athletics.

Robert HARTMAN has gray eyes, light brown hair, is known as Bob to his friends. Joe is his pal and he thinks Bette is his girl friend maybe she is who knows? He has a swell time in English class. Mrs. McMULLIN says if a boy likes a girl he teases her, take warning Madelyn, or perhaps I should say Bette. I wonder if Mrs. McMULLIN got that proverb from Confucius.

[freshman class photo was missing from yearbook]

Class Officers: President - Neva MATTHEWS
Vice President - Bette STEPHENS
Secretary and Treasurer - James MINNICK
Class Roll: reading from left to right; (back row) Sadie GARITY, Bette STEPHENS, Paul RHOADS, Neva MATTHEWS, Ruby RHOADS, (front row) Ralph ROACH, James MINNICK.

Freshman one by one:

Neva MATTHEWS is 14 years of age, she was born December 31, 1925. She has green eyes and light brown hair. Her ambition is to keep house for a certain junior boy. She took part in the declamatory contest, and she made a very good cheer leader.

Bette STEPHENS is one of our fun loving, plain spoken freshman, Dressed in her flame colored skirt and her white blouse she made a good cheer leader. Betty took part in the humorous division of the declamatory contest, she also had a walk on part in the junior class play, but it may be remembered that she ran. Her hobby is raising chickens, she doesn't seem to have an ambition yet, at least none she will let us print.

Sadie GARITY has dark brown hair with a reddish cast. She has brown eyes, weighs 100 pounds. She is 13 years of age, and was born July 5, 1926. Her hobby is reading and her ambition is to be a good basketball player. We wish her luck.

James MINNICK is one of our small but mighty freshman. He has platinum blond hair and blue eyes. His birthday is March 14, he is 15 Yrs. of age, and weighs 98 pounds. His ambition is to be an airplane pilot. His hobby is farming.

Paul RHOADS is 15 years of age, has dish-water blond hair. He seems to be in the kissing business, at least that's what one of the senior girls thinks. Speed wonders if he'll fight with his wife as he does with his sister, we pity her if he does. He considers the letters Pauline writes as his own personal affairs. It surely is a shame Paul isn't in the eight grade instead of the ninth. His ambition is to be an aviator and his hobby is airplanes. Now isn't that a coincidence?

Ralph ROACH is a newcomer to the freshman class. He hasn't taken part in many of the school activities, due to the fact that he is quite a Romeo.

Ruby RHOADS is another of our fun loving freshman. Her ambition is to be the best dressed girl in high school, her hobby is trying to take Ralph away from the other girls. Her nickname is "Speed" and she always has a smile on her face and mischief in her eyes.

Senior Party --- 12
P.T.A. --- 19
School Pictures --- 19
Advertisements sold --- 21

Carnival --- 20

Junior Play --- 1
Teacher's Meeting --- 3
B.B. game - Redding there --- 7
B.B. game - Tingley here --- 10
B.B. game - Decatur here --- 14
Declamatory Contest - At Delphos --- 21
B.B. game - Kellerton here --- 24
B.B. game - Davis City here --- 28
B.B. game - Benton there --- 30

B.B. game - Mt. Ayr there --- 5
Teacher's Meeting --- 6
B.B. game - Redding here --- 8
County Music Festival --- 13
Tea Presented by the Home Economics Class --- 15
B.B. game - Beaconsfield here --- 19
B.B. game - Maloy there --- 21

B.B. game - New Market there --- 5
B.B. game - Tingley there --- 8
Farewell Party for Miss UNDERWOOD --- 9
B.B. game - Benton here --- 12
B.B. game - Maloy here --- 16
B.B. game - Decatur there --- 19
P.T.A. --- 23
B.B. game - Kellerton there --- 26
B.B. game - Shannon here --- 30

B.B. Beaconsfield Tournament --- 1,2,3
Oyster Supper for Basket Ball Boys --- 6
Mt. Ayr Tournament --- 7,8,9,10
B.B. game - Tingley --- 13
B.B. game - Beaconsfield there --- 16
B.B. game Shannon there --- 20
B.B. game - Davis City there --- 23
B.B. game - New Market here --- 26
P.T.A. --- 27
Sectional Tournament --- 28,29

Sectional Tournament --- 1,2
Sophomore Party --- 15
P.T.A. --- 19
Spelling Contest --- 22

Treasure Hunt --- 1
Senior Day at Maryville --- 1
P.T.A. --- 30

Senior Play --- 3
Junior and Senior Banquet --- 7
Baccalaureate --- 12
Senior Day --- 13
Grade Commencement --- 14
High School Commencement --- 16
School Picnic --- 17



The Delphos High School has enjoyed its usual variety of musical activities during the school year. There were eight girls enrolled in the girl's Glee Club and five boys in the Boy's Glee Club.

The five boys made up our Quintet. Those who took part were: Howard Lee JACKSON, bass; Hale JACKSON, Tenor; Bob HARTMAN, baritone; Melvin COX, Tenor; and Paul RHOADS, Tenor.

The girls trio consisted of Neva MATTHEWS, Alto; Doris TRIMBLE, second Soprano; Georgia LIVESAY, First soprano.

In addition to singing for general school functions, members from the two Glee Clubs appeared in the County Music Festival, December 13, held at Mt. Ayr.

Although several students in the music department will be lost by graduation we are looking forward to another eventful year in 1940-41.

We wish to thank Miss HAMMER who has taken Miss UNDERWOOD's place in directing the music.


The Declamatory contest was held at the school house, Tuesday night, November 21, 1939. Those who were competing and the name of their readings are as follows:


The Bed Next Door - Neva MATTHEWS
Heights Regained - Doris TRIMBLE

Big Brother and Little Sister - Ruby RHOADS
Scratch On A Fender - Bette STEPHENS
Mary Ellen Entertains the Minister and his Wife - Georgia LIVESAY, Sadie GARITY

Doris TRIMBLE won first place in Dramatic and Neva MATTHEWS took second. In Humorous, Ruby RHOADS took first, Bette STEPHENS second, and Sadie GARITY, third.

On December sixth, Doris and Ruby accompanied by their director, Mr. HART went to Diagonal to compete against Benton and Diagonal. Doris received third place.


The freshman and their Sponsor, Mr. HART, cleverly planned and carried out a Treasure Hunt on April Fool's Day for the High School students and teachers.

To carry out the April Fool idea, the guests were required to enter by way of a basement window. After we played a few games, it was announced that a murder had been committed and that the body had been dismembered and the parts distributed about town. We were divided into squads and sent out to locate the missing parts. -Clues, cleverly written in rhyme, finally led us to the hiding places.

Refreshments consisting of doughnuts and cocoa were served. Ask Kenneth if cotton doesn't improve the flavor of a doughnut. You would think a senior would know better at an April Fool's Party, wouldn't you?


When school opened, the seniors decided they would like to print a school paper. Mr. Ben SEATON loaned us his Rotospeed to begin on. A few months after we published the paper, the School Board bought the machine from Mr. SEATON so we could carry on our work. This is the first school paper ever published in the Delphos School, and we are grateful to the School Board for doing this for us.

We decided the Juniors and Seniors would write the news and the Seniors would cut the stencils.

We selected cur staff which is as follows:

Editor-in-chief - Donella DEIBERT
Associate Editor - Marie GARITY
Business Manager - Robert SEFRIT
Advertising Manager - Hale JACKSON
Reporters - Sadie GARITY, Arda HARTMAN, Madelyn VAUGHN, Neva MATTHEWS, Paul RHOADS, Grace HILL, Rosella COCHRAN, Mary SEATON
Printers - Kenneth WENDELL and Howard JACKSON

Early in September, Marie, Donella, Bob, Kenneth, Howard and Mr. HART went to Mt. Ayr to get advertisements to cover the cost of our paper. We sold approximately fifteen dollars worth of advertisements.

The Staff gave a demonstration how the paper was printed at the first P.I.A. meeting in September. We distributed samples to the audience.

We seniors hope the Juniors and Seniors of next year will carry on the work we started but must leave behind us.


It was a hot time in the old town the night of October 20. It had all the excitement of Bank Night and the heat of election and the Fourth of July rolled into one. It was Carnival time in Delphos. Crowds of merry makers thronged the "gym" floor, barkers barked, clowns clowned, and penny pitch, ball racks, the bingo stand, concessions of all kinds did boom-time business.

Plenty of tickets at the ticket stand and a nickel would buy anything in the house. With each ticket the customer received five votes for the Queen of the Carnival. As the evening wore on and the votes rolled in, the excitement waxed higher and higher. Two candidates for the honor, Grace HILL, a senior and Neva MATTHEWS, a freshman, had been selected weeks before by the high school boys. It was a close race but a good natured one and at ten-thirty when the final score was tallied, Miss MATTHEWS was declared Glamour Girl Number One of Delphos School.

At eleven O'clock the Queen, in her white coronation robes, and accompanied by attendants, ascended the platform for an impressive coronation ceremony. The crown on a blue cushion was borne by Johnnie GARITY, and to Marvin CAVENDER, duly elected Lord High Seneschal of the Carnival, came the thrill of a lifetime when, garbed in robes of state, he lifted the glittering coronet and placed it on the head of the one and --only-- Queen Of the Carnival.


The first party of the year was given by the seniors in honor of the freshman, Tuesday September 12th. The freshman were initiated by having to go barefooted during the party and later they were taken out to the New Bridge and were told to walk home. Howard JACKSON was responsible for their safe return. They also had to roll a bean across the floor with their noses and eat onion sandwiches.

Games were played and enjoyed by all and refreshments were served by the senior class. The freshman showed very good sportsmanship, and we are proud to have them as members of our High School.


The Seniors presented their play "Let's Go Somewhere" Friday night, May 3. The play was written by Robert Morill SAND and was a, three act comedy.


Anne - a demure maid - Arda V. HARTMAN
Harry Carter - a very modern young man - Robert SEFRIT
Jane Carter - his wife, a young modern woman - Grace HILL
Mrs. Wilson - a widow, mother of Jane - Donella DEIBERT
Col. Meadows - an actor of the old school - Howard JACKSON
Ezra Whipple - brother of Mrs. Wilson - Kenneth WENDELL


Time: The present
Place: New York


Act One: The Wilson's living room. Saturday night.
Act Two: The same. Sunday morning.
Act Three: The same. Saturday morning - one week later


On December 15, 1939, the sophomore and freshman girls of the Home Economics class gave a Tea Party for the High School and Faculty members. They served cookies and cocoa.


Friday, January 9, at the High School gymnasium, a party sponsored by the high school girls was given in honor of Miss Clara UNDERWOOD, who resigned at the end of the first semester. Contests and games provided and entertainments, and refreshments of cocoa and cookies were served.


The Little Clod-Hopper

Judy - Little Clod-Hopper - Marie GARITY
Mrs. Chiggerson - Wealthy Lady from City - Kathleen GARRETT
George Chiggerson - Little Lamb from the City - Hale JACKSON
Miss Juiliette Bean - Old Maid - Rosella COCHRAN
Ocey Gump - The Hired Man - Robert HARTMAN
Septimus Greene - A Book Agent - Melvin COX
Charmian Carter - A "Vamp" - Madylen VAUGHN


Setting - Home of Miss Juiliette Bean

Time: Today

Act I - Birthday Dinnner at Miss Bean's
Act II - Home of Mrs. C.B. in the City
Act III - Same as Act II

Proceeds of this entertainment will go to meet the expenses of the annual Junior-Senior Banquet.


The benefit oyster supper to raise funds for the new ball suits was held in the gymnasium February 6th. It was a success in spite of unfavorable weather conditions. Many were present and all enjoyed a pleasant evening. The total receipts were: $12.65 and after the oysters were paid for and other expenses deducted, there was a net profit of $9.18. On behalf of the team we wish to thank the mothers who made this oyster supper possible.


Friday night, March 15, the sophomores entertained the high school and teachers to a St. Patrick's party. The evening was spent in playing games and all reported a "swell" time. Refreshments were: Fruit Salad, Cake, and mints.



Leap Year 1952.

Heavy presses changed all around me reeling out sheet upon sheet of paper filled with news, gossip, jokes, sports; fragrance of fresh printers ink hung in the air; hurry, bustle, shouting, dust, pecking of typewriters, telephones ringing; seemed to happen all at once every minute, in that crowded office of the "New York Gossiper." It was the same thing every day of my life. Nothing new. Same old murders, weddings, fights, and wrecks.

"Wish something exciting would turn up," I heard Red, the newsboy from across the street, mutter. "Excitement? Phooie!" I said to myself. My head ached from the noise and I felt like I'd been through the presses myself. And to top it all there went that telephone, again.

I took down the receiver. "This is me." I said sort of grouchy like.

"If that's you HARTMAN, come into my office at once," said the boss and he hung up.

"Okay, okay, what's the hurry," I muttered gathering up my things and slamming into his office.

"Listen you, you're leaving for Iowa in a half hour and no remarks. They're staging a fight there that'll be a sensation all over the world. World's heavyweight championship fight between Battler Bob and Killer Ken. You're the best reporter here and I want you to cover that fight. If you don't have the first story out here, you lose your job. Here's your ticket for the first plane for Iowa. Now get going and don't come back without a story."

It didn't take long to get ready and soon I was on the plane and headed for Iowa. I hadn't looked on my ticket to see where I was going and imagine my surprise when I reached the landing field and found that I was in yes, you guessed it, my old home town, Delphos.

"Things sure have changed a lot in twelve years" I thought as I took a taxi up to the hangars. "Delphos wasn't that large when I left. Maybe they moved another town in."

I asked the taxi driver if he could take me to the place they were holding the fight. He did and to my amazement I saw on the door as I entered "H. JACKSON, Manager" and he was the first person I ran into inside.

"Holy Smoke!" he said "If it isn't Arda HARTMAN. Where did you come from?"

"I know I came from New York but I can't say I know where I'm going, I'm a reporter on the New York Gossiper and my boss sent me here for the story on the fight tonight."

"Oh, yes, some fight that's going to be. Best this season. Don't miss it," and off he went leaving me standing. "Say, was he cuckoo or something," I asked myself. "Telling me not to miss the fight when I'd be on the front lines. Of all the nerve, but then I remembered that in school he was so absent-minded the teacher had to remind him that he had his glasses on the back of his head when he complained that he had lost them. Those were the good old days.

I looked around and saw that the seats were filling up pretty fast. A lot of people I thought I recognized but just then some one grabbed my arm and said, "Tickets, please"

"I don't need a ticket", I said "I --"

"Oh, yes, you do."

"Oh, no, I don't."

"Oh, yes, but you do."

"Oh, no, I--, say, what is this?" I asked, "this could go on forever. I've got a pass and--well, of all things I thought I recognized that voice, Donella DEIBERRT of all people. Don't tell me you're ticket taker."

"Well, I'm not Scarlet O'Hara," she said "You're Bub's sister Arda, aren't you?"

I looked her over. Yep, she was the same old kid. Older, maybe, but not changed any. She always could argue the leg off of a monkey if anyone could. "Well, here comes Grandpa Hart. I gotta go. See you in a huff with a puff," and off she went.

I was beginning to think then that I was the crazy one but I went on and took my seat up by the ring. The fight was almost ready to start when I was disturbed by the awfullest racket behind me. A woman that looked sort of familiar with blond hair, was trying to quiet four little boys. They all looked the same size to me and were all screaming for daddy.

Then the bell rang and into the ring stepped the two fighters. Then I almost fell off my seat. This was too much. The fighters were none other than Bob SEFRIT as Battler Bob and Killer Ken was Kenny WENDELL. They sure had changed a lot I thought but then the fight started so I had to get busy.

Of all the fights I'd ever witnessed this was the best. It was anybody's fight and some fighting. First Bob would chase Kenny around the ring, then Kenny would stop, turn around and chase Bob around the ring. They did everything from playing leap frog to pulling each other ears.

"The best man wins," said the referee who by the way was Mr. COULSON and after twenty-rounds, Bob lay down on the floor panting like a freight train.

Meanwhile the little boys behind me were yelling "Hit him dad, sock him in the jaw," But daddy didn't listen.

"The World's Champion, Killer Ken," proclaimed the referee through the mic and Bob got to his feet. The blonde behind me with the boys had crawled through the ropes to him and I then recognized her as Grace HILL.

"What was your big idea? Why didn't you knock him out? Now you get dressed and come on home." she ordered.

"Yes, my love," replied Bob meekly.

"Do you have anything to say?" Mr. Coulson asked Kenny.

"Sure," he replied, "Bob may be okay as a fighter but as a husband he's pretty tame."

"Oh, yeh," Bob said and hit Ken in the jaw with the most beautiful punch you ever saw. Ken went out over the ropes into the arms of a gorgeous blond and there he went to sleep as pretty as you please. Oh, well do you blame him?

I turned to see what had happened to Bob and Grace and was surprised to see them both carrying two boys apiece out of the ring.

I introduced myself since no one else knew me and asked them if the boys were theirs.

"Yeh, quadruplets," replied Bob, "did you ever see the like?"

"I can't say that I have," I answered "What are their names?"

"We call them Eeeny, Meeny, Miney and Jack."

"Why did you call the one Jack?!"

"Because we didn't want any Mo."

That was some experience watching two boys who had always been pals ever since they licked their first sucker together, fight each other--if you call it a fight.

But, gee, I've forgotten to call my boss so I've got to beat it.

So long everybody.


Upon leaving this most worthy institution, which for the past four years has been our center of life, it is with great pleasure that the class of 1940 leaves its most cherished relics and accomplishments, to the seniors to be, that is, the class of 1941. In leaving these to the Junior class, we hope to place them as nearby as possible, upon the high standard, which in the past have been most honorably held by the class of 1940.

LISTEN then, one and all, while I read you the document, as duly drawn up and sworn to:

CLASS WILL of 1940.

To Marvin CAVENDER we leave Bob SEFRIT's good looks and his way with the ladies; also his ability to knock down A's in history and practically anything else.

To Kathleen GARRETT we leave Howard Jackson's profound prosperity for sloth and procrastination (laziness to you.) With what she has it should be enough to ruin her.

To Marie GARITY, we leave Kenneth WENDELL's quiet ways and his ability to play basketball.

To Hale JACKSON we will Grace HILL's ability to write letters. He certainly will need it if he keeps up with a certain Grant City girl.

Donella DEIBERT wills har ability of being sent out of class to Bette STEPHENS and Doris TRIMBLE.

Arda HARTMAN leaves to each and everyone of you the mistakes we have made in the past and we hope you will profit by them. We wish you success and happiness in anything you may undertake.

Our class takes this means to say so-long and not goodbye as we don't intend to be gone forever from your lives.



Back Row: (left to right) Marvin CAVENDER, Joe SEATON, Paul RHOADES, Kenneth WENDELL and Bob SEFRIT.

Front Row: (left to right) James MINNICK, Bob HARTMAN, Hale JACKSON and Howard JACKSON.


Six players this year earned letters, they were awarded April 19. These letters are given to those players taking the most active part in basketball during the entire season.

Those receiving letters are: three seniors Robert SEFRIT, Kenneth WENDELL and Howard JACKSON: two juniors Hales JACKSON and Marvin CAVENDAR: one sophomore Joe SEATON.

They were red letters with white outline, and on the letters was a basketball emblem, also a bar to represent each year of service.

Our Superintendent Mr. Earl COULSON was Coach.

Despite the loss of three veteran cage performers via the diploma route, the varsity boys had a better than average season winning 12 out of 21 scheduled games.

Our team entered the Beaconsfield Five High Tournament held at Beaconsfield. They won the victory over Beaconsfield, which was their first game and also the victory over Decatur which was their second game. They lost their third game to Benton.

The County Tournament was held at Mt. Ayr in February. Our team met up with the powerful team from Diagonal and lost our victory to them. The score was 52-35.

The Sectional Tournament was also held at Mt. Ayr in this tournament, Delphos played Decatur and won by a score of 61-20.

In the second game played in the Sectional tournament, we were defeated by Benton, the score being 48-35.

Our first team was made up with: Robert SEFRIT, Kenneth WENDELL, and Howard JACKSON, Seniors; Marvin CAVENDER a Junior; and Joe SEATON, a Sophomore.

The reserves were: Hale JACKSON, Junior; Robert HARTMAN, Sophomore; James MINNICK, and Paul RHOADES, Freshman.

Since we were short of boys in High School the Grade team played the second games.

The team consists of Melvin CAVENDER, Jimmy FITZGERALD, LeRoy TRIMBLE, Jimmie HART, Carol HARTMAN, George SEFRIT, Max STEPHENS, Darrel VAUGHN, and Henry SWEET.

Considering the fact that these boys have never played ball before they made a credible showing by winning seven out of fourteen of their games. The experience they gained will be of great value to them in High School.


Why Experiment?

Buy of

Lumber Company

Yards at Mt. Ayr
Redding - Diagonal
Grant City - Clearfield

Compliments of


Mt. Ayr

Jewelry Store

Headquarters for Watch, Clock, and Jewelry repairing.

West side of square

Grant City, Missouri


Mt. Ayr

Use Electric Service



Style Shop

Ladies and children's ready-to-wear
Real quality & real service comes first

South side square
Mt. Ayr, Ia.

Firestone Products
Auto Parts, Accessories, Washing, Greasing and Service

Auto Supply

Phone 260 - Mt. Ayr, Ia.

Rexall Store

The Rexall Store
Headquarters of School Supplies
Soda Fountain Service

Phone 157 - Mt. Ayr, Ia.

John Deere Tractors
Plows, Cultivators

Hay Tools - Corn Shellers - Combines


Home of Libbys Foods

Cash Market
A full line of fruits and vegetables.

If it's home killed meat you want to eat, Stop at BALDNER's for that treat

Mt. Ayr

Compliments of


Mt. Ayr, Iowa

Ford and Mercury
Sales and Service

Motor Company

Tel. 298 - Mt Ayr, Ia.

Dependable Cars



Mt. Ayr, Ia.

Service Station

Phone 226 - DAYSHAFER, Prop.

Standard Oil Products
Tires, Tubes, Radios, and Accessories
Batteries, Car Washing and Greasing

Mt. Ayr, Iowa


Orr SEATON, Prop.

Mt. Ayr, Iowa

Clothing Store

Curlee Clothing
Portis Hats - Florsheim Shoes

Ringgold Co. Leading Clothier


New and Used Furniture
Sewing Machine Repairing
Furniture Repairing

Phone 294 - Mt. Ayr, Ia.

Lumber Company

Building Material and Coal

Phone 20 - Mt. Ayr, Ia.


Meats and Groceries

Phone 76, 28 - Mt. Ayr, Ia.

Compliments of

Mt. Ayr

Sandwiches - Cigarettes

Percy SKINNER, Prop.


Mt. Ayr, Iowa
Each Account Insured Up To $5,000.00
Miller CHRISTIANSEN, President
Carson WILLIAMS, Vice President and Cashier


Standard Oil Products

Mt. Ayr, Iowa


C.D. MOORE - Mt. Ayr, Ia.

Gasoline, Oils and Greasing

South Side Square

Funeral Home

Cut Flowers

Ambulance Service

Mt. Ayr, Iowa

Mount Ayr

Quality Groceries

Phone 104 - Mt. Ayr, Ia.

Sandwich Shop

Mt. Ayr, Iowa

Beauty Shop

Permentant Waves
Styled Hair Dresses
Manicuring and Facials
All Work Guaranteed

Phone 258 - Mt. Ayr, Ia.


[Editor's note: The following photographs were on the final page of the yearbook and were not labeled but based on other yearbooks and the age of the children in each picture I have labeled them as I believe they represent the Junior High, Intermediate and Primary Rooms]

Junior High
Junior High




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