Mills County Tribune News

October - December 1903

01 Oct 1903

To M/M Clarence VIRTUE, Council Bluffs, Fri, a boy
To M/M William EATON, a boy, last week (Emerson)
To M/M Charles GALBRAITH, a boy, last week (Emerson)
To M/M Elim ORD, a daughter (Hastings)
To M/M Frank GRAMMAR, a daughter (Hastings)
G. P. REVEAL got a telegram Mon telling of the death of his only son, William REVEAL, at Hoopston, IL
Victor FOLSTRAM is the name of the stranger found in the water tank at O.C. COLE's farm 6 miles south of Emerson last week.
Conrad STRICKLER obituary
The body of Catherine WHEELER was brought to Glenwood last Mon for burial beside her mother Peter BRIEBEL died Sun at the home of P. HUFF in St. Mary Twp.
The 6 month old dau. of M/M Lucas A. REASONER 7 miles southeast of Glenwood died Sun
The body of Mrs. Willis RECORD was brought to Glenwood Wed of last week for re-interment, she having died May 25 at Paxton, NE
The 18 month old child of William TREDER fell into a boiler of hot water Tues and was scalded to death (Silver City)
Frederick MILLER, father of Mrs. CARPENTER of this city, died Mon at C. B. (Silver City)
A Miss YATES was killed by the Kansas City Flyer last Sun at the crossing south of Percival
Pearl McKITRICK, dau of Dr. and Mrs. S. C. McKITRICK of this city, to Fred ROWLAND of Kansas City next Wed (Tabor)
Up at Avoca last week, a rapid-action divorce-marriage case involving a Tabor man - Delia VINCENT was granted a divorce, George HARDY of Tabor applied for a marriage license for himself and Delia - they were married the same evening.
Mrs. Delia GRIFFITH given a divorce from John, also custody of one child
"Dad" HARBOUR, the White Cloud fisherman, given a divorce yesterday, his wife deserted him
7 years ago and lives in Henderson

08 Oct 1903

To M/M Art MAXWELL, a boy on Mon
To M/M John BYERS, a boy on Tues
To M/M Gilbert WILLIAMS, north of town, a boy
To M/M Thomas WHITE , Fri, a boy. Grandparents M/M G. W. WHITE of Hillsdale and M/M
B. W. KESTERSON of Tabor
To M/M Roy STAMPER, an 11 pound boy, yesterday
To M/M D. M. FLYNN, a boy ( Pacific Jct)
To M/M Wilbur FOWLER, a boy (Pacific Jct)
George HARRINGTON, son of J. C. HARRINGTON of Tabor, was fatally injured by the accidental discharge of a gun
Glen H. WILKINS and Mabel NICOLAUS were married last Saturday night at the Glenwood Episcopal church - they left for the Pacific Coast where they will make their home
Thorn H. WALLING, son of Warren WALLING of Glenwood, was married Wed of last week in Shenandoah to Rose CLABAUGH
At high noon yesterday at the home of M/M W. H. DOYLE 4 miles south of Glenwood, their daughter Sarah was married to Clifton E. SCOTT
Samuel GREENWALT, pioneer citizen of Hastings, and Mrs. Rebecca E. JORDAN were married Wed at the Methodist parsonage in Malvern - he is 66, she 60
Nellie BENTLEY of Malvern, daughter of Mrs. L. J. BENTLEY, was married yesterday in C.B. to John L. C. WOODS, formerly of Malvern, now of the Bluffs
R. H. OSBORN, Huntington druggist, and Gertrude McMONIES of Lyons came over from Nebraska to be married
Last evening Pearl McKITRICK was married at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. S. C. McKITRICK in Tabor, to Fred C. ROWLAND - they will live in Kansas City
Thomas A. WOLSAGER and Minnie PARR, both of Howell, NE were married Tues at the Commercial House
Allie from James F. GALBRAITH, Emerson
Nellie from Melvin LAWTER, formerly near Pacific Jct
Cora E. (formerly a Miss WOODROW) from George B. FOULKS
Four sisters of Mrs. W. H. HITTLE, Mesdames REYNOLDS, QUICK, EVANS and LONG, gathered last Sunday for a reunion
15 Oct 1903
To M/M George MERRITT, a son, Oct 12
To M/M George JOHNSON rejoice over the birth of a son, Oct 3 (Pacific Jct)
Dr. Parsons reports the arrival of a girl at Art RICKABAUGH's last Sun (Malvern)
Dr. Corbin reports the arrival of a boy last Fri at Frank JOHNSON's southwest of town (Malvern)
To M/M Will SWART Oct 7, a daughter (Tabor)
To M/M John SCHOENING, a boy (Silver City)
To M/M Jake HOUSER, a boy (Macedonia)
To M/M Will FOGLESON, a girl (Macedonia)
To M/M H. H. RODENBAUGH, a girl (Macedonia)
A bright baby boy lately took up his abode at the home of Prof. J. D. REED (Emerson)
There is a brand new boy at the home of Wilburn HOUSER (Henderson)
Mrs. O. B. RUSSELL died Fri at her home northeast of Tabor of stomach trouble, maiden name was Josephine HAMMOND
Earl, the 5 year old son of Mrs. Leda BOSWORTH died Oct 3 of blood poisoning - E. BOSWORTH
the child's father, died about 9 months ago
The remains of W. R. ROBERTSON, aged 22, who died of typhoid in a Denver hospital, were brought to Malvern for burial (Malvern)
C. A. BARNES was called to Massachusetts last week to attend the funeral of his father (Tabor)
Mrs. O. B. RUSSELL died Fri at her home northeast of here (Tabor)
Edna, 13 year old daughter of M/M John CUNNINGHAM, died Oct 3 of appendicitis, burial in Farm Creek cemetery (Henderson)
A. E. STEVENS of the Silver City Times, is to be married this evening at the Lewis HETTINGER home in Silver City to their daughter, Amelia
Rev. Charles E. TRUEBLOOD and Allie Adelle GRAHAM were married Tues in Emerson at the home of the bride's parents, M/M J. Q. GRAHAM.They will be at home in Grant,
Montgomery Co.
It was 2 weeks ao that "Dad" HARBOUR was divorced - he appeared in Glenwood and called for a marriage license for himself, T. J. HARBOUR, 58, and Sarah J. MILLER, 23
William PULLMAN and Mrs. Susie McDERMOTT were married Fri in C.B.
Lewis F. JOHNSON and Anna M. ROWE have secured a marriage license
Warren COX, 21, and Lenora MILLER, 22, were granted a marriage license Wed at C.B.
Richard OWEN and Margaret HUGHES were married last Thur at the bride's home in Wales
Divorces - Ruby P. HOLLINS has filed for divorce from George T. HOLLINS, they live at Malvern
22 Oct 1903
To M/M F. R. BROWN, a daughter (Emerson)
To M/M Walter RICHARDSON at North Grove (Hastings)
To M/M J. R. BIRDSALL, a girl (Pacific Jct)
To M/M W. E. ASMAN, a boy (Tabor)
To M/M L. B. WORCESTER, a son (Tabor)
To M/M Charles BOYER, a daughter (Tabor)
To M/M George GARRETT, a daughter (Tabor)
To M/M Matt YOUNG, a 12 pound girl (Henderson)
Tracy MOSS, living northeast of Silver City across the line in Pott. Co, committed suicide Friday at the home of his brother, James G. MOSS
John MULDOWNEY, 38, died Mon at Hastings
Mrs. W.W. WELCH, wife of the contractor at the Glenwood Institution died while visiting her sister in Cherokee
Mrs. J. N. MILLER died of consumption at her home in California yesterday - she was a sister of Joshua SHERFY of Glenwood
Ben HARRIS, 21, brother of Dr. HARRIS and son of Mrs. J. J. HARRIS, died Thur at Tabor of typhoid pneumonia
News has been received of the death of Maude SKAGGS, age 17, Calhoun, MO, youngest dau of M/M Russell M. SKAGGS
The body of Fred F. JOHNSON, aged about 23, was brought to Glenwood for burial Wed. having died Tues at the home of his sister, Mrs. Phil SLAUGHTER, east of Silver City
George "Doc" REED died Sun at home in Pacific Jct
Charles MACKEY was married yesterday to Lillie, dau of M/M R. L. HAYNIE at their home in Lyons. Twp
Mell EATON of Emerson, aged 60, returned from Nebraska with a wife - she is a widow about 35 years of age and Mr. EATON is 60 or more
John Henry MYER will be married to Anna, dau of M/M George STILLE at their home west of Glenwood by the bride's brother, Rev. Joseph STILLE
John DAVIS, 19, and Minnie MEADOWS, 17, both of Malvern, will be married tonight - the groom's father, J. W. DAVIS, and the bride's mother, Mrs. Olive DAVIS are husband and wife
Married at Randolph last Wed David W. THOMAS to Lola C. WYLER at the home of the bride's parents.
Married in Shenandoah today will be Richard GWYNN and Clara M. SCHNEIDER (Tabor)
29 Oct 1803
To M/M Ed HAMILTON, Tues, a son
To M/M Chester SHEPCOTT, a girl (Emerson)
To M/M L. F. JOHNSON, a girl, at Chillicothe, MO (Emerson)
Dr. Craig reports a new girl at the William SHATTUCK home (Henderson)
To M/M George SINDERSON, a boy on Sun, Oct 24 (Silver City)
To M/M Grant CASTOR, a girl (Silver City)
To M/M George HOOD, a boy
To M/M Albert SMITH, a boy
Mrs. A. H. BURGER died Tues at her home southeast of Glenwood of cancer of the liver
Mrs. Herman A. BAHL died last Sun at home in Pacific Jct - burial at Red Oak
Mrs. William MILLER, 26, died Tues at her home in Keg Creek Twp, north of Mineola
(Pottawattamie Co), leaves a husband and 3 small children
Grace ARCHIBALD, dau of M/M J.D. ARCHIBALD was married yesterday at the home of her parents to Albert R. BRENTON
Claude IRISH and Ona KIDDER, both of Glenwood, accompanied by their mothers, Mrs. SALISBURY and Mrs. Mary KIDDER, drove to Plattsmouth Sat and were married
Edwin G. STILES and Mrs. Lillian MEEKS of C.B. were married Fri at Glenwood
H. S. CLOUD and Mae BENNETT were married yesterday at Randolph, home in Red Oak
Anna STILLE, dau of M/M George STILLE, was married Oct 22 to John Henry MYER of
Logan, IA, Elder Joseph STILLE officiating
A. D. JOYCE, manager of the Bartlett lumber yard, was married Oct 14 at Newcastle, NE to Clara BAILEY
Annie MILLER of Mineola was married Mon in C.B. to Amel LAMMONT of Armour, IA
Invitations are out for the wedding of Mary MILES, dau of July MILES to J. W. HUNTER, the well known colored shoe merchant of Tabor on Nov 25
Invitations are out to the wedding of Corwin W. CULVER to Fern ADEL of Des Moines
Divorces - Julia Francis HUNTLEY asks for divorce from Albert Harrison HUNTLEY, desertion
05 Nov 1903
To M/M H. M. LOGAN, a dau, Sunday
To M/M Will McCOY, a girl
To M/M E. G. BOYCE near Henton Station, a daughter
A 7 1/2 pound boy was born last Sun to M/M Earl W. HODGES of Center Twp as a companion
to their first which is a girl
To M/M Lem PERDUE, a boy (Henderson)
To M/M Thomas KIGER at Woodbine Oct 20, a girl, making H.H. QUIMBY grandpa again.
To M/M James SWADLEY, a dau (Emerson)
J. B. BURNS, about 30, resident of Chicago, was crushed to death at the Burlington grading camp east of Glenwood
Joseph C. STEEPY died Oct 29 of Bright's disease at the WCA hospital in Council Bluffs
Mrs. Thomas JELLY, oldest dau of Wm. RAGER of Glenwood, died at St. Joe, MO, Oct 28
Sarah WOLFE, about 35, died Sat at the home of her mother, Mrs. Eliza WOLFE, south of Glenwood - Joseph WOLFE was her father
Ferdinand PLUMER, former resident of the Plumer Settlement, died near his home east of Sioux City Sunday
Mrs. C. M. ROBERTS died Oct 23 at Thurman - leaves a husband and 3 little girls (Bartlett)
Frank WRIGHT, son of Simon WRIGHT, died at home east of Bartlett, Oct 18, aged 17y 10m 21d, burial in Rhodes cemetery (Bartlett)
On Oct 28 at their home in Glenwood of M/M J. D. ARCHIBALD occurred the marriage of their dau, Grace, to Albert R. BRENTON
Fay HARLAN is to be married Nov 15 at Lake City to F.H. LEMMON (Henderson)
Wilbert HAYES of Kellerton, IA, was married yesterday to Maude FOWLER at the home of her father, F. M. FOWLER (Pacific Jct)
Anniversary - M/M George P. REVEAL are today celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary
12 Nov 1903
To M/M Jack McCLOUD, former Mills Co. residents now living near Corning, a boy and a girl at their home Oct 27 - their second set of twins
To M/M James BASKINS northwest of town (Malvern)
George EMBREE, recently taken to Ft. Madison penitentary for a holdup at Pac. Jct. died there
William BURKE of Alvord, IA, was killed yesterday in an accident on the K.C. track at Henton
Z.P. McMILLEN, who died last week at Red Oak, was the father of Mrs. Flora MOORE, wife of the Methodist minister here (Emerson)
Mrs. George WEATHERHEAD died Wed of last week at home in Tabor, aged 28, leaves a husband and 2 small children and her father, Pete PENNY (Tabor)
The 3 year old boy of Frank STEELE was killed by the cars at Colorado Springs recently, the father is a son of T. J. STEELE and the mother a dau of H. F. TROTH (Bartlett)
W. F. HILL, publisher of the Tribune, and Kyle WRIGHT, dau of John D. WRIGHT, were married Nov 11 at the home of the bride in Glenwood
Will H. GUYER and Katherine COTTRELL will be married tonight at Malvern at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Jesse F. SMITH
Maude FOWLER was married Nov 4 to Wilbert HAYES of Kellerton, IA at the home of the bride's parents, M/M F. M. FOWLER 3 miles south of Pacific Jct
Amel LAMMERT and Annie MILLER were married Nov 4 at the home of the bride's parents, M/M Detlef MILLER, north of Mineola
Cynthia K. CROSS files this week for divorce from Granbille C. CROSS, they were married 27 years ago in Monroe Co., and have 2 children
R. H. KEPHART of Lyons Twp. asks for a divorce from Julia Ella - they were married at Red Oak July 3, 1889 and have 4 children
19 Nov 1903
To M/M John SCHMIDT, living northwest of town, a son (Malvern)
To M/M George RIMEL, a boy (Malvern)
Word comes from China that Rev. Howard S. GALT and wife have a new boy (Tabor)
To M/M Jess MARKLEY Nov 10, a son (Emerson)
Dr. Craig reports a new girl at the home of Mr. CASTOR (Henderson)
To M/M James ROLAND of Box Elder, a girl, Nov 17 (Silver City)
A 2 year old child of M/M Chester OWENS of Glenwood died Fri of diphtheria
Mrs. Wm. A. McDONALD died Thur with burial at West Liberty
Mrs. KRATZER, aged about 75, died yesterday in Glenwood at the home of her dau. Mrs.
Thomas EDGAR
Sarah A. COOLEY, aged 89, died Nov 12 in Chicago
The week old babe of M/M Will BRANDON west of Glenwood died Sun
Word is received of the death Oct 29 at Pomona, CA of Mrs. Fanny CROW, formerly Malvern
Word comes that A. K. SUTHERLAND, former resident near Hastings, died at his home in Elmwood, NE (Hastings)
James ALL, former barber here, died Wed of last week at home in South Omaha (Silver City)
Will H. GUYER and Katherine COTTRELL were married last Thur at Malvern
Sherman WORTMAN and Mrs. Carrie WORTMAN of Glenwood were re-married at Plattsmouth Nov 4
Francis BOWMAN, well known here, was married at C. B. last night to George GERNER
George TAYLOR, 24, and Lucy GLENN, 19, were married last night at the home south of Glenwood of the bride's father, James GLENN
Harry L. SUMMERS of Malvern and Bessie GEORGE will be married Thanksgiving Day at the home in Pacific Jct of M/M H. J. PICKREL
Luella McGILL is to be married Dec 2 to Thomas R. STIMSON at the home in Emerson of her parents, M/M J. P. McGILL, their home will be Omaha
Invitations are out for the wedding of Charles WHITE of Gretna, NE, former resident here, to Bertha RASCHELL of that place, Nov 18 (Emerson)
Faye HARLAN was married last Sun at Lake City to Rev. F. H. LEMMON (Henderson)
Birthday - Thur was the 16th birthday of Myrtle McMILLAN
M/M William RONEMUS of Glenwood yesterday passed the 51st milestone of their wedded life
M/M Joe WEARIN of Hastings, celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary, were guests of Prof. and Mrs. J. R. GRAHAM Sat on their 9th anniversary (Silver City)
26 Nov 1903
To M/M Ed STOUT at Corning, a new baby. Ed's brother Will STOUT, has gone to see the child
Dr. Donelan reports a pair of twin boys at the John STEWART home south of Pac Jct
To M/M A. R. JONES north of Glenwood Fri, a son
To M/M Isaac PARRISH of Pacific City, Tues, a son
To M/M A. J. DAVIDSON, Thurs, a daughter
To M/M Frank HOUSER, Nov 14, a girl
To M/M Roy CATER, a boy, Nov 15 (Henderson)
To M/M James W. KIRKENDALL, a son (Pacific Jct)
Dr. Tubbs reports a girl Nov 15 at the home of Arthur HONEYMAN (Emerson)
Mrs. William SELLS, who formerly lived near Randolph, was killed last Fri in a runaway near Indianola
D. L. BUCKNER, well known farmer northeast of Henderson, died in an accident in Chicago
Mrs. Oscar McCOY, 26, died last Sun, funeral at the home of her father, Eli FICKEL
Jesse WEIR, 14 month old son of James and Anna WEIR of Victor, CO died of convulsions,
Mrs. WEIR is a dau of M/M J. M. NOAH near Hillsdale
Vivian, the 2 1/2 month old babe of M/M Al HART of Glenwood died Fri of erysipelas
Mrs. John DELAHANTE died Nov 18 at Imogene, age 66, born in Ireland (Strahan)
Will SEELEY, age 24, died Sun at the Blair hospital, a former switchman here (Pacific Jct)
Marriage Licenses:
Harrison L. SUMMERS, 24, Malvern, and Besse L. GEORGE, 23, Pacific Jct
Orville SMITH, 22, Emerson, and Mrs. Stella GOODRICH, 23, Henderson
John W. HUNTER, 37, Tabor, and Mary MILES, 17, Glenwood
Harry L. SUMMERS of Malvern will be married today to Besse L. GEORGE in Pacific Jct at the home of M/M H. J. PICKREL
Orville SMITH of Emerson and Mrs. Stella GOODRICH of Henderson were married Wed in Glenwood - the groom is a son of A. W. SMITH of Carson, the bride a dau of J. PHILLIPS of Henderson
John W. HUNTER, the colored shoe merchant of Tabor, was married last night in Glenwood to Mary MILES
Divorces - Decree of divorce granted at Council Bluffs Tues to Mattie S. BOLTE from her husband,
Julius BOLTE (Silver City)
03 Dec 1903
To M/M PICKREL Sun, a son
To M/M Robert COSTER west of town on Thanksgiving Day, a daughter
To M/M A.M. SCOTT of Macedonia have a dau born Nov 23, the mother formerly Edna STOUT
To M/M ROWE, a son (Henderson)
To M/M Ed CHAMBERS, a girl (Tabor)
To M/M Fred SHAW, a girl (Hastings)
An inmate at the Glenwood Institution, a little girl, died of consumption and was buried Mon in the State Cemetery
The 3 day old infant of Wm. DAWLEY died Sat at Hillsdale
Wm. M. LAMB was at Red Oak Sat for the funeral of Carl HINCHMAN, son of Druggist A. C. HINCHMAN
Mrs. F. E. MOYER, a sister of Mrs. P. D. FOSTER of his city, died at her home in C.B. Nov 22
M/M A. D. ACORD attended the funeral last Thur at Emerson of their nephew Everett POWERS
Bertha M. LLOYD, wife of John R. and dau of M/M M.T. CARTER of Glenwood died of consumption Nov 28, near Logan in Harrison County
Ila McKOWN, 18 year old dau of Postmaster and Mrs. J. B. McKOWN, died last Thur
Earl Lowe FRAZIER, 25, son of James FRAZIER, died of liver trouble in Chicago, born at Silver City
Everett POWERS of Emerson died Nov 24, burial at Emerson
Mrs. Oscar McCOY, nee Alta M. FICKEL obituary
George W. BROOKS, well known farmer and pioneer citizen, died last night in Center Twp
Frank PIPPET and wife attended the funeral at Randolph of Mrs. PIPPET's father, Thomas SMITH
The funeral of D. L. BUCKNER was Thur, he was 40 years old, left 7 children, youngest 3 mo.
The remains of the 2 month old infant of Rev. and Mrs. Peter A. JOHNSON of Ottumwa were brought to Tabor for burial (Tabor)
Mrs. Cornelia GATES, 75, died last week at her home in Tabor, her husband, Don C. GATES, died some years ago at Big Rock, IA, the remains moved to Tabor a year or 2 ago.
Luella McGILL was married to Thomas R. STIMSON yesterday at Emerson at the home of the bride's parents, M/M John D. McGILL
Dr. D. F. HALLETT of Emerson was married Thanksgiving Day at York, NE, to Maude MINSKER
C. L. BENNETT and Maude FARRELL, both of Pacific Jct., were married Thanksgiving Day at Villisca at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. C. M. KAVANAUGH
Harry L. SUMMERS and Besse GEORGE were married Thanksgiving Day at Pacific Jct
The marriage of Lottie GRAHAM to Dr. Ralph SMITH of Red Oak will take place in Emerson
Anniversary - M/M T. J. WILSON celebrated the 60th anniversary of their wedding Nov 24 at the home in
Sidney of their dau, Mrs. G. M. WATERMAN (Tabor)
10 Dec 1903
To M/M Herbert EVANS of Hillsdale, a son, Dec 3
To M/M Ed LILLEY, a dau, on Mon (Pacific Jct)
To M/M Howard WEAVER of White Cloud, a girl (Malvern)
George W. BROOKS died Dec 2, services at his home near East Liberty church
Mrs. Lydia E. WHITFIELD, nee MONROE, died last Sun at Malvern, services Malvern Bapt. Ch.
Edith CUMMINGS, dau of Rev. John CUMMINGS of Denmark, IA, brought to Glenwood for burial
Harry Preston RAGER, 16, died Sun at the home of his mother, Mrs. Scott CARSON of C.B.
A Mr. BRYAN of Deer Creek Twp. near Imogene died Sat at Pacific Jct.,burial at Martin Chapel
Mrs. Wm. STONEHOUSE, age 48, died Sat at Colorado Springs at her dau's home - she lived in Glenwood with her parents M/M Lafe McCLINTOCK
John I. DALTON, well known citizen of Council Bluffs, died recently - a cousin of C. L. EPPERSON and C. E. DALTON of this vicinity
W. W. GAYLORD, died Dec 2 at his home 4 miles south of Tabor (Tabor)
Ralph A. GARMAN of North Platte, NE and Susie E. JOHNSON of Malvern were married yesterday at the home northeast of Malvern of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary M. JOHNSON
Harry TAYLOR and Sadie PALMER were married last Sun at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Delia BACOM
Married Nov 10 at Wickford, R.I., Ernest BARNES of Tabor and Anna Trager WEINREICH they will be at home in Wickford after Feb 1, 1904 (Tabor)
Edward CHATTERTON of Clarinda and Mamie ROUTSON of Tabor, both formerly of Villisca, were married in Red Oak last Fri (Tabor-reprinted from Red Oak Sun)
17 Dec 1903
To M/M R. H. WILSON south of town Mon, a daughter
To M/M Chas. HENDERSON have a new baby boy as of Dec 4 (Hastings)
To M/M John THORSON, a boy (Emerson)
To M/M J. C. SPIDELL, a girl (Pacific Jct)
Mrs. Nancy SMITH, 76, died Mon at the home near Hastings of her dau, Mrs. Dudley JAMES Frank KNOX, Burlington engineer, died in an accident near Malvern Tues, remains sent to Creston
Walfred C. JOHNSON, single, aged 27, killed Dec 9 in a runway accident at Essex
Kitte WHITE, dau of Mrs. Mary WHITE, died Dec 6 at Nebraska City (Tabor)
W.W. GAYLORD, who died Dec 4, was among the early pioneers of Fremont Co., an Elder in the church of the Latter Day Saints (Tabor)
The body of J. J. BLAIR who died at Colorado Springs Dec 4, was brought to Tabor for services, and burial at Thurman (Tabor)
Marriage Licenses:
Martin R. CUNNINGHAM, 24, and Edna ALBERTS, 21, both of Malvern
Guy B. BREEDING, 27, and Wilma ALBERTS, 19, both of Malvern
James A. WRIGHT, 22, Phelps City, MO, and Carrie I. ANTHONY, 20, Glenwood
M. H. SIVERS, 44, and Mrs. May BATES, 27, both of Glenwood
George SCHMIELAN, 24, Treynor and Maggie RESHOEFT, 26, Silver City
At Council Bluffs to Henry VOSS, 24, and Augusta KOHLER, 22, both of Treynor
Silver City parties in matrimonial mix-up - J. M. FAITH, 41, and May WELSH, 20
At the home of M/M S. W. ALBERTS southwest of Malvern yesterday occurred the double wedding for their 2 daughters - Edna to Martin R. CUNNINGHAM, and Wilma to Guy B. BREEDING
James WRIGHT of Phelps City, MO, and Carrie ANTHONY were married Tues at the Methodist parsonage in Glenwood, their home will be on a farm near Phelps City
Matt H. SIVERS and Mrs. May BATES were married Tues in Glenwood at the home of the bride's parents M/M Geo. W. DOWNS
Invitations are out for the wedding of Gertrude DUNCAN, dau of M/M James DUNCAN at their home in North Tabor to William MORRIS of Malvern
Married at Plattsmouth 4 weeks ago a young couple from Henderson, E. M. DUKE and Anna ASELL, dau of Peter ASELL, the Section Boss
Nora vs John MURPHY of Malvern, dismissed
Mrs. Earl GARMAN given a divorce from her husband now serving time in Ft. Madison
Catherine CROSS of Hillsdale granted a divorce from G. C. CROSS
Georgia EVANS filed for divorce from Wm. EVANS in Omaha on grounds of non-support
Birthday - H. A. NORTON reached his 70th year Wed, Dec 9, and his children and friends called at his
home to help celebrate (Malvern)
24 Dec 1903
To M/M Ezra PLUMB, Dec 10, a girl
To M/M Chas. KIEST, Dec 13, a boy
To M/M E. L. TRYON, Concord, NE, a girl, their first
To M/M Percy LARAWAY, Sun, a dau, their first
To M/M O. McFARLAND, a girl (Emerson)
To M/M Carl LUNN, a girl (Hastings)
To M/M Frank ELDERS, a girl (Hastings)
To Rev. and Mrs. E. A. KUNTZ, Wed of last week, a dau (Mineola)
To M/M Frank GROSS, Dec 12, a dau (Tabor)
Sam and Maggie ESTES attended the funeral of the little son of M/M Claude DYE at Tabor Mrs. James BAKER aged 59, nee Louisa LYON, died Wed at her home in Glenwood
Sylvester DYE, bright little 6 year old son of H. C. DYE, cashier at the Tabor bank died Sat
The wife of Albert CAMPBELL, who is a brother of W. W. CAMPBELL of Hastings, died at her home in Carson Dec 15, leaves 2 boys aged 11 and 13 (Hastings)
Cards are out announcing the marriage of Alice SCHENCK to John FRITZ on Dec. 29
In Tabor last night at the home of M/M James DUNCAN their dau, Gertrude, was married to Will H. MORRIS of Malvern
Last week's Tribune told of a runaway near Hastings in which Mabel McGREW was the heroine. Her wedding takes place today to Clyde WARREN at the home near Glenwood of her sister, Mrs. Wilbur WARREN
Myrtle PICKREL, dau of M/M Theo PICKREL, will be married today to Morris HULLINGER
Paul JORDAN, young farmer near Sidney, and Elizabeth L. CHRISMAN were married Wed
Samuel CARR and Lotta QUIMBY, Henderson young people, slipped down to Shenandoah about 3 weeks ago and were married
John A. YOUNG of Henderson -Sarah MASS of Silver City were married Dec 16 at Red Oak
John PERDUE of Malvern was married last Mon at Creston to Lottie Belle DUNN of Malvern A wedding today in West Oak - Wm. McDOWELL, 31, and Georgia COPELAND, 20
M/M Thos. ROBINSON have issued invitations to the wedding of their dau, Rose, to John SHANNON at the ROBINSON home near Henton Station, Dec 27
Lucy LINDEN, dau of former resident James LINDEN, was married Dec 10 near Shenandoah to Leonard NORTON (Emerson)
It is reported that Charley PARKER and Belle ROLAND were married recently (Henderson)
Alvira SMITH is divorced from Don SMITH of Emerson
Julia F. HUNTLEY is divorced from Albert Harrison HUNTLEY and gets custory of 4 minor children
The case of Anna vs Chas. W. BIRDSALL is dismissed
31 Dec 1903
S. A. TIPTON received a letter from Mrs. TIPTON at Indianola announcing a new granddaughter born to Mrs. Doris Alexander BISHOP
To M/M Cass PAYNE Sat., a dau. They reside at C. B. but Mrs. PAYNE is at the home of her father, A. R. JONES, north of town
To M/M Ed CATTERLIN Dec 20, a son
To M/M A. R. BIRD, south of town, a son (Silver City)
Mrs. L. E. WILLIAMS, nee Bessie ANDERSON, died Tues at home in Glenwood
Barton W. HARMER, brother of A. J. HARMER south of Glenwood, died of pneumonia
Lula THOMAS, 14 year old dau of M/M Hiram A. THOMAS, died Fri at Carson where she had gone to visit her grandmother, Mrs. Ann FENN, burial at Hillsdale
Earl, 13 year old son of Rev. M. H. NOE living south of Henderson, died Sat
E. W. SHAW, old resident of Hastings, dropped dead in Hastings Tues. he was 67 and leaves a wife and several stepchildren, brothers and sisters
Word comes from Nebraska that Rolly COMPTON, aged about 20, was found dead in a field about 5 miles from Wakefield, a shotgun by his side
The 5 week old son of M/M Jesse MARKLEY died Dec 17 (Emerson)
M/M Harvey MILLER mourn the death on Dec 22 of their infant child but a few days old
Mrs. Charity ENDECOTT, nee HATCHER, early day settler, died at home 4 miles east of Bartlett, Fri, Dec 18, burial in Mackey cemetery
Marriage Licenses:
John JOHNSON of Council Bluffs, 40, and Mary ACORD of Glenwood, 35, were granted a marriage license yesterday at Omaha
T. H. SWAIN, Jr., 24, Leslie, IA, and Lois G. WHIPPLE, 19, Emerson
Arthur CARTER, 28, and Ada Irene HIATT, 24, both of Sidney
A marriage license was issued Sat to Roy MEADOWS, 24, and Mrs. Ruby HOLLINS, 19
Rose M. ROBINSON was married last Sun to John S. SHANNON at the home near Henton Station of the bride's parents, M/M Thomas B. ROBINSON
Walter C. RUNYON of Edgerton, MO, was married in Glenwood Sun to Nellie LUTZ at the home of the bride's parents M/M L. LUTZ
Dr. D. M. KLINE of Carson and Luella WOLFE were married Wed at the parsonage of the Christian church in Malvern
George BYERS and Mrs. Etta GALLOWAY, a dau of Mrs. LUMM, were married Christmas eve at Avoca. They will reside west of Henderson
Jonathan H. FRITZ of Red Oak and Alzina Bell SCHENCK were married Tues at the residence of the bride's parents 2 miles east of Henderson, M/M R. S. SCHENCK
Rose ROBINSON and a Mr. STORER were married yesterday at the home northwest of Henderson of the bride's sister, Mrs. Preston STORER (see above??)
There will be a wedding at Henton Station at the home of David J. SHANNON between their dau, Oma, and J. F. PURCELL of Woodbine, Jan 13
Anniversary - M/M John HARDY of Hillsdale celebrated their Golden Wedding Dec 22
Copied by Beverly Boileau, 1989. Used with permission.


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