Mills County Tribune News

July - September 1903

02 Jul 1903

To M/M James TRESLER, Sunday, a boy
To M/M William FISHER, Monday, a boy (Pac Jct)
To M/M Charles WALKER, a girl (Henderson)
To M/M Frank BABBITT (Henderson)
To M/M E. J. ANDERSON, a son (Tabor)
J. P. BOILEAU, former of Henderson, committed suicide at his meat market in Red Oak Sat., burial made at Wesley Chapel
Henry PITZER, Mills resident before the war, died June 18 at Denver
The 7 month old child of W. D. RIDLAND north of town in the Mud Creek area, died Tues of last week (Hastings)
S. A. BROOKS, of near Imogene, died Mon of paralysis he having been stricken at Los Angeles 2 months ago (Emerson)
Marriage Licenses - Presley COONTS, 38, and Nancy MENDENHALL, 27, both of Hastings
Marriages - Presley COONTS and Ella BERRY, daughter of James BERRY were married Sun at her home in Hastings

09 Jul 1903

To M/M Wm. JENS northeast of Glenwood, a boy
To M/M George HAYNIE near Henton Station, a boy
To M/M Robert MAWHOR, a son (Tabor)
To M/M Harry LARISON, a girl (Silver City)
Arthur DAVIDSON, 23, son of A. J. DAVIDSON southwest of Glenwood, died at Wilder, MN, following the explosion of a cannon on July 4
Isaac F. HENDRIE, 72, died on July 4 in Colorado, buried here beside his wife
J. P. BOILEAU, whose suicide at Red Oak was recorded last week, came west in 1877, living since then at Carson and Henderson
Simon DIKE, 91, Mexican War veteran, died July 1 at his home in Malvern
The remains of W. S. RUPP, age 74, who died July 1 southwest of Tabor were taken to Elliott for burial
Marriage Licenses:
James CLARK, 27, and Anna DAVIDSON, 20, both of Glenwood
Harry RHOADS, 26, and Mrs. Emma WEST, 30, both of Emerson
Thomas REYNOLDS, 22, of Malvern and Lola CROSS, 18, of Hillsdale
Allan A. GREEN, 22, Spokane, WA, and Jennie DEMOREST, 19, Hastings, NE
C. R. HENDRIX, 23, and Ethel I. WILES, both of Council Bluffs
Allen A GREEN, the clown, and Jennie V. DEMOREST, who made the thrilling descent on the Loop-the-Loop at the Street Fair, were married Fri by Justice Day at his office, her home is Hastings, NE and his is Spokane, WA
Clark H. HENDRICKS of Council Bluffs and Ethel WILES were married last Fri in Glenwood.
Mrs. Anna DAVIDSON and James CLARK were married July 4 at home in Glenwood of the bride's sister
Harry RHOADS and Mrs. Emma WEST were married Fri in Emerson
Thomas REYNOLDS of Malvern, and Lola CROSS of Hillsdale, were married July 4 at the Methodist parsonage in Glenwood
L. NEFF, bus driver at the Commercial House, and Winnie BUTLER, dining room girl and daughter of Thomas BUTLER, were married at Plattsmouth on the 4th
Alfred W. WILLIAMS of Rawles Twp. and Bonnie SHURTLIFFE of Tabor were married Wed at St. Joe, MO - the bride's father is C. SHURTLIFFE of Tabor
Bartlett news is that Joe McCRARY went to Omaha on the 4th with a pretty girl where they were married
Robert LONG and Adella OSBORN were married July 1 at Plattsmouth (Tabor)

16 Jul 1903

To M/M John STIVERS, a son was born Sat., July 11
To M/M Fred FAIR, a daughter was born Thurs., July 9
To M/M Robert MILLER, a daughter
TM/M F. V. MACKLIN a daughter (Silver City
Druggist WOOLMAN has a new boy at his home (Tabor)
A daughter arrived July 1 at the home of M/M L. F. JOHNSON at Sheridan, WY, the mother was Ada DURBIN
The 13 year old son of H. S. KIRK south of Glenwood, died Tues of pneumonia
Paul PHELPS, 9 year old son of M/M D. T. PHELPS of Malvern, died of blood poisoning following a wound in his hand made July 4th
Mrs. John RAINS, nee Roda HAMAKER, died July 3 at Orris, MN (Malvern)
The remains of R. REED of Omaha were brought to Silver City for burial, he was a son in law of M/M James FRAZIER, his wife was Eva FRAZIER (Silver City)
Mrs. Isaac TOWNSHEND, 69, wife of an early settler of Tabor, died June 16 at the home of a daughter in Meridian, ID (Tabor)
The young stranger mentioned in last week's Tribune, died Fri and was buried at Martin's Chapel, his father, F. C. CAMERON, of Omaha was with him when he died (Pacific Jct)
Marriage License - C. E. PATTERSON, 24, and Blanch LOVELAND, 23, of Center Twp
Divorce - Granted to Mrs. Otto SAAR in Council Bluffs by Judge Macy, Mrs. Saar lives north of Mineola across the county line

23 Jul 1903

To M/M I.N. DARLAND of West Liberty, a daughter
To M/M John HEADLAND, a girl (Malvern)
To M/M O.A. STRAHAN, a son (Malvern)
To M/M William CREAMER, a girl (Emerson)
To M/M William KUHL, a daughter (Silver City)
To M/M C. E. POMEROY (Pacific Jct)
To M/M Victor ANDERSON, the 16th, a daughter (Pacific Jct)
To M/M Herman SCHOENING, a son (Mineola)
The 9 month old babe of Rev. and Mrs. W. E. STORY died July 1 at Sacramento, CA
A young child of M/M Henry HUBBELL was buried at Waubonsie last week
Mrs. LEONARD, mother of Mrs. Charles TRAVELUTE died, home Wakefield, NE
Mrs. Chris HOUSTON's father, Mr. FINNEY
L. S. BROWN, former Tabor resident, murdered July 3
The infant son of U.S. KEARNS died July 12, burial at Tabor (Bartlett)
Arthur A. DISMORE and Susie C. SMITH were married in Glenwood yesterday
William GOOD and Myrtle MORFORD came over from Malvern yesterday and were married
T. J. BLEVINS and Charlotte RECTOR of Macedonia were married Wed at the Kiel Hotel in Council Bluffs (Henderson)
P. Park ADAMS and Abbie B. DAHL were married July 6 at Jamal, CA (Emerson)
J. O. HAYNIE and Bessie MOORE, daughter of J. A. MOORE, were married Saturday (Pac Jct)
Divorce - Allie GALBRAITH asks for a divorce from her husband, James F.

30 Jul 1903

To M/M William BROWN, July 19, a boy (Henderson)
To M/M James GRAHAM, a girl (Tabor)
To M/M Frank CHURCHILL, a girl (Malvern)
The little 5 year old dau. of M/M J. E. LEEKA of Bartlett died Sun in Glenwood
Ray LILLEY, 19, son of Mrs. Mary LILLEY, was killed Tues in an accident in the yards at the Junction, burial at Glenwood
The remains of Irvin H. LEE, who died Tues near Bellevue, NE, were brought to Glenwood for burial
The body of Mrs. Caroline NORALL, 55, was brought here for burial Wed from Oakland
Mrs. W. S. KEARNS, 25, died Fri night at her home southwest of Tabor (Tabor)
James KENWORTHY, 62, former resident of these parts, died last week at Grant in Montgomery County (Tabor)
A 3 year old dau of Mrs. M. C. RICH died Sun of cholera infantum, the remains sent to their home in South Dakota for burial (Pacific Jct)
Detlef SCHOENING, 76, died July 24 at his home near Mineola (Mineola)
Edgar HECKER and Nina BOWER will be married next Wed at Shenandoah
C.O. COUGHLIN, formerly of Glenwood, was married Wed of last week to a Miss GODSEY, dau of Lon GODSEY
Cards are out announcing the marriage of Frank PITZER of Council Bluffs to Lizzie DICK Aug 9 at the home of the latter's parents, M/M B. O. DICK

06 Aug 1903

Dr. Plimpton reports a new boy at the home of Tip PADGETT
To M/M Ferdinand SIETZ, a girl
A son to Mrs. L. C. COWARDIN west of Pacific City
To M/M Silas TATES, a son (Tabor)
To M/M Chas. W. BOLES, a son (Malvern)
To M/M Oakley VANDERVERT, a boy (Malvern)
To M/M Ed MEEBAER, a boy (Malvern)
To M/M Jess MULLICA, a boy (Pacific Jct)
Mrs. Jane E. CHEESEMAN received word Tues of the death of the wife of her son, George W. CHEESEMAN, July 27 at Sappington, WA
The name of the little girl who died last week at the R. L. MERRITT home was Myrth LEEKA
The 5 month old girl of M/M Charles HUBBELL died Wed of last week, burial Glenwood
Four men are dead because of a cow on the Wabash right-of-way, it went to sleep on the trackslast Sat at the Pony Creek crossing - dead are Harry D. CROWDER, fireman, Stanberry, MO; W. P. MOORE, brakeman, Clarinda; James DEVLIN, tramp, Philadelphia and George EISELE, tramp, St. Louis
Mrs. Thomas M. McGOVERN, 75, died Sat at her home near Emerson, funeral at Red Oak
James WATSON, who moved from Tabor to Creston 2 years ago, died there recently at age 74
Bessie STANLEY, 9 year old dau of M/M W. M. STANLEY, died Tues at Council Bluffs
Marriage Licenses:
Emil C. GEHRMANN, 23, Carson, and Vena O. GROSBEK, 18, Tabor
Charles E. LEWIS, 23, Malvern and Amanda OLDFIELD, 24, Malvern
John T. HAMLIN, 28, Henderson, and Sarah T. BROWN, 19, Henderson
Emil C. GEHRMAN and Vena O. BROESBECK will be married at noon today at the home of the bride's grandfather, C. F. WELLS, east of Tabor
Miss POSTON, the Malvern milliner from Villisca, was married July 26 at Burling (sic) to Wm. MITCHELL
John T. HAMLIN and Sarah BROWN from near Henderson were married Wed at Glenwood
On Circus Day in Glenwood Joshua SHERFY slipped over to Plattsmouth and was married to Gillie F. MYERS, also of Glenwood
Invitations are out for the wedding Aug 12 of C. W. BURGER to Ethel ESTES in Rawles Twp. at the home of the bride's parents, M/M S. M. ESTES, Sr.

13 Aug 1903

To M/M Mel STACY Saturday, a daughter
To M/M Albert SMART, a boy (Tabor)
To M/M Charles SHURTLIFF, a girl (Tabor)
The body of Cyoose PION, the Choctaw Indian who died here last week, was buried in the Emerson
Cemetery per instructions of the State Board of Health (Emerson)
Hattie SAAR, 20 year old daughter of H. F. SAAR northwest of town died Wed on consumption (Silver City)
Marriage Licenses:
Frank E. PITZER, 28, Council Bluffs, and Lizzie M. DICK, 24, Glenwood
Wm. J. McMANUS, 22, and Anna JASMAN, 18, both of Glenwood
Alton J. SWAIN, 23, and Olive M. HYDE, 22, both Malvern
Charles E. McMILLEN, 25, and Jessie M. CAUDLE, both Glenwood
C. W. BURGER, 21 and Ethel L. ESTES, both Rawles Twp
On Aug 9 at the home of M/M B. O. DICK in Oak Twp. occurred the wedding of their daughter, Lizzie, to Frank PITZER of Council Bluffs
Married in Glenwood at the home of the bride's grandparents, M/M P. C. CARTER, Charles McMILLEN and Jessie CAUDLE
Married at the fine country home northeast of Malvern of Mrs. C. J. HYDE on Wed, Olive M. Hyde, oldest daughter of the home, and Alton J. SWAIN, son of I. J. SWAIN
Charles W. BERGER and Ethel L. ESTES were married last night in Rawles Twp. at the home of the bride's parents, M/M S. M. ESTES, Sr.
William J. McMANUS and Anna JASMAN, both of Glenwood, were married last Sat by Justice Day at his home
Nina BOWER and Edgar HECKER, were married at the home of her parents, M/M T.S. BOWER, in Shenandoah last Wed.
E. PERKINS of Silver City and Mrs. Mary CORBETT were married July 29 in Atlantic, arriving in Silver City the next day (Silver City)
Birthday - Capt. BOEHNER was 90 years old Aug 14 (Malvern)

20 Aug 1903

To M/M Julius MILLER Aug 12, a boy (Mineola)
To M/M Richard CLARK, a daughter
To M/M Arch HUNT, a daughter
Mrs. George RAGER received news Mon from Shenandoah of he death of her father, Wm. HARMON
Mrs. I. ROOSA, 66, died Sun near Council Bluffs of paralysis, the family once lived in Glenwood, leaving here in 1877
Dr. F. M. POWELL died in Chicago and the remains were brought to Glenwood for burial
Ethel ACORD, 17, daughter of A. D. ACORD met a horrible death by an exploding lamp
Carl HEITMAN died Tues night at the home of his son-in-law, John ROHRBERG (Mineola)Tuesday, while unhitching a team,
Wm. BOEHM's oldest boy, age 15, was killed by lightning
Bert FIELDS, about 50, died at home Sat from heart trouble (Malvern)
The remains of Mrs. Leroy HIXSON, 72, who died at Nebraska City, were brought here Sat for burial (Malvern)
Married at the old Hudson House Sat John C. CARROLL of Evanston, WY and Mrs. Mary LEWIS, Glenwood
John BYERS, 25, and Susan WINCH, 19 married last night
News of Clyde W. BURGER and Ethel L. ESTES wedding
Elery COBURN and Christine MOLITER were married Aug 6 at C.B. where they reside
Birthday - Grandma HANLEY was 97 years old, Aug 8 - she is well preserved (Malvern)
Anniversary - Mrs. Sarah MICKELWAIT and Mrs. Lizzie TURNER have received a California newspaper telling of the Golden Wedding of their brother, Mr. BAILS
Divorce - Ruby P. HOLLINS of Malvern asks for a divorce from her recreant spouse, George T. HOLLINS whom she charges deserted her Apr 28, 1902

27 Aug 1903

To M/M Ferdinand STEFFIN north of Glenwood, twin girls, last Tuesday
To M/M William DeBOLT, a son (Silver City)
Four little ones arrived last week down the rainbow from the blue sky, or from the dark swamp where the good stork hides them -
a girl for M/M Dave LEAHY,
a boy on the 19th for M/M Wilse SHOEMAKER
a girl on the 16th for M/M Bert PIPPITT, and
a girl for M/M Rise ABBOTT of Solomon (Strahan)
The remains of Mrs. Lou McKENZIE, wqho died recently at Denver, were brought to Tabor
Mary ANGUS, aged 80, died Mon at the home of her brother (Malvern)
The 2 year old son of Wm. LAMPHEAR died the 16th of dysentery at Plattsmouth (Pac Jct)
Marriage Licenses:
Alva WILLIAMS, 27, and Mamie FARNSWORTH, 24, both of Emerson
Levi M. WILSON, 28, and Mrs. Laura A. SIMPSON, 35, both of Afton
Gilbert W. STATES, 27, Boulder, CO, and Emma M. PARKER, 20, Glenwood
Cards are out announcing the marriage of Dr. Floyd McCLUSKEY and Nell TONNER at Red Oak
A wedding took place last night at the home in Glenwood of G. K. PARKER, his daughter, Emma married to Dr. Gilbert W. STATES of Boulder, CO
Ward WATERMAN and Gertrude COOK were married recently at Osceola and will be at home there.
Charles PLEAK brought home with him a brand new bride from Carthage, MO, a sister of Frank CAREY of Henderson
Wm. WOODS and Louise LADD were married Aug 18 at Malvern Hill, VA(sic) H. T. WOODS is a resident of Tabor (Tabor)

03 Sep 1903

To M/M Robert STEEL, Thur., a son
To M/M Robert MASTERS home, a boy, Monday (Malvern)
To M/M Elmer JOHNSON, a girl, Friday (Malvern)
To M/M Joe FREADS, a son (Silver City)
To M/M Guy PETTIT, a son (Silver City)
To M/M L.L. STEVENSON, a daughter (Silver City)
To M/M Robert BRADEN, a boy (Tabor)
Rev. Shaw conducted the funeral yesterday of a little 3 year old colored boy, buried at West
Liberty - the child's father works for A. B. JUDSON
William FARRELL, 48, a brother of ex-sheriff Dan FARRELL, died Wed at a C.B. hospital
Dorothy, one of the little twin daughters of C. L. ELLIS, died last Thurs of cholera infantum
A. G. GRAHAM has received word of the death of his mother at Monmouth, IL (Emerson)
Aldolph LEW, well known farmer 7 miles northeast of Malvern, died Mon at an Omaha hospital, leaves a wife and 6 children
Marriage - Rausa TAYLOR and Thomas SERVASS married Aug 26 at Vail. (Henderson)
Divorce - Dollie ROSE brought action for divorce against Ed ROSE, the well known restaurant man of Pacific Jct.

10 Sep 1903

To M/M C. B. TISHER, north of the city, Sunday, a boy
To M/M Al HART, a girl
To M/M C. E. BERKHEIMER, a son (Malvern)
To M/M Day LAIRD, a boy (Tabor)
To M/M Harry HALL, a girl (Tabor)
To M/M William LARENGE, a boy (Mineola)
William CLIPSON died last week at Colfax, MO - he has 2 sons at Silver City
Will H. ANDERSON died suddenly of heart failure Sat about noon at the home of Clarence GENUNG east of Glenwood
Isaac M. WARREN died Fri at his home in West Liberty settlement north of Glenwood
Mrs. J. E. ROBINSON, widow of the late J. E. ROBINSON, died Wed of Bright's disease, leaving Dorothy, age 9, and John R., age 24
H. M. STARRETT, an old Tabor soldier and citizen, aged 63, died Aug 25 at the Old Soldiers' Home at Leavenworth, KS (Tabor)
Dr. Floyd McCLUSKEY and Nelle TONNER were married yesterday in Red Oak at the home of the bride's parents, M/M James C. TONNER
This Thurs night near Malvern will occur the marriage of A. D. SWISHER to Bertha BONHAMat the home of her parents, M/M Samuel BONHAM, the ceremony to be performed by the bride's brother, Rev. Amos BONHAM
Ed E. BARNETT and Eva DALTON slipped over to Plattsmouth Wed of last week and were quietly married - the bride a daughter of M/M C. E. DALTON, the groom a son of J.N.BARNETT
Woody P. HANEY and Bess TURNER of Pac Jct surprised their friends Thurs of last week by getting married in Omaha
Charles W. MANN and Antoinette ADAMSON of Thurman were married Sat at the Commercial House by Justice Day
Vira GEER, dau of former Taborite Prof. E. B. GEER, was married Aug 28 at Eureka, KS, to Rev T. A. DUNGAN (Tabor)
John W. OATIS and Amanda ADDY, dau of Rhodes ADDY, was married Sat at Imogene
17 Sep 1903
To M/M D. H. MOSES, Center Twp., Thur, a girl
To M/M A. W. CROWE, Center Twp., Sat, a boy
To M/M J. W. SHANNON, Folsom, a girl
To M/M J. R. CANNON, Glenwood, Sun, a boy
To M/M Chas. MAYBERRY, Rawles Twp., a girl
To M/M Lou DUNN, Sat, a boy
To M/M Frank BROMLEY, Mon, a girl
To M/M Victor MARY, a girl (Emerson)
Dr. CORBIN reports a new girl at Charles ORFIELD's south of town Wed. (Malvern)
To M/M Roy PARKER, a girl (Hastings)
To M/M Adolph MYER, near Living Springs, twins, a boy and a girl
To M/M James MARTIN, south of town, a boy
To M/M Ferdinand SCHULTZ near Treynor, a boy
To M/M Wm. BAILEY, a boy (Silver City)
C. G. JOHNSON's little daughter, Grace, died Sep 2 (Bartlett)
Mrs. Mary ALLEN, 65, died Mon at the poor farm - burial at Glenwood
Thomas J. ROLAND died Mon of heart disease at his home in Tabor
Thomas N. RUPP's 3 month old babe, whose mother died in June....(Tabor)
John TREDE, 70, pioneer German farmer, died Mon near Treynor, leaves 9 grown children
George SKINNER, a young farmer of Center Twp. and Ida VAN BUSKIRK, a Hastings school teacher. were married Tues at the Methodist parsonage in Glenwood
Alvirdo WILSON and Elizabeth RATHBURN of Malvern were granted a marriage license Sat at Glenwood, age 44 each (Malvern)
Josephine MITCHELL was married Mon at Council Bluffs to Frank C. JAMES, he having first been arrested on the charge of seduction at the instance of her parents, M/M W. M. MITCHELL (Malvern)
George MASON and Grace PARRISH were married yesterday, the 16th at Bar Harbor, MI, they will live in Hastings (Hastings)
Mrs. Cora E. FOULKS asks for a divorce from George B. FOULKS - married Feb 24, 1892
Osceola GARMAN of Glenwood, brings suit against Earl GARMAN who is serving a 5 year sentence at Ft. Madison
Last chapter of the KIRBY divorce - Wm. KIRBY sells real estate, Mrs. KIRBY to get half.
Reunion - Grandma GEE, age 80, held a family reunion at the home of her son, George (Imogene)
24 Sep 1903
To M/M L. S. PIERSON in West Oak, Sat, a girl
To M/M Wilbur THOMPSON Mon at Hillsdale, a girl
To M/M Lee McCOY, on Tues, baby girl (Silver City)
To M/M John BALDOZIER, north of Hastings, last week, a boy
Charles EVANS, son of S. W. EVANS 7 miles south of Glenwood, died from a gun accident
Conrad STRICKLER, well known lumber merchant, died Tues at his home in Emerson
James W. SCOTT, 63, died Mon at the home of his sister, Mrs. B. C. MARTIN. He was a member of Co. F, 31 IN (Malvern)
Fred GEISE' s father, aged 87, died on Mon near Carson (Silver City)
Mrs. S. O. BURGESS received word that her brother, James McGOVERN, 24, had been killed in Utah (Pacific Jct)
Marriages Licenses:
D. G. SCHURKAMP, 38, Council Bluffs, and Myrtle O. TREGO, 22, Imogene
Albert NELSON, 25, and Manda GARST, 21, both Malvern
Cards are out announcing the Oct 7 wedding at Omaha of Royal MILLER to Florence
TEMPLETON, dau of Wesley TEMPLETON, former Glenwood resident
Albert NELSON and Manda GARST were married Sat night (Malvern)
M/M George SKINNER, the newly wedded couple, are living in Davis GREENWOOD's house
Naturalizations - John PANZER of Oak Twp. was granted naturalization papers Wed.
Obituary - T. J. ROLAND
Mrs. ROSE is given a divorce from Ed ROSE, the Pacific Jct baker, and custody of 2 children
Minnie PANGBURN of Glenwood is given a divorce from Joe PANGBURN, also custory of a child
John B. MILLER, Sr., late of Glenwood, granted a divorce from Emma B. MILLER
Copied by Beverly Boileau, 1989. Used with permission.


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