Mills County Tribune News

January - March 1903

01 Jan 1903

A girl arrived at the home of Arthur THOMAS on the JAMISON farm west of Glenwood
Attorney and Mrs. Henry J. BAIRD rejoice in the arrival of a 9 1/2 pound dau at their home (Malvern)
Marriage Licenses:
C. F. ENFIELD, 27, and Myrtle THORNTON, 23, both of Glenwood
____ROBERTS, 23, and Lois E. DUNBAR, 23, both of Hastings
John S. EMERSON, 28, Hartington, NE, and Florence I. AVERILL, 26, Malvern
Wallace H. MARSHALL, 23, Valentine, NE and Grace A. THOMAS, 19, Glenwood
Rose E. KILDOW of Plattville Twp. sues for divorce from John KILDOW and asks for custody of their minor daughter, Ethel
Mollie E. KIRBY living north of Silver City in Pottawattamie Co. asks for divorce from Wm. KIRBY - they were married in 1891 and have one child, aged 5 (Silver City)
Teddy HIXSON, 2 year old son of W. W. HIXSON, died Friday of convulsions
Mrs. Albert WEST died Thur night at her home - leaves a husband and 4 children (Tabor)
Mrs. Almira HELME died Dec 19, at her home in Anderson - Fremont Co. She was Almira McGEE, born at Henderson, Mill Co., March 31, 1859 (Henderson)
Frank SELL of Henderson, and Kate JONES were married at the Methodist parsonage Christmas Eve and will live on a farm 5 miles north of Hastings (Malvern)
John S. EMERSON, and Florence AVERILL of Hartington, NE, were married last night (Malvern)
Clarence VIRTUE and Mrs. Lida VAN KIRK, the former now residing at Council Bluffs and
Charles A. MOORE and Mrs. Anna L. HOSTETTER, Silver City parties, were married Wed afternoon at Council Bluffs (Silver City)
S. J. NORVELL of Hayden, CO, and Mamie HAMILTON were married last night at Tabor - the bride is a dau of Prof. E. H. HAMILTON, now teaching in Steamboat Springs, CO (Tabor)
W. K. WHEELER, a merchant of Coin, and Edith CULVER, formerly of Glenwood, were married last Tuesday at Shenandoah
C. F. ENFIELD, and Myrtle THORNTON, both of Glenwood, were married Dec 30

08 Jan 1903

Aaron LEWIS, age 82, former Mills resident, died Dec. 27 at Escondido, CA
Mrs. S. J. READER, age 63, died at the home of her daughter at Whiting, IA, remains brought to Tabor for burial (Tabor)
Earl GOODRICH and Lizzie SEITZ were married New Years Day at Dow City by the groom's father, Rev. E. E. GOODRICH
Abner SCOTT of Macedonia and Edna Pearl STOUT were married Wed at high noon at the home in Glenwood of the bride's parents, M/M W. J. STOUT
Arthur B. HONEYMAN and Kate E. JONES were married yesterday at the HONEYMAN home north of Emerson
Earl Wright and Gertrude TUCKER were married last night at the Methodist parsonage.
Ora HUTCHINGS was married New Years Day to Mary DITZ at her father's home in Randolph (Hastings)
15 Jan 1903
To M/M James ROBERTS of Oak Twp. Jan 7, a boy
To M/M Charles KNOEFLER of St. Mary Twp. Jan 5, a boy
A new 10 # girl arrived last week at the home of A. J. MUNSINGER (Tabor)
To M/M Art BADA a boy (Silver City)
Divorces - Hettie ADAMS of Glenwood has brought suit for divorce from Henry C. ADAMS, they were married in Omaha last April
Marriage Licenses:
Abner M. SCOTT, 21, Macedonia, and Pearl STOUT, 20, Glenwood
Arthur B. HONEYMAN, 21, Emerson, and Katie E. JONES, 23, Malvern
Byron WHITE was married yesterday to Emma YOUNG at Wayne, NE
Charles A. HOWARD and Alma HOUCK were married Wed of last week at Jessup, IA. The groom is the son of M/M H. W. HOWARD of Tabor (Tabor)
William COX and Clara McNELLY were married last Fri at Council Bluffs (Silver City)
Birthday - Deacon S. H. ADAMS of Tabor celebrated his 80th birthday last week
Golden Wedding - Dr. E. R. HAULEY and wife, former Tabor residents, celebrated their golden wedding at Shenandoah (Tabor)
Edward BOSWORTH died at an Omaha hospital following an operation - he moved to Tabor about a year ago where his family resides - body brought to Malvern Sunday (Malvern)
George SKAITH, former Tabor resident, died of paralysis at his home at Dunlap - brought her for burial (Tabor)
Jacob MEADE died unexpectedly Friday, burial in Glenwood cemetery (Pac Jct)
Samuel HUNSINGER died Tues night following a paralytic stroke (Silver City)
W. O. HUTCHISON, age 79, died Sun at the home of his dau Allie MULDOWNEY in Hastings

22 Jan 1903

Marriage Licenses:
Ira L. TYLER of Tabor and Bessie C. EVANS of Hillsdale, aged 21, were granted a marriage license yesterday at Council Bluffs
George YOUNG, 18, and May McALEXANDER, 16, both of Folsom
Theodore P. SHOENING, 22, and Martha Margaretta DEITCHLER, 22, both of Mineola
Ben OSLER, 27 of Carson, and Myrtle M. HOGUE, 24, Emerson
Ralph E. PACK, 24, and Jennie M. HOWARD, 23, both of Bartlett
Wedding Anniversary:
Lawyer H. C. WATKINS and wife on last Fri celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary at their home in Woodland CA. They formerly were residents of Glenwood
M/M Chas. F. DAVIS celebrated their first wedding anniversary last evening (Pac Jct)
M/M John SWANSON celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Christmas Day (Emerson)
A double tragedy Sun night near Oakland in Pottawattamie County when Mrs. John HANNAH killed her husband, then committed suicide
Perry C. HONEYWELL's 2 month old child died Mon at St. Paul, NE (Pacific Jct)
Mrs. T. N. FLEMING of Randolph died last week of cancer, leaves a husband and 4 children
Mary Elvira CATTRON, wife of J. H., died last Fri at her home in West Liberty
Mrs. T. N. FROST died Wed of last week at her home northeast of Tabor of cancer of the stomach (Tabor)
M/M John ROTH northeast of town lost their youngest child Jan 8, burial in Silver City cemetery (Silver City)
Thomas SKAHILL, Jr., proprietor of the hotel at Imogene, died Fri of consumption, age 35 years
Ralph PACK and Jennie HOWARD of Bartlett were married yesterday in Glenwood
Ben A. OSLER of Carson and Myrtle HOGUE were married Wed at home in Emerson of the bride's parents, M/M George P. HOGUE (Emerson)
Earl McBRIDE and Emma COLLINS were married Jan 8 by Elder AITKEN at his home (Bartlett)
Mae McALEXANDER and George YOUNG, both well known young people of Folsom, were married Tues at the home of the bride's parents (Folsom)
Birthdays - Dr. J. R. SCOTT, Jesse SMITH and A. J. KRONSBEIN, three citizens of Malvern, celebrated their birthdays Jan 14 (Malvern)
Births - To M/M W. W. ABLE Fri, a fine boy (Emerson)
Misc. - Byron WHITE went to Wayne, NE to get his bride, Emma YOUNG, who had been teaching school there.
29 Jan 1903
Marriage Licenses:
Robert L. BASSLER, 21, and Flora SMITH, 18, both of Lincoln, NE
Wayne C. PAYNE, 23, Norfolk, NE, and Ruth J. JONES, 18, Glenwood
J. W. WILLETS, 21, Tabor, and Flora RODMAN, 25, Hillsdale
Charles ABEL, 60, and Mrs. Clara E. SMITH, 50, both of Emerson
Fred D. SHAW, 27, and Mertie May GREESON, 17, both of Hastings
Robert B. McDONALD, 70, Russell, IA and Mrs. Jane CANNON, 55, Malvern
The funeral of George REDDING's 9 week old baby took place last Fri.
Albert Marion HAMMOND, oldest son of M/M Fielden HAMMOND, died at home last Sun in Glenwood of Bright's disease
George ROSE, former Mills Co. citizen, died at Ogden UT
John A. HAYNIE was struck on top of the head by a falling limb and died 30 hours later
James F. WILDER, former Mills Co. Surveyor, died Jan 8 at his home in So. Boston, VA
Mrs. Charles HILL south of Pac Jct in Lyons Twp, died Mon of blood poisoning (Pac Jct)
Last Thur was the 80th birthday of Richard PETTINGER and a party was given at the home of his daughter, Mrs. D. L. HEINSHEIMER
Chan NORTON and good wife were given a surprise party one night last week to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary (Malvern)
To John ENDICOTT and wife, Jan 21, a daughter
To Abe WELLS and wife, Jan 22, a daughter
To Sam SHAW and wife, Jan 19, a daughter (Tabor)
To John CLARK and wife, a daughter, born Saturday (Henderson)
To Mrs. John FLEMING of near Randolph a few days ago, twins, a boy and a girl - just one year and one day after she gave birth to twins, also a boy and a girl (Imogene)
To M/M S. W. GODSEY Wed, a son (Folsom)
Wayne C. PAYNE and Ruth JONES, daughter of M/M A. R. JONES, were married Sun at the JONES home northwest of Glenwood
Fred SHAW and Mertie GREESON, both of Hastings, were married yesterday at the Methodist parsonage in Glenwood
Charles ABEL and Clara E. SMITH, both residents of the East End, were married yesterday at Emerson
Robert McDONALD of Lucas Co., and Mrs. Jane CANNON of Malvern, 71 and 58 respectively, were married yesterday in Clerk Potter's office
Robert L. BASSLER and Flora SMITH of Lincoln, NE, were married Tues in Glenwood at the Methodist parsonage
J. W. WILLETS of Tabor and Flora RODMAN of Hillsdale were married Mon in Glenwood
Fred H. PRIEST and Luella HUTCHINGS will be married next Wed, Feb. 4, at the bride's home in Hastings
Albert F. SMITH and Clara D. CROSS will be married Feb 4, in Emerson at the bride's home
R.G.J. NIXON of Shenandoah, 80, and Mrs. Della POWERS, 47, of Imogene were married Tues in Council Bluffs
James WATENBERY has returned from South Dakota, has married a wife, and moved to Green Hollow (Bartlett)

05 Feb 1903

To M/M Elsworth DEACON, Jan 28, a daughter - makes 3 boys and 3 girls in the home
To Fred COLEMAN and wife Sat, on West Hill, a son
To M/M Frank HOWARD of Center Twp. last Fri, a daughter
To M/M D. G. JAMISON Tues morning, a daughterr, their first child
Marriage Licenses:
John R. HURST, 22, and Edna BROWER, 20, both of Malvern
Charles BARBEE, 27, Hillsdale, and Laura B. STANDIFORD, 22
Albert F. SMITH, 21, Emerson, and Clara CROSS, 20
Edward K. BURK, 27, St. Joe, MO and Stella SUTTON, 27, Barnard, MO
Fred PRIEST, 26, Hastings and Luella HUTCHINGS, 25
Charles H. BIRD and Letta PARKER were married Jan 23, will make their home in Glenwood (Villisca)
Charles BARBEE and Laura STANDIFORD were married Wed in Glenwood and will live on the Heinsheimer farm east of town
Ira E. SMALLEY married yesterday at Flandreau, SD to Jennie KNEEBONE
Bessie EVANS was married Jan 21 in Omaha to Lee TYLER (Hillsdale)
Luella HUTCHINGS, dau of M/M S. B. HUTCHINGS, was married last night to Fred H. PRIEST (Hastings)
Albert F. SMITH and Clara CROSS were married Wed at the home of the bride's parents, M/M George Cross
Mrs. W. E. LACEY, 51, a sister of R. W. GREENLEE, died Tues of heart trouble
Mrs. Joshua SHERFEY died Jan 29 at the home of her son, Thomas
Eddie CONARD, 13, drowned in the Nishna River near Carson Thursday
William GOODWIN died Wed of paralysis at St. Bernard's at Counciul Bluffs (Malvern)
Mrs. Poe RICKABAUGH died Tues in Omaha (Malvern)
Randal FRAZIER, age 50, committed suicide last Thur at South Omaha, burial will be at his former home at Wayne NE (Silver City)
John ZOLAR, 91, died Mon on his farm near Oakland (Silver City)
Mrs. Alfred KROON, died Tues noon, age 62 (Pacific Jct)
Infant son of Emmett FISHER, one of a pair of twins, died and funeral held Fri (Hastings)
George M. BIRDSALL, telegraph operator, died at Emporia, KS, brought to Emerson Sun for burial
Carrie vs Sherman WORTMAN, near Hastings
Charles vs Stella THORNTON of Glenwood
Sarah WIATT brought suit against James A. WIATT at Council Bluffs (Silver City)
Party - Mrs. Frank NOVENGER went to Hamburg to celebrate her 40th birthday with her parents and younger sister, Emma, whose birthday is Jan 25 (Bartlett)

12 Feb 1903

Marriage Licenses:
James C. GLYNN, 22, Omaha, and May ASKERN, 20, Bedford
J. J. EULITT, 52, Glenwood, and Susan Ann DALTON, 58, same
James DURBIN, 35, Emerson, and Mrs. Maggie M. BURNSIDE, 29, same
Mrs. Fred TERRYBERRY, an old settler of Mills Co., died Jan 26 at the home of her son, James, near Plattsmouth in Cass Co., NE
A 6 month old child of M/M G. W. O'NEIL, died last Sat
Mrs. James FLOOD, age 70, former Glenwood resident, died Sun at St. Joseph's hospital in Omaha
William GOODWIN, father of Mrs. W. J. WATSON, died at Council Bluffs, taken to Chicago Fri for burial (Malvern)
Joseph LEAK died Tues of consumption (Malvern)
Gabriel PERKINS died Mon of consumption (Malvern)
Mrs. John BARHYTE died Feb 4 very suddenly of heart failure, remains taken to Council Bluffs for burial
Mrs. Agnes CHAMBERS, wife of L. CHAMBERS, died at her home Mon (Bartlett)
Mrs. J. K. TUCKER died Fri at her home in Hillsdale
E. M. GALLOWAY, 75 died Fri at his home northeast of Silver City
To M/M Ward GUNSOLLEY, Feb 10, a son
To George REAFLING and wife Feb 5, a son (Tabor)
Postmaster SHARPE has a new boy deputy born Fri (Hillsdale)
Mrs. Sherman WORTMAN was granted a divorce from Sherman
John HOLLINS granted a divorce from his wife and has custody of their minor children, Robert, Frank & Mary Ellen
Dave WAGNER, who left here 4 weeks ago, was married Jan 29 to Nannie A. SPAHR at York PA (Malvern)
Charles DALTON and Lillian MADDEN were married last Wed (Tabor)
Frank MUMPER and Verdie ASMAN of this city were married at Sidney (Tabor)
James DURBIN and Mrs. Maggie BURNSIDE were married Tues evening at the home of the bride's father J. F. STURGEON (Emerson)

19 Feb 1903

Marriage Licenses:
Frank C. JACKSON, 47, Glenwood, and Pearl M. THORP, 21, Pac Jct
Dell HARRIS, 23, Malvern, and Rose BERRY, 22, Hastings
Ferdinand F. KUHL, 26, Mineola, and Ella LANZ, 20, same
W. H. COWPERTHWAIT, 63, Bushnell, IL and Mrs. Hettie E. LANDIS, 58, Malvern
Clarence C. DORR, 23, Macedonia, and Stella STEWART, 21, Henderson
To Myrtle ANDERSON and wife Wed, a daughter
To M/M C. A. MAYBERRY Wed, a son
To Frank TERRY and wife Sun, a daughter (Pac Jct)
The 2 day old infant of Mrs. Amos BONHAM of Mt. Vernon died, she was a daughter of B. K. WINDHAM of Glenwood
Leona WALKER, 18 year old daughter of M/M Carson WALKER, died Mon at home 3 miles south of Glenwood of mastoid disease
Ed LINCOLN killed his sister's husband, Ed MITCHELL, at Trenton, NE
Mrs. KIZZIER, 72, died Thur at the home of her son-in-law, Fred HUNSINGER, north of town (Malvern)
Herbert READER, age 25, died at Scranton, PA and was brought to Tabor for burial (Tabor)
Dwight B. RICHARDS, 36, brother of Wm. RICHARDS, died Thur at Sheridan WY and brought to Glenwood for burial (Pac Jct)
Frank C. JACKSON and Pearl THORP, daughter of M/M J. W. THORP from west of Pac Jct, were married on Valentine's Day
Wm. H. COWPERTHWAITE of Bushnell IL, and Mrs. Hettie LANDIS were married at the home of the bride's daughter, Mrs. A. BURRUS (Malvern)
Del HARRIS and Rose BERRY were married at the Hubbell House in Glenwood Mon (Malvern)
Thomas CONNOR and Anna CAIN were married near Imogene Tues (Strahan)
Thomas RAGAN and Bertha SANER were married near Imogene Wed (Strahan)
Clarence DORR and Stella STEWART were married Wed at the home of Thomas R. STEWART, southeast of Henderson
Willard PRIEST of Imogene and Cora HIPSLEY will be married next Wed near Climax by Rev. NOE (Henderson)
Mrs. Myrtle CRANE, daughter of Mrs. W. A. PRIEST, and J. R. COATS of Lyons, NE were married Wed of last week at Omaha (Emerson)
Frank CAREY and Alta PURCELL were married Mon at Red Oak (Hastings)

26 Feb 1903

Marriage Licenses:
Emil O. ARP of Oak Twp. and Marie P. JENSEN of Pottawattamie Co.
Clarence C. DORR, 23, Macedonia, and Stella STEWART, 21, Henderson
Charles V. SELL, 25, and Nettie E. HOOVER, 24, both of Silver City
James Waller RICE, 23, Des Moines, and Lela Blanch SMITH, 20, Silver City
J. W. AWL, 24, Glenwood, and Rebecca J. MILLER, 24, Malvern
Thomas L. SMOUSE family traces back 600 years
H. C. SMITH family east of Emerson has a reunion
Frank JACKSON and newly wedded wife were Junction callers (Pac Jct)
Thomas STEELE died last week at his home in Bartlett
Infant son of M/M Amos BONHAM was brought here Fri from Mt. Vernon for burial
Zereta DAVIS 4 month old daughter of M/M Chas. DAVIS, died Tues of pneumonia at Ravenna, NE and was brought to Glenwood for burial
Mrs. Amanda TOWNER died on Wed of last week at her home in Surprise NE of consumption
Amos DEAN received word of the death of his cousin, Rev. Amos DEAN, at Eureka Springs, AR
John F. OSBORN, pioneer of southwest Iowa, died Tues at Harlan (Tabor)
Mrs. Rebecca R. DAVIS, 74, mother of Chas DAVIS, died Sunday at her home in Rockport, MO (Pac Jct)
J. W. AWL of Glenwood and Mrs. Rebecca MILLER of Malvern were married at the home in Glenwood of the grooms's mother, Mrs. ASKIN
John C. DAVIDSON and Mabel LAWSON, both Institution employees are to be married Mar 10
Charles SELLS and Nettie HOOVER were married Sun at the home of the latter's aunt, Miss Hattie ANDERSON (Silver City)
James RICE and Blanch SMITH were married Tues at the home of J. L. Smith (Silver City)
Chester BROCKNEY and May HETTINGER, daughter of John N. HETTINGER were married Feb 14 at Sidney (Silver City)
Samuel DALTON, Jr. and Nora BICKNELL were married Wed at the home of the bride's parents (Tabor)
Divorces - Nellie vs William KIRBY (Silver City)
Births - To M/M Wm. SNODGRASS, a daughter (Emerson)

05 Mar 1903

Marriage Licenses - Harry DUVAL, 22, and Gertie WHITE, 19, both of Glenwood
Christian BURDTSCH, 27, died last night at the home of Mrs. Emma REAMS. Hs father, Charles BURDTSCH is here from Manchester and the body will be taken there.
Ezra B. SAMPSON, old time settler and former Sheriff here, died at age 82 last week in Plattsmouth
Ed LINCOLN who killed his sister's husband, Ed MITCHELL at Trenton NE recently, died Mon at the Lincoln insane asylum (Pac Jct)
Leslie ZORNES, 21, son of L. O. ZORNES, died Sat at the Glenwood Institution (Pac Jct)
The funeral of Mrs. Matilda POTTER, 77, was held Thur with burial at Glenwood
Mrs. Isaac DICE died Fri at St. Bernard's hospital, burial was Sunday near the residence south of town (Malvern)
Mrs. Aaron PIERSON, 59, died Sunday at home 3 miles south of Hillsdale (Hillsdale)
John HOUSER, living northeast of Henderson, died Sat of pneumonia, leaves a wife and 7 children (Henderson)
M/M C. B. CHRISTY are at Beemer, NE where they will celebrate on Mar 5 their 25th wedding anniversary along with M/M Will BRIGGS - with them went M/M F. M. LAIRD of Tabor whose 24th anniversary is the same day (Malvern)
Body of a newly born infant found Mon 2 miles south of Silver City - a profound mystery surrounds the case (Silver City)
To M/M Hamer SMITH and wife, a son
To M/M Ray GRANTEER and wife, a daughter (Hastings)
To M/M Wm. Peterson Sat., a son (Silver City)

12 Mar 1903

Marriage Licenses:
Rudolph KAHL, 24, Mineola, and Amelia JURGENS, 19, Silver City
John C. DAVIDSON, 27, and Mabel LAWSON, 27, both of Glenwood
John C. DAVIDSON and Mabel LAWSON were married last Tues at the home of Frank BROMLEY
Rudolph KAHL of Mineola and Amelia JURGENS will be married today at the home of the bride's father Adolph JURGENS (Silver City)
Everett HAYES of Conway, and Clara HARDY were married Mar 4 at the home of the latter's father, W. M. HARDY (Tabor)
Gus LEIBER and Minnie GUILUS were married Feb 28 in Omaha (Mineola)
John HOCKENSMITH, and Icy MANSFIELD were married Feb 25 at Chillicothe, MO
Henry MISER, 76, died Feb 26 at his home southeast of Glenwood
6 week old babe of Robert HUEY, died Sun and was buried in the Glenwood cemetery (Pac Jct)
"Grandma" OLDEROG, near Treynor, died Thur of grip
Henry OLDEROG died Wed at Gretna NE of cancer of the stomach (Silver City)
Mrs. HOPKINSON, 94, died Sat and was buried Mon at East Liberty (Silver City)
W. M. ORR received word of the death of his father last week in Concord, PA
4 year old WICK girl, died of brain fever at the home of her grandfather, Wm. PACE (Hastings)
Mrs. Almira PRIEST died Thur of pneumonia (Henderson)
Mrs. A. M. ALTMANSHOFER, former Mills resident, died Feb 25 at Mapleton, IA at the home of her son-in-law, J. P. KUHL (Mineola)
Mrs. Fred HAMMER, 68, an invalid for 11 years, died Mar 1 and was buried Tues (Mineola)
Henry DAVIS was called to Murray last week by the sudden death of his aged parents (Malvern)
Divorces - Catharine vs Thomas SURBER, they were married in 1897
To M/M John DURICK, a son (Silver City)
To M/M Charles HAVENER and wife, a daughter
To M/M Lee PATTEN, a son
To M/M Paul SHULTS, near Randolph, a daughter
To M/M August HOFFMAN, a daughter
To M/M Herman MILLER, a son (Mineola)
Robert BEABER has a new girl at his home, born Thurs (Malvern)
19 Mar 1903
To M/M Thomas SHERFEY, Tues, a daughter, weight 10 1/2 pounds
To M/M S. M. WRIGHT 4 miles south of Glenwood on St. Patrick's Day, a fine 11 pound son
To M/M George HOWARD southeast of Glenwood, Thur, a daughter
To M/M E. J. CHAPIN, a son
To M/M Joe SHANE, a daughter
To M/M Will A. OLIVER, a son (Hastings)
Marriage Licenses:
Byron S. MOORE, 34, Emerson, and Carrie RUSSELL, 31, Hastings
Jesse BELL, 23, Malvern and Minerva BROWNELL, 19, Hastings
G. E. WOLFE, 25, Malvern, and Mabel A. BENTON, 20, Malvern
Henry STULL, 32, and Mattie K. HIGLEY, 21, both of Plattsmouth
Mrs. Elvira PRIEST, died Mr 12 of pneumonia at her home in Henderson
L. C. COWARDIN, living northwest of Pac Jct about a mile from the Missouri River, died last Mon from the effects of the accidental discharge of a shot gun
Edward THOMAS, an old pioneer citizen, dropped dead of heart disease at his home in Hillsdale
W. D. EVANS, pioneer citizen of Malvern, died at his home Sat (Malvern)
Joseph MYERS, 82, for 24 years a resident of Malvern, died Sat at the home of his son, Samuel MYERS
Assessor J. H. McCLAIN of Indian Creek Twp reports only 2 deaths in the township outside of Emerson and Hastings for 1902 - Otha WEARIN and Myrtle BURNHAM (Emerson)
Mrs. Lucy BURKE, 61, died Sun at the home of her son in Council Bluffs, and brought to Emerson for burial (Emerson)
G. E. WOLFE and Mabel BENTON were married yesterday at high noon at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. F. M. BENTON (Malvern)
Jess H. BELL of Malvern and Marion BROWNELL were married in the parlors of the City Hotel Wed evening (Hastings)
Byron MOORE and Carrie RUSSELL were married Wed night at the home of the bride's parents, M/M Gus RUSSELL (Hastings)
T. R. YOUNG, son of Thomas YOUNG of this city, was married Wed of last week to May CREASON at Avoca (Hastings)
Misc. - F. W. ANDERSON was born 24 years ago St. Patrick's Day in Sweden (Silver City)

26 Mar 1903


Marriage Licenses:
A. HAULRIG, 60, Plattsmouth, and Mrs. Mary WILBORN, 44, Cheboygan, MI
William AUGH, 23, and Georgia McDOWELL 15, both of Folsom
Ernest COLE, 26, Emerson and Eva LINVILLE, 27, Glenwood
Party - Emma KELLOGG celebrated her 60th birthday Wed
C. L. WINN and Jessie JUDKINS, both well known Institution employees, were married at Plattsmouth on March 17
Ernest COLE and Eva LINVILLE were married yesterday at the home southeast of Glenwood of the bride's father G. P. LINVILLE
Dr. W. J. HOSTETTER, the Emerson dentist, slipped up to Council Bluffs last Thurs and was quietly married, his bride being the widow of his deceased brother, Mrs. Mona HOSTETTER of Silver City
Ira JOHNSON, age 10, and Ross JOHNSON, age 8, children of T. Y. JOHNSON, died last night from eating the roots of a poisonous water plant that grows in front of their house on Keg Creek in Glenwood
Aaron VAN DOREN, a resident near Emerson from 1856 to 1880, and an old soldier, died Mr 12 near Ashland, NE (Emerson)
Albert WERT, 25, a former Tabor boy died Mar 9 at Wichita, KS from lockjaw caused from yawning!!
To M/M C. F. NIPP, a son (Mineola)
To M/M Wm. BOLTON of Anderson Twp., a 12 pound boy (Silver City)
Dr. BACON reports a fine new girl Tues night at Pat McCLURE's home
To M/M Seymour RHODES at Ft. Lupton, CO, a dau born Mar 17, the mother formerly Birdie AISTROPE
Copied by Beverly Boileau, 1989. Used with permission.


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