Mills County Tribune News

April - June 1903

02 Apr 1903

Samuel OLIVER, an old time Glenwood citizen and brother-in-law of A. J. RUSSELL, died in Omaha this week and was buried yesterday at his old home in Nebraska City
Mrs. Frank REALS, aged 32, died of consumption Tues night at the home of her sister, Mrs. Dan BAILEY, south of town, leaves 2 small children
Lewis IRELAND was called to Mt. Vernon, OH, last week on account of the death of his father who was in his 84th year (Malvern)
Mrs. J. B. MOORE died Mr 25 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William WISE, in K.C. (Emerson)
B. M. WEAK, 83, died Thurs at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Richard SHAY south of Hastings
Homer SKAGGS, 31, a graduate of Tabor College, died Mar 18 at a Kansas City Hospital where he had been taken for treatment for tuberculosis (Hillsdale)
Alice GRAY, year old daughter of M/M John GRAY, died Friday and was laid to rest in the Malvern cemetery (Strahan)
J. WEEKS died last week at the home of R. SHAY. He had been ill for some months (Strahan)
The funeral of James McGARGILL, a well known farmer west of Imogene
James GREIG returned Wednesday from Canada where he had been called by the death of his mother.
Marriages - Dr. Roy WILL and Mary HOUGHTON are to be married in Red Oak Thurs evening, Apr 16
Divorces - Emily A. PAINTER has applied for a divorce from Jesse PAINTER. They were married Mar 12, 1888 at Pacific Junction
To M/M Fred MEEKS, a son (Silver City)
To M/M Ed CLARK, a son (Emerson)
To M/M Carl NELSON, a daughter (Hastings)

09 Apr 1903

Marriage Licenses:
Clyde OWENS, 19, and Sophie SUHR, 20, both of Folsom
Faron WALTER, 22, and Irene FENTON, 19, both of Omaha
Birthday - Monday was the 74th birthday of Mrs. B. A. GOODELL, she receiving numerous congratulatory letters from friends
Walter F. FORAN and Irene FENTON of Omaha were married Mon at the home in Glenwood of M/M L. A. SWARTZEL, friends of the couple
F. E. NELSON and Grace AVRILL were married Tuesday evening in the private parlor of the Cottage House (Malvern)
Mr. BAILEY, 83, formerly of near Folsom, died Friday at his home near the Artesian well in Glenwood
The year-old babe of Nelse MILLER was burried Tuesday afternoon
Mrs. Mattie RICHARDSON, about 25, died last week from measles and other complications at her home in the west part of Glenwood, burial made at Martin's Chapel
The funeral was held Mon for the 8 month old child of A. BONNER living in a tent near the Institution and an employee of a grading company.
Word has been received of the death Tuesday at Marquette, KS of Mrs. Martha BAIRD, 74, mother of Henry and Chan BAIRD (Malvern)
Mrs. Hannah DYSON, 77, died Sunday at her home in White Cloud Twp., funeral was Tuesday with burial in the Malvern cemetery (Malvern)
Wm. Penn BROWER, 66, died Monday at home 4 miles north of Malvern, funeral Tuesday with burial in Malvern Cemetery
Nora MURPHY of Malvern vs John MURPHY, they were married in 1894 at Nevinville
Dr. Milton E. CORBIN of Emerson who married Myrtle MAY in 1899 at LaPlata, MO

16 Apr 1903


Marriage Licenses:
Clyde OWENS, 19, and Sophia SUHR, 20, both of Folsom (Clyde being under age, his mother Mrs. Sadie M. LAUNSBURY of Pacific Jct. gave written consent)
Elmer C. DOWNS, 24, and Etha PEARSON, 20, both of Glenwood
To M/M Howard MINTLE, a daughter
To M/M J. W. CARTER of Center Twp., Saturday, a daughter
To M/M Chan BAIRD, a daughter (Malvern)
The body of Dr. Henry CUSHMAN was brought here from Stromburg, NE, and the funeral held Monday from the Institution. The body was placed beside a young daughter who was buried here several years ago.
Mrs. Neatty WOODRUM, 90, an old pioneer, died Saturday night at home of her dau, Mrs. George GREENLEE, burial at Thurman (Tabor)
A 6 month old babe of Marion HASTY southwest of town, died Saturday night (Tabor)
The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth BOLTIN, 85, who died Apr 9, was held Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Emma FOXWORTHY (Malvern)
Dr. Samuel T. ADAMSON of Malvern and Carrie HECKEL were married at the home of the bride's parents in Albion, NE, on Mar 30
George E. CRAIG and Tacie L. DAVIS, daughter of the late S. T. DAVIS of White Cloud Twp., were married Apr 4 at Sidney
Ray L. DILLEHAY and Alice PRESTON were married yesterday at Benton, NE, at the home of the bride's father, Rev. H. C. PRESTON
Dr. Roy T. WILL and Mary HOUGHTON are to be married this evening at the home in Red Oak of the bride's parents M/M H. C. HOUGHTON
Elmer DOWNS and Effie PEARSON were married in Glenwood Sunday at the newly furnished home of the groom two blocks southeast of the square
Four anniversaries were celebrated at the A. E. WILLIAMS home near Hillsdale on Easter Sunday - the birthdays of A. R. and Mrs. Charles WILLIAMS, the 44th wedding anniversary of M/M/ U.F. WILLIAMS, and the 27th wedding anniversary of M/M J. I. BURGER

23 Apr 1903

Marriage Licenses:
Seneca HURD, 71, and Mrs. Emily PAINTER, 45, both of Glenwood
Walter L. KENNEY, 26, and Jessie M. WAITE, 26, both of Pac Jct
H. F. COOL, 42, and Lorena CARTER, 27, both of Henderson
Wm. Roy ALLEN, 16, Strahan, and Pearl BABBITT, 18, Emerson
Reported from Missouri last week, girl twins at the home of Jack GODSEY
Dr. PARSONS reports a new boy at the home of Walter MULHOLLAND and a girl the 16th at P.H. CADWELL's (Malvern)
To M/M A. LUNDEEN, Apr 16, a daughter (Emerson)
To M/M August PETERSON, Friday, Apr 17, a daughter (Strahan)
To M/M F. W. ANDERSON, a daughter (Silver City)
Seneca HURD and Mrs. Emily A. PAINTER were married Friday evening at the home of Henry ADAMS in this city. The bride on the day before had secured a divorce from her former spouse, Jesse PAINTER of Pacific Jct.
Cards are out announcing the marriage of Minnie KELLEY at Helena, MT May 6, to Ralph WISEMAN, manager of the Bell Telephone Co. for Montana
Dr. Roy WILL and Mary HOUGHTON were married last Thursday in Red Oak at the home of the bride's parents, M/M H. C. HOUGHTON
Hiram F. COOL and Rena CARTER were married Wednesday at the home of the bride's father, Hayden CARTER, northeast of Henderson
George SAMPSON and Lulu RYAN were married Apr 10 at the Indian Creek Presbyterian parsonage northeast of Emerson
John B. GRIFFIN and Nina P. INGRAHAM were married in Red Oak Apr 10 (Emerson)
Invitations are out for the marriage of Claude ANDERSON to Mable A. NASH on May 6 at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Kate NASH at Waukee, IA (Pacific Jct)
Mrs. Neaty WOODRUM who died at Tabor Apr 11 first settled in Glenwood in 1853. She was the mother of ten children, 45 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren
Another pioneer in these parts was Joseph CLAPPER who died Apr 8 at his home near Thurman. He resided near the present site of Glenwood from 1849 to 1853
Henry EVERNHAM, Sr., 88, died last night at his home northeast of Glenwood
Mrs. Martha HARRIS, who recently came to these parts from KY died of pneumonia the first of the week at her home west of Glenwood
Joseph JACQUAT, 75, who was struck by a Wabash train, died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. SHEARS (Malvern)
The funeral of Victor TUTTLE, 22, was held Tues in Randolph (Malvern)
The funeral of Henry MISER, who died some weeks ago, was preached Sun in the Methodist Church (Hillsdale)
Mrs. Henry HYDE died at her home in Pacific Jct Tues and was buried Wed , Glenwood Cem (Pac Jct)
A young infant of Victor WILSON living north of town, was buried here Saturday (Henderson)
Emily PAINTER on Thursday was granted a divorce from Jesse A. PAINTER of Pacific Jct
Rosa E. KILDOW has been given a divorce from John KILDOW

30 Apr 1903

To M/M C.L. DALTON, Tues, a son, making Ed DALTON grandpa for the first time
To M/M Clyde RHODES, a girl (Emerson)
To M/M T. H. DALBY, a son
To M/M Wm. BOYD, a daughter
To M/M Joe TAGUE, a son (Tabor)
To M/M Alfred ANDREWS, Sunday, a daughter (Tabor)
To M/M Ed CAMPBELL, a son
To M/M Joseph LAKE (Henderson)
To M/M P. R. KELLEY, north of town, a son (Hastings)
G. W. JONES living 3 miles north of town, s called to Russell Friday by the death of his mother
Amos SMITH died at the Cottage Hotel Tues. funeral held in Silver City, his father is J. L. SMITH
John WALLACE fell from the 35 foot bank east of Glenwood last Fri and was found dead the next morning, body shipped to Iowa City for use at the medical college
Henry EVERNHAM, Sr. died Apr 22 at his home northeast of Glenwood, funeral at Baptist Church
Wm. Franklin OTIS, a brother of George OTIS, resident of this city from 1857 to 1889, died Apr 22 at Clay Center, NE
J. S. LEE died today of Bright's disease, body goes to his former home in Hiawatha, KS
William SEELEY, 63 died of pneumonia Apr 22 and was buried the next day at Pacific City
Anna BRANDT, 82 died Apr 20 at the home of her son, Bernhardt BRANDT, interment in Plumer Settlement cemetery (Mineola)
Reuben YOUNG, 62, pioneer farmer of Randolph, died last week and was buried at Farragut
Mrs. Eli W. HOWARD died Sat of lung fever, age 77, services at Congregational church (Tabor)
The infant son of Frank McCLELLAN was brought here from C.B. for burial last week (Tabor)
Rev. CABLE was at C.B. Friday to assist with the funeral of John CHURCH and wife who were
murdered near Gillett, WY (Malvern)
The 7 week old child of James McMILLAN died Friday in the Wall Street locality from measles (Malvern)
Walter L. KENNEY and Jessie M. WAITE were married Apr 18 by Mayor John CROAK (Pac Jct)
Robert J. CLARK and Maude PINKERTON were married last Thur at the home of H. H. HUNTER
George PERDUE of Malvern and Ollie PARR of Omaha were married in C. B. (Malvern)
John O. JENKINS of Stanton and Elizabeth WILLIAMS were married at the home of the bride's father,
A. H. WILLIAMS, in Lincoln Twp. east of Henderson, Apr 15 (Henderson)
07 May 1903
To M/M Charles CHEYNEY last Sunday, a boy
To M/M Ed F. LAMBERT south of town, a daughter
To M/M J. C. STONE near Pacific City, a daughter
To M/M Amos HUTCHINS of Center Twp. Saturday, a daughter
To M/M Wm. CLITES north of Pacific City Thursday, a son
To M/M Jesse LEE, a son
To M/M J. O. EVANS, Saturday, a girl
To M/M Michael CADWELL, a son (Imogene)
To M/M G. F. WILLS, a dau, both mother and father are deaf mutes (Malvern)
To M/M Frank DECKER, a girl, arrived Apr 26 (Henderson)
To M/M Ed POLLITT, a 13 pound boy
To M/M J. W. SAAR, a 10 pound boy
To M/M Ora HAROLD, a daughter (Silver City)
To M/M C. E. NOEL, Apr 28, a boy baby
To M/M MOORE, May 6, a daughter (Hillsdale)
To M/M George TIMSON, Apr 29, a son (Tabor)
To M/M James LONGSHORE, Sunday, a son
To M/M Thomas McCARTY, a son (Emerson)
J. S. LEE who died last week, was taken to Hiawatha, KS for burial
J. L. BELLATTI of Glenwood mourns the death of his mother who died last Friday at Jacksonville, IL 88 years of age
Mrs. John GILMORE, living east of Imogene, died Apr 23 leaving a husband and 6 children (Imogene)
Floyd CAREY, 18, died Monday in Omaha, burial at Macedonia (Henderson)
Mrs. P. A. LEECH, Civil War army nurse, died Saturday at Macedonia (Henderson)
Tudor A. THOMAS and Edith JONES were married Apr 22 at the home of the bride's father, Rees JONES
Dr. E. T. CAMPBELL and Lena HUME were married Apr 25 at Stanberry, MO (Tabor)
Claude ANDERSON and Mabel A. NASH were married at Waukee near Des Moines (Pac Jct)
Anniversary - Rev. and Mrs. S. B. NEILSON will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow (Hastings)
14 May 1903
To M/M S. M. GREENLEE, a son
To M/M Frank GOLTRY, a son
To M/M George BAILEY, a son (Tabor)
To Mrs. Thomas MALOY, nee Berta WOODS, Tues, a boy
To M/M Harvey JONES, east of town, a boy (Henderson)
To M/M George ROUNDS, a daughter (Silver City)
A son of Howard EMERINE, age 12, resident of Nebraska, killed by lightning, the father is a brother of
Mrs. George PECK
Charles DOLAN, 76, died May 6 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George SHORT, near Strahan, buried at Malvern (Strahan)
Milton J. MARTIN died last Thurs at his home north of Pacific City, buried at Glenwood
Hattie, Mrs. John Y. STONE, died May 9 at the Commercial Hotel
Robert H. DANIEL died at home in this city Monday
Mrs. Leroy BRITT died last Thursday at the home near Malvern of her dau., Mrs. Henry RANNE
Paul Wynn KEFFER, 16, son of G. D. KEFFER, died Tues. of consumption (Hastings)
Mrs. Henry WHITE died Mon at Gretna, NE, brought to Emerson for burial (Emerson)
Mrs. Wm. TAYLOR, age 20, died Apr 30 (Emerson)
Marriages - Charles E. GATES and Lottie HAMPTON were married Apr 30 at Fordyce, AR (Tabor)

21 May 1903

To M/M C. E. BURGER, a daughter (Silver City)
B. O. SHELDON received news of the birth of a daughter to Rev. and Mrs. Frank M. SHELDON, Greeley, CO (Tabor)
To M/M Louis GIBBONS, a daughter
To M/M Edgar BRITTAIN, a daughter (Tabor)
To M/M Clarence BRIGGS, a daughter
To M/M Bernie ROATH, a son (Emerson)
John HANNAH is reported by the Blanchard postmaster as "removed and dead"
Mrs. Mary WILLIAMSON, a sister of Mrs. Lee GAMMON, died Mon burial at Glenwood (Pac Jct)
The body of Wm. McCLELLAND who fell from the Plattsmouth Bridge a few weeks ago, was drowned and the body found near Nebraska City (Pacific Jct)
Arthur, age 11, son of V. SHUFFLER, was buried Sunday at Martin's Chapel (Pac Jct)
Mrs. Robert HENDERSON died last Thur at her home southeast of Silver City, funeral Sat at the residence (Silver City)
Mrs. J. S. MOORE was called to Manchester last week by the death of her mother (Silver City)
John McGARGILL, 74, of Fremont Co., died May 13
C. J. PIPER died Saturday, a pioneer citizen of this place (Tabor)
Mrs. CHAPIN has returned from Janesville, WI, where she was called by the death of her brother
H. C. PAUL, merchant at Thurman, and Lulu NECOMB of Nebraska City were married May 12
Alice ALLEN was married last week at Woodbine to George ANTISDEL, she having eloped from her home in Dunlap (Randolph)
28 May 1903
Births - To M/M Charles SHEPARD south of Glenwood, a son
Charles LEACH, age 5, drowned in Keg Creek shortly before noon on Fri of last week and the body has not yet been recovered
Mrs. Sarah ABEL died May 20 at the home of her son, D.C. ABEL - she was born Feb 3, 1809 (Emerson)
Mrs. Elza BROWN, 35, died Mon at an Omaha hospital, the body taken to Red Oak, her former home,
lived near Henderson, maiden name was COOPER (Hastings)
A child of O.T. CARLSON, aged 8 months, died Monday (Hastings)
Bessie VAUGHN, whose parents live at Glenwood, was married recently at Clarinda to Claude PALMER
Fred W. KELLEY and Nelle E. WILKINS were married Sun evening in Omaha by Dr. Smith of the First M.E. Church at his home
W.E. WALDRON was married May 17 to Carrie KOONTZ at Blakesburg, IA (Pac Jct)
Ed KIGER and Grace PATTERSON were married Wed of last week at Red Oak (Henderson)
Peter Q. LARSON and Gertrude FREESE were married May 19 at the Christian Church (Tabor)
4 June 1903
To M/M Joseph STILLEY, a daughter
To M/M Ed RAGER, a daughter
To M/M Wm. RAWLES, a son (Bartlett)
To M/M Hi McCLURE, a son
To M/M John CHRISTOPHER, a son (Tabor)
To M/M Charles GOODMAN, twin boys at their home (Silver City)
To M/M Abe GILMORE, west of town, Sunday, a daughter (Pac Jct)
Enoch RIGGLE, Fremont Co. pioneer, was buried last week at Thurman
Helen FUNCHES (colored), age 13 months, babe of Moses FUNCHES, was buried Saturday
Henry KRUSE's funeral was held Wed of last week at his home in Mineola
Funeral of Henry STUMPF held last Thur at home 3 miles west of Mineola
Birthday - Prof. John SCHWALLER, Supt. of the Institution watermelon patch, celebrated his 33rd birthday Monday
11 June 1903
To M/M O.D. HAROLD, a son
To M/M Ezra McDOWELL, 6 miles northeast of town, a daughter
H.B. MILLIRON, the new barber at Knolle's, is rejoicing over a new girl at his home
To M/M H. HALL, a girl (Hastings)
To M/M Chas. GEISMAN and wife, a daughter (Emerson)
To M/M John CHRISTOPHER, a son
To M/M H. McCLURE, a son (Tabor)
To M/M Wm POWLES, a son (Pac Jct)
Funeral of Mrs. M. E. SPRAGUE, 79, former resident of Glenwood, took place Sun at Council Bluffs
Two inmates of the Institution died and the bodies sent home for burial George WANE of Boone and Wilford WELLS of Des Moines
Infant boy of Dr. and Mrs. F. E. L. HESTER, age 2, died Tues of kidney trouble
Grandma BONHAM, 93, died Sat at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R. D. HAMMOND (Malvern)
A 2 week old babe of A.A. GILMORE was buried Tuesday in the Glenwood cemetery (Pac Jct)
Jennie WHEELER, whose father resides here, was married June 3 to August C. PINKERTON, a real estate man of Omaha
Maud WYANT was married at the home of her parents, M/M George WYANT yesterday to Wm. J. TUTT of Des Moines
18 June 1903
To M/M Ed WILSON, a son (Tabor)
A fine new boy arrived Friday at the home of Druggist W. D. WILSON (Malvern)
The body of George MILLER, age 14, son of Thomas MILLER, was brought to Glenwood Sunday for burial from Trinidad, CO, where he drowned
John HODSON, 71, living east of Emerson, died June 3 (Emerson)
Wm. G. WILLIAMS died June 4 at Wales at the home of his sister, Mrs. Edward Jones (Henderson)
The infant babe of Harvey HALL died June 7 (Hastings)
W. S. KNIGHT of Rawles Twp., 84, and Mrs. Marinda FOX, 72, were married June 11
Walter WOODS, the Henderson school teacher and baseball player was married Sep 27, 1902 at Blair, NE, to Ethel KEFFER, dau of G. D. KEFFER of Hastings
Married June 17, at Glenwood at the home of the bride's parents, M/M J. S. SHISLER, Pliny H. MILLER of Chicago and Irene SHISLER

25 June 1903

To M/M R. W. GREENLEE, a daughter
To M/M Julius KIERSCH of Hillsdale, June 19, a son
To M/M Herbert BARBOUR of Pac City at Tabor, Fri, a son
To M/M Richard TUCKER , a girl (Silver City)
To M/M Fred SHAUGHNESSY, a daughter (Pac Jct)
To M/M L. W. BICHEL, a girl (Mineola)
To M/M S. I. SIMMONS, living south of town, a daughter (Malvern)
To M/M Will ZANDER, a daughter (Malvern)
Little babe born to M/M J. B. HEIDE the day before, died last Thur (Silver City)
Charles McCALL, 23, died June 17 and the body was sent to Spokane, WA, for burial (Pac Jct)
L.B. ROCKAFELLOW, 73, died June 17 of paralysis at his home 2 miles east of Hastings
Merrill, 2 year old son of M/M Wm. E. VAN AUSDALE, died Monday, burial made in Emerson
Rose, 3 year old daughter of James HAYES, died June 6 at Mora MO, where they lately moved
Mrs. John DYSON, 76, died Sunday at her home south of town (Malvern)
The 11 month old babe of John BERG was buried Sunday (Malvern)
Lyle, the year old babe of Zopher PERKINS, died June 15 (Malvern)
Mrs. S. W. RUPP died June 11 at her home southeast of Tabor (Tabor)
The 15 month old daughter of Bert BAUGH north of Silver City was burned to death yesterday
Marriage Licenses:
Wm. J. TUTT, 27, Des Moines, and Maud E. Wyant, 25, Malvern
Pliny H. MILLER, 25, Chicago, and Irene SHISLER, 22, Glenwood
G. W. BROWER, 22, and Annie M. MOORE, 22, both of Malvern
Thomas C. PLUMER, 28, and Anna BRANDT, 17, both Mineola
Lang C. SHEPARD, 22, Malvern, and Nellie I. TURNER, 20, Washington, IA
Galen S. PURCELL of Hastings and Grace A. ANDERSON of Pacific Jct were married Wed at C.B.
Lang SHEPARD and Nellie TURNER were married last night in the Commercial House parlors in Glenwood
Anna BRANDT and Thomas C. PLUMER, son of Henry PLUMER were married at the Thomas BRANDT residence north of Mineola today
Marguerite KUNTZE was married June 17 at Osceola to L. B. SPERRY
James BUCKINGHAM of Malvern and Josie HARGITT of Silver City were married Wed at C. B.
G. W. BROWER and Annie MOORE were married Wed at the bride's home north of Malvern
Pearl CARPENTER, son of Rev. CARPENTER, married June 11 at Essex to a Miss NYE (Hastings)
Anniversary - Last Thurs was the 30th wedding anniversary of M/M Robert McCLELLAND (Tabor)

Copied by Beverly Boileau, 1989. Used with permission.


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