Transcription of Souvenir History of Pella

Here are the steps to complete the work on this project. Thanks so much for contributing. [ NOTE: These first 10 pages have been claimed. ]

  1. Currently, pages are on the web site up to page 10, with only the Title page and Forward proofread. The remaining pages need to be proofread. If you are going to work on this, please email me (using email in the footer) and let me know to what pages you are committing to proofread and then I will post that here so there are not duplications of efforts.
  2. Go to to find the text and pdf originals. Find the page where you are going to start.
  3. Open up the text file in one browser page and the pdf in another. Ideally, position your windows so that they are side-by-side vertically or horizontally, enabling you to view both at once. Read through the text and compare against the original.
  4. As you find errors, record these in a log, one error per line with three items: page number, error text and corrected text. For example, if on page 14 the text reads "the famous \\/illiam Rhode" while the pdf reads "the famous William Rhode", then the line in the log would be 14 [tab key] the famous \\/illiam Rhode [tab key] the famous William Rhode. This gives enough context in order to find the error and the correct it.
  5. When done or at a breaking point for a batch, email the log file to the coordinator's email below and I will make the corrections. THANKS!
  6. If you find that you need clarifications here, please let me know and I will add them here as well.