Below is the current information about churches in Marion County. If you are actually seeking actual church records (baptisms, membership and others focusing on the members, not the church itself), see the Church Records section. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no records, but that will become a focus.

We are actively trying to expand this section to provide more information about the churches in this county. Ideally, it would be a nice to have a list of the churches (past and present), their locations, their pastors, their history and more. If you can contribute, please use the email link in the footer to contact the Marion coordinator. Thanks.

If you are not sure to what denomination your ancestor belonged, consider reviewing an article at that provides some tips to identify it.

For now, this page will be organized by communities that have the churches (or townships, if appropriate) and then a general page for other information.

This page was originally created in 2013 with one entry, but it was significantly updated on 2023-03-25 by Al Hibbard.