Souvenir History of Pella

This page lists links to pages of this book. The book is available online in pdf form. A pdf version is given below when there are images on the page (or when there are pages yet to be proofread). Otherwise, each page of html text has a link to the online digital version of the page for your comparison or for those pages that are just text, the link is adjacent. If you appreciate this project, you could help with other projects so that others can find these resources useful.

Note: When a link says "html", the file has been marked up with html coding and looks "pretty" while "text" is just raw text, but just as readable. Some of the pages have neither and are not (yet?) included because they consist mostly of lists of names or data or are mostly pictures (with captions); these may be completed as time permits but their images are available and these pages provide little textual information. (Use the link above if you wish to help work on this last step.) An * indicates that the text has been fully proof-checked against original; otherwise it was first OCR'd and then giving a fairly rigorous cleaning up, but not a final "second-eye" proof-reading. The initial pages have that have been proof-checked have links within the page to point to the original and so there is no reference to the pdf. The html files without * have a link a pdf file on this site. From page 81 onward, the files are just text files and there is also a link to the corresponding online version of the book. The text is included here to facilitate a search for a name or place; use the Search menu to look for a name here (but note that the search will look at the whole site).