A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875, Part 1

Pleasant Grove Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Erb Abraham Sr Pleas'ntville Boots & Shoes Franklin Co. Pa 1865 Pleas'ntville
Goss S.Y. Section 3 Farmer Russell Co. W. Va 1850 Pleas'ntville
Hicks Zilpha Section 36 Farmer Belmont Co. Ohio 1850 Knoxville
Hicks James Section 36 Farmer Somerton Ohio 1851 Knoxville
Harper & Robinson ---- Pleas'ntville 'Pleasantv'le Inquirer' ---- est 1875 Pleas'ntville
Jolly Lafayette Section 25 Farmer & Physician Delaware Co. Ohio 1858 Pleas'ntville
Logan James A. ---- Farmer Montgomery Co. Ky 1847 Pleas'ntville
Logan Gilmore P. Section 14 Farmer & Stk Dealer Montgomery Co. Ky 1845 Pleas'ntville
Logan Mary J. Section 14 ---- Floyd Co. Ky 1845 Pleas'ntville
McClellan Lyster Pleas'ntville Dealer General Mdse Highland Co. Ohio 1855 Pleas'ntville
Neal James A. Section 13 Farmer Coles Co. Ill 1863 Pleas'ntville

Polk Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Legrand James H. Section 3 Farmer Breckenridge Co. Ky 1854 Otley
Stevenson Andrew Section 4 Farmer Columbia Co. Pa 1843 Otley
Veenstra Harman Section 3 Farmer Holland 1855 Pella

Perry Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Cowman Wm. Section 1 Farmer Rockbridge Va 1849 Prairie City

Red Oak Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Koder Conrad Section 3 Farmer Westmorel'd Co. Pa 1855 Monroe
McMichael M.R. Section 12 Farmer Butler Co. Pa 1856 ----
Starr E.W. Red Rock Attorney at Law Chittenden Co. Vt 1857 Red Rock
Thomason Richard Section 10 Farmer Highland Co. Ohio 1855 Monroe
Thomason Lewis Section 10 Farmer Highland Co. Ohio 1855 Monroe
Wright Ephraim Section 14 Farmer Hamilton Co. Ind 1865 Monroe
Wilson Wm Section 28 Farmer Scotland 1859 Monroe

Summit Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Baldwin John F. Section 15 Farmer Alleghany Co. Pa 1853 Otley
Barrett G.W. Otley Carpenter & Joiner Newburyport Mass 1849 Otley
Blerma Cornelius Section 15 Farmer Netherlands 1867 Otley
Baker Alfred Section 32 Farmer Highland Co. Ohio 1853 Otley
Crum Isaac N. Otley Farmer & Merchant Clark Co. Ind 1845 Otley
DeYoung Henry Section 36 Farmer Holland 1850 Pella
Dewrose Wm. Otley Farm & Coal Operator South Wales 1865 Otley
Dykstra Geert Section 24 Farmer Holland 1847 Otley
Donnel John C. Section 8 Farmer Center Co. Pa 1848 Otley
DeBook Dingeman Section 30 Farmer Holland 1849 Red Rock
Finley Catharine Section 12 Farmer Burlington Vt. 1865 Otley
Gamble Silas Otley Carpenter & Joiner Oswego N.Y. 1854 Otley
Gray John B. Section 3 Farmer Alleghany Co. Pa 1866 Monroe
Hendershot I.B. Otley Stock & Grain Dealer Green Co. Pa 1865 Otley
Johnson Geo. W. Section 15 Farmer Fayette Co. Pa 1868 Otley
Koller James A. Otley Miller Berks Co. Pa 1874 Otley
Kershaw Andrew Otley M.E. Church Pastor Lancashire Engl'd 1864 Otley
Lreinders John Section 15 Farmer Holland 1866 Otley
Keeler W.B. Otley Grocery & Hardware Sussex Co. N.J. 1843 Otley
Longmore H.H. Otley Book Keeper Trumbull Co. Ohio 1861 Otley
Pendoy J.M. Section 7 Farmer Delaware Co. Ind ---- Monroe
Roberts S.S. Section 28 Farmer & Millwright Harrisburg Pa 1846 Otley
Reynolds Mrs. M. Section 22 Farmer Pike River, Can 1855 Otley
Raney Isaac L. Section 10 Farmer New Haven Ohio 1865 Otley
Reynolds Lucien B. Section 27 Farmer Geauga Co. Ohio 1848 Otley
Scott John A. Section 25 Farmer Chester Co. Pa 1846 Otley
Steiarnamann J. Otley Blacksmith Switzerland 1866 Otley
Simpson Geo. Section 4 Farmer Elkhart Co. Ind 1869 Monroe
Tice Allen Section 8 Farmer Montgomery Co. Va ---- Monroe
Vreiglelaar Gradus Section 13 Farmer Holland 1856 Otley
Verheul Arie Section 24 Farmer Holland 1856 Otley
Viersen Peter O. Section 17 Farmer Holland 1847 Otley
Veenstra Henry Section 27 Farmer Holland 1855 Otley
Wilson J. Scott Section 14 Farmer Hunterdon Co. N.J. 1840 Otley
Wilson J.F. Section 34 Farmer Hunterdon Co. N.J. 1840 Otley
Worth David B. Section 8 Farmer Adair Co. Ky 1844 Otley
Yowell Mathew W. Section 30 Farmer Culpepper Co. Va 1854 Red Rock
Yowell Daniel W. Section 32 Farmer Culpepper Co. Va 1854 Otley

Swan Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Hunt Daniel Section 21 Farmer & Stk Dealer Hunterdon Co. N.J. 1840 Wheeling
Logan James Section 22 Farmer & Carpenter Beaver Co. Pa 1855 Pleas'ntville
Shook John Section 18 Farmer & Stk Dealer Stark Co. Ohio 1849 Wheeling
Smith John Section 29 Farmer Germany 1849 Wheeling
Smith Barbara Section 29 Farmer Baden Germany 1853 Wheeling
Wilkie Calvin C. Wheeling Physician & Surgeon Jefferson Co. N.Y. 1844 Wheeling
Wilkie J.S. Wheeling Teacher Marion Co. Iowa 1851 Wheeling

Union Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Bruce Harvey S. Section 13 Farmer Ross Co. Ohio 1849 Knoxville
Bruce B.A. Section 13 ---- Knoxville Iowa 1846 Knoxville
Barnes Wm. Section 18 Farmer & Stk Dir Pike Co. Ill 1853 Pleas'ntville
Barnes Matilda Section 18 ---- Louisa Co. Iowa 1848 Pleas'ntville
Clark Thomas Section 17 Farmer & Stk Dir Warren Co. Tenn 1847 Pleas'ntville
Clark Emeline Section 17 ---- Claiborne Co. Tenn 1747* Pleas'ntville
Settle Mrs. E.H. Section 14 Farmer Franklin Co. Ohio 1854 Knoxville

* Typed as printed

Washington Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Bellamy John H. Section 1 Mixed Husbandry Knox Co. Tenn 1856 Knoxville
Bible Lewis Section 25 Farmer Adams Co. Ohio 1856 Columbia
Bonebrake H.D. ---- Far & Stock Raiser Indiana 1853 Gosport
Bailey John L. Section 14 Farmer Franklin Co. Ind 1844 Gosport
Baldwin & Mears ---- Gosport General Mdse ---- est 1874 Gosport
Bickford H. Section 24 Farmer Crawford Co. Pa 1858 Gosport
Bonebrake W.O. ---- Far & Stock Raiser Marion Co. Iowa 1854 Gosport
Black J.T. Section 31 General Mdse Ashland Co. Ohio 1850 Columbia
Bell Thomas Section 2 Farmer Clarke Co. Ky 1856 Gosport
Clark J.T. Columbia Hotel Washington D.C. 1864 Columbia
Crookham H. Section 5 Farmer Jackson Co. Ky 1854 Knoxville
Foster J.P. Section 31 Far & Stk Raiser Nicholas Co. Ky 1856 Colombia
Hartzell P.H. Section 24 Farmer Butler Co. Ohio 1847 Knoxville
Kinne M.Y. Section 19 Farmer Indiana 1855 Knoxville
Mitchell N. Section 34 Farmer Highland Co. Ohio 1865 Columbia
Meek J.G. Section 33 Farmer & Stock Dir Jefferson Co. Ohio 1863 Columbia
Meek James G. Section 29 Farmer Lancaster Co. Pa 1857 Knoxville
Long J.W. Section 32 Farmer & St'k raiser Fayette Co. Ind 1856 Knoxville
Parker Joseph Section 18 Farmer & Stock Dir Hampshire Co. Va 1864 Gosport
Straban* S.H. Section 18 Farmer & Stock Rsr Fleming Co. Ky 1853 Gosport
Sheafor P.M. Columbia Physician Preble Co. Ohio 1853 Columbia
Whitlatch W.A. Section 35 Farmer Montgomery Co. Ind 1843 Columbia
Wilson T.J. Section 25 Farmer & Shoemaker Knox Co. Ohio 1856 Columbia
Wilson Benjamin Section 17 Farmer & Stock Rsr Cleaveland Co. N.C. 1865 Gosport
Whitlach & Schaffer ---- Colombia Drug Store ---- est. 1874 Colombia
York N.J. Section 12 Farmer Marion Co. Iowa ---- Gosport

* Note: The correct spelling is Strahan. "His name was Samuel H. Strahan, Brother of Hamilton H. Strahan & Uncle of Minerva Strahan, Temple" --Thanks to Melvin Temple, Jr. for this correction.

Contributed by Sharyl Ferrall, March 2003, reformatted by Al Hibbard 11 Oct 2013

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