A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875, Part 1

Clay Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Black George Section 25 Farmer Shelby Co. Ohio 1863 Belle Fountn
Berry W.F. Section 27 Far & Grange Store Center Co. Pa 1855 Bethel City
Bruere S.H. Section 35 Farmer & Stock Rsr Monmouth Co. N.J. 1870 Bethel City
Copeland Macklin Section 7 Farmer & Just. Peace Jefferson Co. Ind 1845 Engl'h Stimt
Cosby Jefferson Section 13 Miller & Wagon Mkr Jefferson Co. Ind 1866 Belle Fountn
Doughman E.G. Section 15 Farmer & Stk Raiser Warren Co. Ohio 1855 Belle Fountn
Ellis Perry Section 26 Farmer Decatur Co. Ind 1854 Belle Fountn
McIntire Mahion Section 23 Farmer Fairfield Co. Ohio 1853 Belle Fountn
Moore Aaron Section 6 Farmer & Stk Raiser Adams Co. Ohio 1864 Iola
Parker Henry Section 32 Farmer Suffolk Co. Eng 1855 Attica
Smith Jonathan Section 24 Farmer Wayne Co. Ind 1847 Belle Fountn
Sherman Peter Section 31 Far & Stone Mason Northumbrid Co. Pa 1858 Attica
Tosh George Section 29 Farmer Pittsylvania Co. Va 1874 Attica
Utter Abraham Section 26 Farmer & Stock Rsr Boone Co. Ind 1844 Belle Fountn
Whaley Wilson S. Section 5 Farmer Morgan Co. Ohio 1846 Iola
Weigand Adam Section 6 Farmer Germany 1840 Iola
Warren J.H.G. Section 9 Farmer Athens Co. Ohio 1853 Engl'h Stimt

Dallas Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Bauer A. Section 19 Farmer & Coal Bank Germany 1864 Newbern
Baumann John Section 20 Farmer & Cath. Priest Franklin Co. Ohio 1871 Newbern
Buckalew Parker Dallas General Mdse Coshocton Co. Ohio 1858 Dallas
Fridley A.G. Newbern Blacksmith Shop Dir
& Agricult'l Impts
Augusta Co. Va 1846 Newbern
Hock Nicholas Section 19 Farmer Bavaria Germany 1869 Newbern
Ingles S. Section 11 Farmer & Stock Rsr Jefferson Co. Ind 1854 Dallas
Lagerbartels H. Section 6 Farmer Bavaria Germany 1867 Newbern
Lang Smith Section 13 Farmer Greene Co. Pa 1863 Dallas
Mitz George Section 20 Farmer Bavaria Germany 1866 Newbern
Moffatt Curtis Section 27 Farmer Coshocton Co. Ohio 1862 Dallas
Nasbaum L. Section 8 Farmer Bavaria Germany 1868 Newbern
Smith L.D. Section 34 Farmer & Stock Rsr Cumberland Co. Pa 1853 Newbern
Schrader H. Section 6 Farmer Bavaria Germany 1854 Newbern
Strahan Robert A. Section 14 Farmer & Stock Dir Henderson Co. Ill 1855 Dallas
Tickie H. Section 17 Farmer Greene Co. Pa 1848 Newbern
Willes John Newbern Post Master & J.P. Madison Co. Ky 1846 Newbern

Franklin Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Albery J.W. Section 5 Farmer & Carpenter Franklin Co. Ohio 1871 Pleas'ntville
Bacus Wm. Section 8 Farmer Pike Co. Ohio 1844 Pleas'ntville
Bacus Margaret Section 8 ---- England 1836 Pleas'ntville
Brown Bryant Section 24 Farmer Crawford Co. Ind 1865 Star
Buckalew Wm Section 35 Farmer & Stock Rsr Coshocton Co. Ohio 1856 Dallas
Cleveland L. Section 13 Farmer & Stk Dealer Ontario Co. N.Y. 1859 Knoxville
Edwards Isaac J. Section 1 Farmer & Stk Dealer Kane Co. Ill 1869 Knoxville
Evans Aaron ---- Coal Bank Columbiana Co. O 1865 Coloma
Foster David C. Section 22 Auctr & Dealer Fine Stock & Land Crawford Co. Ohio 1865 Knoxville
Foster Emeline Section 22 Seamstress Crawford Co. Ohio 1865 Knoxville
Hart Russell Section 21 Farmer Northfield Vt 1865 Caloma
Hart B. Section 21 ---- Lee Co. Iowa 1859 Caloma
Kuhnes Albert Section 14 Farmer & Stk Dealer Westmorel'd Co. Pa 1851 Knoxville
Riggie Abraham Section 14 Farmer & Wagon Mfr Carroll Co. Ohio 1854 Knoxville
Ritchie Jas. G. Section 36 Farmer Pickaway Co. Ohio 1849 Dallas
Ritchie Louisa E. Section 36 Farmer Putnam Co. Ind 1849 Dallas
Smith Chancey Section 23 Farmer Tompkins Co. N.Y. 1854 Star
Smith Jacob Section 11 Farmer & Stk Raiser Rock Co. Wis 1865 Knoxville
Shivers E.S. Section 1 Farmer Fayette Co. Ohio 1857 Knoxville
South J.D. Section 32 Farmer & Ins. Agt Montgomery Co. N.Y. 1857 Coloma
Welsher Alonzo A. Section 22 Farmer & Portable Saw Mill Monroe Co. N.Y. 1861 Star

Indiana Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Axline Wm. H. Attica Physician Licking Co. Ohio 1866 Attica
Applegate J.H. Section 9 Farmer & Student Montgomery Co. Ind 1855 Attica
Buzard Samuel Attica Physician & Surgeon Pocahontas Co. Va ---- Attica
Cathcart D.P. Attica Gen Mdse & P.M. Washington Co. Ind 1859 Attica
Danford R.C. Section 22 Farmer Belmont Co. Ohio 1858 Attica
Dailey Wm Section 7 Farmer Ulster Co. N.Y. 1869 Knoxville
Eitcher Sanford Section 9 Far. & St'k Raiser Loudon Co. Va 1854 Attica
Harlow John Section 36 Farmer Montgomery Co. Ind 1872 Marysville
Mark J. & T.H. Attica General Mdse ---- est 1854 Attica
Mathew J.L. Section 4 Farmer & Carpenter Clinton Co. Ohio 1849 Knoxville
Neal John N. Section 3 Farmer Tazewell Co. Ill 1854 Knoxville
Norris & Barnes ---- Attica Hotel & Blacksmith Oswego Co. N.Y. 1865 Attica
Overberg Henry Attica Butcher Germany 1860 Gosport
Pearson Young Section 28 Farmer & Physician Miami Co. Ohio 1854 Attica
Robuck Joseph Section 11 Farmer Adams Co. Ohio 1853 Attica
Smith S.B. Section 24 Farmer Berks Co. Pa 1857 Marysville
Sharon Wm Section 11 Far & Fine St'k Rsr Scott Co. Ky 1852 Attica
Sutherland I.W. Section 15 Farmer Wayne Co Ind. 1857 Attica

Knoxville Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Anderson T.J. Knoxville Attorney at Law Fulton Co. Ill 1853 Knoxville
Amos E.H. Knoxville Prop. Amos House & Livery Highland Co. Ohio 1850 Knoxville
Ayres O.B. Knoxville Atty & Real Est. Dir. Lake Co. Ohio 1864 Knoxville
Ardery Wm. A. Knoxville Physician & Surgeon Nicholas Co. Ky 1854 Knoxville
Atherton Mrs. J.E. ---- ---- Knox Co. Ohio 1859 Knoxville
Barker F.C. Knoxville Ed.'KnoxvilleJournal' Morgan Co. Ohio 1859 Knoxville
Bender Henry Section 33 Far & Bdr. FineStock Richland Co. Ohio 1871 Knoxville
Booth E.H. Knoxville "Tremont House & Livery New Haven Conn. 1858 Knoxville
Bussing Wm & Bros Knoxville City Flour Mills Albany N.Y. 1855 Knoxville
Brown Samuel Knoxville Farmer Monroe Co. Va 1837 Knoxville
Brobst Joseph Knoxville Notary Public Columbiana Co. O 1848 Knoxville
Barns Wm. Section 12 Farmer Greene Co. Ohio 1852 Knoxville
Barnes Jane M. Section 12 Farmer Baltimore Md 1843 Knoxville
Brobst F.J. Knoxville Farmer Columbia Co. Pa 1856 Knoxville
Buzzard Geo. F. Section 25 Farmer & Carpenter Westmorel'd Co. Pa ---- Knoxville
Bonifield H.J. Knoxville Coal Miner & Cont'r Muskingum Co. O 1859 Knoxville
Bonifield Sara A. Knoxville ---- Miami Co. Ohio 1858 Knoxville
Bates Geo. R. Section 35 Grain & St'k Farmer ---- ---- Knoxville
Bittenbender Jno. S. Knoxville Grain Dir. & Stk. Rr. Shamokin Penn. 1871 Knoxville
Breckenridge Hon. Samuel Section 18 Memb. Legislature & Grain & Stk. Raiser Argyle Scotland 1852 Engl'h Stimt
Beaver Amos Section 11 Farmer Ross Co. Ohio 1864 Knoxville
Browniee John Section 13 Farmer Rockbridge Co. Va 1868 Knoxville
Black D. Section 35 Farmer Lewis Co. Va 1850 Knoxville
Banks Robert S. Section 30 Farmer & Minister New York City 1855 Knoxville
Burnett J.A. Section 8 Farmer Ontario Co. N.Y. 1846 Knoxville
Burnett Jane Section 8 Farmer Washington Co. Ind 1846 Knoxville
Boyle & Black ---- Knoxville Knoxv City Fl'r Mills ---- est. 1872 Knoxville
Collins C.L. Knoxville Attorney at Law Coshocton Co. Ohio 1852 Knoxville
Collins A.W. Knoxville Dealer General Mdse VanBuren Co. Iowa 1840 Knoxville
Collins S.L. Section 6 Farmer Richland Co. Ohio 1850 Knoxville
Conrey John Section 25 Farmer & PostMast'r Clermont Co. Ohio 1845 Fairmount
Cox John L. Section 17 Farmer Crawford Co. Ind 1841 Knoxville
Coats J.G. Section 22 Farmer Ohio Co. W.Va 1856 Knoxville
Cunningham H.T. Knoxville Dir Pol'd & China H'gs Parke Co. Ind 1851 Knoxville
Cornell N.R. Knoxville Phys & Surg: Eye & Ear Specialist Genesse Falls N.Y. 1850 Knoxville
Cornell C.W. Knoxville Phys & Surg: Eye & Ear Specialist Ohio Co. Ky 1850 Knoxville
Cramer Henry Section 11 Grain & Stock Raiser Adams Co. Pa 1867 Knoxville
Collins L.B. Section 28 Farmer Washington Co. Ind 1851 Knoxville
Carrothers Levi Section 5 Farmer & Stk Dealer Richland Co. Ohio 1856 Knoxville
Dickerson , Wm. C. Section 31 Farmer Richland Co. Ohio 1857 Knoxville
Dukes David W. Knoxville Carpenter & Joiner Bedford Co. Tenn. 1855 Knoxville
Dukes James W. Knoxville Carpenter & Joiner Terre Haute Ind 1855 Knoxville
Drummond S.M. Knoxville Farmer Greene Co. Ohio 1864 Knoxville
Dickerson Lorenzo Knoxville Cooper & Broom Mfr. Muskingum Co. O 1855 Knoxville
Dawson Geo. W. Section 31 Farmer Fayette Co. Ohio 1855 Pleas'ntville
Dawson Anna L. Section 31 Farmer Beaver Co. Pa 1855 Pleas'ntville
Erb Abraham Section 19 Farmer & Stk Dealer Ashland Co. Ohio 1865 Pleas'ntville
Fuller Elias N. Section 20 Market Gardner Guernsey Co. Ohio 1840 Knoxville
Fast Jesse J. Section 11 Grain & St'k Farmer Ashland Co. Ohio 1850 Knoxville
Hamrick Allen Knoxville Clerk of Courts Highland Co. Ohio 1860 Knoxville
Hart G.K. Knoxville Atty & Just. of Peace Sussex Co. N.J. 1869 Knoxville
Hays N.S. Section 34 Farmer Mason Co. W.Va 1855 Knoxville
Huffman Dr. H. Section 34 Hotel & Livery Sumner Co. Tenn 1861 Knoxville
Huffman Samuel Section 17 Fruit Raiser & Deal'r in Fine Sheep Washington Co Pa 1858 Knoxville
Huffman Edmund [no more info given]
Israel W.T. Knoxville Carpenter Clermont Co. Ohio 1863 Knoxville
Jackson George Knoxville Barber Ashland Co. Ohio 1865 Knoxville
Jones Jonathan M. Section 18 Farmer Harrison Co. Ind 1849 Knoxville
Jones John M. Knoxville Propr "Knoxville Woolen Mills Guernsey Co. Ohio 1842 Knoxville
Knowles James W. Section 27 Grain Rsr & Sheep Dir Athens Co. Ohio 1856 Knoxville
King Silas Section 17 Far & Mfr Pott'y Ware Somerset Co. Pa 1855 Knoxville
Kerr A.J. Knoxville Dry Goods White Co. Tenn 1849 Knoxville
Lyttie Mrs. Caroline Section 21 Farmer Germany 1860 Knoxville
McCormack J.L. Knoxville Editor "Democrat Madison Co. Ohio 1858 Knoxville
Mershon Israel Knoxville Supt. Pub. Schools & Min M.E. church Erie Co. Pa 1866 Knoxville
Mathews James Knoxville Nursery & Fruit Trumbull Co. Ohio 1854 Knoxville
Mathews B.A. Knoxville Nursery & Fruit Coshocton Co. Ohio 1855 Knoxville
McClelland James Knoxville Cabinet & Fur. Rooms Greene Co. Pa 1855 Knoxville
McClelland Ellen D. Knoxville Dress Maker Greene Co. Pa 1855 Knoxville
Mothorn Geo. W. Section 32 Farmer Sullivan Co. Tenn 1850 Knoxville
Mothorn Elizabeth Section 32 Farmer Davidson Co. N.C. 1850 Knoxville
Marshall Mrs. R.A. Section 32 Farmer Baltimore, Md 1854 Knoxville
Marshall M.F. Section 32 County Surveyor Morrow Co. Ohio 1854 Knoxville
Mulky G.Z. Section 22 Farmer & Mason Crawford Co. Ind 1846 Knoxville
Mathew Enoch Section 33 Farmer Berkely Co. Va 1850 Knoxville
McKinnis Craner Section 30 Farmer Ross Co. Ohio 1848 Knoxville
Miller Gabriel Section 34 Farmer Iowa 1858 Knoxville
Newbery John Section 33 Farm & Supt Co. P.F. Clermont Co. Ohio 1855 Knoxville
O'Neal Wilkinson Section 31 Farmer & Stk Dealer Fleming Co. Ky 1851 Knoxville
O'Neal Priscilla Section 31 [no other info given]
Parsons Luther B. ---- Wagon & Carriage Mr Huron Co. Ohio 1853 Knoxville
Parsons Josie ---- Teacher Licking Co. Ohio 1858 Knoxville
Pollok Layton L. Knoxville Retired Merchant Maysville, Ky 1839 Knoxville
Pollok Robert H. Knoxville Pianos & Organs VanBuren Co. Iowa 1854 Knoxville
Putnam Wm. F. Knoxville Farmer Dubuque Co. Iowa 1846 Knoxville
Parks James H. Section 1 Grain & Stock Westmorel'd Co. Pa 1844 Knoxville
Parks Ursula Section 1 Dairyman Muskingum Co. O 1844 Knoxville
Pifer Mrs. H.A. Section 35 Farmer Bond Co. Ill 1849 Iola
Reed John Knoxville General Mdse Richland Co. Ohio 1852 Knoxville
Reichard Elizabeth Section 12 Farmer Ashland Co. Ohio 1859 Knoxville
Rogers Samuel Section 25 Farmer Hamilton Co. Ohio 1854 Knoxville
Rogers Rebecca Section 25 Farmer Switzerland Co. Ind 1854 Knoxville
Reichard John Section 11 Grain Raiser, Stk Dir & Bridge Builder Ashland Co. Ohio 1852 Knoxville
Sammon George Section 20 Farmer Greenbrier Co. Va 1854 Knoxville
Stone W.M. Knoxville Atty & Real Est. Dir Jefferson Co. N.Y. 1855 Knoxville
Scoles Hamilton J. ---- Physician & Surgeon Harrison Co. Ohio 1850 Knoxville
Shinnick Chas. C. ---- Physician & Surgeon Ohio 1866 Knoxville
Steuenberg B. Knoxville Boots & Shoes Holland 1852 Knoxville
Smick Daniel Knoxville Blacksmith & Dealer Imp. Norm. Horses York Co. Pa 1855 Knoxville
Shilling Andrew Section 25 Farmer & Carpenter Wayne Co. Ohio 1850 Knoxville
Sperry E.F. Knoxville Real Estate & Ins Cavendish, Vt 1851 Knoxville
Snider Peter Section 33 Farmer Ross Co. Ohio 1853 Knoxville
Sammons James Section 26 Farmer Clinton Co. Ohio 1854 Knoxville
Stambach Phillip Knoxville Restaurant Northumberl'd Co. Pa 1870 Knoxville
Sterling Israel Section 34 Farmer Tyrone Co. Ireland 1855 Knoxville
Sharp A.C. Section 25 Farmer & Stk Raiser Licking Co. Ohio 1841 Knoxville
Sharp Almira Section 25 ---- Licking Co. Ohio 1841 Knoxville
Shilling H.A. Section 35 Farmer Wayne Co. Ohio 1858 Knoxville
Showers Jackson Section 9 Farmer Greene Co. Pa 1856 Knoxville
Steele Charles Section 18 Farmer & Blksmith Union Co. Pa 1864 Knoxville
Turner Alex. S. Knoxville Carpenter Venango Co. Pa 1865 Knoxville
Turner Marilla J. Knoxville Tailoress Ashland Co., Ohio 1865 Knoxville
Tucker Levi Section 25 Farmer Richland Co. Ohio 1856 Knoxville
Tucker Mrs. A.C. Section 25 ---- Owen Co. Ind 1849 Knoxville
Timmerman N.A. Section 25 Farmer Jefferson Co. Ohio 1869 Knoxville
Timmerman S.A. Section 25 Teacher Tuscarawas Co. Ohio 1869 Knoxville
Totten Mrs. Elizbth Section 17 Grain & Stock Raiser Crawford Co. Ind 1849 Knoxville
Weaver John Knoxville Mason & Plasterer Lancaser Co. Pa 1846 Knoxville
Welsh James Section 1 Farmer Washington Co. Pa 1846 Knoxville
Wetherell A.D. Knoxville Physician & Surgeon Chittenden Co. Vt 1856 Knoxville
Wright Wm. E. Knoxville Physician & Surgeon Fayette Co. Ind 1856 Knoxville
Wallace Hugh F. Knoxville Clergym'n UP church Guernsey Co. Ohio 1872 Knoxville
Wines Clavin Knoxville Farmer Cheshire Co. H.H. 1856 Knoxville
Wells Samuel Section 30 Farmer & Coal Miner Brown Co., Ohio 1855 Knoxville
Wall James ---- Farmer Columbiana Co. O ---- Knoxville
Watkins Thomas Section 28 Farmer & Grain Dir Warren Co. Tenn 1849 Knoxville
Walker Isaac M. Section 32 Farmer Marion Co. Iowa 1849 Knoxville
Young Ephraim D. Knoxville Undertkr & Cab't Wrk Butler Co. Ohio 1841 Knoxville

Liberty Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Auspach T. Section 9 Far & Stk. Raiser Boone Co. Ohio 1851 Marysville
Brobst J.R. Marysville Attorney at Law Marion Co. Iowa ---- Marysville
Brobst Wm. H. Section 9 Farmer Columbia Co. Pa 1846 Marysville
Bartett Daniel Section 35 ---- ---- ---- Hamilton
Barrett Levi Section 1 Farmer Monroe Co. Ohio 1864 Belle Founta'n
Bussey Jessie Section 13 Farmer Greene Co. Pa 1867 Bussey
Bireley J.W. Marysville Livery Stable Frederick Co., Md 1858 Marysville
Cross S.A. Section 30 Far. & Stock Rsr Rockbridge Co. Va 1854 Marysville
Crowell V.B. Hamilton Agent Dearborn Co. Ind 1854 Belle Founta'n
Castle Stephen Section 12 Farmer Guernsey Co. Ohio 1864 Belle Founta'n
Castle Henry W. Section 13 Farmer Guernsey Co. Ohio 1864 Belle Founta'n
Davis I.B. Section 7 Farmer Cabell Co. W.Va 1846 Attica
Davis Julius C. Marysville Woolen Goods Mfr Hampden Co. Mass 1869 Marysville
Faivre M.J. Hamilton Physician Crawford Co. Pa 1865 Hamilton
Foshier Elvira Marysville ---- VanBuren Co. Iowa 1841 Marysville
Horn Elias W. Marysville Farmer Chester Co. Pa 1859 Hamilton
Hughes A.B. Hamilton General Mdse Indiana 1861 Hamilton
Lind G.D. Hamilton Physician Cumberland Co. Pa 1874 Hamilton  
Luke Leopold Marysville Hardware & Stoves Prussia 1852 Marysville
Love J.H. & Co. Marysville General Mdse Ireland 1852 Marysville
Lyman A.B. Section 14 Far. & Stk Raiser Hardin Co. Ky ---- Hamilton
Lelby Daniel Section 28 Far & Stock Rsr Lehigh Co. Pa ---- Hamilton
McConnell C.T. Marysville Ed "The Mirror Decatur Co. Ind 1854 Marysville
Metz Jacob Marysville Furniture Mnfr Columbia Co. Pa 1856 Marysville
Mitchell H.M. Section 35 Farmer Morgan Co. Ohio 1858 Hamilton
Newman Daniel Section 3 Far & Stock Rsr Richland Co. Ohio 1849 Marysville
Pack B.J. Section 26 Farmer & Carpenter Bartholomew Co. In 1851 Hamilton
Parker Riley Hamilton Hotel & Farmer Ontario Co. N.Y. 1851 Hamilton
Pack A. Section 26 Farmer Bourbon Co. Ky 1851 Hamilton
Perry Charles Section 8 Farmer & Saw Mill Brown Co. Ill 1867 Marysville
Quick Charles Marysville "National Hotel Columbia Co. Pa 1856 Marysville
Robb James H. Marysville [no other info. given]
Runyon Harrison Marysville General Mdse Rockingham Co. Va 1846 Marysville
Smith J.C. Hamilton General Mdse Morgan Co. Ohio 1869 Hamilton
Ulsh Mathias Section 29 Farmer Lycoming Co. Pa 1852 Marysville
Wyman E.C. Section 35 Teacher Somerset Co., Mo 1868 Hamilton
Williams Bros ---- Hamilton Mfrs & Patentees Washing Machines Licking Co. Ohio 1855 Hamilton
Young S.H. & Co. Marysville General Mdse Johnson Co. Ind 1846 Marysville

Lake Prairie Township

Last Name First Name Residence Business Nativity Came to IA Postoffice
Allun Thomas Pella Carpenter & Joiner Greene co. Pa 1836 Pella
Betzer J.H. Pella Pella 'Blade' Ross Co., Ohio 1857 Pella
Bowen B.G Pella Merchant Montgomery Co., O 1855 Pella
Bosquet P.H. Pella Attorney at Law Netherland 1849 Pella
Bongers C. Pella "American House Netherland 1847 Pella
Brain Peter Section 7 farmer Holland 1865 Pella
Bank First Nat'n'l ---- Pella Banking ---- est. 1870 Pella
Blattner & Herbig ---- Pella Brewers Germany 1865 Pella
Blair George Pella Livery Stable ---- est. 1875 Pella
Central University ---- Pella ---- ---- est. 1865 Pella
Garlick Herman I. Pella Locomotive Enginr. Clinton Co. N.Y. 1857 Pella
Grout Geo. C. Pella Music Dealer Browne Co., Ohio 1858 Pella
Huber D.S. Pella Grain Dealer Cambria Co., Pa 1851 Pella
Kruidenier L. Pella Merchant Netherland 1855 Pella
Kimberling L.G. Pella Music Teacher Mason Co., Va 1854 Pella
Keables B.F. Pella Physician England 1850 Pella
Markel Jacob Section 1 Farmer & Stk Dealer Fairfield Co., Ohio 1855 Pella
McGaffie Bros ---- Pella Lumber Dealers ---- est. 1860 Pella
Neyenesch H. Pella Ed. Pella 'Week-Blad' Netherland 1855 Pella
Nutt James N. Section 7 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1857 Otley
Nutt Walker S. Section 7 Farmer Zanesville, Ohio 1857 Otley
Olney Jasper Pella Music Dealer Monroe Co. Iowa ---- Pella
Pella Mnfrg Co. ---- Pella Wagon Mfrs ---- est 1869 Pella
Roelsma M.J. Pella Carpenter Holland 1858 Pella
Rietveld Wiggert Section 17 Farmer Holland 1847 Pella
Stoddard Isa J. Pella Missionary Erie Co. N.Y. 1858 Pella
Scarff E.H. Pella Prof. Cent. University Rockingham Co. Va 1854 Pella
Scholte Beard & Co. Pella Grocery & Crockery ---- est. 1871 Pella
Towne N.C. Pella Real Estate Agent Butler Co. Ohio 1853 Pella
Thomassen G. Pella Flour & Woolen Mills Netherlands 1847 Pella
Tenhugen B.H. Pella Pella Bakery Pella, Iowa ---- Pella
Van Maren H. Pella Wagon Mnfr. Netherlands 1847 Pella
Van Houten E. Pella Dir. Agricult. Impls. Netherlands 1853 Pella
Vander Ploeg Tera Section 19 Farmer DokKum Vriesland 1858 Pella
Van Rees Leender Section 18 Farmer Holland 1854 Pella
Van Vliet G. Pella Pella Bakery Holland 1854 Pella
White Wm Section 19 Farmer Richland Co., Ohio 1858 Pella
Zahn G.P.H. Pella Atty Land Agt & Noty Netherlands 1857 Pella

Contributed by Sharyl Ferrall, March 2003, reformatted by Al Hibbard 11 Oct 2013

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