Hardin County - 1880 Iowa Mortality Schedule

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No. Name Age Sex Marital
Father Birth
Mother Birth
Occupation Month
Causeof Death Months
in County
Town /
160  Washburn, Sarah J 47 F M OH OH OH Keeping house Aug Cholera morphus 14 Eldora
157  Waterson, Cerena 24 F M IA Unknown Unknown Keeping house Dec Consumption 5 Iowa Falls
34  Wehaman, Feid ? 26 M M Hanover Hanover Hanover Farmer laborer Sep Typhoid fever 12 Pleasant
 34 Wehaman, Scott 5/12 S IA Hanover IA   Sep Child overdosed with opium 5/12 Pleasant
 177 Wells, Joseph 75 M M NY NY NY Stone mason Feb Cong. of lungs 24 Iowa Falls
116  Wentworth, Jerome B 39 M M IL NY Mass. Farmer Mar Homicide 20 Eldora
  Wheeler, Mary E 25 F M VT NH VT Teacher Dec Consumption Alden  
 136 Whitwood, Susan 72 F W MA MA MA At home Nov Dropsy of heart 7 Eldora
 267 Wickham, A M 70 M M NY     Stone mason Mar Croup wound 23 Clay
 34 Wilcox, Lottie 26 F M KY KY KY Keeping house Apr Dropsy 20 Union
  Wilson 18 M S IA       Jan Typhoid fever   Tipton
92  Wilson, Infant 14/30 F S IA OH OH   Mar Premature birth 14/30 Union
  Wilson, Solomon 68 M M NY     Farmer Mar Typhoid pneumonia 14 Ellis
 151 Wimmel, Caroline 38 F M Prussia Prussia Prussia Keeping house Apr Puerp fever 5 Eldora
 99 Winterfield 0 M S IA WI IA   Sep Premature   Tipton
270 Winters, David 20 M S IL NY PA Printer May Hydro throat ? 10 Union
 89 Woodside, Eliza 66 F M Ireland Ireland Ireland Housewife Oct Paralysis 24 Eldora

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