Hardin County - 1880 Iowa Mortality Schedule

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D - F

No. Name Age Sex Marital
Father Birth
Mother Birth
Occupation Month
Causeof Death Months
in County
Town /
134 Danger, William 1/30 M S IA IN IA   Nov Premature birth 1/30 Pleasant
PR Davis, Annie ? 21 F M IA     Housekeeper Jul Puerpual convulsions   Providence
4 Ditts, Pearl 2 F S IA IL IN   Feb Diptheria 2 Union
  Doan, Cassie 3 F S IA PA IA   Feb
Lung fever 3 Jackson
18 Donrte, Cordelia 44 F M MI NY NY Keeping house Sep Cancer   Etna
28 Drake, John M 7 M S IA OH OH   Apr Diptheria 5 Tipton
28 Drake, T-- W 10 M S IA OH OH   Apr Diptheria 5 Tipton
172 Drury, Mary 81 F W VA Germany? (VA)   Jan Age 12 Union
140 Effinghouse, A J 53 M W NJ NJ NJ Sailor Nov Inflammation of liver 7 Hardin
70 Eller, Clara 6/12 F S IA IL IL   Jul Summer complaint   Sherman
65 Ellis, Jm A 75 M M MA MA MA Farmer Jun Old age 24 Eldora
12 Fawcett, Mary T 22 F S IA OH OH None Apr Consumption 2 Iowa Falls
72 Finily SB M S IA IL IL   Dec Stillborn   Sherman
82 Finn SB F S IA Prussia PA   Nov Stillborn   Sherman
53 Firkser, Raul 1 M S IA Prussia Prussia   Aug Brain disease 1 Etna
  Fisk, Sydney 60 M M VT CT VT Farmer Mar
Lung fever 13 Jackson
106 Fogg, Andora 18 F S IA OH PA School girl Jul Typhoid fever 18 Eldora
107 Fogg, William W 17 M S IA OH PA At home Dec Typhoid fever 18 Eldora
PR Fossler, Mary 8 F S IA       Oct Pneumonia   Iowa Falls
281 Frazier, Roy E 2 M S IA IN IN   Apr Measles   Union
  Fullerton, Mary 68 F W ME ME ME   Dec Old age 6 Tipton

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