Hardin County - 1880 Iowa Mortality Schedule

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J - K

No. Name Age Sex Marital
Father Birth
Mother Birth
Occupation Month
Causeof Death Months
in County
Town /
  Johnson, Ben 44 M M NJ NJ NJ Farmer Sep
Malarial fever   Jackson
169 Johnson, Benjamin 42 M M NJ NJ NJ Farmer Sep Typhoid fever 21 Hardin
148 Jones, Bert R 10/12 M   IA NY OH   Mar Inflammation of lungs 10/12 Hardin
23 Jones, Frank 17 M S MI OH NC   Nov Diptheria 14 Concord/ Grant
29 Jones, Mary Alice 4 F S NE PA PA   Nov Diptheria 3 Concord/ Grant
13 Junkens, Grunn-- 60 M M KY     Farmer Aug Malarial fever 22 Clay
30 Kahannan, Mary 20 F M IL Ireland Ireland Keeping house Sep ? 1 Concord/ Grant
30 Kahannan, Mary C 1/12 F S IA NY IL   Oct Diarrhea 1/12 Concord/ Grant
  Kellogg, Mary 28 F M NY England NY Keeping house Nov Ovary dis.   Alden
  Kellogg, Theron 78 M M NY MA MA Farmer Aug Paralysis 23 Buckeye
126 Kelly, Edward E. 1 M S IA OH WI   Apr Fever 1 Iowa Falls
254 Kenney, John 47 M M Ireland Ireland Ireland Laborer Nov Pneumonia 12 Ackley
67 Kersey, Mable Clare 7 F S IA IN IN   Jul Diptheria 7 Providence
187 Kline, John P 2 M   IA Prussia Prussia   Nov Surgical operation   Ackley
65 Knapp, Henry H 13 M S IA CT IN School Aug Congestion of brain 12 Iowa Falls
145 Knowles, John 62 M M England England England Farmer Oct Inflammation of stomach 17 1/2 Pleasant
44 Knutson, Thor 59 F W Norway Norway Norway Farm laborer Apr Lung fever 4 Concord/ Grant
165 Kyle, Addis 19 F S IL IN KY   Apr Scrofula 15 Pleasant

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