Hardin County - 1880 Iowa Mortality Schedule

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N - Q

No. Name Age Sex Marital
Father Birth
Mother Birth
Occupation Month
Causeof Death Months
in County
Town /
141 Nels or Wels, Mary 4/12 F S AR VA VA   May Cold 4/12 Etna
 128 Nordyke, John 70 M M OH TN TN Farmer Aug Apoplexy   Union
PR Oden, David ? 2 F S IA       Jul Measles   Etna
PR Oden, Faunette Bolden--n 1 F S IA       Aug Cholera Infantum   Etna
PR Oden, Wendele Muller 4 F S IA       Jul Measles   Etna
90 Orcutt, Irene M 1/12 F S IA IN Canada   Feb ? 1/12 Pleasant
142 Parrish, Lucinda 70 F W KY   MD   Jul Dropsy 15 Union
PR  Patterson, Frank 18 M S IA     Farmer Nov Remittent fever   Jackson
53 Patton, Estella 27 F M NY NY NY Keeping house Apr Pursferal fever 3 Union
 46 Paul, Henry W 6 M S IA England England   Aug Diptheria 6 Concord/ Grant
 83 Paulda, Frankie 3 M S WI Bohemia Bohemia   Oct Diptheria 1/12 Concord/ Grant
 83 Paulda, William 1 M S WI Bohemia Bohemia   Oct Diptheria 1/12 Concord/ Grant
  Petterson, William 1? M S IA       Jan
Croup   Jackson
58 Pickining, Mary 9/12 F S IA IN NC   Apr Inflammation of brain 9/12 Providence
51 Polter or Potter, Louis R 6/12 M S IA NY NY   Dec Pneumonia 6/12 Eldora
50 Porter, Allen 70 M W NY     Pauper Dec Pneumonia 25 Clay
271 Quigly, Catherine 82 F W Ireland Ireland Ireland   May Paralysis 25 Ackley

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