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Transcribed for IAGenWeb by Janelle Martin, Feb 2010, Sept 2015

Transcriber's Note: This index is transcribed from an old typed list. Many names appear to be erroneously spelled, however I have transcribed the list exactly as it appears. Please scroll carefully down the lists, as you may find your ancestors names misspelled and they won't be picked up on the main page search engine! If your ancestor is not listed in this Death Index, it doesn't mean they may not have died here. Iowa began officially recording Birth, Death & Marriage Records in 1880, however sometimes those vital records did not get recorded in the courthouse. This Death Index does not list many deaths from another "Records of Deaths" from 1897-1907.

The first two columns are the complete transcription of the death index. I have looked at the original Death Register recording and the numbers to the left of the name do not match anything in the original ledger! I have added them as they were listed on the index.

*Additional Dates of Deaths and the Death Register pages and numbers are added as I am able to do so.


First 2 columns from Original IndexAdditional Information from Death Register
1Wilder, Jessie Eveline  
4Wiltsey, Spencer  
6West, Millicent A.  
7Wallace, Kath. L.  
9Worthington, Warren S.  
11Willson, Frank E.  
12Wepel, Heika  
14Waitman, Jacob C.  
18Williams, Winnie  
19Weatherford, S. J.  
20Welp, Adolph  
20Whaley, Clarinda E.  
20Wilson, Mary J.  
21Wheeler, Mary McC.  
22Walstrom, Carl J.  
22Watson, Ellen  
22Warrington, Henry  
22Willson, Walter C. (Mrs.)  
23Walstrom, Anna L.  
25Wessels, Peter  
26Wilke, John L.  
28Whiton, Josie Bell  
29Wells, Fanny E.  
32Walters, Chris  
34Widmann, Irene C.  
34Wyckoff, Margaret  
35Wills, Jane  
36Wierson, Cossetti  
36Wilson, Rastus D.  
38Wesberg, Charles A.  
38Wicks, Iedell T.  
39Wilson, Benjamin F.  
40Wilson, Irene G.  
42Welch, James  
47Wood, John Nelson  
50Wicks, Emily Adelia  
51Wolf, Baby  
53Wesberg, Mary Charlotte  
57West, Sarah Elizabeth  
63Westrum, Pearl S.  
65Walrath, Arthur Benj.  
65Wheton, Marthy Belle  
65Whithan, Sarah L.  
66Wilson, Warren B.  
69Wood, Mary  
70Weber, Adolph A.  
72Wilson, Henry Arthur  
73Weseloh, John W.  
73Woodard, Vee May  
77Westre, Stewart B.  
77Westre, Alma Arvada  
82Wells, Gertha F.  
82Wiltsey, Rosina  
83Widick, Rial  
85White, Winifred  
86Welch, Michael  
88Weedman, Infant  
92Whitson, Zola L.  
97Wells, Infant  
99Webster, Leon W.  
99West, William H.  
99Wicks, Barney  
99Wing, Birdie Evelyn  
99Worthington, Washington  
101Warren, Maria S.  
101Wentzel, Francis E.  
105Wentzel, Ada L.  
105Wheeler, Edward S.  
105Wareham, Sylvester M.  
105Webb, Cora Gladis  
112Wareham, John  
113Waterman, Wells W.  
113Wayman, Mary E.  
113Woodall, Mildred L.  
114Westre, Halvor James  
114Woodall, Michael L.  
116Wepel, Gladys  
116Whitham, Wesley  
122Woodall, Infant  
123Williams, Elvina  
124Walstrom, Mary Hellen  
124Wittmer, Mary Berenice  
126Wirtz, Henry  
129Wahlers, Infant  
130Whaley, John  
131Wahlers, Joachim  
132Westre, Bertha  
134Westling, Earl Eldon  
135Wayman, Ryley  
135West, John Milton  
135Williamson, Lincoln E.  
137Welch, Nancy Katherine  
141Whaley, Bernice C.  
141Wood, Infant  
146Woodall, Infant girl  
148Westberg, Sarah  
149Wilson, Infant boy  
152Wells, Alexander  
154Wright, Alva Morton  
155Wack, Garrett J.  
156Weathers, Nancy H.  
157Wilson, Emily Elizabeth  
157Wise, Maria Kalteaux  
158West, Julia Amanda  
159Weltha, Jacob  
163Widick, Lodema  
163Wright, William T.  
165Weltha, Ella  
167Wood, Mrs. Isaac  
170Walen, Mrs. G. G.  
170Western, Joseph Dewey  
174Wells, Bezeleel  
181Welch, Infant Boy  
181Widmann, Frederick  
183Weaver, Louise J.  
184Wilsey, Amanda  
186Williams, Christine  
186Williams, Ole  
187Welch, Georg N.  
187Welch, Margaret C.  
195Wallace, Thomas Ray  
201Wentzel, Dortha Louise  
201Wilbur, Harvey G.  
202Walstron, John Erick  
202Welty, Howard  
204Welch, Vest Leta  
211Worthington, Jane Eliza  
214Whiteman, William Wayne  
214Willis, Harvey Paul  
217Wilson, Chas. B.  
217Winkle, Laura Louise  
217Woodruff, Reola  
218Welch, John  
219Wells, Sarah Crosley  
219Worthington, Charley  
222Wentzel, LaVon Maurine  
223Wood, Leroy Robert  
224Weltha, David  
225Wearda, William Samuel  
228Wentzel, Joseph  
229Williams, Glen Allen  
233Widman, Elsie Margaret  
233Williams, Eppe  
233Wilson Sarah M.  
236Wells, Alfred Jadson  
237Woolsey, Louis Stevens  
239Wearda, Charles Montje  
240Westrom, Cary  
240Wing, Julia  
241Welch, Mrs. Ellen  
243Webster, Margaret Elizabeth  
243Whalen, James Henry  
245Wilke, Katherine  
247Whaley, Baby boy  
251Williams, James Laurence  
255Wessels, Margret  
257Williams, Eliza A.  
258Wells, David  
265Williams, Hattie  
266Willie, Joseph H.  
266Woolston, Abraham Percy