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Transcribed for IAGenWeb by Janelle Martin, Feb 2010, Sept 2015

Transcriber's Note: This index is transcribed from an old typed list. Many names appear to be erroneously spelled, however I have transcribed the list exactly as it appears. Please scroll carefully down the lists, as you may find your ancestors names misspelled and they won't be picked up on the main page search engine! If your ancestor is not listed in this Death Index, it doesn't mean they may not have died here. Iowa began officially recording Birth, Death & Marriage Records in 1880, however sometimes those vital records did not get recorded in the courthouse. This Death Index does not list many deaths from another "Records of Deaths" from 1897-1907.

The first two columns are the complete transcription of the death index. I have looked at the original Death Register recording and the numbers to the left of the name do not match anything in the original ledger! I have added them as they were listed on the index.

*Additional Dates of Deaths and the Death Register pages and numbers are added as I am able to do so.


First 2 columns from Original IndexAdditional Information from Death Register
4Malmsten, Henry L.  
4Marsh, Isabella  
4Miller, Sarah  
7Miller, Fredrick  
10Mackestead, Helen  
10Martin, Lynn  
10Molene, Howard C.  
12Moore, James  
13Medbury, J. N.  
13Munson, Sylva B.  
16Mulholland, W.  
19Morris, Michel  
22Miller, -----  
22Murphy, Phillip  
23Mortvedt, Britta  
24Malmberg, Johana  
24Millett, George H. Sr.  
28Martin, Dana L.  
34Mickelson, Tosten  
36Moffit, Lucinda  
37Maland, Martha  
37Mallon, Mahala  
41Manson, Clifford C.  
41Mason, Beyrl B.  
43Merrill, Wm. W.  
44Morrison, John  
46Mason, Frank Royal  
49Maxwell, Elizabeth  
52Mathews, Infant  
53Meredith, Floyd Luverne  
53Murdock, Infant  
55Malmberg, John  
56Miller, William  
64Mikel, John Madison  
64Miller, Mrs. Jessa  
66Marr, Daniel T.  
70Moorlam, Veronique B.  
76Monroe, Myrtle  
78Monroe, Wm. Isaac  
78Mullen, John Edward  
79Millard, Benjamin  
80Moffett, Apollos W.  
81Mickelson, Jens  
81Morrison, Elizabeth H.  
84Martin, Harry Kenneth  
84Moffit, Baby  
84Mullin, John Patrick  
85Meade, Samantha Ann  
87Meier, August  
88Mathews, Agnes Francis  
89Miller, Margaret  
89Morris, Phillip Henry  
92Merrill, George  
92Monroe, Infant  
92Morganson, Mary M.  
94Miller, Baby twin  
94Miller, Baby twin  
94Mortensen, Bertha M.  
95Mesecher, Mildred  
95Mortens, Sena  
98Madson, Ole  
100Merrill, Carlos A.  
101Merrill, Sarah B.  
101Mertz, Jean  
102Mickle, Nicholas  
105Moore, Delia M.  
106Morrill, Benj. F.  
106Mortenson, Bertha M.  
113Merrill, Francis H.  
115Macke, Fredericka C.  
115Mullen, Mary  
117Martin, Thomas  
118Mathre, Myrtle  
118Myers, Charles  
120Morris, Mrs. P. H.  
122Monsen, Nikolai  
123Mortenson, Malenus C.  
124Matthews, Joseph H.  
124Morrow, Infant boy  
125Mahnanger, Arthur  
130Melbrath, William  
130Miller, Mrs. Mary  
130Monson, Magnus  
131Morgan, Mrs. Maud E.  
131Mullen, Bridget  
133Montgomery, Alexander  
133Miller, Robert Glen  
136Melson, Ana C.  
137Mulholland, Margaret  
138Maakestad, William N.  
141Middents, Swantje  
144Mansfield, Moses Warren  
149Miller, James C. H.  
153Myers, William  
155Minches, Minnie  
156Maland, Sarah  
156Moberly, Nancy  
157Mikel, Claude E.  
157Morris, Catalina VaNess  
163Malaise, Alfred  
164Miller, Melvin L.  
165Mabbott, Harold B.  
165Martinson, Ludwig  
166Martin, Mary N.  
166Mindenhall, Mrs. Minnie  
166Mindenhall, Mr. Roy  
168Matson, Marie  
172Maeseland, Ole  
175Millhouse, John  
176Mellinger, Ida Irene  
180Mellinger, Helen May  
180Moor, Frank  
180Moreau, Charles S.  
182Mickle, Elsia Jane  
184Metcalf, Oliver G.  
184Moore, Orlina E.  
187Madison, Edward A.  
190Martin, Elizabeth  
192Martin, Mable Florence  
192Morris, Infant  
195Miller, Antonet Bell  
197Mathre, Martha  
1998Miller, Daisy Lucile  
200Morrison, Solomon Slocum  
202Morgan, Frank  
204Maekins, Margerett Marle  
206Mason, Louis Bridgman  
206Messersmith, Earl Vincent  
206Messersmith, Naomi Caston  
206Mortenson, Clifford Merle  
206Mortenson, Peter  
207Mortenson, Vernal Marie  
210Million, Arthur  
213Maggiola, Ghill  
2126Moore, William  
221Martins, Herma Pauline  
221Moore, Mrs. Hannah E.  
224Miller, Allice C.  
228Malasie, Lewis Irwin  
228Milburn, J. W.  
230Madson, Johanna  
230Merson, Infant girl  
231Mikesell, Maud Louise  
231Miller, Delores Jean  
232Mason, Able Whipple  
234Madson, Marimus  
234Mock, Lewis  
234Murray, Mary Ann  
235Mason, Marie  
235Maxson, Harold Dean  
238Millard, Arthur B.  
238Miller, Iona Lewis  
241Martin, Charles E.  
242Martin, Robert Huston  
242Meyers, Alice Marie  
242Moore, Minerva  
244Miller, Lowell Virgil  
246Maland, John Eli  
252Martin, Romeo Ballard  
252Mordtwedt, Osmund  
256Miller, William Peter  
258Markwardt, Mary Ellen  
258Mason, Mary Louise  
263Millett, Helen Ione  
263Minkler, Eva St. Claire  
263Moore, George William  
263Moore, Minnie Walter