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Transcribed for IAGenWeb by Janelle Martin, Feb 2010, Sept 2015

Transcriber's Note: This index is transcribed from an old typed list. Many names appear to be erroneously spelled, however I have transcribed the list exactly as it appears. Please scroll carefully down the lists, as you may find your ancestors names misspelled and they won't be picked up on the main page search engine! If your ancestor is not listed in this Death Index, it doesn't mean they may not have died here. Iowa began officially recording Birth, Death & Marriage Records in 1880, however sometimes those vital records did not get recorded in the courthouse. This Death Index does not list many deaths from another "Records of Deaths" from 1897-1907.

The first two columns are the complete transcription of the death index. I have looked at the original Death Register recording and the numbers to the left of the name do not match anything in the original ledger! I have added them as they were listed on the index.

*Additional Dates of Deaths and the Death Register pages and numbers are added as I am able to do so.


First 2 columns from Original IndexAdditional Information from Death Register
3Kelley, Lila A.  
3Kidder, Austin P.  
3Kiesecker, Justine  
5Kelley, Plessie L.  
6Kolbeck, -------  
7Knudson, Julia  
7Kosier, Andrew  
8Kepler, Barbra L.  
10Kent, Eva Madge  
10Kepler, Harold A.  
12Kahl, ------  
16Knutt, Claus  
17Kahl, David D.  
17Kirchner, Louis  
18Keiper, Elsie O.  
20Knudson, Knud  
24Kearney, Esther A.  
27Knox, Harriett J.  
27Knutson, Anas A.  
36Kahl, ------  
36Knudson, Erick S.  
37Kiesecker, John  
39Knox, John W.  
39Kahl, Mary Ann  
46Knutson, Albert  
47Kerr, Walter Ray  
48Knutson, Christopher  
51Koehler, Marie  
54Knudson, Oliver G.  
56Kelly, Katherine Knox  
57Knudson, Cora Ellen  
62Knutson, Albert  
64Kaltred, Mrs. Malen  
65Kelley, Baby  
66Knickerbocker, Jas.  
67Kallem, Raymond  
68Kalvig, Infant  
68Keyser, Julia P.  
70Kennedy, Mary Drohan  
70Kepler, Opal Marie  
72Kinney, Wm. Albert  
72Kinney, Melvin Morris  
72Krouskop, Hazel Isabelle  
77Kelly, Henry  
78Kamke, Charley  
78Knickerbocker, Estella  
79Knudson, Millered  
80Knudson, Hover Theodore  
81Kinnear, Mrs. Emma V.  
84Kauffman, Wm. Harrison  
86Kallem, Tharal R.  
88Keith, Edith Elizabeth  
88Knight, Lawerence R.  
93Knudson, Hans  
95Kirk, Wm.  
96Kirk, Lucy M.  
98Kennedy, Helen May  
102Knudson, Olive C.  
104Kepler, Nina  
106Kearney, Alesia  
111Kent, George Fletcher  
111Krueger, John C.  
118Kepler, James Melvin  
118Knickerbocker, Evan  
119Knowles, Percival  
120Krouskop, Ira W.  
121Knight, Mary Martha  
121Koop, Wiebrand J.  
125Kennedy, Mae Barr  
125Kesler, Henrietta M.  
129Kirchner, Eldon Louis  
131Kirchner, Louise S.  
134Knudson, Ollie S.  
134Koolhof, Harm  
137Kennedy, Carrie  
138Knight, John Ellsworth  
139Klinger, Gustava A.  
156Knight, Velma Irene  
157Karr, George Preston  
158Kalvig, Mr. Knute  
162Knight, Jesse Arlo  
167Kesler, Ilo Mae  
168Kyle, Felix Gustav  
170Kennedy, Infant Son  
171Kaws, Infant  
171Koope, Laura J.  
176Kepler, Elizabeth  
180Kent, Eldon  
182Kepler, Adam  
185Kolbeck, Clarence L.  
186Kellog, Amaziah  
191Kershuer, Thomas Lincoln  
193Koop, Baby  
195Keyser, Charles M.  
198Koop, John J.  
200Kauffman, Beulah Margaret  
202Kendrick, Elizabeth  
202Kessler, Wm.  
202Kramer, Irene Evan  
203Knutson, Infant Boy  
210Kepler, Marvin  
218King, Mary  
220Kolling, Rasmus Peterson  
228Koop, Infant Girl  
230Klaver, Webber  
244Klockman, Chris  
246Koop, William Calvin  
250Kennedy, William Campbell  
252Keesee, Harry Ratliff  
252Krull, Dena  
254Kirkeby, Carl J.  
254Kneedy, Grace Isabel  
254Knox, Robert Francis  
262Kepler, Jerome T.