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Transcribed for IAGenWeb by Janelle Martin, Feb 2010, Sept 2015

Transcriber's Note: This index is transcribed from an old typed list. Many names appear to be erroneously spelled, however I have transcribed the list exactly as it appears. Please scroll carefully down the lists, as you may find your ancestors names misspelled and they won't be picked up on the main page search engine! If your ancestor is not listed in this Death Index, it doesn't mean they may not have died here. Iowa began officially recording Birth, Death & Marriage Records in 1880, however sometimes those vital records did not get recorded in the courthouse. This Death Index does not list many deaths from another "Records of Deaths" from 1897-1907.

The first two columns are the complete transcription of the death index. I have looked at the original Death Register recording and the numbers to the left of the name do not match anything in the original ledger! I have added them as they were listed on the index.

*Additional Dates of Deaths and the Death Register pages and numbers are added as I am able to do so.


First 2 columns from Original IndexAdditional Information from Death Register
1Lee, Nettie L.  
3Largent, Jennie B.  
5Lundgren, Olaf  
8Lilligard, Vervel C.15-Feb-1907 
13Linn, John  
16Largent, Isaac N.3-Jul-1907 
17Larson, Eva C.  
17Lenning, Ole  
19Lee, Percival C. O.  
28Landers, Lou C.  
28Lestmann, Edward  
34Leonard, Harry A.  
39Larson, Karen  
40Lyon, John H.  
44Long, Ralph C.  
44Langland, Martina  
47Lichbenberger, Ely  
49Lempke, Fredrick C.  
53Langeland, Irine S.  
56Lister, Charles W.  
68Loban, Estella L.  
70Lyons, Kearns E.  
70Lappin, Carolina  
70Larson, Mrs. Anna  
71Lavine, Annie Mary  
72Loder, Drucella  
73Lande, Jenora  
76Lodine, John A.  
81Lodene, Frank Victor  
85Lee, Hattie E.  
96Larson, Christina  
96Long, Harriet J.  
97Little, Infant  
97Lynch, Ceril Maynard  
98Larson, Anna Louisa  
100Larson, Oliver J.  
102Larson, Tenus  
102Lunquist, Blanche D.  
111Little, Gladys Viola  
111Lyon, Edward P.  
113Leksell, Maggie  
115Linborg, Brita  
116Lingle, Samuel R.  
118Lenning, Omer Burton  
120Lajessae, Edna  
120Largent, Minerva J.  
120Lee, Isabelle  
121Lenning, Baby  
122Larson, Mrs. Bertha  
122Larson, Mable Viola  
125Lund, Caroline S.  
128Lunde, Harold Martin  
129Larson, A. D.  
132Larson, Donald  
132Lovelace, L. L.  
134Lyon, Bertha May  
137Leopold, Catherine  
139Lilland, Hans  
140Lodine, Christena S.  
140Lundquist, Anna Hanson  
141Litten, Winfred  
148Lyders, Ole Mattias  
149Larson, Gurena  
149Little, Stanton D.  
152Lunning, Helge A.  
154Loder, John  
163Lovett, Mrs. Lizzie  
168Lemeley, Sally  
168Lunning, Burnice K.  
174Lang, Joseph  
174Lee, Doris Genieva  
175Lillegard, Arthur W.  
186Larson, Ellen Marie  
187Lund, Ingeborg  
187Lund, Iver K.  
190Lee, Mary Etta  
190Lubbers, Wendalena  
190Lyons, Rebeca E.  
193Lasher, Eugene  
193Lindblom, Andrew John  
195Lindquist, A. J.  
197Lundquist, Johana  
200Lange, William  
200Leksell, Mrs. Betza  
203Layne, Mary Fressa  
204Lenning, Judith  
204Lillegard, Mildred May  
204Lundquist, Gustaf  
206Larson, Lillian  
210Langland, Burney Jerome  
210Leonard, Lestie Dale  
210Lindenmayer, Anna Louise  
210Lindenmeyer, Lula C.  
213Lakin, Emily S.  
218Larson, Andrew J.  
220Langland, Sadie  
220Lynch, Lela Belle  
220Lynd, Bertha  
222Loban, Viola G.  
230Lindebak, Vivian Darlene  
232Larson, Maren  
235Lubbers, Infant Boy  
238Loban, Mary  
242Lakin, Norman  
242Lee, Anna Eliza  
242Lowery, Carroll Maurene  
250Lawerence, Oscar  
255Larson, Lars  
255Lund, Ole H.  
258Lund, Nels J.  
262Larson, Martin  
262Lyon, Mary Elizabeth