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Transcribed for IAGenWeb by Janelle Martin, Feb 2010, Sept 2015

Transcriber's Note: This index is transcribed from an old typed list. Many names appear to be erroneously spelled, however I have transcribed the list exactly as it appears. Please scroll carefully down the lists, as you may find your ancestors names misspelled and they won't be picked up on the main page search engine! If your ancestor is not listed in this Death Index, it doesn't mean they may not have died here. Iowa began officially recording Birth, Death & Marriage Records in 1880, however sometimes those vital records did not get recorded in the courthouse. This Death Index does not list many deaths from another "Records of Deaths" from 1897-1907.

The first two columns are the complete transcription of the death index. I have looked at the original Death Register recording and the numbers to the left of the name do not match anything in the original ledger! I have added them as they were listed on the index.

*Additional Dates of Deaths and the Death Register pages and numbers are added as I am able to do so.


First 2 columns from Original IndexAdditional Information from Death Register
8Guinan, Mary A.  
9Greene, Alfred  
12Graham, Harriet A.  
12Gudal, Ingeborg  
17Gunderson, Harold W.  
20Gamble, Thomas  
21Gatton, Anna Mary  
25Goehring, William  
27Gabrielsen, Cora M.  
32Greenfield, Jacob  
33Gibbon, Victor Robert  
34Gardner, Claribel  
35Gray, Mary B.  
36Grout, Theresa E.  
37Garmers, Severt  
37Grout, Ellen E.  
41Gage, Fay Hellen  
46Gibler, Frank Clinton  
52Gordon, Frank  
52Guthrie, Bridget  
56Greenfield, Infant  
56Greenwood, W. C.  
66Burney, Albert H.  
69Graff, Nicholas  
79Goodrich, Jesse  
81Godsell, Richard  
85Greene, Charles Ennis  
86Geersema, Mr. Thomas  
86Glaman, John Dewey  
87Gronbeck, George A.  
92Greenfield, Jane  
94Grover, Ruth  
105Gerard, Gerald Paul  
110Govig, Mrs. Enger  
110Gunderson, Anna  
11Gunderson, Henry S.  
113Glaman, Geo. W.  
116Grensburg, John  
118Gardner, Jacob  
119Greene, George Webster  
121Gallagher, Daniel  
123Gardner, Olive Kent  
128Gleason, Michael J.  
129Godsell, Anas  
130Garrett, Alexander D.  
145Gray, Elmer E.  
153Gaddis, Clarence E.  
153Greenley, Thomas  
153Greiner, Bridget E.  
158Grant, Mary  
163Gray, Dick  
164Guinan, Anna Maria  
165Grey, Dorthy  
165Granville, Floyd B.  
168Gilbert, Edwin  
169Gage, Harvey Olmstead  
173Gensman, Levi Churchill  
173Gillman, Infant  
175Goodall, Hans Peterson  
180Gregory, Mary Florence  
181Gilbert, Abagail D.  
181Gustuson, Eva Gustava  
185Gardner, Katheryn R.  
185Gifford, Hannah R.  
186Gustafson, Morton H.  
190Greenfield, Simon S.  
193Gilmore, John  
193Groves, Jane L.  
195Gregory, John Andrew  
196Gilmore, Rachel Rebecca  
197Gray, Mary Martha  
201Gerber, Mary  
201Goodrich, Lillian Margaret  
206Glasglow, Mary  
209Gage, Minnie Ellen  
209German, Dorothy Irene  
212Gastren, Emma C.  
212Gilmore, Reginald E.  
212Goldsberry, Jennie Koolhoff  
212Graham, Nellie Ann Hunter  
216Gath, Lena Elizabeth  
216Gait, Elvira Esther  
216Golden, Adelaid Victoria  
222Gerber, Daniel  
229Glaze, Alonzo Delbert  
232Garney, Patrick  
235Gage, Martha Ann  
236Gath, Henry  
243Gage, Baby girl  
253Glasgow, Emma  
257Gump, Inez Irene  
261Gramblin, Blanche Eudora