1885-1915 East Friesen Roots Obituary Index
2001-2002 Times-Republican Obituary Index

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YACKEY, Janice 1947-2017

YATES, Bertha 1857-1893

YEAGER, Albert W. 1870-1950
YEAGER, Emma 1879-1953
YEAGER, Henry 1840-1898
YEAGER, Paul 1904-1987

YELDERKS, Weike 1855-1895

YODER, Charles 1880-1927
YODER, James R. 1922-1944
YODER, Sara 1921-2008

YOUNG, Augusta 1863-1925
YOUNG, James 1832-1912
YOUNG, Robert W. 1915-1996
YOUNG, Russell 1955-2008

YOUNGBERG, Paul E. 1944-2009
YOUNGBERG, Roy E. 1910-1998
YOUNGBERG, Vopal A. 1916-2011

YOUNKER, Dina 1887-1970
YOUNKER, Henry 1917-1962
YOUNKER, William 1888-1949