1885-1915 East Friesen Roots Obituary Index
2001-2002 Times-Republican Obituary Index

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IBACH, Mabel 1900-1957

IBLINGS, daughter 1931
IBLINGS, Earl E. 1894-1951
IBLINGS, Hattie 1865-1933
IBLINGS, Tillie 1906-1954

IEZEK, Beulah A. 1944-2016

IHNS, Phyllis 1925-2012

INGALLS, Carrie 1895-1920

INGHAM, Joseph 1815-1898
INGHAM, Mabel 1890-1965

INMAN, Sarah 1883-1927

INNES, baby -1907
INNES, William 1875-1949

ISEBRAND, Ettie B. 1908-1909

ISENHOUR, Margaret 1838-1925

ITJEN, Johann F. 1821-1902

ITZEN, Christine 1883-1933
ITZEN, Fanke 1845-1929
ITZEN, Gertie 1881-1920
ITZEN, IvaDean 1924-2017
ITZEN, Harm 1847-1933
ITZEN, Harm 1919-1920
ITZEN, Harm W. 1925-1994
ITZEN, Harmine 1907-1908
ITZEN, Henry P. 1905-1986
ITZEN, James L. 1951-1998
ITZEN, John E. 1876-1949
ITZEN, John E. 1917-2008
ITZEN, Lily 1926-2016
ITZEN, Reka 1912-2005
ITZEN, Ronald G. 1939-2016
ITZEN, Steven Joel 1954
ITZEN, William J. 1874-1955

IVERSON, Samuel J. 1942-2014

IVINS, Alexander M. 1844-1920