1885-1915 East Friesen Roots Obituary Index
2001-2002 Times-Republican Obituary Index

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UBBEN, Darla 1970-2017
UBBEN, Esther 1937-2015
UBBEN, Virginia 1932-2000

UHLENHOPP, John 1933-1934

ULFERS, Etta 1883-1918
ULFERS, Hattie 1860-1948
ULFERS, Kenneth 1928-2009
ULFERS, Gertje 1834-1914
ULFERS, Harry 1879-1955
ULFERS, Henrietta 1875-1955
ULFERS, Henry 1880-1951

ULFERTS, Grace 1908-1994
ULFERTS, Velma T. 1957-2017

ULLERY, Roger R. 1936-2015

UNRAU, John 1832-1919

UNTIEDT, Jamie -1923
UNTIEDT, Robert 1919-1992

UPTON, Ben 1909-1982
UPTON, Gertrude 1883-1960

UTTER, Alfred E. 1879-1964
UTTER, Ann 1835-1910
UTTER, John E. 1829-1896
UTTER, Margaret 1885-1974
UTTER, Mary 1836-1908