Fremont County, Iowa
Orphan Train Riders

This page is dedicated to the children who arrived in Fremont County, aboard the Orphan Trains. Hopefully the information found here, will help those researching their ancestors, that came to Iowa, on one of the infamous Orphan Trains.

Beginning in 1853, charitable institutions in New York City, began sending orphans on trains, to the west to find new families. Hoping the children would fare better out west, than on the streets of New York. Orphan trains began arriving in Iowa during 1854, ending about 1930.  During this time over 5,000 children were placed in Iowa homes. Some children had pleasant experiences, with their new adopted families, and some did not.  Some children remained in Fremont County the remainder of their lives, raising their own families, with descendants still living here today.  Others moved on and lived out their lives in other places. Orphan Train Map.

Below are children brought to Fremont county. Click on the child's name for more information. If you have information about these people, or know of anyone else who arrived in Fremont county, via the Orphan Train please contact the county coordinator.

      Bass, Wesley Aug. 1904 14 Dr. S. C. Hatten Riverton
      Daily, Thomas 1905 7 Charles Graham Hamburg
      Hunt, Margaret Sept, 1904 10 ?? ??
      Hunt, Robert Sept, 1904 4 Guy and Alma Hume Sidney
      Hunt, Sarah Sept, 1904 8 Melissa Hutchinson Anderson
      Kress, Ann 1880-1885  9 yrs old in 1885 John & Nancy Carter Sidney
      Orr, Frank Sept, 1904 19 William and Flora Yates Farragut
      Quince, Alice Sept, 1904 10 James Easley Hamburg
      Quince, Bella Sept, 1904 12 G. T. Hatten Sidney
      Seaman, Eva Sept, 1904 9 W. F. Hendrickson Riverton
      Van Eaton, William Sept, 1904 T. C. Hatten Sidney
      Van Wicken, Daniel Sept, 1904 14 J. W. Strahn Sidney/Knox
      Vermilyea, Charles 17-Mar-05 12 ??? ???
      Vermilyea, George 1902 6 ??? ???
      Vermilyea, Lillian Sept, 1904 13 Almond S. and Anne Harker Sidney
Orphan Trains stopped at other Iowa counties. For information about the Orphan Trains in those counties, click on the IAGenWeb Orphan Train icon to the left.

There is a national Orphan Train museum located in Concordia Kansas. Check out their Facebook Page.

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